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His Ever-Changing Destiny [Rewrite 7]

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2 superior races; Homo-Sapiens known as Humans and Homo-Magiens otherwise known as Mages co-existed until something happened in history which led to the Superiority War. It's 2044, humans think Mages have gone extinct. But they are wrong. When there's good, there's evil. Such creatures told in fairytales roamed the scarce land of the Mages. Not everyone uses magic for good. An Academy for the young, to explore, and learn the basic levels of education. Magic was also taught, but only a select few could master their magic. Darkness seemed to appear out of nowhere, controlled by one person. The son of an infamous demon, a boy who was once kind, turned bitter and distant to his loved ones. He tries to become better but fails and seeks guidance from the headmaster. The headmaster knows the boy's destiny, but could it ever change?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Once a plain of beautiful flowers, was now where the corpses of those who were massacred laid. The rotting scent of blood oozed from those corpses, going into the air. Those who breathe and smell the hint of blood felt despair. Blood could dribble down a leaf of a tree and no one thought of it, as it wasn’t abnormal.

It was wartime all across the globe. Because of the greed of two dominant species; Homo-Sapiens and Homo-Magiens, this war was started and had killed millions of innocent people.

With nowhere to run nor hide, heavy gunfire would drown out the screams of agony of both people. This wasn’t any ordinary war, this was the Superiority War.

There once was a time where the two species lived together peacefully. Homo-Magiens, who were known as Mages, built new technology while Homo-Sapiens, who were was known as Humans, built civilizations and adapted to new technologies made by Mages. This was known as the Era of Serenity, but there was no trace of it as it was wiped away from history by Humans during the nineteenth century.

The day it all started wasn’t as eventful as others may say. It started out rather normal. During the First Industrial Revolution in Europe, around 1804, streets were crowded with workers heading to their jobs and Mages heading back to their labs. A strange creature was flying overhead, but no one noticed except a young boy, clad in grey clothing. Mages held a magical force within themselves that humans do not have. It was very basic with the four natural elements; water, air, fire, and earth. But at that time, Mages adapted to newer and complex elements, making new branches of magic. Humans were very skeptical about the sudden change as they knew everything about Mages and how to defeat them in combat if it was necessary. This Mage, however, didn’t have basic element magic, but advanced fire magic, which was now known as a type of Dragon Slayer magic.

The strange creature landed on the tallest building in the city, gazing at the people below it, licking its sharp teeth in hunger for flesh. This creature was never seen before, but the boy in grey seemed to know what this creature was and how much chaos it could cause. It flicked its scaly tail, crashing into multiple buildings. This creature was known as a dragon, but they were called ‘Dragans’, which derived from where they are from.

No one was on the streets when the boy mustered up the courage to take on this dragon one on one. The one in grey reached the top of the nearest building to the creature. A mere human was watching this scene while working on a blueprint of a steam locomotive. This human envied the Mages of their abilities and wanted to wipe them clean off this planet but they had no proof that Mages were a threat to Human society which made up most of the Earth’s population. This was the perfect time to frame the Mages.

After the battle, buildings were destroyed, and people were killed but the dragon was slain. The boy in grey was wounded and fainted. The only witness kidnapped the boy and turned him to the authorities after framing him for the destruction of the city. The representative for the Mages denied that the boy wanted to destroy the city on purpose but to protect it but the Humans didn’t believe them. Conspiring against them, Humans created deadly firearms to combat magic.

The Mages knew this was going to happen but not this soon. They sent a few spies to see what the humans were dead, but they were never seen again. The representative’s son; Relin, was angered and massacred an entire city of noble humans. A war had emerged, as a young fortune-teller foretold years ago to the population of Mages. The young fortune teller was the friend of Relin who massacred the city of humans.

As the war raged on, more Mages were killed and the young fortune-teller couldn’t bear any more foreseeing death of many of their people. Enlisted into the Magien Army, the unnamed fortune teller secretly wandered out into human territory and broke an artifact that was being held in a concentration camp. It was filled with the very magic that created this world. The wave of magic struck them, giving them the ability of creation that they promised to never use. In addition, the sudden emergence of this magic created a volcano to erupt near present-day California.

As the lava poured into the Pacific Ocean, it created an island that was the size of Australia. It was empty, just a land full of rock, inhabitable for life. Relin was trying to figure out a way to transport all the Mages to a safe haven which was his father’s dying wish. He sought his friend for help, and the fortune-teller told him that they could fly around the world for an empty island to stay and call home for the next generations of Mages.

So the two flew out in the night, soaring across the moonlight skies. Using the stars to guide them, they found the rock island that was created by the artifact the unnamed friend dropped. Relin thought this island was hopeless and wanted to get off this island to search for others but his friend wouldn’t move. He watched the unnamed fortune teller press their hands on the rocky surface and saw plants grew from soil that was made from rocks. Soon, the island was filled with plant life. The two shared a moment out of celebration and decided to head back to the hideout where most of the Mages were located. The next night, the Mages mounted their broomsticks and soared into the sky, following Relin to the mysterious island. It was named Lynseria, a name that both Relin and his friend agreed upon.

The unnamed fortune teller, however, was captured by the humans while trying to find their broom. The humans deemed that they were the last Mage alive since there was no trace of them anywhere else.

Relin went back for his friend and saved him from the hands of the humans. The two started a school for Mages and other races that weren’t accepted in Human society as the Mage population grew. The Dragnonia family was respected, given that it was Relin’s family name. It was said that Relin and the unnamed fortune teller got married but he was never seen again after three years into their marriage, leaving his lover and oldest friend to take care of the school. The name of the school and the unnamed fortune teller was lost in history after centuries.

But with time, comes the truth.

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