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The Black Mother Crystal

I looked at Simon who was looking very nervous now and he looked at me and then to Miss Have and then he blurted out “from the cave at the beach”.

“That doesn’t make any sense. I have been trying for years to find a way back to this island to retrieve these crystals and yet you are trying to tell me that you just came here by going through the cave at the beach. You mean the beach in Kendall Springs where we just came from” as she looked at Simon?

I stepped in front of Simon and looked straight at Miss Have and said “Yes, that’s right Miss Have. We went through the cave at the beach and we ended up here” and I looked at the others to confirm that what I was saying was correct. It was correct what I was saying, but I left out our journey of the cave and the obstacles and then falling from the ledge where the skull was deep within the cave. This was something I thought was probably better to keep to ourselves.

“So you are trying to tell me that you went through the cave at the beach and ended up here” she looked at me and stepped close enough that I could feel her breath as she spoke.

“Yes, that’s right. That’s exactly what happened. Then we were walking on the pathway and one by one we came across the crystals. It was not until we noticed they only lit up and sparkled in the right person’s hand that we knew they were something special” I said as I stepped back away from her and then turned to Simon and then back to Miss Have.

“Red’s telling the truth” Isabel said without moving from where she stood next to Michael and Rachael.

“We haven’t done anything wrong” Rachael said and then looked at me to confirm what she was saying.

“We are telling the truth. This is how we came here and how we came into possession of the crystals.” I said to Miss Have. Miss Have stood back and started walking in a circle and then stopped and said “So how do you know how to teleport with them? This is not something that you could just know. These crystals have many powers and there is no way you could know how to use them on your own” she said as she walked back towards the pathway and then spun around at us again.

I was hesitant to tell her about London and our journey and meeting Winnie and even about the book. Miss Have sounded like she was desperate to know everything we knew and I wasn’t sure why.

I looked at Simon and nodded slightly as if to let him know that we shouldn’t tell her too much and he simply nodded as if he knew exactly what I was trying to tell him.

Michael had been silent the whole time and then suddenly he asked “Miss Have why are you so interested in these crystals and their magic? What is it you want exactly”?

He had been so quiet and yet he asked the question that no one else was game enough to ask.

Miss Have walked up to Michael and eyed him face to face and then stood back and said “Well wouldn’t you like to know” and let out a evil laugh while tilting her head to the sky and then back at Michael.

“I don’t think that is any of your business. Now if you will kindly give me your crystal, in fact you can all give me your crystals and I will be off” and she held her hand up as if she was going to disappear right in front of us.

Rachael and Isabel gasped and looked at me. I looked at them and then turned to Michael and then Simon.

“Well we don’t have the crystals here with us right now” I said even though I knew we all had our crystals with us. I had put mine in my pocket as soon as I saw we were back on the island and I’m sure the others had done the same.

“Well if you’re going to make this difficult then you will leave me no choice” she said as she started to hiss when she spoke. She seemed to be getting mad with us for not giving her the crystals. I didn’t like the way she was behaving and I began to wonder if this was the evil nuisance that the fairies had warned us about. Surely it couldn’t be. Miss Have was our school teacher.

Miss Have stood back and held her crystal in her hand. She closed her eyes and started whispering, but it was so quite we couldn’t hear what she was saying.

She leaned over to Michael and took his hand which was empty. Dropping his hand she moved towards Rachael who had her crystal in her hand. Miss Have took her crystal and then looked at Isabel and took her hand. She was still holding her crystal and Miss Have took her crystal from her and smiled. As she got closer to Simon she took his hand and turned it over and it was empty. Dropping his hand she began huffing as she breathed and took my hand quickly and turned it over and it was also empty. “Where are your crystals” she hissed at us?

We looked at her and remained silent. Stunned at her sudden outburst and how quickly she had become angry and demanding.

“Very well you have left me no choice” she screamed and she spun around whispering again over and over.

She continued to whisper and spin around until we were surrounded by a large dome. The dome was over us but we could see through it, although it was blurry and not very clear.

I stepped forward to touch the dome and it was solid like a wall right in front of us. The others turned and touched the other side of the dome and we found we were trapped. Miss Have had placed a dome over us trapping us inside.

Miss Have was on the other side of the dome laughing hysterically and spat at us and said “Now you can stay here and think about giving me the remaining crystals. Then I may consider letting you out”.

She walked around the dome and looked at us and stopped. She looked really angry now and said “No one can see you in here and no one can hear you. So unless you are prepared to hand over your crystals, you can remain in here until you have decided to behave and hand over your crystals”.

Rachael let out a soft cry and I placed my hand on her shoulder to let her know everything was going to be alright. I was too scared to say anything while Miss Have was staring at us from outside the dome.

There was only bush surrounding us as we were just off the pathway and I hoped that maybe some of the other children would come past and see us. Although Miss Have had told us that no one would be able to see us or hear us. Then we really were trapped.

The thought of handing her the remaining crystals which would give her some sort of huge power was not an option. We would figure this out we always did. There would be a way and we would find it.

