Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 41

Battle scenes were all around, but Aerys concentrated on the general, occupying his attention so he couldn’t cause any havoc anywhere else. He parried and attacked with his hammer, doing a much better job than what he was doing the other day.

They were decimating the enemy, and the only remaining piece was the general.

When Aerys was done with him, it would be very much easier to defeat their enemy. Now the only thing on Aerys’ mind was the general as he fought hard, slowly inching behind towards the forest.

In the corner of his eye, he noticed the warrior fighting three men simultaneously. The warrior too seemed to be keeping watch on Aerys, staying close by just in case, and the other soldiers were also there.

The king’s soldiers were slowly tiring out, and their numbers were drastically reducing. There were only three catapults left that were in working condition, but none of them had any men to man them, and so they were more or less useless. The king’s soldiers had fear on their eyes, and they were unsure of what to do as Aerys was doing a good job keeping their general occupied.

One step backwards, block and attack. Aerys said to himself, gradually inching back towards the forest where the men were waiting to ambush them and kill the general.

Slowly and slowly, he made it to the forest and on his signal the archers would shoot.

He threw his sword at the general. The general was momentarily disarmed at such an unexpected action, and this was what the archers needed. There was a whistle threw the air as seven arrows and three spears hit the general, impaling him to the ground.

He gasped. “You scoundrels.” and Aerys walked up to him, and picked up his sword, stabbing the general in the chest. “For Eris” he whispered as blood oozed out of the general’s body.

Aerys felt disgusted by the general, as instead of red blood, black blood came out of the inhuman creature’s body. The general was the creature of the dark summoned by the king. It was much similar to a demon but was less powerful. It lived on shadows and the souls of the death. Carnage and destruction gave it strength, and these creatures are found near murders or battles. They feast upon the dead people’s souls like vultures on meat.

Aerys walked up into the battle and roared. “Your general is dead. Surrender now and you will have a place in the new Ashanti.”

The warrior’s army cheered, and the king’s army dropped their arms as fighting all around stopped.

“Let’s march towards Ashanti and reclaim our homeland.” The warrior said in a booming voice, and another cheer went up.

Aerys couldn’t believe it, they had done it. They had done the impossible and defeated the king’s army. Now all would be well, they would find Eris and they would overthrow the king and give the people of Ashanti a new ruler at last. They had done the inevitable. They had defeated an army that did not know the meaning of defeat. Aerys wished Rogue and Eris could be here to share their victory, but it was better that Rogue was back safe. And as for Eris, Aerys prayed that he was safe and nothing had happened to him yet.

The feeling of euphoria that had first taken over Aerys’ senses was slowly dieing down as he looked around at the destruction their war had caused, and also when he thought about Eris. There were bodies all around, and weapons as well. His mind slowly moved onto Eris, If Eris had been sacrificed, he didn’t know how he would be able to face anyone.

They marched towards Ashanti, and once they entered, the citizens stared incredulously at them. It felt so good to be back here at last, Aerys thought. The streets were the same, the market place was the same. It seemed as if they had never been gone.

“Rejoice citizens of Ashanti for we will dispose your tyrant and you will have a just ruler in his place.” The warrior shouted as they walked through the crowd that had dispersed. The soldiers walked arm in arm, tribals, warriors and the king’s soldiers.

This was everyone’s victory, and everyone deserved to be happy.

The citizens cheered as they parted for everyone to pass.

Aerys wondered how the citizens of Ashanti felt. He for one felt relieved that such a tyrant had been disposed at last, and he thought the others looked happy as well as they showered the soldiers with blessings.

“You have saved us.”

“Our heroes.”

“Kill the king”

“Dispose that tyrant”

People cried out in glee, ecstatic. Aerys thought for the third time in the last hour. They had done it. He sighed as they walked up towards the palace, wondering where the archer was.

He was about to walk further, when he saw the warrior leaning down, holding a dead body in his hands. It was the archer.

Aerys stared on, a blank stare on his face. The archer was gone? Dead? How could it be. He seemed to have fallen from a height, as there seemed to be no other explanation for his death. But those things could come later, as Aerys placed a hand on the warrior’s back. The warrior was sobbing as he placed the archer back down, motioning to his men to bury the body.

“He was a great man. And at least he died at peace with himself. To the archer, my

comrade and one of the reasons I am alive.” the warrior said, and the others muttered,

“To the archer.”

“To the archer” Aerys said, looking at the peaceful expression on his face. The archer seemed to have come to terms with his death, and had accepted it.

The archer had been a very good friend to Aerys and an even better friend to the warrior, and Aerys gave the warrior some time alone, leading the men in his stead.

The archer had been a great man, always helping out and agreeing to carry out the assassination, and they would always remember him for what he had done for them.

He had died trying, and they would make sure he hadn’t died in vain.

“I will find the king, and kill him.” The warrior growled, as he walked behind Aerys as they stepped into the palace courtyard.

They walked up, the warrior, Aerys, the chieftain and a few other people. They gasped at the scene in front of them which was sure to give them nightmares forever.

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