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Green goblins

I continued to walk while looking around to see if there was anything else around here to help guide us through this Enchanted Forest. Everyone else was close behind; although this place was so quiet we were likely to hear if anything was going to approach us.

Ahead I could see some green flickering lights. They really stood out as everything else was purple. I stopped and turned to the others to stay quiet and look ahead at the bright green lights.

We continued to walk slowly closer to the green flickering lights and as we got closer there was music playing. It was soft music perhaps coming from a harp. I could see people dressed in green, although as we got closer they looked very small and had long green hats on their heads.

They must have also heard us as they stopped suddenly and turned to look straight at us. We all stopped not sure whether they were friendly or not and I smiled and yelled out “Hello”.

One of the people came running towards us and grabbed my hand and said “Come join us”.

He ran while holding my hand pulling me along while I looked back at the others and signalled them to follow me.

We all ended up in a large circle dancing with these small people that were dressed in green with large green hats. I thought they resembled some sort of goblin or elf as they were so small.

We danced and danced and found ourselves relaxing and having a good time. It was nice to jump around and think of nothing at all, but dancing to the music of the harp. I looked over to the far side and could see a large gold harp that was playing on its own. That was where the music was coming from, so there was magic here too.

The music stopped and everyone stopped dancing and stood looking at one another.

“Pleased to meet you” I said while looking around at our new friends.

“It’s time for a feast” said one of them coming over looking at us all. “We have guests” and he clapped his hands loudly twice in the air and a large table appeared with chairs on either side just to the right of where we were standing.

He clapped twice again with his hands in the air and food and drinks filled the table.

“Wow” said Michael “that’s impressive. Look at all that food”.

He ushered us to the table and we sat at the table beside each other and the goblins took all the other chairs.

The goblin with the black hat stood up and shouted “To our new friends, a toast and Welcome to the Enchanted Purple Forest” and everyone held their drinks in the air. We all took our cups and toasted with the others.

We drank the cool drink which tasted like green cordial. It was very refreshing. We all sat and began filling our plates with some of the most amazing food I think I had ever seen. There were chicken pieces and roast vegetables steaming in another dish. There were pasta dishes and other meats including meat loaf. Now that was my favourite that I always helped make with Mum. I hadn’t thought of Mum for a while now, but looking at the meat loaf reminded me of her and I sat back thinking she must be beside herself with worry as I hadn’t returned home.

There were bowls of different colour jelly and a huge bowl of chocolate mousse. I had never seen so much food at one time in one place. And the head goblin had simply clapped his hands and all this food steaming hot sat before us on the table to eat.

We all began eating and the five of us ate like we had never eaten before. After all we had only eaten apples and energy bars and this food tasted so good.

The goblins had an amazing appetite too and it wasn’t too long before there was barely any food left on the table, just empty dish bowls.

We all looked at each other barely able to move we had eaten so much food. It was really good to have such a full belly again.

Simon turned to Michael “Why didn’t you leave me any of that green jelly” he asked?

Astonished by Simon’s sudden outburst we all turned to look at Simon who seemed very angry at having no green jelly. I had never seen Simon angry before and to think he was getting angry over some jelly didn’t seem right.

Rachael added “Well you could’ve left some of the red jelly instead of piling it into your bowl. That’s just the same isn’t it” she asked?

I had never seen Rachael get angry over anything either. This was all very strange.

I couldn’t seem to help myself and burst out saying “You two need to settle down. We are here in someone else’s company in someone else’s land and you are getting upset over some jelly”.

“I think that will be enough” said Michael “you call yourselves friends and yet you are bickering over some jelly and Red what on earth do you think you’re doing blaming it on them. You’re just as much to blame as anyone”.

Isabel seemed to be the only one that had remained calm and quiet. She simply sat there looking at everyone and the goblins were sitting there quietly just watching us all having outbursts and turning against one another.

