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Miss Have

Once we had reached the school and found the others Simon quickly told them he wanted the week to be over so we could return to the island again. Not realizing Miss Have was not far away, she came over to us and looked at Simon “What island are you referring to Simon” she asked frowning at him?

Before letting Simon answer and say something we didn’t want her to know I blurted out “He means the beach. It’s like an island to us. We had such a great time there that he is excited about spending time there again” as I looked around at the others who all looked at me and then Miss Have and agreed. Simon nodded and said “yeah the beach. It’s like an island. Well like a paradise and we all had such a great time there, so I guess I’m looking forward to spending more time there on the weekend”.

Miss Have looked at us all one by one and seemed annoyed at our answer. “Very well then. It’s time you got ready for class” she finished and walked towards the school building.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael “That was really close Simon. You need to talk quietly or make sure there is no-one around before you say anything about the island”.

“Do you think she believed us” asked Simon? “She didn’t look convinced about the beach being our idea of an island” and he looked at me and back to the others.

“We need to be careful, that’s all. I’m sure it’s nothing” I said trying to reassure the others although I wasn’t convinced myself. Miss Have seemed to be taking a lot more notice of us now and I don’t remember taking as much notice of us before our adventure. I wondered how much of our conversation she had overheard.

The rest of the school week went by and we were all careful and didn’t even mention the island or the crystals while we were at school. Simon and I walked home together each day and talked about the island once we were in my room, but we had become more cautious since earlier in the week when Miss Have had questioned us. We still weren’t sure how much she had heard.

It was Saturday morning and we had all agreed to meet at the beach with our crystals and teleport somewhere.

Simon came to my house and rang the doorbell and we walked together down to the beach where the others were waiting for us. They were keen to explore further with these crystals too.

We were all dressed for a day at the beach, but all of us had brought a bag that included a towel and a change of warmer clothes.

I took my towel and laid it out on the sand and then sat down on the towel. Michael looked at me and then at the others and asked “Why are you sitting on the towel? I thought we were going to go back to the island”.

“I don’t see any reason why we can’t just stay here for a little while first” I said looking to the others for agreement. The girls took their towels and laid them out on the sand and sat beside me leaving Michael and Simon standing there.

“I guess a little time in the sun can’t hurt” said Simon who also took his towel and laid it out on the sand to sit on. Michael reluctantly took his towel and laid it out on the sand next to Simon when Rachael cried out “Oh my goodness” looking over towards Michael. We all turned around to where Rachael was looking and to our surprise saw Miss Have who replied “Hello there” as she stood next to Michael with a towel over her shoulder. I couldn’t believe she was here. She must have heard more than we thought and came to see if we really were at the beach.

“I thought I would come down to the beach after hearing what a wonderful time you all had here last week” and she laid her towel down next to Michael.

Michael looked over to me and I looked at him as if to let him know everything would be alright. After all we hadn’t done anything yet and our crystals were still safely in our pockets.

Miss Have laid down as if she was going to stay for the day, but after only for a couple of minutes she sat up and announced that she would leave us in peace.

She stood up and took her towel and walked back towards the road.

We sat there watching her as she got further away from us and continued to walk towards the road. Simon stood up and said “She definitely heard us that day at school. Well I mean she definitely heard me that day at school. Why else would she come down here” he asked?

“Simon’s right” said Isabel “She only came down here to see what we were doing and thankfully we were just sitting here on the towels”.

“There is something not quite right about Miss Have and I think we need to make sure we do not speak about any of this at school anymore. That way she can’t hear us talk about anything or anyone else” Simon said as he looked over to ensure Miss Have had in fact left the beach and was clearly out of hearing distance.

“Simon’s right. We will need to watch what we say when we’re at school. We just need to be careful. It’s probably nothing, but we don’t want to take any chances on anyone else finding out anything”. I said as I looked around at everyone and stood up looking in the direction that Miss Have had taken.

“I think everything will be fine. We are probably worrying for nothing” said Isabel who stood up next to me. Rachael stood up and grabbed her towel and started to shake the sand from the towel “Well how about we take a visit to the island today” she asked?

Simon stood up and started to shake his towel and continued to look in the direction Miss Have had gone. Michael and Rachael finally stood up and grabbed their towels and shook the loose sand off before putting the towels back over their shoulders.

We all stood in the sand with our towels over our shoulders looking in the direction of the road and where Miss Have had walked towards. There was no sign of her anywhere. It was safe to walk closer to the cave and use our crystals to return to the island.

Once we got closer to the entrance of the cave we took our crystals out and closed our eyes. Simon said “Think of the pathway where the tree houses are and we will be there”.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael as she jumped back realising Miss Have was standing in front of her. We all opened our eyes and turned to see what Rachael was talking about. Miss Have was here with us on the island.

“How did you get here” Simon asked before anyone else could say anything?

“Well, well, well children. I have asked you before what was going on and you didn’t want to share your little secret with me. Well I guess I am the one with the biggest secret after all” she said as she walked in front of us one by one looking at us all suspiciously.

“You see you think you have the power with those crystals you now have, but I have the real power” she said as took out the black crystal from her pocket. She held the black shiny crystal in her hand and walked back past us one by one to show us.

“This is the Mother Crystal and with the power of this crystal and your crystals I will be the most powerful person in the world” as she looked to the sky and back at us again.

“We have no idea what you’re talking about” said Isabel who was nudging me trying to get me to do something, although I’m not sure exactly what I can do.

“Ah but I think you know more than you say” said Miss Have stepping in front of Isabel and looking at her. She was standing so close they could almost touch each other’s face I thought. She had a different look about her now. Not the soft face that I remembered teaching at school. Now there was a very stern cold look on her face and I looked at Simon and then at Michael who looked as stunned as I was. We all stood side by side looking at Miss Have who was still standing in front of Isabel.

“This Mother Crystal can mimic anything the other crystals do. In other words when you teleported here from the beach, I could teleport with you”.

“You were not with us at the beach. You left us there and walked back towards the road” Michael said.

“You think I walked back towards the road, but I have the Mother crystal and one of the powers of this crystal is invisibility. So I walked away from you all at the beach and as soon as I was out of your sight” as she looked at us one by one and continued “I activated the invisibility of the crystal and walked back to the beach and stood beside you”.

“That is unbelievable” Michael gasped. “We had no idea that crystal existed and we sure didn’t know you were standing beside us at the beach”.

“Well I’m sure you children have not had these crystals for very long. You see my crystal started to shine brighter just last weekend and I knew the crystals had been brought together and used. Now many years ago the crystals were spread out to stop anyone from having the ultimate power.

The children that live on this island have four crystals that are spread out, but there was a fifth crystal that no one had ever found until now. Somehow you lot have managed to find them all and activate the magic once again”.

Miss Have stood back and looked along the pathway as though she was expecting someone. I looked at Simon who looked at me and shrugged and looked back at Miss Have.

“Do the others here on the island know you” I asked Miss Have? She turned back and walked towards me and smiled. It was that soft smile that I remember seeing her do at school. Then the smile faded and she said “well of course they do, they think I am like a magic fairy to them” and she started to laugh a horrible evil laugh.

“So tell me how is it that you have come to have these crystals, all five crystals” she asked as she stood in front of me and then looked at the others again?

“It really is a very long story Miss Have, but in short we found these crystals right here on the island” I said looking at the others. Simon stepped forward and said “It’s true what Red is saying. We came across these crystals right here on this island”.

“Well yes I know that, this is where the crystals were left, but how did you all get here in the first place? You couldn’t have got here by teleporting without the crystals” she said as she looked back again on the pathway and back at us again.

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