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Returning to Kendall Springs

I looked at Simon and said “We should get going. It’s time to say goodbye” and then looked at the girls and Michael. We walked over to the table and said our goodbyes and turned to walk back to the pathway where the tree houses were.

Without looking back we walked until we reached the pathway. Simon stopped and looked back at us and said “Let’s go home”.

We all took our crystals and held them in our hands. “Think of the beach at Kendall Springs everyone” Simon yelled. “The entrance to the cave at the beach. If we all think of that, then that is where we will end up”.

I closed my eyes and held onto my crystal and thought about the entrance to the cave on the beach. I could see a bright light in front of me, but I didn’t dare open my eyes. Then the light disappeared and only then did I feel comfortable opening my eyes to have a look. As I opened my eyes and looked around, I could see that we really were back at the beach in Kendall Springs. It worked. We really were back home.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael “It worked, we are back home. We’re back in Kendall Springs”.

I wondered how long we had been gone. It had been days it seemed and as I put the crystal back in my pocket, I looked at the others and said “Now what are we going to tell everyone? They are going to want to know where we have been”.

“I don’t think we can tell them exactly where we have been can we” asked Michael?

“No” said Simon “We must keep that a secret. We will tell them we got lost in the cave, but we found our way out. They don’t need to know anything else. We can’t tell them anything. Especially about the crystals and the fairies or about the island”.

“Simon’s right” I said looking at around at everyone. “We cannot risk telling anyone anything about where we have really been or anything that has happened. Getting lost in the cave is perfect”.

We all turned and walked away from the cave and continued walking along the beach and over the sand dunes and back to the road that would lead us all home.

The girls and Michael lived a little further away than Simon and I and as we approached the driveway of my house, everyone stopped and turned to me as I hesitated to walk up the driveway.

“Do you want us to come in with you” Simon asked? I turned my head and said “No, I’ll be fine. You guys better get back home too. I’ll catch up with you all at school tomorrow” and I began walking up the drive towards the house.

I turned back to see the others begin to walk and waved to them and stopped as I reached the front door.

I turned the door handle, but it was locked. That’s strange Mum had never locked the front door until going to bed and it was still daylight and definitely not bed time.

I walked around the side of the house and to the back door and found the door unlocked. As I entered the back door into the kitchen I noticed the furniture in the house was completely different. That’s another strange thing that I have noticed and I haven’t even seen Mum yet.

Mum had replaced the furniture while I was missing. That is very strange. It doesn’t make any sense. I continued to look around and noticed the house was completely quite. Mum was not home.

I walked into the lounge area and noticed a completely different lounge and chairs and a huge coffee table that wasn’t there a few days ago when I was here. This is very strange.

I turned and went to the stairs and ran to my room, but when I got there and walked into the room it was very clear this was not my room. “What is going on around here” I cried out?

It was clearly a girl’s room. A pink room with a bed that had curtains hanging from the posts of the bed. Pink and white curtains. I was looking around completely confused and thought this can’t be happening.

I ran back down the stairs and out the back door to look around the backyard. Looking for anything that looked like I lived here with Mum.

There was nothing. Nothing at all that looked the same. I walked over to the garage and found it empty. Mum’s car was not here and all the boxes that were stacked against the wall were gone. They were the boxes that were here when we got here and we had left them and now they were gone too.

I went back to the house and went to the kitchen and noticed the kitchen bench was bare. There was no toaster or kettle that Mum usually had on the bench top. I searched the house and went to Mum’s room, but it was a totally different room. It had a big bed like Mum’s, but it had a cover on it that I had never seen. I went to the wardrobe and found it empty. No clothes hanging up or in any of the drawers. Mum had moved out! No she would never leave without me.

I left the house and ran down the driveway and headed to Simon’s. Something strange was going on and I had to find out what.

I got to Simon’s house and knocked on the front door, but there was no answer. I walked around the side and out to the backyard and found Simon walking towards me.

“Something is very wrong here” he said looking as confused as I was. “Let me guess, it appears you don’t live here anymore and everything and everyone is gone” I asked?

