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The Daemon of Darkness

By Dragnova All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


In a world of fantasy, Aidan who was known as a "Worthless Knight" in the academy was presumed dead after being fatally wounded by his fellow classmates and left in the labyrinth to die. None knew the fact that he was alive and was rescued by a mysterious man who once owned the title "The Strongest Human in the World". Trained by the strongest man in the world, the "Worthless Knight" was long dead while a new person reborn in his stead.

Chapter 1

The story began with two children were having a race towards the top of the hill.

“I won! I won! I won!” (Aishah)

The first who reached the top was an orange-haired little girl with green eyes named Aishah. She pumped her fists high in the air to proclaim her victory.

“Hurry up, Aidan! You’re too slow!” (Aishah)

She cheered for her childhood friend after seeing his weak jog.

“Wait for meeeee, Aishah! You’re too fast!” (Aidan)

The red-haired boy, named Aidan complained as he desperately tried to catch up. After he had reached his destination, he took his time to catch his breath.

“Aidan, you’re too slow.” (Aishah)

Aidan turned his head a little and faced Aishah, his best friend who was a year older than him. She was puffing her cheeks cutely while placing her hands on her hips.

“But you’re so fast.” (Aidan)

“No excuses, Aidan. You should know, my mama told me that a man should not keep a lady waiting.”

Aidan tried to defend himself, but Aishah ignored it and blabbered further on,

“Huh? I don’t see a woman at here.” (Aidan)

“Uuu! Aidan stupid!” (Aishah)

“Hey! Stop hitting me!” (Aidan)

“You started it!” (Aishah)

The young boy placed his hand on his forehead and looked around as a gesture of him searching for a woman. This action of his caused Aishah to blush in embarrassment which lead her to wailed and waved her hands around, flailing them at Aidan’s side.

“Aidan, do you remember our promise?” (Aishah)

After the little fight was over, Aishah dragged Aidan towards a tree. She touched the bark of the tree gently and smiled when she saw their names were carved on it. She spun around and looked at Aidan with the smile hanging on her face.

“Eh? What promise?” (Aidan)

“... ... ...” (Aishah)

Though Aidan meant to say it as a joke, his words apparently sent Aishah into a shock as she stood there frozen and her eyes went hollow.

“Aidan doesn’t remember our promise...He doesn’t remember our promise...He doesn’t remember our promise...” (Aishah)

“Waaaah! O-Of course I remember! Aishah! I was kidding just now! Aishah!” (Aidan)

Aidan vigorously shook his best friend’s shoulder to snap her out of her shocked state.

“You...remember?” (Aishah)

“Yes! Yes, I remember!” (Aidan)

The little girl slowly regained her spirit after she finally heard what her friend said.

“When we grow up, both Aishah and I will go to the Aaron Academy, and then we will serve the Kingdom of Lumis, Aaron Kingdom together!” (Aidan)

To prove that he remembered, Aidan held her hands and announced their promise in front of her. Little did he know that his action turned Aishah’s cheeks a little pink.

Satisfied by what Aidan had said, the two of them walked back to the village while holding onto each other’s hand.

The Aaron Academy was one of the famous academies in the world, where the academy itself was located close to the Aaron Kingdom. Four main divisions were provided by the Aaron Academy. They were the Knights Division, Mages Division, Adventurers Division, and Merchants Division.

Nobles and wealthy merchants tend to send their children there due to the academy’s great reputation. But the academy only accepts few chosen children aged around 15-16, from the villages that were within the Aaron Kingdom. And on the Year 995, both Aidan and Aishah were chosen to attend the Aaron Academy.

Now back to the story. 10 years had passed since their promise. Both Aidan and Aishah left their village after they got accepted by their dream academy, the Aaron Academy. But things didn’t go as planned ...

“Hey look, it’s the Worthless Knight.”

“Good morning, Worthless Knight.”

“You’re still here, Worthless Knight?”

Students of the Aaron Academy were all whispering to one another after seeing a particular student walking across the hall. Some of them greeted him in a mocking way. The student that was being treated this poorly was none other than the red-haired boy, Aidan.

