Redmond Rogers & the Riches of Life

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The Island

This time when I came up to the surface there was a lot of light and no cave.

I made my way to the shore. It was a beach, but there were a lot of bushes and trees too.

After getting out of the water I started looking around looking for the others. There was no sign of anyone. I couldn’t help but wonder where they were. They had fallen too but where had they fallen. Or was I the only one that had fallen into this water and found myself somewhere I had never seen before.

It was like a beautiful new world or a lost world. It was so pretty and colourful.

After swimming to the edge of the beach I got out of the water and started to walk along the beach looking around trying to work out where I was. This place was amazing. I have to find the others. They must be here as I looked around searching for my friends. I continued walking along the beach and up ahead I could see a clearing in between some large trees and walked towards it. Once I got closer I could see that it was a path. I kept looking around while I walked and all I could see were a lot of tall trees and a lot of bushes that had a lot of big bright coloured flowers.

Once I got close enough I could see a tree in the middle of the pathway that had a door. Rubbing my eyes I looked again and sure enough there was a door on the tree. The tree was in the middle of the pathway. I decided I would knock on the door and see what was inside. This was something I had never seen and I wanted to know what it was like inside. What is this place? I reached the door and knocked and stood back. There was only silence.

I waited and knocked again. There was no answer. I placed my hand on the wooden handle and turned it slowly to see if it would open. The handle turned and the door opened. I peaked inside the door while still hanging onto the handle.

As I looked inside I realised this was someone’s home. It was much bigger inside than what I thought the inside of a tree would be. I walked into the room and started wandering around looking everywhere around inside the tree. There were two lounge chairs on one side of the room and on the opposite side were a kitchen and a table with two chairs. There were plates stacked on the table and cups and cutlery placed neatly beside the plates. There were no pictures hanging on the walls, but the place definitely looked like someone lived here. I walked further into the home and found some stairs. Without thinking I walked up the stairs that winded around and around. Once I got to the top of the stairs, there was a bedroom with a bed, some draws and another chair. I walked into the room and stood looking around. There were no windows, but it was a large room.

I looked on top of the draws and could see a small glass dish with something red in it. I walked over to the glass dish and picked up what looked like a red crystal. As I placed it in my hand it started to glow. “Oh my gosh” I said and put the crystal back in the glass dish. The glow stopped as soon as it was back in the dish. “I don’t think anyone will know if I borrow this for a while” I said to myself out loud and picked up the crystal and put it in my pocket. I kept looking and walking around looking for any more clues as to who lived here. It was very neat and clean, but there was not a picture to be found.

I walked back down the stairs and decided to have a look around the kitchen area. I walked over to the fridge and opened the door and found some grapes sitting on the shelf and took a small bunch.

As I began to eat the grapes I decided it was time to leave this tree house and I walked back out the door and continued walking along the pathway.

I was still amazed that there was a tree that looked like just a tree, but once I was inside, it was like being in a house. I looked back once I passed the tree and it was just a tree. This must be some sort of magical place. That tree is not normal I decided. Then there was the crystal that I had found in the glass dish. A bright red crystal that glowed once it was in my hand. I took the crystal out of my pocket and it started to glow once more. Maybe this is magical too I thought putting the crystal back into my pocket and walked along the path when I noticed Michael just up ahead of me.

“Michael, Michael” I yelled out and Michael turned around to see me walking towards him.

We began talking about how we had arrived in this magical place and wondered where the others were.

“One minute we were in the cave and the next thing I knew I was falling and ended up here” Michael said. “I know” I said “it was the same for me. I wonder where the others are”.

“I found this crystal in this tree house back there” I said to Michael and took it out of my pocket to show him. “Oh, I have one too” said Michael and got his out of his pocket and held in his hand.

The crystals began to glow very brightly and we stood there both wondering what these crystals were for. I took Michaels crystal and held both of the crystals together and they began to flash on and off. “These really are magic of some sort. Did you see that” I asked?

Michael nodded and took the green crystal back. It stopped flashing on and off, but continued to glow in his hand.

We put the crystals away and I said to Michael “We need to find the others”. Then we also had to work out where we were and how we would get back to Kendall Springs.

We walked and walked and the pathway seemed to just keep going. I was beginning to wonder if the path would ever end. Then we came to an open area that was clear of trees and there was only thick green grass. We walked across the grass and returned to a pathway on the other side. “I wonder if anyone lives here” I asked Michael?

Michael shrugged and said “I’m sure we would have seen someone by now, but those tree houses sure look like there are people living here”.

