Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 36

Rogue woke up to the birds chirping, and for a second she was about to call for Aerys, but then she stopped, remembering she was all alone. She rose, getting out of bed and moving towards the stream at the back. She washed and then grabbed her pack, taking in one last look of her home as she did so. She had taken of some wall hangings and put them in her pack along with some essentials she was sure to need on her journey.

Rogue was wearing her black assassins outfit, and she was covered from head to toe.

The good thing about this outfit was that she would be able to blend into the shadows. The bad thing was that it would be difficult for her to walk around in broad daylight as she might come of as a thief or any person would suspect her, and she couldn’t risk being caught.

Rogue put on her hood, tucking her daggers into her belts. She walked outside, stepping foot on the dried grass. She turned around looking back at the house that given her so many memories and much more. She doubted whether she would be able to return, but if she had a chance, Rogue would come back. Hopefully with Aerys at her side. Oh Aerys, she hoped Aerys and Eris were alive.

She turned around and walked away, trying not to look back as it would only make her cry, and she couldn’t afford to lose anytime now. She had to go find her father’s records, and learn about her ancestry.

She wondered what her blood could hold? Was it special? Did it belong to some ancient royal line the king’s family had overthrown? Maybe that was the case.

She merged into the shadows of the houses as she entered the kingdom of Ashanti. It felt good to get back to the hustle and bustle of Ashanti finally. Even though she couldn’t mingle in the crowd, the familiar sounds of people going about their way was reassuring and Rogue walked deeper into the kingdom, searching for her father’s church where she would first look for anything her father had written.

She would then go to their ancestral home where she would try to look for any diaries or records or family charts. Then once she had her answers, she would go find her friends. Her bloodline was important, because if the king found it good enough to not kill her, surely she was important.

She looked out for kings guards in case they were taking rounds, but every person seemed to be busy in the battle. Rogue wondered how the citizens were unaware of the war going on just outside the kingdom. She wondered if they would care. To the people of Ashanti ti did not matter much as to who was ruling except that the ruler didn’t try to enforce things on them, and the king had. So, surely they would embrace a new ruler. Rogue wondered who that was going to be. Aerys or the warrior? But first things first, surely the battle was fought till now? Where were Aerys and Eris?

Soon, she reached the place where her father practiced his faith, and walked inside. It had been quite a while since she had been anywhere near such a place. She moved towards a priest, and took of her hood.

“I am Brother Kanu’s daughter and I would like access to his records, anything and everything you may know about my father.”

“No, those files are confidential and no one is allowed access to them.” a priest said to her. What would she do now? Oh how could she be so stupid? She should have thought about this.

“But, but he’s my father.” she pleaded as the priest eyed her up and down, taking in her clothing. Ignoring it, she tried pleading once more but to no avail. He just wouldn’t let her in.

“Rogue is it?” another priest said to her noticing her.

She nodded, wondering who this pries twas. Did she know him? Well it was time to find out.

“Aren’t you Brother Kanu’s daughter?” he asked her. “I saw you when you were young. I knew your father very well and I’m sorry to hear he was killed. Assassinated some rumors say. Well let the assassin die a thousand deaths for killing such a noble and benevolent man.” he said to her and she shuddered.

She wished she could get his documents.

“I’m sorry but would it be too much of me to ask for a favour?” Rogue asked in the sweetest possible voice even though the mention of her father’s death had invoked terrible memories. She remembered taking his blood.

“Yes, of course my dear.” the old man said interrupting Rogue’s morbid thoughts.

“I need access to my father’s documents, `papers about him, papers he may have written, anything that he might have saved or recorded.” Rogue said, wondering whether this man would be able to help her.

“Well. Come along then, I’ll lead the way.” the priest said and then called out to the man who had strongly forbidden Rogue. “It’s okay brother, she is Brother Kanu’s daughter and she has a right to access his details.”

“Thank you so much.” Rogue said, following the old man as he made his was down a flight of stairs.

The man lit a torch and they entered a room filled with boxes and artifacts. There was a shelf with a few books and of of papers.

“Take a seat, this might take quite a while.” the priest said to Rogue as Rogue looked around the room intrigued.

Rogue worked around the room having a look at the books.

Learning the Akan way.

Ashanti, a tale of kings.

History of Akanism.

The true meaning of an Akan.

Nyame the sky father.

Ballads of truth.

A history of lands.

The one true religions.

Rise and fall of kingdoms.

True peace.

Rogue decided to pick out the History of land book. She wiped of some dust on it with her hands and sat down to read. She skimmed a few pages, and read a few paragraphs.

Ashanti still a little kingdom is slowly rising and will soon become powerful. Rivers flowing through, this rich land has the resources to feed many kingdoms. Soon enough, it will start to utilize its resources, and the kingdom of Ashanti will be feared all around. In a few years’ time, this kingdom will conquer many lands.

Ashanti is also known for its slavery, and also its fertile lands. Crops are grown which make Ashanti self-sustainable as they have their own resources and are independent. This tiny little kingdom will play a major role in the shaping of all the kingdoms around it.

A people of Ashanti are peace loving, and a majority of them believe in the Akan religion. The Akan have largely been Christian, except for most kings, who have had to retain their indigenous religious status and practices. European Christian missionaries were highly successful, bringing not only Christianity but also education, and most Akan have been literate for a long time. Islam has a long history among the Akan, having been introduced by early traders from the north. Royalty made use of Muslim scribes for court duties. The Akan have a long history of "prophets" of many kinds—Christian, Muslim, and "heathen"—and of separatist Christian movements. All these various forms of religious belief and activity exist side by side, and most people have recourse to all of them, according to their particular needs and wishes.

But it has been predicted that the Akan religion will lose its place in Ashanti, and a darker much more orthodox form of religion will replace it.

Rogue was about to go on, when the priest called out to her.

“I think I found them.” he said, and Rogue made her way towards him.

She picked up the papers the priest handed her and walked away. Thankfully, he understood that she wanted time alone. She looked at the paper and gasped.

Children: One adopted.

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