Aidan’s currently 15 years old with a height of 5′41. He’s one of the new freshmen in the Aaron Academy.

“Good morning, Aidan!” (???)

“!?” (Aidan)

Aidan was surprised when someone suddenly called out his name and hugged him from the back at the same time. From the voice itself to the soft sensation that was pressed against his back, he could tell it was a girl. Since he had no friends, he knew immediately who it was. Aidan then turned his head a little to confirm. Yep, it’s his childhood friend, Aishah.

“A-Aishah? What are you doing?” (Aidan)

“?? What do you mean? I’m greeting you.” (Aishah)

“M-morning. Umm...can you let please go?” (Aidan)

Aidan gently tapped her wrists that were coiling around his neck to signal her but it didn’t work as the girl clung to him even more.

" " " “ “ ... ... ... ... ...” ” ” ” ”

Aidan was troubled further more because the students were all releasing jealousy and deadly auras while giving him death glares.

Now the reason why everyone disliked the way Aidan and Aishah interact with one another was because. Their differences in terms of “positions” in the academy were like Heaven and Earth.

When Aidan joined the Knights Division, the instructor concluded that the young man had low mana aptitude after former one noticed that he was barely able to produce and maintain the basic knight skill, “Physical Enhancement”. In terms of performance, Aidan was rated by far was the lowest rank in the division.

On the other hand, Aishah who joined the Mages Division, not only did the academy discover her having the capability in using all of the Elemental Magic, Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Lightning, but she also had the talent in using a Sacred Magic that’s has important value to the Aaron Kingdom. The Holy Magic. Those talents made her to be the 1st Year, Mages Division making her Rank #1.

So with Aidan being “the Worthless Knight” and Aishah being the Mages Division’s Rank #1, many students disliked the fact that the young man was close with their goddess.

“Aishah. Like seriously, please let go. You’re attracting too much attention.” (Aidan)

Aidan told his friend a second time, but Aishah still didn’t let go.

“Why is Miss Aishah so close with the Worthless Knight?”

“Didn’t you know? They grew up together since they were little.”

“Tch. He has zero talent and yet he dares get close to our academy’s goddess?”

“I know right? Does he have no shame?”

Aidan inwardly let out a deep sigh when he heard those comments and thought to himself.

‘I’m not the one who approach her. Use your eyes for goodness sake.’

“Haihh...Aishah, for the last time. Let me go.” (Aidan)

“A-ahh...” (Aishah)

Having enough with the viewers’ comments, Aidan decided to keep a distance between the two of them by successfully freeing himself from Aishah’s hug by shaking her off. But his action yet again caused dissatisfaction on others’ opinion.

“Hey hey hey. Did you see the way he hushed Miss Aishah away?”

“Yea, I saw it. How rude of him. Shoving Goddess Aishah like that. I so want to beat him up right now.”

“That guy’s a jerk.”

“Oh my god, poor Miss Aishah.”

Aidan’s right cheek twitched a few times when he heard that.

‘Wait what? Shove?! I didn’t shove her!! You guys are insane!!’

“...Anyway, I have to go now, Aishah. I’ll see you next time.” (Aidan)

“O-okay. See you later.” (Aishah)

Aishah had a weak smile on her face as the red-haired young man tiredly walked away from his childhood friend, hoping that all the ruckus would stop. But god, how wrong was he.

“Hold it, Aidan. I saw what you did back there, and that’s not right to treat Aishah.” (???)

Aidan sigh inwardly and raise his head a little to look at the person who blocked his path.

‘Yipeee, the Prince of Justice is here...’

He furrowed his eyebrows when he saw an athletic-built, good-looking young man with brown hair and brown eyes stood before him. The students around them then started to whisper to one another once again.

“It’s the Knight Division’s Rank #1, Zain Cormac.”

“Kyaaaaaaa~! It’s Sir Zain! He’s so hot!”

“Please marry me, Sir Zain~!”

The girls went crazy when they saw the appearance of the young man who stopped Aidan.

“Tch. Looks like the girls lose their sanity every time the famous ‘Aaron Academy’s Prince’ appear.”