Before too long we could see someone further along the path. There was more than one. There were three people. As we got closer I realised it was Simon, Rachael and Isabel. “Hey, over there” I said pointing to the others. We began running towards them and they must have heard us as they turned around and saw us running towards them.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael “thankfully you’re alright. We have been walking and walking looking for you everywhere and wondering what happened to you”.

We all told how we had ended up on the island and were all unsure what this place was or how we would return to Kendall Springs.

Rachael got her crystal out and then we all got our crystals out, except Simon, he didn’t have one. All the colours were different, but they all glowed and when they were all together they flashed on and off.

“These must do something” Michael said. “I wonder what they are for” he asked?

It was while the crystals were flashing on and off that Simon noticed a glow coming from a bush that was next to him. “Look, over there” Simon said and bent over to pick up a glowing flashing yellow crystal. How ironic I thought that we had all found a crystal.

All the crystals were glowing and flashing on and off. It was at that moment that the crystals all of a sudden got brighter and then as quick as we were looking at the flashes from the crystals, we were all blinded by a bright light. Squinting from the light, I opened my eyes again to see that we were not in the same place.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael. “We are not in the same place. Now where are we” she asked looking around?

We all started looking around and realised it was the bright flash from the crystals was the last thing we were looking at.

“Put the crystals away” I said. “It seems like they have some sort of power when they are altogether.” Everyone put their crystals back in their pockets and continued to look around.

“I think this is the same place, but it’s not where we were” I said. There are a lot of the same colourful bushes with flowers and tall trees just like before.

“I wonder if these crystals can take us places” said Michael. “It is kind of weird that once we all had a crystal and they were all out in our hands that they started flashing and then there was a bright light and then we end up in a different spot to where we were”. Everyone nodded in agreement. Still coming to terms with what had just happened.

“Maybe if we can learn about these crystals and how to use them, we can use them to go places and travel” Isabel said.

“How do you think we are going to learn about these crystals when we are stuck somewhere that we don’t even know where or what it is” asked Simon?

Simon had a good point. These crystals seem to have some sort of power, but we didn’t even know where we were let alone be able to try and research what these crystals were and how to use them. Maybe it was going to be a case of trying different things to see if what sort of power they have that we could use.

“Wait a minute” said Rachael. “These crystals obviously moved us from where we were to where we are now. They are all a different colour. Maybe the colour represents something. Maybe the colours mean something and when they are all put together they hold some sort of power, but only if they are altogether. We all found these crystals in different spots but all on this island or wherever we are”.

I was thinking about school now and trying to think about the different elements. Blue could be water, green could be earth, red could be fire and white could be air. As I was thinking about these colours and the elements Isabel said exactly what I had been thinking, but she was quick to add that yellow could represent lightning or maybe something else altogether.

“Ok” I said “maybe these represent the elements, but even if they do we don’t know how to use them”.

“What if we all think of the same thing with the crystals in our hands then maybe we would end up there” Rachael asked?

“Well why don’t we get them out and give it a try” I said. Everyone got their crystals out and I told everyone to think of the beach in Kendall Springs.

Maybe if we were all thinking of the same thing we would end up there.

We all had our crystals out and they started flashing and glowing. Then the bright light came and I had to shut my eyes. That light was too bright to look at.

When I opened my eyes again I realised we were at the beach. The beach in Kendall Springs.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael looking around. “It worked; we’re back in Kendall Springs”.

Everyone was looking around confirming that we were indeed back at the beach not far from the mountain that took us to the cave. Although this time the tide had come in and there was no way we would be able to enter the cave while all the water was there.

So these crystals had some sort of mind power or something I thought. We all thought about the same place and then the crystals did their magic and brought us back to the place we were all thinking about.

“I think we need to learn more about these crystals” I said to everyone. “and we still haven’t finished searching for the treasure in that cave”.

“Maybe the crystals are the treasure” said Isabel.

Isabel had a good point. These crystals could have all sorts of power that could mean so much more than a treasure and maybe they were the treasure.

It still didn’t explain the island and those people that Isabel said she had seen that locked her in a room. They were performing some sort of dance. Maybe it was for the crystals. After all there were four crystals that had been found and three of those were in their homes. Maybe they were kept for good luck. It was when those crystals were brought together and we were standing near where the fifth crystal was that Simon had seen it hiding in the bushes glowing. Who knows how long that crystal had been there and as we had the other crystals, it may have activated the glowing and the magic that enabled us to see it.

Then once all the crystals were together it activated some sort of power.

We all were so amazed by what had just happened and no one spoke for what seemed like ages. I was looking around and looking at everyone else and I knew they were thinking the same as me. We have come across some magical crystals and we had made them teleport us from an island back to Kendall Springs. I couldn’t help but wonder if I told anyone else about this if they would believe me. I think this is something we need to keep secret.

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