Are we same?

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An angel or that's what she thought she is, wandered on earth for many years has been assigned to her last assignment. How difficult can it be to possibly change an evil into a pure soul? The problem is that he is nothing but destruction himself. Will she be able to change him? Will they end up falling for each other? Will she return back to where she came from?

Fantasy / Drama
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I don't know how many years have passed since I came on Earth but finally I will leave soon. This is my last mission. My final mission before I leave this miserable world. How hard can it be to be to change someone?

"I found you." I said grabbing the devils attention. He is a devil right? Fir a moment I was taken back when I saw his hands that were covered with blood. "You will be the first person to come find me." He scoffed. "Who said that I am a human. My names Amaryllis." I tried giving him my best smile. "An angel? Don't you know that we don't get along? How fun will it be to kill you." He said giving me one of the most coldest stare. "But you won't,right?" I said still moving forward. "You asked for it. Let's see if you can survive or not."He said giving me a challenging smirk and started walking. "I wouldn't have taken so many efforts if this wasn't my last choice." I shouted and followed behind. "Let the game begin. Angel on mission." He replied back.

It was autumn on Earth at that time. The weather was crisp so I hugged my coat tightly around me. "Isn't this beautiful?" I said picking up a red leaf. "Aren't girls interested in roses and peonies?" He said in a taunted way. "I like these more than those flowers. They are dying, disappearing but they still look beautiful." I said. It felt good to talk to someone. "You like these,right?" He had just said this when all the leaves from a tree landed on me. "You did this on purpose!" I cried. "This was just a mere example. If you don't stop bothering me,I will make your life a living hell." He threatened coming dangerously close. As if my life is not a living hell already,I thought.

"I would leave you when it's the choice of god. Till then, please bear with me." I sighed. "Are you an immortal?" He asked out of the blue. "Well,not really. I will leave this place after my works done." I shrugged. "Then,I will make sure you don't ever go back cause destruction is with you." He whispered in my ear, sending a chill down my spine. "Why are you like this? Try to be happy. Try to feel. Try to express. Try to love someone!" I tried to persuade him. "Have you ever tried to love?" He asked, stopping dead in his track. This question was enough to make me quite. The truth is that I have never loved this world. Its miserable. There so no one I can talk to. This makes me a loner. "I will take your silence as no." He said smirking then kept on walking.

"We are different!" I muttered before following him on the sidewalk.
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