“Don’t say that. At least he’s teaching the Worthless One a lesson. Saves us the trouble.”

“Hmm. I agree.”

Zain Cormac was the 1st Year, Knights Division’s Rank #1 and the 3rd son of a rich noble family who entered the academy the same time as Aidan and Aishah. His father, Duke Cormac, who served the King of the Aaron Kingdom had huge political influence in the kingdom. Hence, the principal, instructors and students all wanted to be on his good side. Knowing that it would benefit them for being close to the son of Duke Cormac.

Though his pretty face and fame had made him adored by countless numbers of girls in the academy, he cared for none of them as he already has his sights set on someone. Someone who he thought was worthy to be with him. The Mages Division’s Rank #1, Aishah. And his plan was to make Aishah his and only his.

Tired of the entire commotion, Aidan decided to ignore the person in front of him and simply wanted to walk pass Zain. But once again, his path was blocked by the latter one.

“Where do you think you’re going?” (Zain)

Zain frowned a little as he looked Aidan.

“Uhh...class?” (Aidan)

“You’re just going to leave without apologizing to Aishah?” (Zain)

“Apologize to Aishah? For what?” (Aidan)

“Y-you don’t even know what you did wrong?” (Zain)

Zain was shocked when he heard that. He shook his head from right to left with a disappointed look on his face which irritated Aidan.

“You pushed Aishah. That’s what. Is that how you treat a girl?” (Zain)

With left hand on the waist and the other hand pointing at Aidan, Zain pointed out the former’s so-called mistake in front of everyone.

“Push? Hey, I pushed no one alright.” (Aidan)

Aidan refuted.

“Don’t try to deny it, Aidan. Everyone saw it.” (Zain)

“Wait a minute, Cormac. Aidan didn’t–” (Aishah)

" " " " " " “That’s right!!” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Zain said it and all students agreed without having a pause in between. Though Aishah tried to say something, their answer. Aidan’s face darkened when he almost reached the limit where he could no longer tolerate. But that didn’t stop Zain from pressing on.

“If you still call yourself a man, just admit what you did and apologize to Aishah.” (Zain)

“This is a waste of time. I’m going.” (Aidan)

Again, Aidan tried to leave. But he was blocked by Zain for the third time.

“Don’t run away, Aidan. Apologize to Aishah right now.” (Zain)

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re very annoying? And let me tell you this. I will not apologize for something I didn’t do.” (Aidan)

“Why you–” (Zain)

Surprised by Aidan’s attitude, a single nerve popped out from Zain’s forehead. He grabbed Aidan by the collar with his left and clenched his right hand. He was about to hit the former one, but someone intervene before he could do it.

“That’s enough!!” (Aishah)

“–!? A-Aishah?” (Zain)

Zain looked at the girl in front of him with an astonished expression.

“Aidan didn’t push me at all! Stop bullying him, Cormac!” (Aishah)

Aishah protected her best friend with her cheeks puffed angrily yet in a cute manner. That expression of hers however only made Zain’s heart skipped a beat.

“B-but he clearly–” (Zain)

“He did not!” (Aishah)

“Others saw it–” (Zain)

“He! Did! Not!” (Aishah)

After proclaiming that loud and clearly, Aishah turned and faced Aidan with an apologetic smile.

“Sorry for making you uncomfortable just now, Aidan. You should go to your class now.” (Aishah)

“I-it’s alright, Aishah. Anyway, I have to go now so...see you later.” (Aidan)

Aidan lowered his head at her and exited the crowd with a quicker pace.

“Tch. There’s no reason for you to apologize to people like him, Aishah. Why are you always so nice to someone like him anyway? Aishah? Eh? Eh? Where did she go?” (Zain)

Zain clicked his tongue after seeing Aidan leaving the situation for his class. He then had a one way conversation with Aishah with the latter one no longer in her previous position, making Zain basically having his conversation with air.

