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The fairies

“Shhhh” she whispered “they need to sleep a while now. They have eaten the sleeping grapes”.

“The sleeping grapes!” I repeated.

“Shhhh yes, the sleeping grapes” she said again.

“You see if you are not from this world and you eat the sleeping grapes, you will simply fall asleep”. The yellow fairy explained.

“So how long will they sleep for” I asked?

“Well that depends on how many grapes they ate” said the fairy. “They could sleep for a few hours or a few days”.

“A few days! We don’t have a few days. We really need to get back to the island and we need them awake and walking to get out of here” Michael said.

I nodded in agreement and added “we have a special gift but to use the gift properly we all need to return to this island to restore the power correctly”.

“What is this gift that you speak of” asked the yellow fairy?

“Well we have these crystals and we can teleport, well we could until we drank the water back in London that stopped us from teleporting.

Now we have, well we are not sure what it is we have” I said when Michael interrupted saying “we still have some power with these coloured crystals that represent elements. I have the element of earth” and he retrieved the green crystal from his pocket to show the fairy.

“Yes I know these elements you speak of. These are very powerful if used correctly and especially if they are all used together”.

“I am Celine the yellow fairy and I also represent an element. The element lightning. Which one of you has this yellow crystal” she asked?

I pointed to Simon lying on the ground fast asleep and said “our friend Simon here has the yellow crystal and his element is also lightning. What does this mean now if you are here” I asked?

“It simply means I can help him to awaken, but not your other friends”.

“Why can’t you wake them as well” Michael asked?

“I must call my other fairy friends. Only the same colour element can awaken the sleeping grape spell” she explained.

“Do you know which colours your sleeping friends are” she asked?

“Um yes” Michael nervously said and looked at me to help remember who had which colour.

“Isabel has the blue crystal which represents water and Rachael has while which represents air”.

As quick as the yellow fairy had appeared, she flew up and vanished right above us.

I looked at Michael with wide eyes “Do you think she has gone to get her fairy friends” I asked?

“I hope so or we could be here for a while” Michael finished. We both sat down next to Simon and the girls waiting for the fairy to return.

I got the book from the backpack and began sifting through the pages looking for anything that might help us to wake our friends up so we could continue on.

This book didn’t seem to have anything in here about sleeping grapes or a sleeping spell and how to reverse it. I tapped Simon on the shoulder and he didn’t move. He was in a deep sleep.

We sat there looking through pages of the book, but there seemed to be nothing to help us and only confirmed that we were in the Enchanted Purple Forest. Now I understood why it was enchanted and it explained the fairy appearing too.

The bright light returned and as we looked up to see if it was Celine we saw other light colours. It was Celine and she had brought others with her.

Celine was hovering towards us and had some other fairy friends who all stopped and the light subsided so we could see them more clearly.

“Well here we are” Celine said as she turned to us and back to the others. “These are the friends I was telling you about that need our help” she said to the other fairies.

There were five fairies and they all were a colour of the elements and our crystals.

Celine introduced them one by one pointing as she went. “This is Lou Lou the red element of fire” as Lou Lou flew forward and landed on the ground.

“This is Iris the blue element of water” and Iris flew down and stood next to Lou Lou.

“Apple the green element of earth” and Apple flew down and stood next to Iris.

“Last of all this is Toffee the white element of air” and Toffee flew down to join the others.

“Pleased to meet you” I said “I am Red and this is my friend Michael. I have the red element of fire and Michael has the green element of earth and we both took our crystals to show the fairies.

“So which friend is the element of air” asked Toffee?

I pointed to Rachael who was fast asleep beside Simon. Toffee walked over to Rachael and knelt down beside her and gently pressed her hand on Rachael’s forehead. Rachael began to stir and opened her eyes while still lying on the ground. She looked up seeing Toffee and jumped up startled. I rushed over to her and assured her that we had some new friends that were here to help.

Iris went over to Isabel and knelt down beside her and placed her hand on her forehead. Isabel woke straight away and sat up, but didn’t seem startled like Rachael had. She looked around looking confused but as she looked over to us I nodded to her that it was ok.

Celine knelt beside Simon and did the same as the other fairies and placed her hand on Simon’s forehead. He started to stir and opened his eyes looking around and shaking his head. He sat up and looked confused and dazed.

“It’s ok Simon. They are fairies and they have come to help us” I said looking at him and smiling.

The fairies stood up and all stood together in a line smiling at us.

“Wow that was amazing” Michael said. “You have a unique gift yourselves” he said while looking at the fairies.

“Thank you for your help and for waking our friends” I said looking at all of them as they continued to smile at us.

“You are welcome and we know we will meet again” said Celine. “You see we are connected by the elements and if you ever need us, whether in this world or in another; all you have to do is take out your crystal and call our name” she explained.

Celine turned to Simon and said “Simon you have the element of lightning with the yellow crystal. If you need me all you have to do is place the yellow crystal in your hand and close your eyes. Call my name and I will come” she finished.

“Michael you have the green crystal the element of earth. You would do the same thing, but call Apple and Apple will come” Celine said pointing to Apple. Apple simply smiled and gave Michael a little wave before saying “happy to help whenever you call”.

“Rachael you have the white crystal representing air and you would call Toffee if you need” and Toffee curtsied to Rachael and smiled.

“Isabel you have the blue crystal with the element of water, so you would do the same thing, but call for Iris” and Iris came over and held Isabel’s hand and squeezed it gently before returning to the other fairies standing in a line.

“And finally Red, you have the red crystal that represents fire. This is by far the most powerful crystal of them all and should you need help in any way, you need to hold your crystal and call Lou Lou”.

Lou Lou came over to me and took my hand and shook it before returning to the other fairies.

“Now before we bid you farewell for now, we must tell you that you should not eat anything while in this Enchanted Forest. This is simply because you are not from this world and it will have an adverse effect on you. Just like the grapes did by putting you to sleep. There is no way of knowing how long you could have slept for” Celine told us.

“How did you find us” I asked while looking at them all?

“As soon as Simon had eaten the grapes he must have leant on the crystal as he fell to the ground. I felt something and knew I had to come at once. I am glad I did and I am glad I have been able to assist along with my friends” Celine finished while turning to look at the other fairies.

“Thank you again for your help” Simon said and the bright light appeared and the fairies were gone as quick as they had arrived.

“That was amazing. We truly are very lucky” Isabel said. “I think we all need to memorize our fairy friend name and hope that if the need arises we can call on them. It’s nice to know we have someone to help us if we need it” she said.

I put the backpack over my shoulders and started to lead the way. Rachael and Isabel were right behind me with Michael and Simon behind them.

We continued to walk through the path that weaved in and out of purple trees and were careful not to touch anything.

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