Redmond Rogers & the Riches of Life

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So many tunnels

“Come on Red come and sit down and bring out the magic box” Rachael added.

After sitting down next to the girls I got the backpack and took the small box and opened it. Five bottles of water came out along with five energy bars. It seemed to be an endless supply from Winnie.

We ate the energy bars and drank the water quickly. It had been a while since we had anything at all. I put the box back in the backpack and took out the blanket.

“At least now we can rest” I said and the others grabbed some of the blanket and we all fell asleep very quickly. I woke sometime later and looked at the others who were all sound asleep. This was probably the most comfortable we had been in a while and we really needed to rest. I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

When I woke again I looked around and the girls were still sleeping. Simon and Michael were on the other side of the tunnel talking quietly.

I walked over to them being careful not to disturb the girls and Simon told me that we must be getting close to the island as this time all the surroundings were different. He was convinced. I thought it was funny, because I had thought the same thing earlier.

“I think we should wake the girls and keep moving” Michael said as he stood up. I looked over at the girls and Rachael was stirring while Isabel still slept.

I walked over quietly to the girls and tapped Isabel on the shoulder saying “Isabel, Isabel it’s time to wake up”. Rachael looked at me with her eyes wide open now and tapped Isabel. Isabel woke and looked at us and sat up quickly.

“It’s ok. Everything is alright. It’s time we get moving again” I told her. She nodded and moved the blanket away and slowly got up. I took the blanket and placed it back into the backpack and placed it over my shoulder.

Simon and Michael walked ahead of the girls and I, but we all seemed a little sleepy and were walking very slowly.

As we walked through the twisting tunnel that still seemed to turn to the left and then right, we came into an area that had several tunnels. Simon and the girls had already stopped realising that we needed to decide which tunnel we were going to use.

Simon turned to Rachael “Do you think you could make those windy tornado’s again, but then again there are too many. How could we possibly know which one to take” she asked?

“I’m not sure that would work this time” Rachael said “There are too many and we need to work out which one to take and how will we know if it’s the right one”.

I walked up to one of the tunnel entrances and looked inside. It looked exactly the same with the dark green walls and lanterns on the walls lighting the tunnel. I walked over to the next tunnel entrance and looked in there too. It seemed everyone else started doing the same thing. There were a total of ten entrances to ten tunnels. We all looked in each of the tunnels and then stood in the middle of the domed area we had come to. They were all the same and we had no idea if any of them would lead to the right place, but surely one of them had to.

“I think we all go into one tunnel and see where it leads us” I said. I wasn’t sure if that was what we should be doing but at least we were still moving and hopefully it took us closer to the island.

Simon nodded and started moving towards the tunnel he was standing closest to and said “This is as good as any I guess, let’s go”.

The girls looked at each other and then over to me and shrugged their shoulders and started to follow Simon. Michael and I walked behind the girls and we walked into the tunnel.

There were so many tunnels in this journey back to the island, but that was probably how it was meant to be.

As we moved through this tunnel it seemed to be straight and not curvy and twisty like the tunnel we had just come from. We continued to walk until we came to a wall and what appeared to be a dead end.

“Well I guess I picked the wrong one” said Simon and laughed.

“It could have a wall with a secret panel that opens up” Michael suggested. The girls didn’t look very impressed and turned around to start walking back the way we had just come.

I started pressing on the wall in front of me to see if there was any secret button that would open up the wall. The wall was rough and there were no smooth bits or any part that looked a different colour this time.

It seemed it really was a dead end and I turned to walk back quickly to catch up to the others.

It hadn’t taken long to walk to the dead end tunnel, so it wasn’t long before we were back in the domed area.

“I think we will pick a tunnel this time” said Rachael looking at Isabel and walked over to another entrance. “I think we should try this one”. Rachael and Isabel began walking through the tunnel leaving the rest of us to follow before we could object.

The girls were walking faster this time as if they knew where they were going. Michael was giggling and said “I think they’re in a hurry”.

As we walked further into this tunnel it grew darker and I noticed there were not as many lanterns lining the dark green walls. As the tunnel got darker the girls slowed down and our pace had slowed considerably now that it was getting hard to see.

“Oh no” said Isabel “It’s another dead end” as we approached another wall and the end of this tunnel.

This is interesting I thought. “Well let’s go back and try another one” I said.

I turned around and lead the way since I had been last to get to the dead end and join the others. It got lighter the further we went leading us back to the domed area once again.

Once we were all standing in the domed area Rachael looked at me and said “I think you should pick this time Red”.

I looked around trying to remember which tunnel we had gone through first when Rachael pointed at the first tunnel we had been through and said “Don’t pick that one or this one here” pointing to the tunnel we had just come from.

Michael laughed and said “Do you really think Red is that silly that he wouldn’t remember which tunnel we had gone through”.

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