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The secret trap door

Isabel walked over to the table and said “this is where I found my crystal. Right here in this bowl” as she pointed to the bowl of fruit.

Gretel came over to Rachael and said “you were meant to have it. We always knew it was there, but thought it was just a pretty coloured rock. No one ever took it before. I think you were meant to come here and you were meant to find it”.

There must be something here I thought as we all continued to look around the very large room. I noticed something under the table that caught my eye and walked over to take a closer look.

Rachael and Gretel looked at me and then leant down while I climbed under the table.

“Here, look. Over here” I said looking around at everyone to come and see what I had found. “This is a door. Look at the handle here. It’s the same colour as the floor and if it weren’t for the shiny bit here I probably wouldn’t have noticed it” as I tried to pull on the door handle. It was a door on the floor under the table. Simon had joined me while I tried twice to pull the door open, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Come on we can do this” he said and we both placed our hands over the handle and pulled. The door still wouldn’t budge. “It’s stuck” Simon said as he looked at me and then to the others who were all knelt down watching us.

Rachael climbed under the table and placed her hand over the handle. “Come on Michael and Isabel. If we all try, then surely it will work and it will open” she said.

Isabel and Michael climbed under the table leaving Gretel sitting on the floor watching. We all placed a hand over the handle and Simon counted to three. Once Simon said three, we all pulled and the handle loosened a little, but still wouldn’t budge.

I had the backpack sitting on the table and got out from under the table to retrieve the book from the backpack. “Maybe there is something in here that will help” I said.

I opened the book and opened page after page until I came to the section that had told us to look for a door in the floor. There was another line underneath that said ‘one on one is simply not strong, powered together to make you strong’.

I read out the sentence to everyone who were still sitting under the table and Rachael climbed out and said “We just did that and it didn’t work. We all put our hands on the handle and it loosened, but wouldn’t budge”.

“What if we have the crystals in our hand and try again” I asked?

“There is only one way to figure this out and that is by trying. It makes sense. One on one isn’t strong, but powered together makes you strong” as I looked around at everyone and then to Rachael and said “power. I’m sure it means the power of the crystals”.

I climbed back under the table and Rachael climbed under too. Gretel stayed silent and just watched as we all got our crystals and held them in one hand. We used the other hand to pull on the handle.

“Now everyone close your eyes and think about opening this handle” I said “on the count of three. Ready, one, two and three” and we all pulled on the handle and it loosened more, but still didn’t open.

“Maybe if we put our crystal in the hand that we use to pull on the handle” Simon suggested.

Everyone placed their crystal in the same hand and then placed it over the handle.

“On the count of three, let’s try this again. Ready, one, two and three” I said and we all felt the handle lift as if we had put no effort into pulling on it.

I opened my eyes and sure enough the door had begun to open. We all looked at each other and then I pulled on the handle to open the door completely.

I looked inside and it was very dark. I looked at Simon and he was getting the torch out of his pocket. He could see sitting right next to me that it was dark and that we were going to have to look inside before we decided what to do next.

Simon handed me the torch and I pointed it into the opening. There was a ladder on one side and it looked as if it were made from steel. It was shiny when I shined the torch onto it.

“Maybe we should call the fairies” Rachael suggested looking at me and then to the others. Isabel nodded and looked at me waiting for me to agree.

Gretel stood up and said “I will go and get them. I’ll be right back” and she disappeared out of the tree house.

I still had the book sitting next to me and grabbed it and stood up to retrieve the back pack and put the book back inside.

We all got out from under the table and waited for Gretel to return with the fairies.

Rachael went over the table and picked some grapes from the bowl of fruit. Isabel walked over and did the same thing and they turned looking at us and shrugged. Rachael said “might be handy to have a snack now” and looked to Isabel who giggled.

I walked over to the window and could see the area where the children had danced earlier. This was quite a big place and they had made it really comfortable. I could see why they were happy here and wouldn’t consider leaving the island.

I could see Gretel walking back towards us with the fairies walking next to her. They weren’t hovering in the air like they always had. I began to wonder if the power change was effecting them more and they could no longer fly.

It wasn’t long and Gretel opened the door and came inside the tree house with the fairies behind her.

Celine came straight over to us and said “We must hurry. Our power is continuing to fade” and she grabbed my arm and we climbed under the table. “We can no longer fly” she said as she looked at me sadly. I felt terrible and knew that we could do this. We had already achieved so much on this journey. I turned to her and said “Everything is going to be ok”.

“We all need to go down one by one” I said looking at the others and then at Celine. I still had the torch that Simon had given me and started to climb down the steel ladder.

There was no light and as I climbed down each step, I realized this was the first time we had been in a tunnel with no lights to help guide us. Although this wasn’t really a tunnel and was very narrow with only steel steps to climb up or down.

