Redmond Rogers & the Riches of Life

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The power of the crystals

“I think we need to think of somewhere else and see if the crystals will take us there” said Rachael.

“And where do you think a place is that we all know that we can think of” asked Michael?

“What about a famous place, a tourist destination” said Isabel. “That’s a great idea” said Rachael.

“Alright then, let’s try it and see if it works” I said. “Let’s all think of the Big Ben clock in London. Now before you all get your crystals out and think of Big Ben, let’s think about this. We need to be thinking of the same spot”. “Well, we don’t really know that yet” Rachael interrupted.

“Well as it’s a place none of us have been, let’s think of standing in front of the Big Ben clock in London when we take our crystals out and see what happens” I explained.

Everyone nodded in agreement and took their crystals out and placed them in their open hands.

We all stood in a circle and when the crystals started glowing and flashing, we all closed our eyes and then the bright light came and then went.

When I opened my eyes again, we were in fact in London standing in front of Big Ben.

“Oh my goodness” said Rachael. “It worked; we really are here in front of Big Ben”.

We were all standing on the sidewalk and there were a lot of cars and people walking all around us. It really was a sight to see. None of us had been anywhere overseas and now we were here standing in the heart of London in front of Big Ben.

We were all just amazed and looking around in bewilderment at where we really were. These crystals had brought us to the spot we had all thought of.

“These things are truly remarkable” said Simon. “Quick put them away to keep them safe. We need to make sure nothing happens to them so we can get back” as he put his crystal back in his pocket while looking around.

London was very busy and very noisy. Something none of us had ever come across. We all stood looking around in amazement. Kendall Springs was a quiet little town and there was hardly any noise. Now we were standing in a busy London street with a lot of cars and big red buses going past and a lot of people walking. They all seemed to be walking really quick too. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry.

“Now what?” asked Michael “should we walk around or should we go back?”

“I think we should take a look around” said Simon. “This place is amazing and so busy”.

After putting our crystals back in our pockets, we all began walking towards Big Ben. Just then it struck me that none of us had any money so we could only walk around. We couldn’t even hitch a ride on one of the big red buses.

“I think our biggest problem is that we don’t have any money, therefore how can we do anything” I said.

“I have ten dollars” said Isabel “we could take a ride on one of those buses. It shouldn’t cost that much”.

So we all walked along the sidewalk looking for where we could wait for a bus to stop, so we could hop on.

It wasn’t too long and we could see a group of people standing by the sidewalk next to a sign. It simply said BUS STOP.

We all stood side by side trying to blend in with all the people who were also waiting for a bus. It wasn’t too long before a big red bus came to a stop right in front of us.

We followed in a line with the other people and waited our turn to pay the driver.

As Isabel had the money she asked the driver how far 5 people could go with ten dollars. The bus driver replied “it’s free around the city area, no need to pay anything. You kids go straight up the back of the bus” and ushered us to the back.

We all walked to the back of the bus. There were no seats left, so we had to stand. We found these stirrups we could hold onto to stop us from falling.

The bus started off and sure enough we were all sent scrambling to hold onto these stirrups to stop us from falling to the floor.

As the bus continued along the busy streets of London, we were all busy looking out the windows in amazement at what we were seeing. This really was the most amazing thing I had ever done. I started to picture all of us travelling the world and seeing everything without the worry of getting on a plane or boat to get there. I began to wonder if these crystals were able to do that or in fact if they could do other great things. Was it possible that these crystals could heal people from sickness or were they only for teleporting. We really had no idea and after our little bus ride, I think it was time for us to get back to Kendall Springs and start experimenting on the possibilities these crystals could have.

The bus came to a stop and lots of people started shuffling towards the rear door to get off the bus. We all looked at each other wondering if we were meant to get off here too. I shrugged my shoulders and said “let’s get off here”. Everyone nodded and we moved towards the door and hopped off the bus.

We had no idea where we were, but there were still a lot of people walking around and they all seemed in such a hurry.

Big Ben was nowhere to be seen and as I looked around I realised we didn’t even know where to start walking or which direction.

“Which way should we go” asked Isabel? As I had just been thinking the exact same thing, but before I could answer Simon simply said “well let’s just walk the same way as most of the other people and see where we end up. After all we have the crystals and we can get back to Kendall Springs whenever we want”.

Everyone nodded and Simon led the way. We walked slowly taking in all our surroundings and I wondered what it would be like to live here. I wonder how far we could walk before there were no longer any big buildings. Each building was really tall, although there were some smaller ones. It was a remarkable place. It made you feel so tiny and there were so many.

Before too long we were walking right past an iron fence that looked like a park inside.

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