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Terrie, The Sorcerer

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A tale of a ten-year-old orphaned saint sorcerer, Harry, who selected as Saviour of Souls and aided by the saints, travels to the Wizarding World (Sorcering State) to save souls of children in a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (School of Sorcerycraft and Sorcery), seized and sacrificed by the satanists and the Sacrificer of Souls. In a sorcering world, Harry, a saint sorcerer staying in a sorcerers’ settlement in the human world, on his tenth birthday, sees himself of a sorcering status to own a sorcering stick to shoot and strike spells and sorceries as sorcerers. He is also selected as Saviour of Souls to save souls sacrificed to satanic spirits by satanic sorcerers. Harry thus travels to the sorcering state where he goes for the souls’ salvation with the allied saintly sorcerers including his family’s friends and familiars and fellows who are all also led by Ron Weasley his archfriend, the Saver of Souls, with whom all he forms the Camaraderie of the Saviour of Souls. They are opposed by the alien satanic sorcerers who are all led by Draco Malfoy his archenemy, the Sacrificer of Souls, all forming a Comradeship of the Sacrificer of Souls for the sacrificing of souls. Harry in his adventures, must act within the time span to save the souls.

Fantasy / Adventure
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CHAPTER ONE (i): Sacrifice in a Sorcering Sacrifice

Sorcerers and sorceresses stayed in a sorcering world – Sorceria, also known as the Sorcering State, in a sorcering settlement and surrounding and society and system where shamanisms were shamanised and sorceries were sorceried and spells were spelled with senior staffs and small sticks and also sceptres and staves by the sorcerers and sorceresses – Saint and Satanic they were separated and sided as such in their separate and sided sorcery. Sorceria which was the widest world of the whole Wide World, was also a world of seven separate solid sections of sorcery: Terrestria the greenish Earth section in the North-and-Up where sorcerers and sorceresses walked with legs on the ground or groundlands, Celestia the whitish Air section in the East-and-Right where sorcerers and sorceresses flied with wings in the skies or skylands, Marinia the bluish Water section in the West-and-Left where sorcerers and sorceresses swam with fins in the seas or sealands, Fierestria the reddish Fire section in the South-and-Down where sorcerers and sorceresses walked with arms in the blazes and flames or blazelands and flamelands, Aetheria the colourlessish Aether section in the Centre-and-Middle where sorcerers and sorceresses magnetated with pili in the aethes or aethelands, Naetheria the colourfulish Nether section in the Circle-and-Surround where sorcerers and sorceresses levitated with fimbriae in the naethes or naethelands, and Spatia the colouringish Space section in the Inbetween-and-Intersped where sorcerers and sorceresses gravitated with tails in the spaces or spacelands.

Seven separate spirit sections of sorcery Sorceria had also which were: Spiritia the greyish Spirit section in the Above-and-High where sorcerers and sorceresses floated with flagella on the spirits or spiritlands, Corpia the clayish Body section in the Below-and-Low where sorcerers and sorceresses hovered with cilia on the bodies or bodylands, Animia the grayish Soul section in the Within-and-Without-and-Inside-and-Outside where sorcerers and sorceresses glided with archaella on the souls or soullands, Superworldia the goldenish Superworld section in the Before-and-Fore where sorcerers and sorceresses clambered with pseudopodia on the Supers or Superlands, Upperworldia the silverish Upperworld section in the Befront-and-Front where sorcerers and sorceresses climbed with antennae on the Uppers or Upperlands, Subterworldia the blackish Subterworld section in the Behind-and-Hind where sorcerers and sorceresses crept with tentacles on the Subters or Subterlands, and Underworldia the brownish Underworld section in the Beneath-and-Nether where sorcerers and sorceresses crawled with cirri on the Unders or Underlands.

Sorceria also had a separate single and sole special solid-and-spirit section of sorcery which was Ultraworldia the bronzish Ultraworld section in the Beyond-and-Yonder where sorcerers and sorceresses jumped with phoresis on the Ultras or Ultralands.

These sections of sorcery stood also sectioned as such in all other sorcering settlements and societies of the worlds of the Wide World where the sorcerers and sorceresses moved and migrated to, including the human world in its Earth seven continents who each and every had their sorcering settlements and societies sectioned into seven solid sections and seven spirit sections and a single and sole special solid-and-spirit section so; but sectioned as such in secret and seclusion to the humans who only knew of the normal and natural terrestrial Earth section.