“Yes. I don’t understand. How could they leave without me” he asked? Then looked at me with a sad and confused look on his face.

“I’m not really sure. It’s the same at my place. There is no sign that I lived there and Mum isn’t there. Her car is gone and my room, well it looks like a girls room. Like I never lived there, but I don’t think anyone else lives there now. I searched the wardrobe and found no clothing and the furniture was all different. It doesn’t make any sense”.

We sat on the front steps holding our head in our hands not really sure what to do. Not really sure what had happened when it suddenly came to me and I turned to Simon and said “Do you think the magic has changed everything here”?

Simon turned to me and said “No, it couldn’t have. How could it change things here? It’s just a normal world here” Simon said shaking his head.

I think we better go and see the others and see if they are having the same problems we are”. I said and stood up. Simon stood up and nodded and we started to walk down the drive and out to the street.

We walked along the road with nothing to say. Stunned that there was nothing normal about our homes and our families nowhere to be seen. Maybe they are out looking for us, but it didn’t explain why our homes were now empty and it appeared as though we never lived there.

We reached Rachael’s house and found her walking down the driveway towards us. As soon as she saw us she smiled and ran towards us. “I guess your homes are the same as I just found with mine” she said looking as confused as we were.

“Yeah like we never lived there” said Simon looking at Rachael and then to me. “Did we do something with those crystals do you think” she asked me?

“I’m not really sure, but it sure looks that way. It’s the only thing that makes any sense”.

As we walked further up the road, we didn’t get much further when we noticed Michael and Isabel walking towards us.

“Seems we don’t live here anymore” said Michael as we got close enough to hear him. Isabel ran to Rachael and cried “Was anyone home at your house” she asked? Rachael shook her head and tears started running down her cheeks.

“It doesn’t even look like I ever lived there. There is nothing there that was familiar. It was horrible. What have we done” she asked? She looked at me and Rachael walked to her and hugged her.

“Well it seems none of us live here anymore and there is no sign of anyone here at all. The place is totally deserted” said Michael.

“I think we need to take a look around and see if we can find anyone. They are probably out looking for us. They could be anywhere” said Simon. “We have been gone for days, but it doesn’t explain why our homes no longer look like our homes.

“Let’s go to the main street and see if there is anyone around. We can take a look around and see if the shops are open and maybe we might find signs on the shop windows. Maybe there are pictures of us missing” said Michael. Everyone seemed to agree with Michael and we continued walking along the street until we got to the corner of Main Street. We turned left and started to walk right past the shops. There was the hairdresser, the fruit shop and then the news paper store. There was nothing. No signs on the windows and the shops were open. There were people driving past in their cars and a couple of people on the other side of the street. It looked like any other day on Main Street, Kendall Springs.

It seemed that things appeared normal in the Main Street and as we continued to walk along the road, it seemed there was no evidence to suggest that we had been missing.

I was walking alongside Simon with Michael and the girls walking behind us. I said to him “I think we need to go back. Something isn’t right here and we need to fix it”. Simon turned to me simply nodded in agreement.

I stopped and turned down the side street knowing this was better to walk down a side street and get away from Main Street. The others followed without saying a word and we walked in silence until we were back at the beach.

Michael stopped before we walked over the sand dunes and said “This is far enough. Let’s all get our crystals and think of the pathway where the tree houses are on the island. Then we will be back. We need to fix this. We need the fairies help.”

“Maybe they know something we don’t” Isabel said

Without saying another word, we all took our crystals and held them in our hands. It’s time to go back to the island I thought. I closed my eyes and thought about the pathway. The pathway where the tree houses were. The bright light returned, but only briefly and then it vanished. When I opened my eyes I saw that we were back on the island and on the pathway where the tree houses were.

“It worked” I said looking around while putting the crystal back in my pocket.

“I think we should just stay here and call the fairies. We don’t need to worry the others do we” asked Rachael?

