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Her Reign

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Its been 10 years since Alessia has been queen of werewolves all over the world. She's had many struggles in the past. She continues to deal with issues along with her children getting older. She's had her ups and downs in her marriage. Alena being human growing up in a different world. Everyone that loves her, is trying to protect her. She doesn't want their protection. She wants to be accepted and defend herself. Things get real complicated when someone comes into their life and creates all kinds of drama. How will Alessia handle it? Will her marriage survive? Friendships will be pushed to the limits. After this, nothing will be the same.

Fantasy / Other
Christina Marie
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Chapter 1


It’s early in the morning and I’m sitting on the back porch drinking my coffee. The fog is thick causing the air to be filled with moisture and the visibility isn’t clear, but the silence is what I love most about it. The only people who are up right now are those who are patrolling the grounds. This is the exact reason my body sets its internal clock to make me get up. I need this. My life is full of craziness and at this moment, it allows me to get through everything else without losing it. You can say my life is stressful. My husband and children, who I love dearly, love to add to that. They are my heart, but they really know how to push me.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been extremely busy. I’ve traveled all over the world to different packs, implementing new laws and making sure that people are treated fairly. One of my biggest challenges has been the way omegas have been treated. Just because they are so called weaker doesn’t give anyone the right to abuse them. They are not slaves, and they should be treated just as good as anyone else.

I haven’t been to every pack. There are so many that I’ve assigned an alpha for each district that monitors their group of packs and reports back to me. Jaxson also helps me by traveling to different packs. We alternate so both of us get to spend time with the kids.

I have three children. Alena is 15 years old, and Jace and Aryanna are 11. They have a great relationship with each other. Jace is extremely protective over his sisters, especially Alena.

Growing up, Alena has had her ups and downs because she is human living in a pack. For the most part, she is loved and respected but there are a few that give her a hard time. Jaxson and Jace have absolutely no problems handling those people who give her a hard time, but Alena tries to keep it a secret as much as she can. When I asked her why, her response was ‘it only makes it worse’ or ‘it makes me feel weak when I need my father and brother to handle my problems.’ As far as I know, it’s been minor teasing and nothing physical. It shows how strong she is because she never lets it keep her down.

As a mother, it kills me when I see my daughter when she is upset. Everything in me wants to look inside her mind and find out what really is going on, but I can’t, at least not right now. It’s a promise that I gave to my kids but if I feel like my child is in any danger from others or themself, all bets are off. My number one goal is to keep my family safe and if that means I need to snoop, so be it.

Jaxson has been training her since she was seven. For the first few years, it’s basically been self-defense training to protect herself. She picked up quickly and talked Jaxson into more intensive training. Since most of the kids her age haven’t shifted yet, she is among the strongest. Jaxson won’t start her fighting against a wolf until he is confident that she has learned everything she needs to know. I’m not allowed to train her because they say it’s something between only them.

Now don’t get me wrong, Alena has her group of friends, and she is always hanging out and having fun. She is beautiful, tall, and slender. As she gets older, her body is starting to fill out. She has long chocolate wavy hair like me going down her back with some natural highlights. Brown eyes and has a beautiful smile with a big heart. Even growing up, having her alpha dad that’s wrapped around her finger, giving her the world, she is still a humble and sweet girl. She will do anything for anyone in need.

Aryanna looks like her father with some of my features. Her dark hair goes halfway down her back. She is beautiful especially since she has her dad’s eyes. She is more independent, stubborn, and outgoing. She doesn’t like to stay still and always has a trail of kids running behind her. You can tell the difference in personalities between them. She has a temper and when you cross her, there is hell to pay. She is also a daddy’s girl, and she gets whatever she wants but she must work for it. We didn’t raise her to act like a spoiled brat. The only thing they argue about is boys. When they come around, her father and brother scare them away.

Jace looks exactly like Jaxson. He’s not as tall yet but his body is very toned due to working out. He loves to play sports and hangs out with his friends. He always has the little girls chasing him. Jace is the alpha to be and is Jaxson’s pride and joy. Jaxson is hard on him when it comes to teaching him anything related to being an alpha but when they aren’t training, Jaxson and Jace are very close.

Jaxson and I have differences in opinions when it comes to raising our children. He doesn’t have the same standards when it comes to the girls as he does when Jace is concerned. Jace is practically allowed to do anything including hanging out with girls while his daughters are supervised. I, on the other hand, have issues with that. My girls are responsible and should have more freedoms while Jace needs to be reined in a little. He’s reckless and even though he’s young, the girls are already trying to sink their claws in him because they want to be future Luna. I’ll be damned if history tries to repeat itself.

As the sun starts to rise, Emily and Jessica come out onto the porch to join me. They both have their cups of coffee. They too get up early before the kids and hubby’s wake up, just not as early as me. We usually get to sit around and talk while they finish their drinks before the others start getting up.

Emily and Jake have a son named Ethan. He’s 10 years old. He plays sports and hangs out with Jace all the time. They act more like brothers than they do cousins. Ethan will be the future Beta. Jace and Ethan train together. They hang out but Ethan is slightly more reserved. He’s a cute little boy and has the girls chasing him but he doesn’t seem like he cares. I wish my son would still feel that way.

Emily has two other children. Mason is five years old, and Gabrielle is three years old. After every time she has a baby, she swears that she is done. The pain from giving birth was enough to not want any more children but she keeps popping them out. She is also currently two months pregnant. When she found out, I thought she was going to kill Jake. She chased him around the house, threatening his life and his manhood.

Jessica had a daughter a week after Emily had Ethan. Her name is Vanessa. I like to call her special because Nessa is extremely close with Alena and Aryanna but loves to hang out with the boys as well. One minute she will be all dolled up and the next she will be in the mud with the boys playing football. Let’s just say, the boys don’t like to play with her too much because she is always kicking ass.

She also has Jaxson wrapped around her finger so when the boys refuse to play with her, she beats them up. They can’t go running to tell because Jaxson just tells them they need to ‘man up’ and forces them to include her.

Jessica also has twin boys that are 6 named Marcus and William. After having them, Jessica made sure to have her tubes tied. She didn’t want any more even though it was a sensitive subject because Lucas was furious when she got it done. During her pregnancy, she told him she didn’t want any more, but he just shrugged it off thinking that she would change her mind. She brought up the topic of having her tubes tied but he never voiced his opinion until after she had it done. Let’s just say, those first few days after, they did nothing but fight until Jessica kicked him out of the house for a couple days.

And on top of a full house, I am 2 months pregnant. So far, this pregnancy has been easy compared to my last. I haven’t been sick at all. The only reason I knew I was pregnant was because I was late on my period. I’ve wanted to have another baby for a while, but Jaxson’s held off. The scare of my last pregnancy has caused him to hesitate on having another even though we both knew that I could handle it. It wasn’t the only reason we held off, but it did play a factor in it. He doesn’t want anything to happen to me. Since he found out I’m pregnant, he’s been overprotective, almost to the point of driving me crazy. I have had to put my foot down a few times because if he had his way, I would be locked in my room on bedrest. So not happening.

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