Redmond Rogers & the Riches of Life

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Our secret

I began telling everyone what I was thinking and they all agreed that it would be best to keep the crystals a secret for now and to make sure they were kept in a safe place. “I think we all need to keep our crystal safe and tell no one about what happened or where we have been. I think as far as anyone is concerned including our parents, that we just went to the beach” I said. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Maybe it’s time we all headed back home” said Michael as we all started heading away from the mountain and the beach.

Before too long we were walking along the road that lead to my house. We were all silent, probably all taking in what had just happened and trying to work out what these crystals were.

We reached the driveway of my house and I said goodbye to everyone and still everyone seemed lost for words. It was Sunday and we had school tomorrow. Maybe by then what had happened might make some sort of sense.

I walked up the driveway and into the house and found Mum in the kitchen. “Oh there you are. How was your day at the beach” she asked?

“Hi, yeah it was really good, but the water was a little cold so we just hung out on the sand and stuff” I said. She nodded and continued chopping vegetables on the chopping board.

I went upstairs to my room to find a hiding place for my crystal.

Once in my room I took the crystal out of my pocket and stared at it in my hand. It just looked like a red crystal, but as I held the crystal it began to glow. It only seemed to glow when I held it in my hand. It was time to do some research on this crystal and see if I can find what it really is and how to use it again. To think that we all had the same thought and then the crystals started glowing followed by the bright light and then ‘wham’ we were at the beach we had all been thinking of.

I sat at my desk and began searching crystals and meanings. There didn’t seem to be a lot of information apart from how to cleanse crystals when there was a full moon.

Some crystals were meant to bring good fortune and other things, but there was no mention of any magic or glowing or bright light if crystals were brought together. Maybe these crystals would only work on the island. Or maybe the crystals only worked when they were altogether.

There didn’t seem to be anything at all. Maybe no one knew about these crystals. Maybe it was going to be a case of trying different things when we were altogether and see what might happen. My mind began to wonder of the possibilities these crystals may have.

I turned off the computer and placed the crystal in a pair of socks and put them at the back of my draw. That way only I knew it was there and it was out of sight. I went back downstairs to help Mum with dinner.

After setting the table, I helped Mum serve up dinner. Mum had made a beef curry with rice. Mum was suddenly trying new foods that we weren’t use to saying that it was good for us to have more variety.

She was telling me nearly every day that it was time for me to broaden my horizons. Especially now that we had moved to Kendall Springs. We seemed to be eating different meals regularly now. I had to admit that my Mum is a great cook. She seems to be able to cook anything. She once told me that if you could read, then you could cook. It was as easy as following a cook book.

Maybe it was time for me to pitch in a little more and let Mum show me and let me do some more cooking. After all she was always saying that sooner or later I would be a grown man and that meant I needed to be able to cook for myself. I had this urge to tell Mum about the crystals and about the island, but I knew it would be breaking my promise to my friends. We had all promised not to tell anyone including our parents.

I served up the rice onto plates as Mum was asking me what I had done with my friends for the day.

We sat at the table and as we ate I asked Mum if we will stay here in Kendall Springs.

“Well of course Redmond, I have no intentions of moving again. You have settled into your new school and made some nice friends. I am really enjoying working for the paper, so there is no need for us to move. We have everything right here. Why do you ask if we will stay” she asked?

“Well as you said, I have settled into school and made some really cool friends and I don’t want to go anywhere else”.

“You have nothing to worry about Redmond, we are staying right here” she said.

I cleared the table and went to start washing the dishes. Mum seemed impressed that I had automatically done this without her having to ask.

I couldn’t help asking her if we were going to move again as I want to keep these friends and I want to find out more about these crystals. They were magical and we needed to work out how to use them and what in fact they could do. It was a relief when she said that we were staying here and that there was no need for us to move anywhere else.

I went back to my room after finishing the dishes and told Mum that I was going to read in bed for a while before going to sleep. She didn’t seem to mind that I was spending more time in my room these days. I guess as long as I still came to see her now and again she knew everything was ok.

I got the crystal out from the sock in my draw and just sat on my bed staring at it. It was just a crystal. It only glowed while it was in my hand, but didn’t glow when I put it down. It seemed it was only magical when all the crystals were together or was in my hand. It must be some sort of magnetic field or something. I began to wonder if the crystals would only work on the island or whether they would work here.

We had all fallen from inside of the cave and ended up at the island. I wonder if they would activate here in Kendall Springs. I guess there was only one way to find out. We would all have to meet with our crystals and think of the same thing again and see if anything happened.

