Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 2

The assassin smiled as she observed her target. To be true, she was nervous. It was her first task, and she had to be perfect. If she did this successfully, she would be accepted by the high priest. She looked down at the parchment in her hand. On it was the pentacle that had to be inscribed on the victim’s body once the assassination was complete. To be honest, the assassin was a bit scared. She knew killing a person was wrong, but she would do anything to prove her faith.

Her target was an Akan worshiper, and they called themselves priests. The Akan religion believe in a supreme creator, the Odomankoma or the infinite inventor. He is also referred to as Nyame, the omnipotent sky father.

The assassin was highly skeptical of this sky father who they seemed to believe in, and had accepted the task with relish but also a bit apprehension.

The priest was a man of great faith and goodness. The assassin had been observing him for quite a while now, biding her time. She always watched from the shadows, and never once had he seen her. She was good, The high priest had chosen well.

The Akan have largely been Christian, except for most kings, who have had to retain their indigenous religious status and practices. European christian missionaries were highly successful, bringing not only Christianity but also education, and most Akan have been literate for a long time. Islam has a long history among the Akan, having been introduced by early traders from the north. Royalty made use of Muslim scribes for court duties. The Akan have a long history of "prophets" of many kinds—Christian, Muslim, and "heathen"—and of separatist Christian movements. All these various forms of religious belief and activity exist side by side, and most people have recourse to all of them, according to their particular needs and wishes.

The akan's followed too many religions for their own good, and that was one of the reasons why the assassin hated them. She had never believed in their faith, and she had always questioned it.

She sharpened her blade as she sat down in the room she was occupying. It was the place directly above that of the priest, and she was waiting for the priest to return.

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