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A Wise old man

“Why don’t we take a look around in there” asked Rachael?

“Great idea” said Michael and we followed Simon through the gate into some beautiful green gardens.

There was a pathway that we all followed Simon through that led onto a parkland and playground.

I could see a few small children playing in the playground and a few adults in there too.

What seemed most amazing were the tall bushy trees that lined the pathway through to the open parkland area. These trees looked a lot like the trees from the island.

“Hey, these trees look a lot like the trees from the island” I said stopping and looking ahead. The trees were lined up perfectly with the path just like they did on the island.

I walked right up to a tree and walked around the tree, looking for a door. I walked right around the tree, but couldn’t find a door.

I wasn’t going to give up that easy as I placed my hand on the tree and started feeling along the tree to see if there was a door.

The tree was quite smooth to touch, although there were a few bumpy bits.

It seemed quite ironic that these trees looked exactly the same as the ones we came across on the island. Almost too ironic. Just when I was about to give up and announce that they were just normal trees, I felt a smooth line. I followed the line and it seemed to form a perfect circle. I kept my hand on the line, but when I looked closer I couldn’t see anything except the wood of the tree. I pushed gently and before I knew it, an opening appeared and it was indeed an entrance inside the tree. “Quick” I said and ushered everyone to follow me inside.

Once inside the tree the opening behind us closed, but there were lights all around a big empty room.

“Oh my goodness, what have we come across here” asked Rachael?

To our amazement it seemed as if we had walked into a cave. “I think this might be a first” said Michael. “Since when would anyone think to touch a tree the way you just did Red and then it opens up a door and look what we have in here” he said.

It seemed it was a large cave with wooden walls that almost looked orange in the light. There were lights right across both walls to the left and right on each side. The lights were hanging like long torches.

“Well I think I might lead the way” Simon said and started walking down the passageway before anyone could argue.

We walked and walked and the cave or passageway just continued although did grow a lot thinner.

The torch lights lit up the passageway enough for us to see quite clearly, although there was nothing to see except wooden walls. We continued on and on and it seemed as if we had walked for more than a couple of hours when we came across a fountain.

We all stopped at the fountain which was in the middle of the passageway of the cave.

There were a range of cups neatly placed on the side of the fountain. Rachael grabbed one of the cups and placed it into the fountain of water and before anyone had realised what she was doing, she began to drink the water.

“Stop” said Michael “There could be something in the water or it isn’t drinkable”.

Rachael ignored Michael’s warning and continued to drink. I watched to see if Rachael was going to have some sort of reaction, but she just kept drinking and then refilled the water in the cup.

I decided I was quite thirsty too and grabbed a cup from the side of the fountain and scooped up some water. Everyone else followed and we all stood there drinking the water from the fountain.

After drinking a full cup and quickly refilling and drinking another, I looked around at everyone and we all looked the same. Nothing had happened. The water was cool and refreshing, although I then wondered how long this water had been here.

Rachael said “the water is really fresh and is kept fresh as it is continually running into the fountain”.

Of course she would think of that, she was always the one with the logic and it made perfect sense.

I put the cup back on the side of the fountain and started walking again along the narrow passageway. Everyone followed behind me.

The passage way seemed to go on and on. We seemed to walk for the longest time before we came across an opening. The opening looked like a large room and once we walked into the opening it appeared to be a large room. There was a door at the end and it was open.

There was a small table and chair to the left of the room and a lot of torches lighting up the room much brighter than the passage way. There was a small kitchen on the far left wall, but only a sink and some cupboards underneath the sink.

To the right of the room was a bed and it had been slept in. It wasn’t made. Rachael gasped looking at the bed realising that someone had been sleeping in the bed.

“Someone has been sleeping here” she said.

“Yes, that’s right” said a small frail voice.

We all turned around to see a small old man who had come in through the opening and was standing right in front of us.

Rachael jumped back, but the rest of us stood frozen in the same spot.

“It’s alright you youngsters, I’m not going to hurt any of you. For heaven’s sake, I am an old man. Although I am a very wise old man” he said.

I stepped forward and said “I’m Red and these are my friends, Michael, Simon Rachael and Isabel” I said pointing to each person as I introduced everyone.

“Pleasure to meet you all” said the old man. “My name is Winfred, but you kids can call me Winnie”.

“Winnie, it’s nice to meet you” said Rachael holding out her hand. Winnie took her hand and instantly felt something and quickly let go.

Winnie stood back and said “do you kids have something that brought you here? You certainly don’t sound like you’re from around here and you have a different accent. Where are you from” he asked?

I quickly told Winnie that we came from a town in Kendall Springs in America. Winnie grinned and asked again “do you kids have something that brought you here” he asked again?

Nervously I looked around at the others and Rachael beckoned me to go on and tell him. I was hesitant, but something told me that telling Winnie about the crystals was going to make everything alright.

