Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 35

When Eris awoke, he realized he was in a dungeon. He wondered what had happened. The last thing he remembered was someone putting something over his head and then everything had gone black. He had been heading towards a catapult and then darkness. He coughed as he looked around him, the dungeon was dark and empty, and it reeked of darkness.

Eris could feel it dripping from the walls, from the ceiling. Had the king got him? He wondered, fear taking over his body. Fear clouded his senses as he looked around desperately looking for any way by which he could escape. This wasn’t possible. Maybe he was dreaming. He tried closing his eyes and then opening them again but to no avail. He could still see the dungeon. The dark damp dungeon that instilled fear into the hearts of many in Ashanti. He had heard talk of mysterious creatures that were chained in the dungeon, and Eris didn’t want to encounter any of them.

There was only one dungeon in Ashanti and it was for the most fearsome of prisoners. It was used to house hardened criminals and enemies of the king. Eris had heard rumours of the torture methods, and no one had ever made it alive out of the dungeon. Eris hoped he would be the one exception.

Eris was sure this was the end of the road for him now. He was sure to die now. The king had captured him and he couldn’t even escape. He was chained to some bars in such a way that he was against the wall and couldn’t move a muscle. Eris wouldn’t even be able to open his wings. All he could hope now was the king spared him for long enough in which time Aerys and the warrior could rescue him. Thinking of Aerys and the warrior, Eris wondered if they were alive as the last time he had seen the, they were fighting the fearsome general.

Eris heard a clang, and a door open. Eris’ very fears came true as the king walked in.

“My, my look what we have here.” the king said and Eris shivered but tried to hid it. He had to pretend to be brave.

The king seemed healthy and fine, and didn’t look like anyone had tried to attack him. He had an arrogant grin on his face, and it seemed that the battle was going well.

“Why have you brought me here?” Eris tried to say bravely but it came out as more of a squeak.

“Funny you ask. Maybe it’s because you lead an attack on my kingdom, and because you took lives that were mine away from me. Wait and watch angel for soon we will torture you and you will understand the true meaning of pain.” The king shouted in anger, his eyes blazing. And then he walked out, banging the dungeon door down before he went. Oh what had he got himself into, Eris thought.

He wondered what was to become of him. Come on archer, he prayed fervently as he hoped the archer could make it. Eris looked around him once more. The eerie lighting and damp atmosphere added to Eris’ fear.

The king had said he would torture him, but why? Was it something the king needed from him? Eris wondered what was going on in the outside world. Was the battle over? Had they won? Where was Rogue? There were so many questions, but Eris had to somehow free himself from these dungeons under the king’s palace. Here he had no idea of time. Days might have passed and his friends might even be dead. Was it day or was it night?

Eris eyes were slowly getting accustomed to the different lighting, and he tried looking around to see if there were other prisoners but he seemed to be the only one there.

Silence helped Eris think, and he looked around him wondering if there was any way he could escape. His head was his only body part that could move, the rest of his body was clamped down, and Eris was sure this would hurt him when he was asked to stand. His muscles were going stiff, and he wished he was out of here.

Eris looked around. Maybe the next time the king came, Eris could goad the king into setting him free. Or maybe Eris could somehow twist and get out. Eris tried moving, but his arms and body were swift, and he didn’t want to risk injuring himself. He would need all the strength he had if he got free.

Eris looked at the bowl of what looked like food in front of him. How did they expect him to eat it? He could barely move.

After a while, a few guards came to check on him.

“How do I eat with my hands bound?” Eris asked the guards sceptically.

They came up to him and untied a part of his chains, placing him in a better position where he could move his hands from his head to the bowl in front of him. He was partially free now, and he had to wait for the guards to go.

As soon as they left, Eris tried to flex his hands, twisting them around hoping he would be able to at least untangle the chains, but it was in vain. Did those dumb guards he was really going to eat anything the king gave him? He threw out the substance in the bowl and looked at the bowl carefully, wondering if there was any way by which he could make use of it.

But it seemed useless as it was round and blunt, and made out of a material that wouldn’t break but would bend. Maybe if he tried he could bend it into something useful to him?

Eris tied bending it, but only after a few minutes of exertion was he able to create a slight difference in the bowl’s structure.

This is useless he thought. Eris heard the sound of footsteps and quickly hid the bowl behind him. He looked ahead and saw the king with two guards.

“Get him up” the king ordered.

And the guards moved towards him, untying his chains and lifting him by the arms. Eris’ body hurt. He could barely walk as his legs had been stiff in one position for quite a long time.

The guards led him towards the king who grinned at him.

“Now you will see my palace with my permission at last. It might very well be the last of civilization you see with those eyes of yours so take it all in angel.”

They walked up the stone steps into the main part of the king’s palace and Eris looked at the gruesome paintings on the wall depicting humans dieing gruesome deaths.

“Beautiful aren’t they? The king said to Eris, chuckling at the disgusted expression on Eris’ face.

“Your time is over angel. My time has just begun.” the king said as he led him into the room where rituals took place.

Angel, your time is over.

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