Before too long I started feeling really tired and returned the crystal into the sock and placed it at the back of my sock draw. It was time for some sleep. It had been a really big day and I was really tired.

The next morning came around quickly. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock on my bedside table. It was 7.30am and I had forgotten to set the alarm on my clock radio. Luckily I still had plenty of time to get ready and get to school.

After having a shower and getting dressed, I went downstairs to find Mum sitting at the dining table drinking her morning coffee.

“Good morning” I said as I walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning Redmond. I hope you slept well” Mum said as she looked up from her paper she was reading.

“Yeah I slept really well” I said.

I went over the kitchen bench and poured some cereal into a bowl and got the milk from the fridge.

We ate in silence at the table and once I had finished I said ”well it’s time for me to meet up with Simon and get to school”.

I leaned over and kissed Mum on the cheek and picked up my lunch bag from the bench and headed towards the front door.

Once I had turned out of the driveway I could see Simon walking towards me.

We seemed to say the same things at the same time. We both gushed out “we need to all meet up again with the crystals”. We then burst out laughing realising that we had been thinking the same thing. Although I think the others were probably feeling exactly the same.

We continued to walking to school and all we seemed to talk about was the island and the magic crystals. Simon had put his crystal in his sock draw too. We really did think alike.

Once we arrived at the school gate, we began looking around for the others. We were keen to meet up again with the crystals and see what magic they could do.

Michael was waiting for us just near the school hall and came running over as soon as he spotted us. Then we saw Isabel and Rachael who were walking closely behind.

Michael said “I think we all need to meet up after school and go straight to the beach with the crystals”.

Everyone nodded in agreement and we decided that we would meet at the beach at the same spot before the cave with the crystals straight after school. Although Simon and I had left our crystals at home, the others had brought theirs with them knowing that we would want to experiment with these crystals straight after school.

Just then the bell rang and it was time to head into class.

The day passed by probably quicker than what I thought it would and I met up with Simon and we started to walk home. Simon ran when he got close to his house and told me he would meet me at the beach.

The others would be there waiting so I hurried onto my house. I knew Mum would still be at work, so I only had to dump my bag and grab the crystal and make my way down to the beach.

Then I began to wonder if the tide would be right, but I don’t think it matters as we are not relying on going into the cave. Just being together with all of the crystals at the beach would be enough.

I rushed into the house and ran up the stairs. I found the socks with the crystal inside and carefully took it out and placed it in my pocket. Rushing back down the stairs and out the front door as fast as I could I meet Simon just approaching the driveway?

We walked fast and were getting excited at the thought of the possibilities of the magic of these crystals.

We arrived at the beach and the others were already there sitting on their bags near the mountain side entrance to the cave. The tide was going out, but looked like it still had a while before there would be no water in the entrance to the cave.

Michael had already been over to have a look to see if it was possible to go through the cave again. He said there was still too much water and we wouldn’t be able to get through for a while yet until the tide was completely out.

“Well I think we can probably decide where we would like to be and then get the crystals out and see if they take us there” Simon said.

“I think we should think of the island where we found the crystals and maybe they will take us back there” said Rachael.

Everyone nodded in agreement. We all took out our crystals and held them in our hands.

“Now everyone think of the island. The spot where we were when we first used the crystals” Simon said.

The crystals had already started glowing once we all had them out in our hands.

I closed my eyes before the bright light came but I could tell when the bright light came and then as quick as I had closed my eyes and the flash came, I opened my eyes and saw that we were back on the island.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael “It worked, we’re back on the island”.

We all began looking around and yes indeed we sure were back on the island.

“Ok, what now” said Simon.

“I’m not really sure” I said. I was too busy taking it all in that these crystals could teleport us. I’m sure that is what it is. That we can teleport between the island and Kendall Springs. I began to wonder if there were other places we could go or whether there were other things these crystals could do.

It seemed they would only work when they were all together and we were all thinking the same thing. Then there were those small people somewhere here on the island that was performing some sort of dance. Maybe they were trying to find the last crystal so they had the magic powers of these crystals.

“Um maybe we need to go to the beach and see those little people that Rachael has met and see if they can tell us more about these crystals” I said.

“No” said Simon “they would not be happy that we took the other crystals from them and I don’t think they would let us leave with them”.

“I think he’s right” Michael said. “It would make sense that they would want the crystals back and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be too happy that we took them”.

“How are we going to find out more about them and what they can do then” asked Isabel?

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