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The Young Alpha

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Abijah or Miss J,21, newly hired kitchen manager at Cedar Falls K12 Academy on the southside of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Abijah was fully aware of the supernatural world around her. She knew about the werewolf pack and territory that she lived and worked on. About the wizards, witches, fairies, dragons, vampires and more that existed in the world. And how the school was a mixed species tolerant facility. She respected them and stayed in her Lane that is until young Zavier Marshall, 7, future Alpha of the Cedar Falls pack, comes to her one day claiming that she is his mate! Follow the crazy adventure of self-discovery and courage as Miss J, not only has to deal with a young arrogant Alpha, but also his super jealous and possessive wolf, Tank. And an obsessive ex-boyfriend that refuses to accept the fact that she has a Mate! Warning this book contains Rape, Violence, Harsh Language and Dark Content. And human, mystical creature relations. It may cause triggers so be aware!

Fantasy / Romance
Lioness Keya
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Humble Beginnings

Abijah P.O.V

My family and I grew up on the south side of Chicago in the Chicago Projects called the Robert Taylor Homes. It was a terrible place to live but affordable. The four of us, my dad, Josiah, 38, my mom, Leah, 37, and my younger brother, Elijah, 15, lived in a cozy 3-bedroom apartment here.

The buildings were L-shaped and up to 16 floors high, with about 10 apartments on each floor. There was an elevator in the middle, stairs on each end, and an incinerator next to it. An incinerator was a garbage chute, filled with rats & cockroaches; which began on the top floor and made its way down to the furnace on the bottom floor, that burned or ‘incinerated’ everything or almost everything that was thrown into it. The mailboxes, building managers’ offices, and laundromat were also on the bottom floor.

I’ve heard of the horror stories about people finding animals and/or other people inside of the incinerator. Also the stairwells.. just imagine any and everything bad that can happen, it happens in there. In those stairwells I personally have seen people living in them, getting robbed, beaten up, drunk, high, raped you name it! And the infamous raperman, it’s literally a guy stalking females of all ages and sometimes even other males solely for sexual pleasure, eww it’s just disgusting!

We lived there since forever and I was so over and done with it. The second I was able to go somewhere else I did and I never wanted to return! I got accepted to a local 4-year college to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts. I applied for the cafeteria manager position at a school in nearby Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have family living there and it’s not too far away from home.

I got the job at Cedar Falls K-12 Academy it’s a private school on the south side of the city and moved in with my aunt Sandria, 31. She’s 10 years older than me, my mom’s younger and only sibling. She lives on the northwest side of the city in a 3 bedroom, one-and-a-half bath home. With her son, D’Leon, 9, and daughter, Monique, 4, my younger cousins.

Her husband, David of 11 years died 7 months ago, from a freak accident at work when an unstable heavy load toppled over and crushed him inside of his forklift. She was waiting on his settlement to be finalized so she could move to a better neighborhood. I moved into her basement and turned it into a fairly cozy living space.

She had allowed me to set up the basement like it was an apartment saying, “It’s a good experience for when you do get your own place, Abijah.”

I had worked part-time as a CNA since my sophomore year in high school so I had some money saved up, not much but enough to have something until I’m able to get paid from my new job. My favorite colors are purple, white, black, and grey and that’s the color theme I used on the dull concrete block walls and concrete floor of the basement.

I bought a deep purple, gray, and white paisley area rug, a purple pleather sofa, a wooden 3-piece nest of end tables, a glass top wooden coffee table, and a 32" smart TV mounted to the wall with my gaming systems in my living room area. I also had my office area set up with a full PC, all-in-one printer, wire mesh rolling filing cabinet, glass top desk, pegboard, and purple mesh office chair. In my bedroom area a white metal daybed, black zero gravity recliner, purple end tables with a black/white lamp, a smaller purple area rug, a purple chest of five drawers, and black hanging closet storage. My half bath was decked out in black and purple. Or sometimes white and gray.

And finally my kitchen/dining area, I got blue because they didn’t have a purple, 3-piece blue glass dining table with blue Plexiglas chairs. I had got a black 6ft long wooden table to use as my cooking/prep surface, all purple dishes and cooking utensils, pots & pans, a mini fridge, hot plate, griddle, slow cooker, NutriBullet, and a tea maker. I love gardening and I have plants scattered throughout all of my areas. Every area was separated by floor-to-ceiling drapes on tracks or rollers connected to the ceiling, in different shades of purple, black, white, and gray, I got everything from IKEA. I LOVE IKEA!

