Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 26

The next morning, the four of them set out towards the forest on the other side of the valley. The warrior had left with orders to prepare for the battle, and so every in the valley was in action. While they were leaving, the usually sleepy kingdom was awake at dawn, making an inventory of their resources.

The forest they entered had very less vegetation, and it was a complete opposite of the forest on the other side. The vegetation was dry and almost non-existent as there were a few trees. And yet, there seemed to be a few animals as Aerys could make out tiger tracks. They had to be careful.

The forest was very hot, and by noon they were really tired.

“Does anyone have ideas as to how we will defeat the king?” Aerys asked, wondering what they were going to do once they had an army. None of them were experienced in battles, and Aerys hoped the warrior had a plan. He should have one, he must have spent years plotting revenge anyways.

“I think I’ll let the archer explain the plan to you guys, he would be more suited, as he’s more experienced in matters of assassination.” the warrior said, and Aerys wondered if he had heard right. They were going to assassinate the king? That would be really difficult, and Aerys hoped the archer would know what he was doing.

They walked on and on, and Aerys wondered when they would be there. The heat was unbearable, and their wat3er supply was running dry.

“Almost there”, the warrior called out, “Watch out for any sign of the archer. Look for targets or any arrowheads, so we can find him more easily. It has been many years since I last saw him, and I don’t know what has become of him.”

Soon enough, they saw a hut in the distance, and outside was the archer standing and waiting. He had been waiting for a while it seemed. As soon as they went up to him, he clasped the warriors arm, “It’s been quite a while old friend.” he said in a wistful tone.

“How have you been?” the warrior said, noticing the scars on the archer’s hand.

“I’ve been able to manage, slowly and slowly this forest is dying. I have very less to hunt, and less water to drink. I was soon going to come down to the valley, but then it seems you decided to come. What brings you here friends?” he said to the four of them.

“It’s a long story.” the warrior said.

“We’ll talk over food.” the archer said, seeming to sense their hunger.

They walked inside the hut, and Aerys’ stomach growled as he smelt the meat roasting. As soon as they were done eating, Aerys began to talk, “We plan to reclaim our homeland by attacking the king. We will use the army of the valley as well as the tribals, so that we stand a chance against the king. We plan to kill the king as well, and we have come here to ask for your help.”

“I will join you.” the archer said without a moment’s hesitation.

“What I thought was that we have another attempt at assassination, so we win the war even before it begins.” the warrior said to the archer, and the archer looked up thoughtfully.

“The king is very powerful, and will mostly foil any attempt at assassination.” “You forget we have Eris.” the warrior said, pointing art Eris.

The archer seemed to notice Eris for the first time, and was amazed at seeing those wings unfold. After they had explained to him who Eris was, and answered all of the archer’s questions, the finally reverted to the main topic of how to get to the king.

“I’ll need an army of elite warriors, and we’ll try to capture the king. I’ll need the best of who we have, people who can afford to come, just in case this fails, we will need to win against the army.”

“That’s right” Aerys said. “First let’s get to the valley. We leave at dawn. Let’s hope the prisoners haven’t escaped.”

As night fell, they built a fire outside the hut and sat around it.

“Let me sing a song the way I heard it from a mother” the warrior said as he cleared his throat.

Teardrops fell from her eyes,

As she walked away from his side, Every single day she would cry, As she went home.

He would always listen,

To her problems deep within, And she would tell him everything, That took place in her life.

Their love was incessant,

They always fit together,

Made for each other,

But then god decided

It wasn't meant to be.

Then once tragedy stuck,

It broke both their hearts,

And everyday

She wept at his grave.

And now

One body remains,

Intertwined as one.

And he lives on,

In her memories and heart,

Always rememberd and much alive. And yet the grave hath been dug, And the seeds of death sowed.

All one can do is weep for what could have been,

Rogue tried to hide her tears by looking away, but she couldn’t deceive Aerys. He glanced at her wondering how she dealt with it every day. The pain, the hurt was too much. Aerys hadn’t dealt with so much, but he knew enough about himself to know he wouldn’t have been able to go on. Rogue was brave and bold, but to live with the guilt and remorse of killing one’s family took a lot of will and grit. She was the perfect example of someone who believed in herself. Aerys knew that Rogue tried to hide her pain by smiling, but he knew her well enough to know that behind those smiles was a wounded person, and so Aerys did everything to make her feel better. She really deserved it, and Aerys knew it.

“Don’t make everything so sad now” the archer said cheerfully. He seemed to have heard this song a couple of times, but Aerys and Eris were lost in thought as the song had put them into a depressing mood.

“Believe me this is nothing compared to what I felt when I heard this song.” the warrior said.

Aerys wondered why the warrior had sang this song, it had ended the good mood, and created a brooding atmosphere.

Everyone was silent, and soon retired into the hut to sleep. They had to leave at dawn, and phase two of their journey was about to begin.

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