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A Daughter of Smoke and Stone

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What happens when you find out that fairies are real and you probably have to become one and sacrifice your perfect life if you aren't careful enough? Neirene is a 19 year old ordinay girl. One day her relatives ask her to give them her blood for some research purposes. Three months later she is told that she is the bearer of the genes that can make her a fairy. And fairies are fucking real! The fairy king comes once in every three years to take the chosen young with him, because they are extremely powerful. Now Neirene has to decide if she can sacrifice her perfect family, friends and go alone to an unknown world full of dangerous adventures, beautiful fairies and a possessive, gorgeous mate who appeals to her body but not to her mind. ***Dear readers, please, write comments and reviews on ADOSAS. Your opinions are important to me. Write about anything you like, dislike and even would like to change. I hope you enjoy Neirene's adventure as I do.

Fantasy / Romance
Free Fairy
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Chapter 1

“I won’t really need this swimsuit, will I?” I considered it, but no. There was no way I was wearing a bikini in front of the fairies. I didn’t feel good being so exposed in front of… other species.

My room was messy. Clothes, self-care products, books, bags were everything on the floor. Generally, I was quite an organized person, but if someone told you that fairies were real and you were to meet them, correction: you were to meet a fairy king and if he liked you he would make you one and take you to their world? Then you wouldn’t care much about being organized.

On a normal spring day, my distant relatives asked me to give them my blood for research purposes on the family origins and so I did. Three months later, yesterday, they made my jaw hang open for hours. They told me that the fairies were real. Like fairies… I mean… fairies. I always knew that hiding a tooth under my pillow was not a silly thing to do.

It seemed that they lived in another world, but every three years they could come here to a particular area in the mountains no one knew about and stayed for a maximum of one month. In particular bloodlines, some of the young had specific genes that allowed them to become fairies. But it was not the only reason why the king left his land and came here. Those young were at least ten times more powerful than the normal strong fairies, which meant they could be quite deadly weapons, but also their offspring could be ones as well. And to be chosen by the king, the young had to prove themselves by challenges, which were prepared by some mystical place.

And guess what? I came from one of the magical bloodlines and I had those genes. Mind-blowing, right? Mr. Dimitri, one of the elder relatives explained to me that for fifty years there hadn’t been any the gene bearer in my bloodline and the only reason they checked my blood was a duty.

As Mr. Dimitri told me, only in the Icemoor, in the village where fairies come, could you know if one had powers or not and if they had, they had to go to the fairy kingdom, because once the power was out, it couldn’t be held back. It seemed others like me were prepared for the challenges and to leave our dear earth.

In my case, if I didn’t have powers I would have to stay here and I kind of preferred that, because my life was pretty good and satisfying to me. And going to another world alone and leaving everything I had here, leaving my family, friends and turning back to my dreams, I’ve been fighting for my whole life? Nope, thanks.

“Now, now… You are coming with me.” I grabbed my favorite light brown combinezon and tuck it between my books. I added some other private things and closed the bag.

I was literally dazed all day yesterday. I couldn’t even sleep, which was rare as a bed and I got along with each other very well. I was still shocked and also nervous.

Today, I was going to say goodbye to my family and I might never see them again, which was hard and painful to think about. For this situation, I put some pictures, but I hoped I wouldn’t have to just see my mom, brother, and best friend on paper for the rest of my life.

The sound of zipping bag made me sad. Now I didn’t have to do anything except wait for the call to go down.

“Neirene, come and eat before you go.” Mom’s voice made me feel alive again. She didn’t know. She thought I was just going to some relatives to have fun and to get to know each other. She was happy for me.

“Well, I can’t say no.” I went to the kitchen and immediately felt the deliciousness of the soup from the smell. “Oh, my god. How can you make a normal soup smell like this? It’s still a mystery to me.”

She laughed and her wrinkles made her more beautiful than she already was. I looked like her with my brown hair and hazel eyes.

“It’s easy, just add some spices. I offered to teach you, but you won’t come.”

“Yeah, you don’t choose good times for that. You call me when I’m either studying or reading. So, technically it’s not my fault.” Now, I felt a little guilty for not learning, because I might be eating this for the last time and I wished I knew how to make it. But it was only a worry, I hoped.

Mom looked at me like I was the greatest drawing piece she had ever created. She was an artist, quite a talented one and some of her talents have passed through me, too.

“Don’t look at me like that.” I got irritated when she did that.

“I’m not looking at you.”

I looked up at her in disbelief.


“Call me often and send me pictures, okay?” She reached her hand and caressed my head.

I didn’t think they would let me…

“Sure, as always.”

She was the most amazing and supporting mother ever. She gave me so much, she did so much for me and I was so lucky and grateful to be her daughter. And now I might have been seeing her face to face for the last time and I was going to start crying –

The phone rang and scattered my thoughts, which was good, I didn’t like crying.

“Yes, yes, it’s the fifth one from the mall. Thank you.”

“You should finish the soup.”

“I’m full and I’m not hungry, don’t worry.” I smiled for emphasis, even though I was starving.

I got up, took my bag, my phone, and went to her to say goodbye.

“Call me often.” She said.

I nodded and traditionally, she kissed me on both of my cheeks and waited until I disappeared from the sight.

I didn’t want those stairs to end and the bag on my back pressed like it was a big iron cube. My emotions were messy. I felt regret. I already missed mom, Tamara, my best friend, my home, my room... my everything.

“Hello.” I said a little too sadly than I intended.

The driver greeted me as well, I sat in the back seat and he started the car. I looked up and saw my mom, we waved to each other, and then I was gone. My street, my city... everything blurred while my mind wandered around my life, fairies, those challenges, which sounded pretty scary now and in an hour I dozed off.

I didn’t know how much time had passed since I fell asleep, but the sun was already setting when the driver woke me up to take care of my personal needs.

After entering the car, I dozed off again.

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