I began to tell Winnie how we had all entered the cave in Kendall Springs to look for treasure after we had found a map in the attic of my house. Winnie motioned with his hands to continue when I stopped. I continued to tell him how we had all landed on the island and one by one come across these crystals. The crystals on their own didn’t seem to do anything at all, but when they were altogether, we found that we could teleport back to Kendall Springs after they started flashing and glowing and we all thought of the same place.

Winnie was nodding his head as if to fully understand exactly what I was saying about the crystals. He stepped closer to me “so how did you end up here” he asked?

“Well we went back to the beach in Kendall Springs and all got our crystals out and thought about the same spot on the beach. Then the bright light came and once the bright light vanished we were back on the island again. We even spoke to a girl there who had been there for eighty years after the plane she was in with her friends had crashed there. Her name is Gretel.

We were still on the island and decided to try and think of somewhere else before going back to Kendall Springs to see how magical the crystals were. So we all thought of standing in front of Big Ben and then the glowing and flashing started, followed by the bright light and yes indeed we found ourselves standing in front of Big Ben in London” I finished looking to the others to confirm what I was saying.

“It was at that time that we all thought we should take a look around as none of us have ever travelled overseas and we were very excited that we were in London looking straight at Big Ben.” Simon continued. “We even took a ride on one of those big red buses”.

“Once we got off the bus at the edge of the city we continued to walk away from the big buildings and found this park area. It was the trees that lined the pathway perfectly just like on the island that I believe drew us in” he said.

“Then we decided to look for a handle on a tree and Red found the perfect circle and pushed on it and we all entered the door of the tree. This ended up being a large passageway that was lit by hanging torches and we have walked and walked until we found this room” Simon finished.

“Did you by any chance come across a fountain” asked Winnie?

“Yes, we did” Isabel said “and we all drank from it with those cute little cups that were on the side of the fountain”.

“Ah there is your first problem” Winnie said. “You see drinking water from that fountain isn’t like drinking water from a normal water fountain. That water has special power too. You all drank the water” he asked as he looked at each one of us?

We all nodded wondering what he meant. Was there something wrong with the water?

Winnie looked at each one of us one by one and said “Well you see you all have some sort of power that has connected you to those crystals. You all have your own element. Now what I mean by that is the colours all represent an element.

Red=fire, Blue=water, green=earth, yellow=lightning and white=air.

Are these all the colours of the crystals you have” Winnie asked?

We all took our crystals out and sure enough, we all had the colours that Winnie had just explained.

“Now as you have found out just recently from what you have just told me, you have all pictured the same spot and held onto your crystals. These crystals have allowed you to teleport to the very spot you were all thinking of. There is just one problem with all of this” he continued before any of us could ask “you have all drank from the fountain in the passageway out there, which means the power that connected you to the crystals has vanished, in the form of teleporting anyway”.

“What do you mean” asked Michael?

“He means we are not able to teleport back to Kendall Springs” said Simon looking at Michael and then at me with a disappointed look on his face.

“Yes, that is correct” Winnie said. “The water in that fountain can give special power to those who have the ability, but if you have used that ability it will take it away. I knew there was something special about you kids as soon as I saw you. I haven’t had anyone come here in a very long time and yet you kids came here and found the door opening in the tree”.

“So you are telling us that we are stuck here” Rachael said.

“Well yes, but there is away to fix this energy and return the ability you have and to the crystals” Winnie explained.

“Ok what do we need to do” Rachael asked?

This is quite scary to think that we had been able to teleport here, but we were unable to teleport back. Isabel had ten dollars, so that wasn’t going to get us very far. Not to mention that we have no travel documents to allow us to go to the airport and get a plane back home.

We really need to know what we can do to ‘restore’ as Winnie called it, the magic in these crystals.

“Well it isn’t very easy and I don’t know of anyone that has ever done it. I am speaking only from the legend of the crystal” Winnie said.

Whatever does that mean I thought? We needed to get the magic back in the crystals to allow us to get back to Kendall Springs.

“You see when I was just a boy there was a story that went around that there were crystals that represented the five elements. These crystals had special powers, but were only powerful in the right hands. To others that held the crystals, they were just ordinary crystals and the crystals had to be altogether to have the power. These crystals were used in ancient times to allow time travel to the future and back. The story I was told was that a royal family held the crystals and used them for fortune and to ensure the right people were in power when needed. These crystals also enriched the land that they were on as long as they were around. However there was a time when a less fortunate lone traveller fell in love with a princess of this royal family and she had also fallen for him. The royal family sent this lone traveller to the future, so that he was no longer able to see the princess and the King ensured that the princess married another member of royalty. It was forbidden for a member of the royal family to marry a commoner. So the commoner was sent to the future and was not seen again.

