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Fated To The Alpha! (Book 2)

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Ten Years ago rogues ravaged through our territory. The girl I loved was thought to have perished with our Alpha, her Father. With no sign of her survival I lost the part of me that was going to claim his mate when that time came, instead I've denied taking a mate with the thought of having another female replace the girl I once had loved! But Fate is something else.....Fate has a way of putting you right where your supposed to be and soon. I realize that Fate was on my side.

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“Run!” My alpha roared.

A fight had ensued but I had no idea why. Wolves shifted everywhere rogues snapped and growled grotesquely. The sound was horrid as saliva dripped from their foaming mouths. Their scent made bile rise up my throat.

My alpha ran with me to the edge of the woods three rogues were nipping at his haunches, but always missing. Their snapping teeth sending shivers down my spine only driving me to run as fast as my human legs could go when I roared from the pain coming from my neck. My hand instinctively reaching to touch the invading object, realizing quickly the object was a skinny silver stake the size of a toothpick. The only weakness to a young wolf,

I ran as fast as I could without ever once looking back. I couldn’t shift with a silver stake embedded in my neck because I was only fourteen and haven’t shifted into my Alpha. That came at age sixteen. So I kept running.

Where could I run? I didn’t know what the hell was going on. But I couldn’t argue with the Alpha’s order, my father’s order so I did as I was told and ran. I could hear the three rogues tailing me but they could only go so far. A new boarder meant a new pack and their death. How they got in ours I'd never know.

But soon I was running into uncharted territory. I didn’t know where else to go and I wasn’t going to be made rogue dinner. They were disgusting creatures, you couldn’t even call them a wolf. Their snouts were distorted, their teeth were rotting, their paws looked like bird claws.

I ran for what felt like hours but they didn’t cross the border they stayed on our border while I crossed. Daring to look behind me and my heart instantly breaking, from watching my father fight them back.

The three rogues ganged up on my Father, snapping, biting and clawing at him while I made it to safety.

He fought with bravery, but he lost his life to save mine.

I was on my own from here.

The great Alpha I knew, the father I had was gone.

My family gone,

My pack gone,

And me I’m better off then being their food or worse, Being out in the open for two days wasn’t a brilliant idea even worse being alone and a youngling, but I had no other option I didn’t know where I was and the air started to feel a little on the hot side coming from the state of Colorado I think I know where my werewolf ass ended up. The hottest state in the Continental U.S. great!

Arizona heat was merciless and my third dawn was fast approaching. I walked around looking for a place to hide and sleep. But the area was vacated by luxury estates that were miles apart.

I was tired and beat and I couldn’t shift with that damn silver stake still in my neck and I couldn’t pull it out. The pain was excruciating the equivalent of a human with a deadly bullet wound.

My body was getting weaker, but I caught the scent of a shifter…wolf to be exact. One thing was for sure a were can scent another were and then my body gave out to the darkness.

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