Angels Can't Die

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Chapter 42

“The blood of a traitor,

A touch of darkness.” the king chanted in a language they could understand, and then continued in some other language which only Rogue could understand. The king was invoking Satan.

Eris sat slumped in a corner. An entire day of torture had extinguished his will to live, as he wished he could just die. His mind went back to the innocent children being killed, and the other evil things the king had done.

Eris looked at Aerys and the warrior. They seemed tired, but they were alive and that was something. Some force seemed to keep them away from the king, as they kept their distance as the king chanted.

Eris looked sheepishly at Rogue, she seemed tired as well. The will to live had simply gone out of them with the torture and cruel treatment. Well at least the battle had been a success and something good had happened. Suddenly, the king pulled Rogue towards him.

“Hello daughter.” he smirked and Rogue gasped, not even noticing the king drip her blood into the cauldron which seemed to have some kind of potion. The drops fell in with a sizzle, and shadows danced above the cauldron.

The king was Rogue’s father? How was this possible. Hadn’t Rogue killed her father? Or unless she was adopted. Eris looked at Rogue who sighed dismayed. It was true.

The king took a ladle and put the potion into it, cackling all the while cackling as the others stared on. He walked towards Eris.

“Open your mouth angel.” he ordered, and Eris obeyed, not wanting to test the king’s patience and get tortured more. The king dropped the liquid into Eris’ mouth.

It was better, and Eris felt as if he was losing consciousness. Meanwhile, Rogue, Aerys and Eris watched in horror as they saw Eris transform. The king watched transfixed, and everyone in the room was staring at Eris.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and he opened his eyes. Seeing a human in front of him, his first impulse was to kill. He stabbed the king and rose, awake.

The demon was awake at last.

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