Miss Have was still standing on the other side of the dome and said “This is your last chance. You can simply nod when I ask if you are now ready to hand over your crystals” she still looked really angry and I knew there was no way we could hand them over to her. What if she left us here anyway? I whispered to Simon and said “We can’t give them to her, we simply can’t” Simon nodded and repeated what I had whispered to Michael.

Miss Have was still standing there glaring at us waiting for our answer. I walked to the edge of the dome and nodded NO to her.

“Very well then. That is your choice, but before too long you will change your mind. Then I shall return and then we will see” and she spun around and walked away from us.

“Don’t be fooled by her” I said to the others. She is nasty. Did you see the look in her eyes? She was really mad at us for not giving her the crystals”.

“I thought the crystals could only be used by the person they were meant for” said Rachael. “Remember when we first found the crystals and when I held my crystal it would glow and shine, but then if any of you held it, the glow disappeared. So why is it that she can use them” she asked?

“Miss Have said she had the Mother Crystal, so I’m guessing that means she can control any or all of the crystals” Simon said.

“Yes, that’s right” I said “Remember she said that her Mother Crystal could teleport when we had activated that with our crystals. I hate to think what else they can do if she had them all. That’s probably why they were spread out across the island and then Simon found the last one hiding in the bush and it was only the glowing when we were all near it with the other crystals or we may never have found it”.

“Miss Have also said that she had not been back here for a long time. So something must have happened that she was unable to find a way back here until she tagged along with us” Michael said.

“The Portal” said Isabel. “The fairies told us that the Portal had to be protected to stop any evil nuisance from entering and coming to the island”.

“The fairies” Rachael said “We can call the fairies to come and help us”.

“We only have three of the crystals and we need them all to use the magic don’t we” asked Isabel?

I had my crystal in my hand and closed my eyes to call Lou Lou. This had to work. I called Lou Lou over and over.

Lou Lou appeared before us and gasped. “What has happened here” she asked?

I quickly explained what had happened with Miss Have and how she had taken Rachael and Isabel’s crystals and trapped us in this dome.

Before I had finished Lou Lou clapped her hands in the air and the other fairies appeared next to Lou Lou.

The fairies looked at us and looked around at the dome we were trapped in.

“Well all is not what it seems sometimes” Lou Lou said and she waved her hands in the air and the other fairies joined her waving their hands in the air.

I looked up and the dome disappeared from above us, but it was not gone. The fairies had raised it above us and it hovered in the air before landing softly on the ground next to where we stood.

We were free from the dome. Thank goodness for the fairies I thought. They had moved the dome and we were no longer trapped, but where was Miss Have and our missing crystals.

“There is one last thing we must do before we leave” said Celine and she hovered to the other fairies and they joined hands and made a circle and started singing as they hovered in front of us.

Miss Have appeared from nowhere and was standing right in front of us. She seemed stunned and was staring at the fairies, but before she had a chance to say anything the fairies turned to her and raised their hands and pointed them at her all at once.

Miss Have began floating in the air and then the fairies started singing louder and I looked at them and then at Miss Have. She was turning sideways and it appeared the fairies were controlling her body and making her hover in the air and turn. As she turned the crystals fell from her hand onto the ground, but it was only the white and blue crystal. The black crystal was not there.

The fairies didn’t take their eyes off Miss Have and moved their arms all at once in the direction of the dome. I looked at the dome and saw Miss Have inside the dome.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael “Did that really just happen” she asked as we all stood and watched Miss Have hovering inside the dome that was next to us?

She then landed on the ground and stood perfectly still.

The fairies stopped singing and came back over to us still hovering just above the ground.

Lou Lou looked at me and took my hand “You are safe now Red. You and your friends are safe. She cannot leave that dome.” She turned to the other fairies and said “It couldn’t be the evil nuisance we don’t speak of any longer could it” and Celine looked at us and then to Lou Lou and said “Well even if it is, she is no longer a problem and the children have their crystals back”.

Celine picked up the blue and white crystals from the ground and gave them to Rachael and Isabel.

“These are yours. You are the true owners of these crystals. Keep them safe” she said to them as she smiled at the girls and then looked back at the other fairies.

“Thank you” said Rachael and then Isabel. “We will keep them safe and thank you for saving us” Rachael finished.

“It is time for us to leave” said Celine. “We hope you make it home safely and if you return to the island just remember to keep your crystals safely tucked away as soon as you have finished using them.”

“What will happen to her” I asked Celine looking at Miss Have who was still standing motionless in the dome?

“Nothing. She will remain there and not cause any concern for anyone now.”

We thanked the fairies again for their help and they left as quickly as they had appeared.

“Well I think that’s enough adventure for today. I think it’s time to go home” I said looking around at everyone. The others all agreed and nodded and we took our crystals from our pockets to teleport back home.

It had been quite a day and we needed to get back home.

“It’s time to think of the beach in Kendall Springs” said Simon. We all held our crystals and I closed my eyes and thought about the beach. The sand and the cave back in Kendall Springs.

The bright light came and then vanished and when I opened my eyes again I could see that we were indeed back in Kendall Springs. We were back at the beach where we had started before we knew Miss Have was with us.

We were back home.

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