‘I heard that they grew up together in a small village. So that basically makes them childhood friends. But for Aishah to be this close with the Worthless Knight...Does Aishah have feelings for him? No, that’s impossible...Yea. That’s right, it’s impossible. Fufufu, just what am I thinking? What rights does the Worthless Knight have to go out with Aishah? If anyone has the rights, it should me. That’s right, only I have the right.’

“Oi, Aidan!” (???)

The red haired young man stiffened when someone suddenly called out his name from behind while he was spending his alone time reading a book. He turned his head around nervously and saw a group of male students were walking towards him.

‘Not good...’ (Aidan)

He thought about it when he found out who the voice belonged to because walking towards him was a total of ten students who happened to be junior adventurers from the Adventurer Divisions. They called themselves [[The Hungry Wolves]]. they had the largest members in the Adventurers Division.

[[The Hungry Wolves]] was created by a male student named Fitz Grignon. He was born in a wealthy family where the family obtain most of their fortunes through slaves selling. Though born in a rich family, Fitz acted like a delinquent. He’s arrogant and had the tendency in looking down at other people.

“Y-yo, Grignon...Do you need something from me?” (Aidan)

Aidan forced a smile as he asked the young blond man sheepishly. At the same time, he also noticed that Fitz had his signature weapons, a pair of kama hanging on his hip and a pouches around his waist all filled with potions and stuffs. His first instinct told him that ‘Fitz must be going on quest.’

“The ten of us are about to go on a quest. Why don’t you join us?” (Fitz)

“!?” (Aidan)

With a smirk on his face, Fitz pointed at his followers behind him with his thumb and spoke. Aidan looked behind Fitz and saw that they were all equipped with gears for the quest as well. He was speechless for a moment when he received that invitation.

“W-wait, what? Q-quest? With you?!” (Aidan)

“Yea. You got a problem with doing a quests with me? You do know that we [[The Hungry Wolves]] are quite well known for our high accomplishments right?” (Fitz)

Fitz glowered a little as he disliked Aidan’s previous tone.

“Y-yes, I do.” (Aidan)

“Huh?!” (Fitz)

“I-I mean “Yes, I do know [[The Hungry Wolves]] have high accomplishments!” But someone like me...who is called as the Worthless Knight will do you no good–” (Aidan)

“Cut the crap. I don’t care about that. Who knows, if you joined us you may even get stronger. So you’re coming with us. We got extra equipment so you can use them for now.” (Fitz)

“E-eh?!” (Aidan)

While he’s giving out his excuses to reject Fitz’s invitation, the latter one ignored him by tossing a leather armor, leather boots, leather strap bag, and a one-handed sword at him.

“Go and change. We’ll wait for you at the front gate.” (Fitz)

“But I–” (Aidan)

Fitz and his group didn’t even wait for Aidan to finish his words. They simply walked away.

“...Doesn’t anyone listen to my opinion at all?” (Aidan)

Aidan could only sigh in defeat. He then grabbed the items he received and equipment in the bathroom.

“H-hey, guys. How far are we going?” (Aidan)

" " “... ... ... ...” ” ”

Aidan asked Fitz and his members sheepishly for it was his first time to be in a labyrinth. But all of them simply answered him with a silence. They had been traveling for at least 10 minutes.

“...You know what? I had enough of this. I’m going back now.” (Aidan)

“What? Y-you can’t do that.”

Tired of the silence he kept getting, Aidan thought it would be best for him to head back. But one of Fitz’s guy suddenly spoke in a prevented Aidan from leaving by grabbing onto his shoulder.

‘Oh, so now you’re talking to me.’ (Aidan)

Aidan rolled his eyes in annoyance and looked the student.

“Why not?” (Aidan)

“It’s...umm...it’s not safe to leave the party now! Monsters may appear at any minutes!”

“We’ve been walking for quite some time and I see no monsters appearing at all. So you guys can go ahead without me. I’m heading back.” (Aidan)

“W-wait! Don’t!”

Aidan turned his back on the team one more time but only to found his path blocked by three of Fitz’s guys.

“What’s wrong with you people–!?” (Aidan)

As suspicions began to rise in his head, Aidan suddenly felt something was pushed into him from behind and an intense pain followed after the sensation.