“Rachael’s right. We only want the fairies to help us. To try and fix whatever went wrong” Simon said. They were both right. There was no need to involve the others as well.

“Ok everybody” I said “Get your crystal and call your fairy.” I took my crystal back from my pocket and said over and over “Lou Lou we need your help. Lou Lou please help us”.

There before me was Lou Lou hovering right in front of me smiling. She said “Hello Red and welcome back. What is it we can help you with” she asked?

All the fairies had returned and hovered in front of us smiling. I looked at Lou Lou and said “Something has happened. When we returned home everything had changed” as I looked to the others to confirm what I was saying and continued “it’s like we never lived there and our families are not there”.

“Please help us” Rachael said “We are not sure what has happened, but the only thing that makes sense is something has changed in our world after being here”.

The fairies stopped hovering and landed gently on their feet. One by one they stood in front of each of us and Celine said “There is something we may have missed when we restored the magic and the power of the crystals.” She looked at the other fairies and looked straight at me and said “The water in the well” and she took Simon’s hand “You need to return to the well behind the trapdoor and drink the water from the well. I never gave it a thought, but it makes sense now. There is only one problem if you drink from the well” as she let go of Simon’s hand and looked at us one by one.

“What is it Celine” asked Simon? “Well if you drink from the well and the well becomes dry, it is said that the evil nuisance can return”.

“Evil nuisance! What is a evil nuisance” Simon asked?

“Well let’s just say it is not something that is spoken about and we need to ensure that when you drink from the well, there is still water to keep the evil nuisance away. As long as there is pure water in the well, everything will be alright. We don’t speak of anything else” she looked to us all with a serious face and her eyes wide.

I wasn’t really sure I understood what she was trying to hint to us, but whatever it was or whoever it was must have caused problems in this magic land they speak of.

“I just want to return home and see my Mum” I said looking at Celine and then the other fairies.

The others nodded in agreement and the fairies stood in front of us smiling and nodding.

“We must return to the trapdoor and onto the well” smiled Lou Lou taking my hand. “Everything will be alright. You’ll see” as she patted my hand and let go.

I looked at Simon and he nodded and turned to start walking in the direction of the children and the tree house. We walked in silence and walked side by side with the fairies. The fairies knew we were shocked at how things had changed back home and they knew they had to help make this right.

We reached the open area where the children had danced earlier and found there was no one to be seen. I was expecting to see the children dancing or sitting around at the table, but it was empty and all was quite.

Lou Lou turned to me and said “They are harvesting some of the vegetables after the magic was restored” smiling to reassure me that everything was alright.

Simon walked straight over to the tree house with the girls beside him and Michael and myself behind them. We climbed one by one up the rope ladder and stepped back into the tree house.

Once we had all stepped inside the tree house we discovered all the children and adults were in there too.

Rick and Alan were standing in front of the children and had their arms crossed. It looked like they were not happy to see us.

Rick looked at the fairies and then to us and said “We don’t want you disturbing anything to do with the magic. We are all happy here, but you disturbed the magic before and we cannot allow you to disturb it again”. Alan nodded in agreement and stood next to Rick.

Celine and Lou Lou flew over to them and turned to look back at us before Celine said “It’s perfectly alright. Nothing is going to change here. Everything is going to be alright. We need to enter the trapdoor once more to restore the world where they are from” she turned back to us and pointed and smiled.

The fairies seemed the only ones that weren’t concerned with what was going on. I wasn’t sure about this evil nuisance she had spoken about and I wasn’t sure if our world was every going to be the same. I didn’t even know what it was we had to do once we got to the well again.

Rick and Alan looked very anxious that we had returned, but how did they know we would be back so soon.

I walked towards Rick and Alan and said “We just want to go home and the fairies have told us we need to do something at the well to return our world to how it was before we left”.

“Alright then” Rick said looking at us all “Do what you must, but please do not disturb the magic. We are very happy here and we don’t want our world that we have built here disturbed or ruined”.

The fairies flew back to us and landed gently on their feet when Celine quietly said “We need them to leave before we can open the trapdoor”.

