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She wolf

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Alesia Davidson child of the night, warrior of the moon. join her story as she battles through every day drama.

Fantasy / Action
Debbie Andjelic
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Last day of summer

Prophecy; there will be a girl, A young girl. She will bring peace, peace to both vampire and werewolves species.


It's the last day of summer, mid morning where I was aimlessly walking around trying to find something to do. I then walked into where the kitchen is, picked up the phone and dialed her best friend Anna.

"Hello?" Mrs pierce said

"Hello Mrs pierce is Anna home?!" I said

Yes dear Anna is home let me get her for you!. Mrs pierce said

I waited only a minute before Anna picked up.

"Hey Anna did you want to go do some clothes shopping"?! I said

"Sure I just need to get ready, come pick me up". Anna said.

We then said a quick bye and I hung up the phone, I ran up stairs chucked on a pair of Jean's and a random shirt, and a pair of converses.

I finished getting changed, I grabbed the car keys and left.

I walked out the front door and walked over to my z28 Camaro got in and drove off.

I finally pulled upto Anna's house, Anna was waiting out front. Anna got in and we started talking, and drove off.

Once we got to the shopping centre, we got out of the car walked in to the mall, went to every shop we could think of. Once we were done, Anna and I decided to walk down to the food court. Anna decided she wanted to get a couple slices of pizza and some chips, I turned around walked over to the burger place.

On the way to the burger place I bumped into someone, and the guy kept walking. when I turned around to get a good look at the guy. I couldn't see his face, I felt a little confused when I bumped into him, there were little tingles when we touched. I shrugged it off, turned back around to the burger place and went and ordered.

By the time my food was ready, I grabbed my food turned around and started looking for Anna. I found Anna in the middle of the food court, I made my way to Anna and sat down. We sat there and talked, laughed and joke about the funny stories we heard from our other friend, about happened over the summer.

By the time we finished eating, Anna and I picked our rubbish and our shopping bags up and threw our rubbish in the bin. On our way back to the car, I felt like someone was watching me. I started looking around, and couldn't find anyone that was watching me.

We finally got back to the car, we got in and drove off,

"Hey Alessia are we going to go the Cheryl's party tonight"?!. Anna asked

"Sure why not?. Haven't been to a party in a while" I said

Anna got excited, and did a little happy dance in the car. I dropped Anna off home, drove home. I walked up to my room put, I put my bags down put on some trackies and a loose shirt and a pair of joggers on. I decided to go take a run into the woods, when I got to the tree line I took off. By the time I stopped in the middle of the track, I decided to take five minutes to have a rest. From a distance I can hear water falling, so I started walking into the distance of the water falling. I eventually found the waterfall, I stood a good distance away sat down and watched the water falling.

I must of zoned out because, when I came to a guy stood on the other side of the bank. Just staring into the water, so I started looking at some of the features I can see. Strong jaw line, black hair, pinkish lips that are turning into a small smile. Thin eyebrows wait what he smiled, I then noticed him looking as well.

Just looking at this man, I could feel myself being pulled towards him. Just as I worked up enough courage, in a blink of an eye he was gone. It crept me out, I decided to get up and leave before he comes back. I got back in time, to have a shower and get changed into light blue Jean's, a nice black V neck shirt, and black converses. I brushed my hair then left also picking Anna up on the way, I started feeling happy and relaxed.

By the time we got to the party, the party was in full swing. People making out at the front, people talking, laughing, having fun. we walked through the front door and there's people dancing other people playing games and just getting drunk. Now I was super excited to party.

By the time the party was over, I drove Anna home then drove myself home. I knew when I woke up the next morning, I'm going to regret it.

Let me introduce myself my name is Alessia Davidson, and this is my story.
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