Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 33

Dawn came fast, and the entire camp was getting ready to move. Eris was very afraid, but was not ashamed of it as it was his first battle. He wondered how they would go about this. Eris’ instructions were to stay invisible and in the air, and cut down as many forces as he could.

Meanwhile, the archer and his kill squad were setting out towards Ashanti.

“Be careful old friend, I hope you are successful.” the warrior said, clasping the archer’s shoulder. The archer was covered in a black garment, and he could blend easily in the shadows. He had a couple of arrows in his quiver, and a bow slung across his back. Eris and Aerys too wished him luck, and Eris hoped that the archer would return alive as he was a good man.

Soon enough, they marched towards Ashanti and met the approaching army of the king. The size of the king’s army was larger than the warrior’s, but their reinforcements would increase their numbers. If strength wouldn’t, numbers were sure to overwhelm the Ashantian army.

The army was an elite kill force, consisting of highly trained people who had been ready to kill since a very young age. They had elephants, and catapults lined up. They had been waiting and expecting the warrior. The king wasn’t leading them as had been expected, and another man was leading them. A black garment covered his entire body, and the man’s face was covered. Eris could make out two swords in his hand, they seemed to have some carvings on them, and he could feel the powerful aura even from his position on the other side of the battle field. Something about the man was unnerving.

Eris watched the warrior walked across the front line, clanging his sword at every soldier’s sword in support. “Today we fight for justice. Today we fight for the loved ones we lost to the king. Today there will only be one winner, and we will defeat our enemy. Fight my brethren, fight for justice.”

But before Eris could think further, there was a roar as the enemy loosened their catapults.

“Archers ready, steady, shoot.” The warrior ordered even as large rocks came crashing down on their army, crushing the people underneath. The archers loosened their arrows, as the enemy men raised up their shields. With satisfaction, Eris noticed that some were too slow and many of the arrows had hit their mark.

“Attack.” the enemy general commanded, and all hell broke loose. Both armies charged simultaneously, and the archers aimed for the men operating the catapults. The catapults were still wreaking havoc on the battle field, and it was up to Eris to disable them. Making himself invisible, he flew towards the catapults, swords ready.

Eris threw one man down the catapult, at the same time cutting down the bonds placing the catapult firmly in the ground. One catapult had been disabled, and there were twelve more to go.

Eris moved to the next catapult, cutting down the next two people in his path. He repeated what he had done with the previous catapult and was about to move on when he noticed from the corner of the eye a man inching on the warrior from behind, Quick as a flash, he threw his sword right at the man, impaling him in the chest. The warrior looked in his direction and nodded, severing of the head of the man whom he was fighting. All around, there were cries and screams as the war raged on and on. Every second they waited, people died. Eris could see Aerys taking on three men simultaneously, and Eris flew towards the third catapult, which seemed to be causing too much trouble. It was loaded with explosives, and if only Eris could turn it around to fire it against its own people. The armies were still on sides, and the fight was not all around but focused in one direction. So, if Eris changed the aim of the catapult and fired, he would be able to take out people at once.

He killed the two people who were about to fire the catapult. Eris then grabbed a sword that was almost the same size as his, and flew up towards the main part of the catapult, rotating it so that it faced the king’s army. He then cut the string and fired it, watching triumphantly as it exploded, killing hundreds with it. The guards on the other catapults increased, and they started to fire rapidly, attacking the army.

It was time to call for reinforcements.

Soon enough, the warrior blew a horn and a roar went up through their army. Reinforcements rushed out through the forest, roaring and hooting. Eris was sure they were going to overwhelm the enemy.

But he was wrong. As half their army rushed onto the battle field, they were confronted by the general of the other army. The general drew out his swords, stepping out of the shadows of the trees and took on tens of people himself. He swung his swords fast and quickly, injuring some and killing many. He led the enemy comeback, breaking the warrior’s formations and ranks. The battle was soon all around as any discipline was forgotten as every man tried to survive the incoming onslaught. Eris fought two men at the same time, as the warrior rushed to take on the general himself.

Eris watched from the corner of his eyes while fending of swift attacks. He had made himself visible, and it was time to disappear. He stabbed one in the chest and the other on the leg and made a move for it, moving forward to assist the warrior. But Aerys got there before him and Eris decided it would be better to keep other enemies from getting here and injuring his friends.

They fought with intensely, as the warrior and Aerys had to fight hard to even stand a chance against this strong foe. The general forced the warrior and Aerys backwards, and in one sweep, forced them onto the ground. But as Eris was about to intervene, the warrior tripped the general and rose. “You thought it would be easy?” he growled.

He ferociously started a flurry attacks on the general, and Eris decided to go create havoc with more catapults as Aerys and the warrior could hold their own ground.

Eris moved in the sky, but an arrow grazed his wing and he decided it would be better to move ahead on the ground.

The battle was slowing down as the number of troops of either sides was thinning. They were winning as they had a large number of forces and there was only one enemy they had to take down and he was the general. If the general was killed, they would be victorious.

Suddenly, Eris felt a pull in one direction as a black cloth was tied round his head, suffocating him till he fell unconscious. All Eris could see through the cloth bag was a big bulky man. And then everything went dark.

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