She turned back to them “Can you please allow us to do what we need to do and then we will leave” she asked?

Rick looked at us all and then turned to face the children and clapped his hands. “It is time for us to return to the dance area. Let’s dance to the happy times” and he turned and began walking towards the door. The children and the other adults walked with him and one by one they walked out the door and down the rope ladder to walk back towards the open area where they danced.

Simon was the first to reach the table and climb underneath and turned to us and said “Come on. We know what we need to do to open this door. Everyone get your crystals out”.

Once we had all climbed under the table and had our crystals out, we placed our hands over the handle and opened the trapdoor again. It lifted easily and Simon began climbing down the ladder with the rest of us right behind him.

It didn’t seem to take as long as last time and before too long we were on the ground at the base of the narrow tunnel with the steel ladder.

The fairies were with us hovering beside us as we walked towards the middle tunnel and onto the well.

The tunnel was lit this time as the power had been restored and once we reached the well, we all stopped and gathered around the well in the middle of the tunnel.

The fairies stood on the other side of the well and between us all we had completely surrounded the well in a perfect circle.

I looked at Simon who was standing on my left and then over to the fairies on the other side of the well and said “Celine knows what we need to do” and looked over to her.

Celine looked at the other fairies and then over at us and said “You need to drink from the well, but you need to have your crystals safely in your pockets. They have been cleansed and we don’t want to undo what we have just fixed” and she looked into the clear water in the well. It looked like it was very deep, but it was hard to tell as the walls of the well seemed as clear as the water.

“What are we suppose to use to take the water to drink with” asked Isabel?

We remembered there were cups at the water fountain when we were in London, but this time there were no cups.

“It is said in our fairy customs that to drink from the well, you must be pure and I think that means you need to use something that hasn’t been tarnished to drink from” Celine explained.

I looked around trying to find something that we could use, but the tunnel was empty. There were just walls and the well and us.

The fairies started to sing that song again and started hovering above the ground singing some sort of chant as they continued to sing. They held out their hands and continued to sing and then right before my eyes there was a small cup that appeared in each of the fairies hands. I blinked and blinked again and looked from the fairies to Simon who was looking as surprised as I was.

The fairies finished their singing and gently landed back on their feet and smiled at us.

“These cups are pure and these are for you to drink with” said Lou Lou as she held out the cup to show me. The fairies waved for us to come forward and each take the cup from them to use.

We all walked around the well to our fairy and took the small cup from them. The fairies smiled and pointed towards the well to let us know it was alright to take water from well.

Simon looked at me and I stepped forward and scooped a little water from the well with my cup. As I took the cup back from the water I noticed the cup changed from a clear colour to a light red colour. The magic never seemed to stop and was always surprising me. Simon followed and his cup changed to a light yellow once he took some water from the well. Isabel did the same with her cup and her cup changed to a light blue colour. It seemed whatever colour element we represented, was the colour the cup changed into once some water from the well had been scooped into it.

Rachael did the same with her cup and her cup changed to a white coloured cup. Michael was the last one to place his cup in and take some water and his cup turned light green.

We all looked at each wide eyed with what had taken place before we even drank any of the water.

Remembering what Celine had said earlier about the water in the well, I looked into the well and there was still plenty of water left. This would mean that what little we had taken was enough and the evil nuisance she had spoken of earlier could not return. I still didn’t fully understand what she meant, but it didn’t sound great so I was afraid to ask any further.

The fairies smiled and held their hands up asking us to drink the water. We all looked at each other and drank the small amount of water from our cups. Once we had finished and were still holding the cups I looked at my cup and it was fading. The red colour was fading back to the clear colour it had been before I put the cup in the water in the well.

I walked back over to Lou Lou and handed her the clear cup and she smiled and nodded. The others followed and returned their cups to their fairies and returned to the other side of the well.

Celine spoke first and floated up higher to announce that all should be well again in our world.

She hovered over to us and continued to float in front of us encouraging us to walk with her.