Then I remembered what Celine had told us. She had told us not to eat anything from the Enchanted Purple Forest as we were not from this land and it could have an adverse affect. It seems it was having an adverse affect and was making us all angry and turning on one another. We were all good friends, but seemed to be yelling at each other over jelly. It just wasn’t right at all.

The head goblin with the black hat clapped his hands once in the air and yelled “Enough with you all”

The ground shook as he spoke those few words and it made us all stop and sit back and glare at him.

One minute everyone had been so friendly and the next we were all getting angry and now the head goblin seemed agitated as well.

“It is time for our friends to leave. You are not welcome here if you are going to behave in this manner” he said as he looked around the table at everybody.

I stood up and beckoned for the others to do the same. It was time for us to thank the goblins and leave before we said anything else that would make him more upset than he already was.

Isabel approached the head goblin and took his hand and thanked him for his hospitality and apologised for our rude outburst. She explained that we were not normally like that and it was time for us to continue our journey.

I wondered why Isabel was the only one who hadn’t become agitated like the rest of us. As she walked back to us I stopped her and asked “Why are you so calm”?

She shrugged and said “I’m not sure, but I seem to be the only one that didn’t eat any jelly as you lot had eaten it all before I had a chance. Maybe it was something in the jelly”.

Michael and Simon came over and glared at us. Simon said “we best be off then since you think we are likely to be rude to our new friends”.

I couldn’t believe how we were all behaving. It was not like any of us at all. Simon continued to rant on at us as we walked off waving good bye and thanking the goblins for the spectacular feast they had put on for us all.

Michael had stormed ahead of us thumping his feet on the ground as he walked. We really did seem very agitated.

Isabel stopped and held her crystal in her hand. She closed her eyes and whispered “Iris, Iris are you there? I think we need your help”.

Moments later Iris appeared before us with the same bright light that had brought the fairies to us earlier.

“My friends and I have had a feast of food and drink with the goblins and all of my friends seem quiet angry after having this food. Can you please help” she asked?

Iris waved her hands around and another bright light appeared and the other fairies stood right beside Iris.

Isabel looked at the fairies and then turned to us and said “We forgot what you said about not eating anything and we sat with the goblins and feasted on the most amazing food. We were all so hungry that we didn’t give it a second thought and ate and drank with the goblins”.

Iris looked at us all and said “Yes, yes I see. You all seem agitated, except you Isabel” as she looked around at us all and then to Isabel. “You seem very calm”. She turned to the other fairies and said “They must leave this Forest. No harm will come to them if they leave”.

“What do you mean by that” I asked? “We need to get through this Forest to continue our journey to return to the island.

We can’t stay here but we need to complete our way through this Forest” I finished.

“We can reverse the effects of the anger you feel, but you have put yourselves in danger by aggravating the goblins. It is no longer safe for you to continue through the Enchanted Purple Forest. You will have to return from the way you came and find another way” Iris explained.

“There is no way we can go back. You don’t understand” said Simon “we left a volcano that was about to erupt and the only other way was down a huge waterfall. I don’t think we can survive that”.

Celine stepped forward and added “You can survive anything with those crystals if you use them correctly”.

Celine looked at the other fairies and nodded. They all waved their hands in the air and then aimed them at us.

I looked at the others and wondered if anything had happened. Simon looked at me and said “Ok I’ll lead the way and we will go back to that door and out to Old Fossy”.

We thanked the fairies and turned around and walked back in the direction from which we had come earlier that day.

We weaved in and out of the purple trees and no one said a word. I think we were all worried we would see the goblins or get angry again. I felt my normal self again and didn’t feel like I needed to have an angry outburst. Whatever those fairies had done must have worked as I felt great and continued on behind my friends back in the direction of Old Fossy.

It wasn’t too long and we came across the purple bush with red grapes. This time Simon stopped and pointed to the grapes and said “not this time” and we all laughed and continued on the path.

We all seemed happy once more and the fairies had indeed made us all ourselves again and we walked on until Simon stopped “Well here we are. Is everyone ready for what might be behind this door once we open it” he asked?

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