When the royal family were unable to reproduce an heir to the throne, they again brought out the crystals to ensure there would be a son born to the King and Queen. A Prince was born, but this Prince was never told about the magic of the crystals and once he was a grown man he took over the throne and thought the crystals were just ordinary crystals.

The crystals were given to different members of the royal family and split up. No one knew the power of these crystals and they had to be altogether to work.

It has been many years since I have even thought about those crystals until you kids showed up here and I knew straight away that you must have some sort of power or the crystals”.

“So what do we need to do to restore the power, so we can return home” asked Isabel?

“Wait, there is something else we need to tell you” Simon said looking at Winnie. “The island where we found the crystals. This island has people living there that have never aged. They have been there for eighty years and yet Gretel, the girl we met, was just a child like us. Then there was the food that continued to grow on the island. Gretel told us that the island continued to flourish and there was always plenty of food. This island must have some sort of power or maybe it had magic because the crystals were there. Either way I think the island is definitely part of this magic”.

“Well there you have it” Winnie started to say “you need to get back to that island. That is where the magic will be returned. I think trying to get to that island will be the tricky part for you all”.

“If we can get back to Kendall Springs, then we can go through the cave to get to the island” said Isabel.

“No, that won’t work this time I’m afraid” Winnie continued “you see the platform or ledge that you were standing on is no longer there and this is what enabled you all to fall through to the island. I think you are going to have to use the book of magic, as I call it. Maybe this will lead you to the island. This is the only way you can restore the power of the crystals and return home”.

Winnie walked over to the far wall and pressed on it. A small opening appeared and he quickly walked through it. The wall closed behind him and he was gone.

“Oh my goodness. Is he going to come back” she asked?

Just as we were all left standing there wondering what to do next, the wall re-opened and Winnie walked back through.

“Here it is” he announced “this book has many secrets and this will hold the key for you all to return to that island”.

He placed the old very large dusty book down on the table and sat down to open it up. Winnie called us all over to have a look.

“You are going to need to take this book with you. It’s the only way you will make it back to the island. There are many different places you will need to go to restore the power of the crystals. It is all right in this book. There are different paths and the book will help guide you”.

Winnie opened the book up and looked at us and explained that we would need to start right in these tunnels. However in these tunnels were obstacles that we would have to be very careful to get through.

“The five elements will also play a key part in restoring the power of the crystal” Winnie explained. “Do you all remember which colour crystal you had” he asked looking around at each of us?

“Well yes” began Isabel “my crystal was blue”.

“Mine is a red crystal” I said “and Simon had yellow and Rachael had white and Michael had the green crystal” I finished telling him.

“Good” said Winnie “remember what I told you about each colour and what it represented, this is very important. Red you have the red crystal which is the element for Fire”. As he looked from me to Isabel and continued “Isabel you have the blue crystal that represents water and Michael you have the green crystal for earth”. Winnie turned to Simon and said “Simon your crystal represents lightning and Rachael your white crystal represents air” he finished as he looked around at all of us.

“These elements are very important to assist you to get through the obstacles. Even though you have the crystal and the power needs restoring you can close your eyes and breathe very deeply. Once you have done this a few times, the element you represent will show itself. Now this is something you probably have not had a chance to experiment with. It will play a vital role to help you get back to that island.” He explained.

“So what your saying is that we can use these elements. I’m not sure I understand what you are telling us” said Rachael with a confused look on her face.

“Well these elements will assist you. You see if you come across fire and you think there is no way around it, which is when the water element can be used to put out the fire. Now Isabel that is your element. So you need to hold your crystal in the palm of your hand, close your hand and close your eyes. Then you take some deep breaths and clear your mind. Think only of water and nothing else. Imagine you are pouring water over the fire. You will see that this water will appear and you can extinguish the fire” Winnie explained.

“So even though we have lost the teleporting power of these crystals, we still have some power” I asked?

“Yes, that’s correct” Winnie said “These crystals are very powerful and can be used for many things. As you have discovered teleporting from one place to the next, you will discover other powers that these crystals have. You all possess a unique power combined with your crystal. You were all drawn together to find these crystals. Not to forget the power of these crystals when they are altogether with all of you. On their own they are not as powerful”.

“So it’s probably best if we all stick together then” Michael asked?

“A very wise decision” Winnie said. “Now you might want to run along now, you have a journey ahead of you. It would be best if you follow straight along this tunnel and make sure the book is in this backpack”. Winnie reached under the table and brought out a black plain backpack and placed the old dusty book inside.

“Remember this book may come in very handy on your journey and assist you. You will find some other things that will help you on your way too” he said.

“Thank you Winnie for everything, but how will we get this book back to you” I asked?

“I have had this book for a very long time and I knew a day would come that I would need to hand it over to the right person. Today is that day. It is yours to keep. Use it to learn and grow with the power that has been bestowed upon you”.

We all stood and thanked Winnie for all the advice he had given us and bid him farewell. It was time to start our journey and we were going to need to stick together.

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