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The crystal and the element

“Wait a minute. Let’s just stop and think about this” I said. “What if we could make the river flow and make more water and then we could somehow just travel along the river” I asked looking to the others?

“Well as much as that sounds like a great idea, how on earth do you think we could even do that?” asked Michael.

“Why don‘t we just take our shoes off and walk through the water” asked Isabel?

“Of course that is the most obvious thing to do. Ok everyone shoes off and let’s go” said Simon.

After everyone had removed their shoes Simon led the way and started walking through the water of the river. It was very shallow and easy enough to walk through. The light became very dim, but there was enough light to be able to see a little way ahead. It was the same dark grey coloured walls and the thin river below us. The torch lights were spaced out a lot more but there was enough light for us to see where we were going.

We walked slowly through the shallow water and I found the water refreshing and not cold at all. We continued walking for a long time, well it sure seemed like it until Simon stopped and simply said “well now we have a problem”.

Looking ahead the water was getting deeper but still only a thin river and nowhere to walk along side it. We would need to continue through the water.

“Now what are we going to do” he asked? “Well I think we need to think about this. There has to be a way through”.

“Wait a minute. This is where we might be able to use one of our crystal powers. Isabel you have the blue crystal that represents water” I said “If you take your crystal and think of producing lots of water, then maybe you can make this river flow and we can get through”.

“As much as that sounds like a brilliant idea, how do you think having extra water is going to help us to get through” asked Michael?

I pointed at the boat that was sitting up ahead floating in the water and as everyone turned to look at it, the sails on the boat sprung up as if signalling us to get on and sail our way through. There seemed to be magic all around when we needed it.

“Ok Isabel you need to do this, but wait til we get to the boat and once we have got on board then do the water thing and then we can sail out of here” Simon said.

We continued to wade our way closer to the boat and found the water getting deeper and deeper. It was becoming almost impossible to walk through and we had to swim, although the water was probably only up to our chest. Once we reached the boat I could see a rope ladder hanging over the side and climbed up the ladder and into the boat. Everyone followed until we were all in the boat.

Isabel got her blue crystal out and held it in her hand and said “so you want me to imagine a lot of water flowing through here so it will be like creating a flowing river”?

“Yes that’s exactly what we need” I said. “I know you can do this. We all have this power to use these crystals and now it is time for you to use yours”.

Isabel held the crystal in her hand and shut her eyes. We were all staring at her and I was wondering what she was thinking and if the water would really appear and make the river start flowing.

It wasn’t long before we heard a loud noise and I turned around to see a huge gush of water coming from where we had just waded through.

“Hang on everybody, here it comes” I yelled.

The water came gushing through forcing the sailboat forward and we began moving along the river. I looked down and could see the water had risen quite a bit and very quickly. The river was flowing really well and we were going through the mountain a lot quicker than I thought. Isabel fell forward as she had her eyes shut and was the last to grab onto the side of the boat but stopped herself from falling.

As the boat sailed along through the mountain I realized how big this mountain really was. We continued to sail along until the boat slowed and the water seemed to stop gushing. There right ahead of us was a landing and the end of the river, but to one side looked like a huge waterfall. This is where we need to get off and quickly.

Simon turned and looked ahead and said “look over there” and pointed to the landing area on the left side. “We need to get off there” he said.

Luckily the boat was heading for the landing and came to a slow stop. We were all at the edge of the boat ready to get off just in case the boat suddenly drifted towards the waterfall.

Once we had all got off the boat, I looked around and could see an opening right next to where all the water was going down making the waterfall. I turned back around to look at the boat and the boat’s sails came down as quick as they had gone up just before we had got on earlier right in front of our eyes.

Simon walked over to the edge of the landing right next to where the water was flowing down the side of the mountain. We had made it the other side of the mountain. Simon had found a door and opened it and peaked around the corner. He looked back and said “There are two options from what I can see. We can go through this door here or go down the waterfall and I think I like the idea of the door more than the waterfall”.

“What did you see when you opened the door” I asked Simon?

“It was really dark but it looked like another kind of forest, but with a lot of purple. As I said it was dark. I would still rather tackle the forest than that waterfall there. I’m pretty sure it’s going to end better going through the forest”.

As were discussing our options Old Fossy started rumbling again. This time as we were deep inside the mountain the noise was so loud that we all knelt down and covered our ears.

The noise was still really loud even though I had my hands over my ears trying to block out the noise.

Bits of rock started coming down from above us and I looked over to where the boat was and it had disappeared into the water without a trace. We certainly couldn’t go back now.

We were all kneeling down now with our hands over our heads trying to stop any rocks from falling on us. The noise was incredible and I knew we couldn’t just stay here and needed to get out of here.

I leant over and touched Isabel and Rachael on the arm and signalled to them to move over to Simon who was standing in front of the door. Michael was behind me and waiting for the girls to move.

Old Fossy continued to rumble and it seemed to be getting worse. I was certain this time that it was going to blow and I didn’t want to stick around to see what might happen. Especially since we were inside it.

Simon opened the door and we all went through with me going through last and shutting the door behind me.

As soon as I shut the door we were surrounded in darkness, but the noise of Old Fossy completely stopped.

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