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The Portal

“Quickly everyone. Let’s go” Celine said as she fluttered past us to get past the dragon. I put the crystal back in my pocket and followed Celine with the others closely behind me. I hadn’t realized that I was breathing quite rapidly and as I brushed past the sleeping dragon and stepped past him.

I could almost feel the relief although we had not got to the Portal yet.

Once we had got past the dragon I could see Celine standing next to a bubble that seemed black and blue in colour and was really shiny. That must be the Portal I thought as I got closer to it.

Once everyone had caught up Celine summoned the other fairies next to her and they all floated around the Portal. There was a brightness that started swirling from the middle of the bubble and Celine beckoned me to come to the Portal. I walked over and looked at her and she simply nodded and pointed for me to step through.

I put my hand on the swirling part and it disappeared. I looked back and Celine encouraged me to keep going. I placed my foot forward and stepped through the Portal. I came out on the other side and found myself in another tunnel. Another tunnel I thought. This was unreal. How did we know if we were on the island again? I turned back and saw Simon and then Michael step through the Portal and look at me with a smile on their faces. The girls followed and then the fairies.

Once we were all through the Portal the bright swirling subsided and then the bubble returned to being a black and blue colour. If any normal person were to find this Portal surely they would have no idea what it could do.

Celine came over to us and said “We are now on the island. We just need to walk through here” as she pointed down a narrow tunnel that was a light brown colour.

“Really! Are we really back on the island” asked Isabel?

“Yes, yes we are on the island. We just need to get through this tunnel and meet with the others. They will know how to restore the rest of the powers to the crystal.” Celine told us as she looked around at our bewildered faces.

“We have met one person from this island” I said. “Gretel” and I looked at the others and they nodded remembering and how that seemed so long ago.

“There is one thing we need to do before we continue through the tunnel” said Lou Lou. Celine looked at her and nodded smiling and the fairies all giggled amongst themselves.

“We need you to all take your crystals and hold them in your hand. You need to close your eyes and think of the Portal and think that it needs to be closed. This is very important” said Celine. “We don’t want any unnecessary visitors or the magic being ruined. It is very special and it’s not just for anybody. There are only certain people that can use this Portal and you five are part of that now.

By using your crystals together, you create a larger power that can close the Portal. Only those who have magic can then use it in future and the island remains protected”.

We all stood there and took our crystals from our pockets. I held mine in my hand and looked at the others. The fairies were all smiling and looking at us.

Celine nodded and said “It’s time to think of closing the Portal.”

I closed my eyes and thought of the swirling that had started that had allowed us to come through and thought what it looked like when I first saw it. I said to myself ‘close the Portal’ and when I opened my eyes I could see the others still had their eyes closed.
I looked towards the Portal and it just vanished right in front of us. I looked stunned and gasped. The others opened their eyes and looked toward the Portal and saw too that it was no longer there.

“Where is it” I turned and asked Lou Lou?

“It’s still here. It is just hidden and only when the time is right will it be seen” she said smiling at us all. “Now we can continue through the tunnel safely”.

I turned to Simon who nodded and walked with me through the tunnel. We had put the crystals safely back in our pockets and now it was time to restore the power of these crystals. We were nearly there. The girls were walking behind us, but I could hear them talking quietly to the fairies. They seemed to be asking a lot of questions.

Celine and Lou Lou flew in front of us and put their hands up to signal us to stop. The other fairies caught up to Celine and Lou Lou and they all hovered side by side in front of us. The girls and Michael were now standing on either side of Simon and I.

“We have not told you everything” said Celine “We need you to know the reason we came back with you to the island and help you restore the power of the crystals”.

Without waiting for any of us to say anything Celine looked at all of us and at the fairies.

“When you drank from the water Fountain in the cave in London, you affected the power of all magic on this island. There are certain things in place to ensure the island remains a place that is always plentiful in everything that grows here. It also ensures the magic in other worlds remain”.

I looked at Celine and said “You mean all the places we have been through to get here have been affected by what happened with the water fountain”.

“Well yes in a way they have, but the island has been affected the most. Now when you get to the end of this tunnel you will come out into an open area where there are a group of children who reside here”.

“I met them” said Isabel looking at Celine. “They brought me to an area and were dancing. They thought I was some sort of intruder and locked me in a room. They were all children dressed in some sort of dress costume performing a dance”.

“Those children crash landed here eighty years ago and that is when the magic all began” said Celine who was continually looking at each one of us and back at the fairies.

“Those children know us and that is why we must come with you. To let them know that you are not intruders and” she stopped and landed on her feet on the ground. The other fairies went straight to her to see if she was alright. She appeared weak and the fairies sat her down on the ground.

“It’s already begun” she looked up at them. “We must hurry and get back to the children”.

“What’s going on” asked Isabel looking at Celine and then at the other fairies?

“Celine is feeling a little weak at the moment. We need to restore the power of the crystals, which will return the power of the island and all the magic” said Lou Lou.

“Are you trying to tell us that the water fountain has somehow damaged the powers or something” asked Simon?

“Yes, that’s correct Simon. The energy required for the power of the elements has been disturbed and must be restored” Lou Lou explained.

“The water fountain that you drank from. Well it was put in place by a less than desirable evil nuisance that we thought we would never come across again. Well in all honesty we haven’t had any problems, but obviously they knew one day that water would be touched” said Celine.

“Let’s just leave it at that then shall we” said Lou Lou as she turned to the other fairies and quietly said “We need to get these kids back to the others and see what we can do. This has never happened before, so we are unsure if it will work”.

Even though Lou Lou was talking quietly to the other fairies, we all heard what she was saying. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know more or not as it didn’t sound that great. It was probably better not to know at this stage I think.

I was starting to get nervous thinking about what Lou Lou said about not knowing if it will work. What if we were stuck here like the other kids and could never return home. Back to Kendall Springs.

Simon started to walk away from the Portal and hopefully out of the tunnel. The girls looked at me and followed Simon leaving Michael and I joining them last. The fairies hovered alongside Simon and the girls and we all seemed to march along with a renewed confidence that everything had to be alright. I didn’t want to think there was any other way. We had to get back home. What would Mum be thinking now? We had been gone for days, maybe even listed as missing. They probably have search parties out looking for us all and there is no way they would every find us here. This place doesn’t exist on any map.

I thought about how we had started out in the cave back in Kendall Springs thinking we were on the hunt for treasure using the map we had found. That map had led us into that cave and then we had to go through a few obstacles before that platform gave way and we all fell through and onto this island. Then we all found a crystal. I think that is a little more than just a coincidence, but was not prepared to say anything to the others.

We all continued to walk along the tunnel that was lit dimly with small torch lights and the further we walked the lighter it became.

Then we could see daylight ahead. It had been a while since we had seen daylight. I smiled at the thought of seeing the sun again. It was funny the simple things that you took for granted and now I was looking forward to seeing the sun again.

“Oh my goodness look” said Rachael. She was thinking the same as me. Daylight was straight ahead.

We reached the edge of the tunnel and Celine turned and hovered in front of us and said “Here we are. It’s time to enter the island”.

As we walked out into the daylight we all stopped and took in the sun rays beaming down on us.

It felt so good and it was nice and warm, but not too hot. It had been a while since we had been in the sun after walking through tunnels.

“Is there a right way we should be heading?” asked Simon looking at the fairies. Celine hovered to the front of us and landed on her feet. She looked at us all and said “You know it is very important that we do this right” as she looked to the other fairies and nodded and then back at us again.

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