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Old Fossy

We all stood right behind Simon as he placed his hand over the door handle. He turned the handle slowly and opened the door. He peaked around the corner of the door and let out a gasp.

“Everyone. Come quickly. You’re not going to believe this” he cried out as he turned around to look at us and then walked straight through the door opening.

We all followed him one by one and once through the door I turned and closed it behind me. We had returned to the inside of the mountain, but it was not like before. The river was still there and the waterfall to the left of us, but to the right and above our head was sky. There was no inside of Old Fossy. We were out in the open and the only thing that looked the same was the river.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael “Do you think Old Fossy erupted and this is what’s left” she asked?

There were a lot of fallen rocks and they were all light grey in colour. It seemed as if Old Fossy had erupted and there was nothing left of the mountain or at least the inside part where we had previously been.

I stepped over to where the edge of the waterfall was and while holding onto the ledge peered over to look down. It was only a short drop into a large pond and bush around it that looked lush and green.

I turned around to everyone who were still looking around at how different the surroundings were and said “We can do this. It’s only a short drop over the edge and as the water isn’t gushing it will be easy. Come and take a look” I summoned them over with my hands.

Everyone walked through the rubble and over to the edge to peer over and have a look down.

“Red’s right, look down there” pointed Michael “that is only a few metres down and straight into a pond. We can do that”.

I decided I would go first as the girls looked hesitant and I think if they saw me do it and then look down, they would see that it was perfectly safe and just like jumping into a swimming pool.

Without giving it too much thought I jumped over the edge and landed straight into the icy water.

Once I came up to the surface I looked back up and could see everyone looking down at me.

I waved my arms in the air and yelled “Come on in its a little cold but alright”.

Michael jumped next and fell into the water not far from me. Once he came up to the surface he swam over to me to allow enough room for the others to jump in. “Come on let’s go. It’s ok” Michael yelled up to the girls who were still looking over the edge and looking hesitant.

Rachael jumped and Isabel quickly followed after her. They splashed into the water and swam right over to where we were paddling to allow room for Simon to jump in.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael “its freezing”.

Simon finally jumped in and once he came to the surface I lead the way and we swam over to the shore.

Once we all climbed out of the water onto the leafy green grassed area, it was evident we had entered into a very cold area. It’s time for the blanket from the backpack I thought and reached to grab the backpack off my shoulder and get the blanket out.

We all huddled around shaking trying to warm up with the blanket draped around us, but found after only a minute or two we were completely dry.

“This blanket has magic too” I said holding up the blanket and realising that we were all dry from having the blanket draped over us.

“Feel the blanket” I said holding it up to Michael “it’s completely dry” I said amazed at this simple blanket that had now dried us all and had also been like a huge big warm thick blanket when we needed it. “Winnie never ceases to amaze us” Simon said.

I put the blanket back into the backpack and got the book out to try and figure out where we were and which way we should be heading.

After opening the book and flicking through a few pages, I found the Enchanted Purple Forest and then read that there was only purple and green forever to be seen and should you tempt to try another colour will bring only misfortune to those who are tempted.

“Look here” I said pointing to the paragraph. “It would’ve been handy to read this before we ventured into that Enchanted Forest. Maybe we could’ve stayed clear, but then again those grapes were red and they had been sleeping grapes”.

“Maybe we need to stick with the energy bars and bottles of water that Winnie provided us with just to be sure” said Isabel.

Rachael nodded and said “I think Isabel is right. We don’t know what else we are going to come across so it might be best to stick to what we know”.

I continued looking through the book and the following page was titled ‘Murky waters’.

“This sounds interesting” I said. “I wonder what murky waters means” pointing to the page and the title.

“Read on Red, what else does it say” asked Simon?

“It says to enter the murky waters you must have a clean breath of air. To succeed through the murky waters you must have clean water”.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael “we are going to need to use the crystal for water and the crystal for air. That’s how we can have the clean air and the clean water”.

“Of course, that’s it. It makes perfect sense and the fairies also told us we will succeed with the magic of the crystals if used correctly” Michael said.

“Right then” he continued and faced Isabel. “Isabel you have the blue crystal for water and Rachael you have the white crystal for air. It is up to you two once we come across these murky waters”.

I placed the book back into the backpack and placed it over my shoulders.

“Let’s go” Simon said and started walking through the thick leafy bushes. There didn’t seem to be a path here and it was hard to tell if we were going in a straight line or not, but I remained at the back of the pack as we all walked through pushing the leaves away to walk through the thick bush.

We walked for what seemed like a couple of hours when Rachael asked if we could stop for a break and a drink of water.

Once we all sat on the ground I grabbed the backpack and reached in for the small box and opened it with five bottles of water falling into my lap along with five apples.

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