“W-what are you...doing?” (Aidan)

Aidan lowered his eyes and they widened upon seeing the point of a sword jutted out from his chest. He looked behind him and saw the perpetrator was the same student who just halted him.

“I-it’s your fault for not listening to me!”

“Guaaaah!” (Aidan)

The male student drove the sword deeper into Aidan’s wound causing the latter one to let out a cry of pain.

Another male student stood before Aidan and unsheathed his decorative sword. He raised the sword up into the air before the red-haired young man.

“N-no!” (Aidan)

Aidan’s eyes widened in fear when he saw the guy brought his sword down. Hacking off his entire left arm from his shoulder.

“A-A-Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!” (Aidan)

The intense pain caused the young man to lose strength in both his legs. He fell forwards, with his face hitting the ground first.

While placing his right hand over the wound, trying to stop the blood. Aidan looked at Fitz and the male students with anger, hatred and confusion.

“U-ughh......Why...” (Aidan)

“Why, you ask? It’s simple. I’ve always hate the way you socialize with our Goddess Aishah. In fact, we all hate it.” (Fitz)

Fitz explained his reason calmly as he placed his foot onto Aidan’s head. He then took his time and grind his boots into the back of his head.

“Someone as lowly as you shouldn’t even be at the Aaron Academy.” (Fitz)

Fitz then brought out a couple of knives. He first played the knives that was on his hand and–

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” (Aidan)

Aidan screamed in pain when Fitz drove the knife into his back. Following the next 5 minutes, Fitz tortured Aidan by continuously stabbing the knives into his back, hand and feet like he’s a pinned insect while keeping barely alive.

“Boss, the preparations ready. We should go now.”

One of his member came up to Fitz and reported.

“What...are you doing...” (Aidan)

“Since trash like you isn’t even worth killing. We’ve placed some incenses to attract the monsters in the dungeon. They’ll finish you off for us.” (Fitz)

“Y-you’re...insane...Cough! Cough!” (Aidan)

“Bye now, Aidan. It was quite boring to have known you. Oh, and you can keep those cheap equipments.” (Fitz)

Fitz and his group then left the dying man in the dungeon.

“Why...why is...this happening to me...” (Aidan)

Just minutes had passed since Aidan left to die in the dungeon. He was already surrounded by numbers of monsters that lurked in the there.

" " " “...Sss.” ” ” ”

Approaching the handicapped Aidan while making the hissing sounds were a group of humanoid lizard-like creatures with dark green scales.

It’s the Lizardmen.

The lizardmen that surrounded Aidan were all equipped with simple metal breast plates, and they carried machetes and one-handed axes as weapons.

“Get...away from me...” (Aidan)

Aidan endured the pain and used his remaining strength to try and crawl away from the monsters.

“Oh? What do we have here? A little gathering” (???)

“!?” (Aidan)

A single ray of hope appeared in Aidan’s mind when he heard an unknown voice which belonged to a man.

" " " “Saaaaa!” ” ” ”

The lizardmen spooked and went on full alert when they heard the unknown voice.

The lizardmen had a unique way on hunting for preys. By simply flickering their tongue, they could collect the moisture particles that were in the air. But this time, they failed to realize that a second human was standing behind them. In addition for using it for hunting, their tongues also allowed them to sense for any danger.

" " " " " “Saaaaaa!!” ” ” ” ” ”

For the first time in their experience, they failed to detect the single human standing behind them. Getting agitated, they lunged themselves at the mysterious man.

“Tch. Pipe down, you noisy bunch of lizards.” (???)

The unknown person complained with as he used his fingers to scratch his left cheek. He reached for the short sword that was in the back on his belt and in a split second, he bolted pass the lizardmen while taking a single swing of his short sword horizontally.

All the lizardmen’s movement stopped at that point. Then, their heads fell off their shoulders.

“Hey, kiddo. You still alive?” (???)

Seeing the lizardmen were all dead, the mysterious man went to check on Aidan’s condition. The young man could feel the man smacking his face gently. But with him losing too many blood, his consciousness faded fast before he got the chance to see the person who defeated the monsters.

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