Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 32

Eris listened as Aerys briefed the warrior about the tribals after the greetings were over.

"The tribals are almost ten thousand warriors strong, and they will help us in the battle. We need to discuss battle strategies, so it would be better if you set up a tent to accommodate twenty more people so that we can decide best how to attack. I am sure the king is waiting. Till then, let me leave it to Eris to tell you what else happened with the tribals." Aerys said as Eris looked on lost in his thoughts.

Aerys left to get the chief, and Eris and the warrior sat down. "Where's Rogue?" The warrior asked suddenly as if noticing her absence.

"Well, that's a long story. The witch bewitched Rogue into going into a a burning hut. She suffered serious burns, and it was very difficult to persuade her to stay back where she was safe, but it was the only thing we could do. Rogue could hardly walk, and fighting is an entirely different thing."

"I'm sorry. She would have been a great fighter in this battle, especially in the assassination of the king. But we'll have to do with what we have now." The warrior said.

Soon, the archer strolled in and the warrior explained the situation to him.

"We have to move fast and swiftly. Now that the king knows about us, we have to hit him with all we have and hope its successful." The archer said.

Eris wondered how they were going to combat the powers of the witch. She had cause havoc in the tribal region, and if she did that to the army now thy were doomed. He had to do something about her.

"We have to do something about the witch." Eris said and rose. "I’m going to find her and finish her for once. And he flew into the sky.

He had taken the decision in the heat of the moment. A surge of anger had gone through him as he recounted Rogues tale, and it was necessary that the witch be finished before they made a move.

He flew deeper into the forest, as if he knew were the witch was. He soon stopped and sat down on a tree branch, waiting. Something told him she was going to be here soon.

Suddenly, a rasping voice echoed around the forest. "You think you're brave angel. You think you're smart by leaving your friend back with the tribals. She isn't safe. I will find her and I will finish her of." But before she could continue, Eris rose and took out his swords. "Not if I finish you first." And he attacked.

Eris rose into the air and made himself invisible, using all his strength to attack the witch. He stabbed her in the stomach and she gasped. Well, that was easy he thought to himself.

“You thought it would be so easy?” the witch cackled from behind Eris, and suddenly Eris found himself on the forest floor. What had happened? Hadn’t he killed the witch.

Eris roses again, stabbing another witch or what seemed to be a copy of the witch. Eris decided he had to think his way out of this. He had to carefully kill the main witch, and he had to pin point his location, so he had to wait for her to talk. Eris was going to have to talk his way out.

“So, I thought you hated the king or shouldn’t you hate the king?” Eris called out, his ears alert.

“It’s funny, your friend asked me the same question.” the witch replied from what seemed like a tree/ Eris knew where she was, and was ready to throw his swords.

“Oh is it?” Eris asked sceptically, preparing himself. He had never been more sure of anything.

“Maybe, it’s the last question you’ll ever be asked. And this is for Rogue.” and with that he rose and threw the swords at the witch, instantly killing her. The cackling voice was gone, and Eris sat down silently. He had done it at last.

Eris had done it for Rogue, and each and every single person the witch had terrorized. Finally, she was gone and they had a much better chance of attacking Ashanti without the witch playing mind games with them. Now, there would be no one to disturb the army’s mental health and they would be able to attack the king.

Eris felt euphoric at his achievement. He had killed the witch, the woman who had terrorized hundreds of people and killed maybe even more. He was powerful, but Eris did not let this one victory go to his head and make him over confident. He rose, and flew into the sky. He had to get back to the camp, as they would be wondering where he had gone.

As he flew towards camp, Eris realized that this was the first time that the three of them had been separated and were in entirely different areas, and he flew faster as he had to get back to Aerys and make sure everything was safe.

By the time he reached camp, night was falling, and the chief and the warrior were still deep in discussion over battle plans over the map of Ashanti. Aerys and the other tribals were there as well, and the army was preparing to march the next day.

Eris walked in to the tent and triumphantly announced, “She is dead.” The murmurs all around stopped at once as everyone turned towards Eris.

“You did what?” Aerys asked wondering if he had heard right.

“Yes, I killed the witch.” he said again confidently.

“Well then, that’s great. Now that the witch has moved aside, we can attack Ashanti at ease. We were just discussing what to about the witch, and I was worried about where you had flown of to.

“I flew away to find the witch, because I know she was following me. I waited for her and then she came.” and then Eris recounted the way by which he had killed the witch.

There were claps and cheers all around. “See, I told you could do it.” the warrior said, clapping Eris on the back.

“Now, our job is much easier. You have got the justice we deserved from the witch by serving her what she deserved.” the chief said, and then they got back to discussing the battle strategy.

“So we attack from here” Aerys said, pointing at a large open area on the outskirts. “There, we meet the king’s army on open field so that the citizens of Ashanti do not have to risk their lives.”

“Yes, and my troops will form the front lines behind which the archers and the spear men and tribals can stay. Our shields will hold them of for quite a while till which our archers can kill a large number of them.” the warrior said.

“Also, half our strength will remain hidden in the forest and will move out late, so that fresh energy will overwhelm them. The new contingent will be led by me. Eris, meanwhile you will be on the front with the warrior and Aerys, and it is up to you to lead us to victory.” the chief said.

“What about the assassination?” Eris asked remembering that they planned to attempt at assassinating the king.

“That is up to me. I plan to lead a squad of people into the kingdom using the tunnels

Rogue told us about. With the help of these people, we will find the king and assassinate him. If we are not successful, it is only up to you Eris to decide the fate of this war. You will then have to take on the king yourself. And I am sure you are up to it.” the archer said, and Eris hoped their assassination was successful so that he didn’t have to take on the king. He did admit he was scared, but it was right to be as the king was a powerful man and it was right to fear to him to one extent. But when the time of the battle came, Eris would not let fear cloud his senses and alter his judgment, and would kill the king or die trying.

The next day, they were going to march forward, and Eris had to go get some rest. He left the other men to their battle planning, and went into a tent to sleep. He needed all the rest he could get, as tomorrow was a big day.

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