These sorcerers and sorceresses staying not only in their sorcering world, and moving and migrating from their sorcering world to the other worlds of the Wide World, came always as a people and their population in massive and multitudinous numbers, and converted into colonisers and colonists and colonials, colonializing and converting continents and their countries and cities and communities into colonies of theirs, as they were always seen as such by the continents’ and countries’ and cities’ and communities’ countrymen and compatriots and citizens and communals as carrying-on a colonialism on them, as some of them shrilly or surly said to the colonisers in contempt, or sneered and snide and sniped at them, or scorned and scoffed at them, or still, sniggered and snickered at them as they passed by them scurrying and scuttling. These colonising colonial and colonist conjuring conjurers and sorcerers and sorceresses used sorceries they sorceried, spells they spelled, and conjuries they conjured to conquer and conquest the continents and countries and communities as colonies, and as always ever, converged and crowded these conquered and conquest colonies, and created their own communities as settlements they then sprung, sprouted and spread, and settled and stayed in as settlers.

On Earth, the human’s world – also the Sorceriless State, as the sorcerers and sorceresses had seen and spelled as such, as its human someones and sojourners were short of sorcery and sorcering sorceries and spells, and also surnamed by them as the sorceriless: sorcererless and sorceressless, the sorcerers and sorceresses moving and migrating there also seven centuries ago, and coming also as a people and their population in massive and multitudinous numbers, and coming also as colonials and colonists, as said, also colonialized all the Earth’s seven continents: the northern Northearth, the eastern Eastearth, the western Westearth, the southern Southearth, the central Centrearth, the circular Circlearth, and the inbetween Inbetweenearth, and as such the Earth’s sorcering settlement and society was also a world of seven separate solid sections and seven separate spirit sections and a separate single and sole special solid-and-spirit section of sorcery.

The sorcerers and sorceresses completely colonialized the Circlearthan continent and its country – Circlearth, and the Centrearthan continent and its country – Centrearth, and colonialized the Circlearth and Centrearth countries’ cities, cantons and communes and counties and clans and their communities, and colonised as well the countries’ contained and common countrymen and compatriots and citizens and communals and clansmen, all communal and commune as they stayed and shared in the two countries. In Centrearth, they had completely converged and crowded an especially one county, which county was in itself a community – a human community, the ’Congsambaa community of communals as it was composed of the ’Congsambaa clan and its clansmen, and converted it to a colony of theirs. They then sprung, sprouted and spread a settlement – a sorcering settlement, the senior ’Saa Settlement sectioned into seven small sister-settlements: the sister-settlements of ’Saataa, ’Saamepia, ’Saametee, ’Saalequa, ’Saametaa, ’Saantoko, and ’Saaessambia, all of sorcerers and sorceresses, in which they then settled and stayed in as settlers, and had been there for some seven-hundred years now; with the sorcerers and sorceresses separated and sided as such into the two sorcering Saint and Satanic sorcering sides, and unknown to the community’s communals was the settlers’ and their settlement’s sorcering status, as they showed themselves to them as normal and natural humans respectively separated and sided into two separating and siding sects in the settlement – with the one called the Spiritualist Sect and its spiritualist sectism who were the least in number and were on the one separate side of the settlement, and the other called the Spiritist sect and its spiritist sectism who were the most numerous in the other separate side of the settlement.

In the settlement of ’Saa, in the small sister-settlement of ’Saaessambia, on a September Saturday, in the separate side of the Spiritists – the Satanists, in the strange and scary hours of a deeply dark dusk, and massed under a magnificent moonlight and shinning and sparkling stars, and all about a slow and soft whirling and whispering wind, was a small scarping and slanting and sloping sylvan surrounding of scattered sighing and swinging spruces, all spiralling and surrounding a secluded shadowed smooth stone slab summit, above which started swirling a smoky shape. The shape stopped and shaped itself into someone. Seconds later there, stood a silhouette, that of a boy – a small, stout and short-sized black boy of ten years old. A sorcerer he was, dressed in billowing coal-coloured cloak and scarlet sorcero-boubou, scarlet boots, with a head hooded and hatted as well. Then the hat hopped off his head, followed by the hood, and then a bald-headed boy who was also big and bulbous headed and bulge-browed, with a fat and flat face, and a stark and savage stare and smile and smirk to the face was shown, as he stood straight on the summit in that serious and severe stance. He was holding a scarlet short stick – a sorcering stick – also a Several-stick it was as the stick in its length’s middle was separated into seven sticks – on his one hand, and a sphere on his other hand. He seriously screened the surrounding for some seconds, and then, still in his stark and savage stares and smiles and smirks, he held up the hand holding the sphere – a scarlet and small ball-like object all sparky-and-sparkly and shiny-and-shimmery and sleekly-and-sheeny and semi-translucent as it was held in his hand. His sight scanned and searched again the surrounding, and he sensed, and then slightly saw, in shadows, the distant silent stares of several sorcerers on him, and swallowed, seeming satisfied, as a slight silence, except for the soft and slow sighing and swinging of the spruces and shrubs, spread all about the surrounding.
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