As we all continued to climb down the steps the fairies started singing. It wasn’t a song I had ever heard before, but it was soothing and made me relax a little. We continued to climb down the steel ladder and as the fairies continued to sing the tunnel began to get lighter.

Maybe it was the fairies singing. I wasn’t really sure, but it was getting easier to see and these steps seemed to go on forever. Then finally the steps stopped and I stepped onto sandy ground. I stepped to one side and waited for the others to join me on the ground. Looking around I could see there was a tunnel to the right and a tunnel to the left, but there was also a tunnel in the middle that had a much larger opening.

Celine and Lou Lou looked at each other as they touched the ground and came over to me. The other fairies were right behind them and followed Celine who looked very sad and said “We need to restore the power of the crystals. There is a well in the middle tunnel. This is where we need to cleanse the crystals and restore the power. The magical power of the crystals”.

The girls were last to step off the ladder and came over to the fairies. Rachael looked at me and said “We need to hurry. The fairies are not feeling good and are losing their powers”.

“I know” I said and looked at Simon who had already turned to start walking through the tunnel in the middle.

I walked with Celine and Lou Lou and caught up to Simon with the girls right behind us.

We walked pretty quickly knowing we were running out of time. Once we reached the tunnel I turned to Lou Lou and asked “Did you make the light appear back there with your singing”?

Lou Lou smiled and nodded and we continued to walk and passed through the opening of the middle tunnel.

It wasn’t very far to walk when we noticed a well that was right in the middle of the tunnel. The tunnel was lit, but very dimly and if it hadn’t been for the fairies and their singing to make it light it would’ve been very dark. There were no lights in here at all. It was very different to any of the other tunnels we had been in.

“This is it!” said Celine as she stepped in front of us and smiled. “It is time to restore the magic power of the crystals”.

We all took our crystals out from our pockets and held them not sure what to do next. Before I had a chance to ask, Lou Lou looked at me said to me “All the crystals can be cleansed now. Everything is going to be alright”.

All the fairies joined in a circle and Celine waved for us to step into the circle. We all walked in and stood around in a circle in front of the fairies with our crystals on our hands.

Celine said “It is time to place your hands in the well, but do not let go of the crystal” and she joined hands with Lou Lou on her right and Toffee on her left. I looked at Simon and then at the girls and then Michael and we all placed our hand into the well that was filled with water holding onto our crystal.

The water was warm and clear and as we held our hand in the well, the fairies began to sing again. The same song they had sung earlier. It was soothing and light and I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful noise as we listened to them sing and continued to hold the crystals with our hands in the water of the well. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but it was soft and soothing.

Once they had finished the song the fairies stopped holding hands and begun hovering in the air again. They hovered over to us and Celine said “It has worked. You may take your hand from the well. We can fly once more” as she beamed looking at us all. She clapped her hands twice in the air and the tunnel lit up brightly.

“Yes” she said “It has worked. The power of the island, the magical power has been restored. Well done” she said as she moved between each of us and patted us on the shoulder.

Simon looked at me and shrugged and I turned to look at the others who were also looking very happy with themselves.

I put my crystal back in my pocket and the others did the same.

“It’s time to return to the others” Celine said smiling at us, still hovering around in delight that the magic had been restored.

We walked back the same way we had come and started to climb the steel ladder. It seemed quicker going back up, but as it was much lighter this time, it was easier to see and we knew where we were going now.

It wasn’t long before we reached the top of the ladder and one by one stepped back into the tree house.

Once we were all out of the trapdoor I closed the door and the handle snapped shut. I looked at Simon who also had a shock look on his face. I tried to pull on the handle again and it wouldn’t budge. “It must be protected from letting anyone just open it I guess” I said as I looked at Simon and then stood up from under the table.

Lou Lou came over to me and said “It is protected and for good reason. There are only a select few that can enter the trap door. The well must remain protected at all times”.

The girls were already heading out the door of the tree house with Gretel and the fairies who were hovering along with them. Michael and Simon followed while I turned to take one last look at the tree house before walking out the door and closing it behind me.

We walked towards the others who were all seated at a long table anxiously waiting for our return.

“It is done” said Celine as she flew to join them at the table. “The power has been restored”.

As we reached the table to join everyone, they all jumped up happy that the power had been restored. This meant the food would replenish itself once more and they could remain on the island.

“It’s time for us to teleport home” I said looking at my friends and then to the fairies.

“Thank you for everything” Celine said as she came over hovering around us. The other fairies came over to join Celine and they all hovered in front of us smiling. Each fairy came and hugged us and then said together “Til we meet again” and flew back to the others at the table.

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