Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 39

Aerys and the warrior were fighting the general when they saw a bag being thrown over Eris’ head. The general swept them aside and walked towards Eris, picking them up.

And then a miracle happened, the general flew away with Eris. The miracle was the general flying away, but he had taken Eris, and their enemies job was done. Their soldiers started retreating, and even the tribals and warriors moved back in shock. The battle was over for now, but it would continue tomorrow, and god knew what forces the king would awaken with the help of Eris. Something had to be done.

Aerys and the warrior moved back into the forest, they would attack tomorrow again, this time would be the last. They would regroup and attack fresh in the morning. Something had to be done, and as they rushed back to camp, there were tense looks on everyone’s faces. Even though they had almost won, they had lost their trump card, Eris. Aerys wondered what would happen to him now. It was up to the archer now. Only he could do something.

Aerys wondered where the archer was. If the king had already been finished, there would be a signal, and so Aerys knew that the king was still alive, and he hoped the archer assassinated the king before the general got Eris to him. “What do we do now?” a tense warrior asked Aerys as they sat down.

“We attack as usual tomorrow, but this time we ensure that we finish them of once and for all. We dry trying. All we can hope for is that the archer succeeds.” They would fight tomorrow, finish the enemy or die trying. It was now or never, and they would have to defeat the king’s army in battle. Aerys would try to draw the attention of the general, taking him away from the battle field so that they could easily eliminate him.

“We have to deal with the general and maybe even the king tomorrow.” The warrior said.

“I think I have a plan.” Aerys said. “I fight the general and draw him to a side of the forest where we can have around five to ten men stationed who will be able to shoot him or impale him with spears from all sides. Then he will be done with.” Aerys said. Then they would easily be able to defeat the enemy, without their leader they would be decapitated.

Aerys hoped that this plan worked, and also that the king wouldn’t be on the battle field the next day.

“Let’s rest, we go to war yet again tomorrow.” the warrior said, polishing his swords with flat rocks.

They had done considerably well, almost defeating the king’s army and everything had been going fine except for the fact that they had lost Eris. How could they have lost him? They should have seen that coming.

That evening, they polished their weapons, waiting in anticipation of the next day. The soldiers were all waiting. They had lost half their strength, but they had taken down more men than they had lost, and so they were in a much better position to win. Also, if their plan for the general worked, they would be able to easily defeat the army, and then they would be able to defeat the king as well because of their numbers.

So, they would be able to get back Eris provided they weren’t too late. They would have to hurry the next day. And also the archer would be attacking. There were so many forces attacking that at least one plan would succeed.

That night, as Aerys looked up at the stars above him, he wondered what was up with the others. Eris would be thrown into a dungeon, probably even in inhuman conditions. At least Rogue was safe, and that relieved Aerys, the only person he was worried about was Eris. Little did he know Rogue was also in Ashanti, and she too was going to be in trouble soon.

Aerys thought back to the previous times he had slept staring up at the stars, Rogue and Eris had always been here, and now he was all alone. Aerys thoughts kept darting to Eris. What if the king had already sacrificed Eris or tortured him or done whatever he was planning to do to Eris? There would be no escape as the king was ruthless and cruel. He would do as he planned to Eris, and Aerys hoped he waited for a while so that there was time for Aerys or the archer to rescue him.

Aerys fell asleep under the stars, thoughts drifting through his mind, but he decided he needed rest. He was tired, he had been fighting, and it had been a long day. There had been a lot of bloodshed, and he had killed countless people. Aerys didn’t mind as long as he was saving many other innocent people in return. Even though the soldiers were most probably innocent, they had to be defeated.

The cool wind brushed against his face, as for a few moments before sleeping he forgot all his troubles. It was in these few moments that every human had pure dreams and fantasies about what they wanted in the future, and Aerys imagined himself ruling with Rogue by his side. Soon after, he fell asleep, and would only wake till next morning.

The next morning, Aerys woke up at dawn and looked around him to see everyone up and ready. He rose yawning, and grabbed his swords, putting on his armour as well. They were ready to go, and Aerys walked up to the warrior.

“Have the men been stationed?” he asked, referring to the men who would take down the general.

“Yes” the warrior said and pointed in the direction in which they had been put. All Aerys had to do was lure the general towards them, and get out the way as they shot.

They marched towards the battle field, and found the king’s army waiting as usual.

Thankfully, the king wasn’t with them and there was only the general, black clad yet again.

Aerys was surprised to hear a guttural sound, “We have your angel. Put your weapons down and surrender or else all your efforts will go in vain, and he will die.” the general spoke, raising his face a little to reveal blood red eyes.

The Ashantian army was less than half the strength they had, and the catapults were lesser in number thanks to Eris. But the ones present were in perfect conditions, and nothing seemed too different except that the remaining soldiers looked energetic and as ready for battle as ever.

This was it, the second time they started again, but Aerys knew this was their last time at saving Ashanti.

“Do or die” he shouted looking at the warrior as they charged.

Do or die trying.

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