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The Enchanted Purple Forest

I had the torch in my pocket and got it out to turn on so we could see where we were. As I shone the light up ahead of us I could see we were definitely in a purple forest. Everything was purple. The trees and the entire bush around us were all purple. I wonder what this place was.

“Wait before we go any further let me have a look at the book” I said and I knelt down and retrieved the book from the backpack. “Let’s have a look and see where we are now”. I was flicking through pages and found the jungle where we had just come from and then found the Enchanting Purple Forest. “This is it” I said as I held my finger on the title of the page.

“We have entered another world from where we just came” I explained as I continued to read through the book to see what we needed to do and which way to go. “We need to watch out for any other colours in this forest. The book explains that anything purple here is perfectly ok, but if we see anything in another colour we are best to avoid it or suffer an unlikely fate”.

“Well purple it is then” said Rachael and knelt down beside me to sit on the purple ground. Everything was purple. This was another magical place and I wondered if there were any creatures we would come across while we weaved our way through this forest.

“It also says we must continue in the same direction from which we came to avoid an unlikely disaster” Rachael finished.

“Now that we have made it safely away from Old Fossy it is probably a good time to take some rest and have something to eat and drink” said Simon. I grabbed the backpack and reached in for the blanket and the small box.

We all sat on the ground as I placed the blanket over everyone and then sat down myself to open the small box.

Five bottles of water came out again and five energy bars. “Winnie never ceases to amaze” I said and handed them out to everyone.

After drinking the water and eating the energy bar we all lay down to try and get some much needed sleep. We really hadn’t slept much at all throughout our journey and the jungle had been far too scary to relax and try and rest. Thank goodness we had made it through there thanks to the help of Albress.

I drifted in and out of sleep and eventually woke and sat up rubbing my eyes. I looked around and could see there was now some light, although not completely light a lot lighter than it had been when we first came through the door and entered this forest. It was very quiet and there was no noise coming from birds or anything else.

Rachael and Isabel were still sleeping, but Michael and Simon were sitting side by side ready to get up and continue on. The girls started to stir and awoke probably sensing the rest of us were awake and sat up and began stretching trying to wake up just like I was. I grabbed the small box and opened it again for more water and five more bottles of water dropped onto the ground. I have no idea how Winnie was able to do this, but it was such a great feeling knowing that we had a endless supply of bottled water and some sort of snack.

After I finished drinking the water I grabbed the blanket and placed it back in the backpack along with the torch. There was enough light for us to see without needing that and it was probably best to only use the torch when necessary. Maybe it was still a little dark here due to the colour of the forest. There was purple everywhere. The book didn’t tell us a great deal but it did say anything purple was alright, so I guess if we came across anything in another colour it would stand out and be easy to avoid.

Simon stood up and led the way as per normal and the girls followed right behind him. I was always last with Michael behind the girls.

We walked along a pathway that seemed to weave in and out of purple trees and purple bushes. We walked for ages while continually looking around to see if anything or anyone else was around. It was so quiet and I could only hear our feet walking along the path.

Simon stopped and picked some red fruit from a tree just to the side of the path. He turned to us and said “Grapes” and began eating the grapes. There were so many on this one bush and he grabbed another bunch and continued to eat. Rachael and Isabel grabbed some grapes too and began eating them.

“Mmmm they taste so good” Rachael said as she continued to eat the grapes.

Michael and I stood watching them when Simon turned and said “I don’t feel too well” and fell to the ground.

“Oh my goodness my stomach” yelled Rachael and hunched over and fell to the ground.

Isabel simply fell before any words could come out of her mouth.

They all laid there as if they had fallen asleep.

“What do we do” asked Michael? He hovered around them. I knelt down and reached for the book in the backpack, but before I had it out of the backpack a bright light came from above us. As Michael and I looked up to see what this bright light there was a yellow fairy that came flying down from the bright yellow light.

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