I looked at Simon and he looked at me and shrugged and started to follow Celine. I walked with him and the girls and Michael followed behind with the other fairies.

We didn’t speak a word until we had got to the shaft that would lead us back to the tree house. Once we reached the steel ladder I turned to the others and said “Well let’s make out way back and see if we have fixed things”.

Without waiting for anyone to respond I started climbing the steel ladder and continued up until I reached the top and climbed out back into the tree house.

Once the others had made it out we closed the door and it sealed again just like it had done before.

I got out from under the table and waited for the others to do the same. We all looked at each other unsure of what to say as everything here seemed the same.

Celine flew in front of us and reassured us that everything was going to be alright and if there was any other problems, then they would help us ‘fix’ it.

We left the tree house and climbed down the rope ladder and joined the others who were all still seated at the long table. Alan came over and asked if everything had gone alright and Celine hovered over to him smiling and said “Yes, of course. Everything will be just fine”.

Alan turned back to the others and clapped his hands as if to let everyone know that it was a happy time and all the children got up from the table and chairs and started cheering and running towards us. Gretel stepped in front and thanked us for visiting and hoped we would return some day.

I looked at her and said “We will be back sometime and we will never mean any harm, but we really must get back to see if our world is as it should be”.

Gretel smiled and turned to the others and they all went back to the table without looking back.

Simon simply said “It’s time for us to leave once again. Until next time” and raised his hand and waved goodbye. We all did the same and turned to join Simon who had already started walking back towards the pathway. The fairies came with us, but stopped once we reached the pathway and said a quick goodbye before turning and going back to the others.

We all looked at one another knowing it was time to activate our crystals and think about home. It was time to go back to Kendall Springs and see what we would find this time.

After we all had our crystals in our hands we looked at each other and Michael said “the beach, the same spot as before in Kendall Springs. Let’s think of that again” and we all closed our eyes and I thought of that same spot on the beach that we had returned to earlier today.

The bright light came and went and when I opened my eyes again, we were back on the beach in Kendall Springs. That seemed to be the easy part. Now it was time to head home and see what we may find this time.

We all put our crystals away and without saying a word turned and headed away from the beach.

Once we got back on the road Simon turned to me and said “I really hope it worked this time. I can’t imagine any other life, but then again we seem to have changed things so much, I guess we could always live on the island.” I laughed and thought of Mum. I don’t know if I could live without her, but until I reached my house I wouldn’t know if what we had done had worked and restored everything here to how it use to be.

We got to my house first and I stopped and said a quick goodbye to everyone. “Hopefully I won’t see any of you until school tomorrow” and we all laughed.

I continued to walk up the driveway and I could feel my heart pounding with the thought that nothing had changed. I reached the front door and placed my hand over the door handle and turned it slowly. To my surprise it opened and I walked inside without even thinking that it was wrong.

I could hear noise from the back of the house coming from the kitchen. As I walked through the lounge area I noticed our furniture. Yes this was my house and it was how I remembered before I came back earlier today. Things appeared normal so far. I walked into the kitchen to see Mum standing by the stove. She turned to me “Hello Red, how was your day at the beach with your friends” she asked?

“How was my day at the beach” I repeated? “Yes Redmond, how was your day at the beach” she asked again? She turned and looked at me and smiled. She didn’t seem concerned that I had been gone for days. This was a bit strange I thought.

“We had a great day at the beach. We even went into that cave that we saw when we went to visit the beach before we went to enrol at school” I said and she turned back to the stove and nodded.

“That’s great you have made some nice friends Redmond. I’m very happy for you”.

She thought I had only been gone for the day. That was really strange, but I was not going to argue with her or say anything else that might lead to more questions.

“Have I got time to take a shower before dinner is ready” I asked? Mum looked at me again and said “Yes, of course. You have time. Now go and wash all that sand off and you can set the table and tell me all about the beach and that cave”.

I looked at her and went over and hugged her and said “I love you Mum and I will tell you all about the beach as soon as I have a shower” and turned and went straight up the stairs to my room.

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