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Crystal Haven

“Alright” I said looking around and picking a tunnel on the opposite side. I walked straight over and started to walk through the entrance without looking back. The others caught up and Simon ran to catch up to me and walk alongside me.

“Do you think this will be another dead end” he asked me?

“I really don’t know Simon, but it was the opposite side of where we have tried so I figured we may as well try”.

Simon and I walked side by side with Michael and the girls close behind. As we got further into the tunnel the colour changed from a dark blue colour to a light blue colour. It wasn’t too long when we could see easily as the colour of the tunnel was really light and when I stopped to look up there were crystals that lined the top of the tunnel. They were almost white and it had become really bright.

We all stood staring up at the roof of this crystal tunnel. There were so many, probably a few hundred small white crystals that lined the roof and twinkled.

“Oh my goodness, look at this. It is just beautiful” Rachael said as she turned around in a circle looking up at the crystals.

“I wonder if our crystals came from here” Isabel said as she walked over to join Rachael and stare up at the roof of the tunnel. It was quiet, but without saying a word we all reached for our crystals and held them in our hands.

“Now remember what Winnie told us about the crystals” I said. “They were held by royalty all those years ago, but maybe they came from here before they belonged to them”.

“These crystals don’t look the same. Ours are all coloured and these crystals are all white” Michael said as he walked away from us and continued to look around. It seemed the walls were covered in crystals as well and as I walked over to Michael I could see that the crystals on the wall were blue.

Michael leaned closer to the crystals on the wall and placed his finger on one of the blue crystals.

As he touched one of the crystals he froze in the spot he was standing.

He stood there frozen just like a statue and didn’t move.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael. “He is frozen like a statue”. I looked at Michael and the others came over and Simon went to touch him, but I stopped him by grabbing his arm.

“No don’t touch him. Just in case you end up frozen too” I explained. “We don’t know what these crystals do, but they have some power and it’s probably better to keep to ourselves and call the fairies to help.

As we already had our crystals in our hands we all stood huddled together and called the fairies.

We waited and waited, but the fairies did not appear.

I opened my eyes and looked around realising that they had not come. Now what can we do to unfreeze Michael I thought.

Simon turned to me and said “I don’t think our crystals will work in here because of all the crystals already here”.

“Of course” I said. “That makes perfect sense. There are so many crystals here and now we know they have some sort of magic too” as I looked to Michael who was still frozen in the same spot.

“These crystals must be blocking our crystals from calling the fairies” I said as I turned to look at the others and back to Michael.

“What are we going to do” asked Isabel?

I took the backpack from my shoulders and leaned on the ground to get the book out. There had to be something in it to help us. Although it seemed to talk in riddles, we had managed reasonably well so far on our journey. I flicked through page after page until I found the ‘murky waters’. This was the last time we had used the book, so I turned the page and found ‘crystal haven’.

“There, look. This is it” I said. “Right here” I pointed to the page and everyone huddled around to have a closer look.

Under the title it simply said ‘Crystal haven is neither blue or white, but you can be guided by the beautiful light’.

Simon stood up and asked “What is that supposed to mean? It doesn’t make any sense at all”.

I stood up next to Simon and looked around at the crystals lining the walls and then to the crystals on the roof of the tunnel.

As I pointed to the white crystals above us I said “I think we need to get one of those crystals. We need to be guided by the beautiful light and those crystals are really bright, that has to be the answer”.

“Well those crystals are sitting pretty high up there, so it could be a little difficult to get one” said Isabel looking up at the roof of the tunnel.

Simon looked to me and said “I’ll jump on your back Red and climb up to reach one. I believe you may be right and it makes perfect sense”.

Simon climbed up onto my back and balanced himself with Rachael standing next to me and holding onto his arm to keep him steady. He wobbled and swayed a little, but managed to keep his balance and reach up to the white crystals above us.

Isabel let out a sigh while Simon reached up and was able to just touch the crystals above him, but quickly knelt back down when the crystal wouldn’t budge.

“This isn’t working” he said “We need something to try and budge one of those crystals. They all seem stuck together up there”.

I looked at the girls and then up at Simon and said “Maybe one of our crystals will help”. I turned to Rachael and said “You have the white crystal and Isabel you have the blue crystal. Maybe we need to use those to make one of these crystals loosen from the roof”.

Rachael and Isabel both looked at me confused and Rachael asked “Do you think if we get up there with our crystal that they might loosen and drop down for us”?

“I’m not really sure” I said “or we could try you both with your crystals and closing your eyes and thinking about loosening a crystal and see if it works”.

Simon jumped off my back and said “I think we can only try and if it doesn’t work, we will have to think of something else. What other choice do we have” he asked? “Poor Michael is standing there frozen and we need him back”.

“Ok let’s give it a try and see what happens” I said smiling at the girls trying to convince them that we had to try at least for Michael’s sake.

The girls held their crystals in their hands and closed their eyes. They were quiet and didn’t say a word. Simon and I looked up to the roof and back at the girls waiting for something to happen when suddenly there was a crackling noise. It got louder very quickly and the girls screamed in surprise as they had still been standing there with their eyes closed.

We all moved closer to the wall, but were careful not to touch any of the crystals and continued to watch the roof of the tunnel.

The crackling noise subsided and once it grew quiet again we moved away from the wall to take a closer look at the crystals above us.

Simon said “I am going to jump on your back and try again Red. Just maybe the crystals have loosened enough for me to be able to grab one now”.

Simon climbed back onto me and once he got onto my shoulders Rachael held his hand so he could steady himself. Once he got his balance he reached up and touched one of the white crystals and it fell straight into his hand.

“Oh my goodness it worked” shouted Rachael.

Simon hopped back down onto the ground with a very satisfied look on his face. He looked at me and said “Ok now I am going to take this crystal and touch Michael and see what happens”.

I nodded to Simon and the girls stood next to me as he walked over to Michael to touch him with the crystal. Simon reached Michael and looked back at us before leaning forward to touch Michael on the back with the crystal.

As he touched Michael with the crystal, it disintegrated in his hands and Michael fell backwards onto Simon. Michael was no longer frozen. It worked after all.

They both fell back onto the ground, but quickly got up again and dusted off the dirt from their clothes.

Michael looked at us confused and asked what had happened. I told him how he had touched a crystal on the wall and froze in that spot.

He was still a little dazed as we started walking again in the middle of the tunnel and making sure we didn’t touch the crystals pointing out on the side of the walls.

The tunnel narrowed considerably and the crystals on the walls seemed to vanish and were no longer there the further we walked.

We came to an opening which looked like another tunnel just ahead of us.

Simon looked at me and said “Another tunnel, but at least it isn’t a dead end this time”.

I smiled and nodded and thought he is right and this must be the right way.

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