I had been here a week and finally finished all of the decorating. I called my aunt to come to see it, her face lit up,

“It’s beautiful down here!” she exclaimed.

“Thanks, auntie I appreciate it immensely!” I beamed.

“And yeah you’re welcome, but I appreciate the extra help in paying my bills too!” she chuckled lightly.

I love how it turned out and so did my aunt it was amazing. I’ve always wanted to be an interior decorator so this allowed me to just go wild with my imagination. I also learned how to crochet so I’ve made several throw blankets and matching pillow sets that I lay on my sofa and bed, in various shades of light to dark purple. I love to crochet in my downtime. So I have a wicker basket full of yarn and hooks near my sofa.

It was late July and we were swinging in the backyard patio swing, sipping iced teas while my cousins played on their trampoline, squealing happily. “So are you excited about the new job?”

“Yes auntie I am, I really love cooking and I enjoy teaching children about healthy nutrition, so it’s a win-win for me!” I reply smitten.

“You do know that it’s one of those mixed species schools right?” my aunt says a mixture of concern and anxiety in her features. I nod looking ahead.

“Yeah, I understand, and I respect them for even considering me for the position. I know that they have started merging the schools together, to end the segregation of the species. I think it’s a great idea if it works out for the good of all.” I said truthfully. She warily sighed and nodded.

Cedar Falls K-12 Academy is an ancient private school and has been around for centuries maybe even millennia. And it was werewolf only up until about 30 years ago. The Supernatural Council (SC) which has been around for the last 350 years, had made this decision. The SC consists primarily of ten male and ten female representatives from each species of dragons, vampires, witch/wizards, werewolf/Lycans, fairies, merpeople, and humans by which the world is governed. They are elected every 10 years by their respective species, they go around campaigning and everything. Nearly anyone can participate as long as there are enough votes. It’s not like a hierarchy, where you are born into it.

I start my new position in a little over a month, but I start my manager training tomorrow. After that, it’s one week to meet and greet my crew, and order & organize my kitchen. I have to go shopping today also because the uniforms are scrubs, why you ask? Because we work with a lot of water and food and they are really easy to clean and quick to dry.

So I, my aunt, and my cousins hop in my aunt’s sedan and head to the mall. After I bought enough scrubs to last for 3 weeks, I decided to go to the spa. My aunt took her kids to Chuck E. Cheeses to have some fun, I told her I’ll call her when I’m done with my spa. I got a 90-minute full body deep tissue massage with the exfoliating & essential oil treatment. Also a mani-pedi and a silk press for my hair, it was down to my shoulder blades now and I felt amazing afterward.

While getting my nails done I met this pregnant woman that had lots of people fawning over and bowing to her. Then I learned why by hearing her title and name being called,

“Luna Latoya?” said one of her servants, bowing, holding a tray of snacks and juices in front of her. She smiled looked over and chose one. She was beautiful, tall maybe 6′3", with smooth chocolate skin, light hazelnut-colored eyes, and short curly black hair with highlights of purple in it. And she was absolutely glowing in her pregnant state. I pray I look that awesome whenever I get pregnant.

But that’s a while away, I’ve never been allowed even a boyfriend growing up. Mainly because my parents were teenage parents and didn’t want me to follow in their footsteps. But after I got settled in at work I would love to at least start dating guys.

On the first day of my training, I wake up around 5 a.m. and make a quick breakfast, get dressed and head out to catch the bus. I don’t have a car, because I never learned how to drive, so I take public transportation.

The manager training course is Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. I received my itinerary, map, history & info of the Cedar Falls Pack, cooking schedule, curriculum, badge, and also the allergy list of students. There were over 1200 students, staff, faculty, and volunteers of all species that attended the building on a daily basis. And that I will be responsible for having enough food available for them all.

I will also be responsible for providing catering during special events like holiday festivals, prom, homecoming, balls, certain birthdays, etc. It seems like there’s at least one event every month. That sounds like fun! I wonder if I’ll be able to help decorate for any of them? Because decorating is kinda my thing.

The month went by quickly and smoothly and it was finally time to meet my crew of 30. They were of different species and ethnicities as well, I loved the diversity. And everyone was very laid back, no drama types which was even better. I came to work, not to gossip or cause drama!

“Good Morning Everyone! I’m Abijah your new manager and it’s a pleasure to meet you all. If there’s anything you feel the need for me to know, please don’t hesitate! I pray we all have had an awesome and restful summer. And that we have a wonderful new school year. I made some treats and drinks for y’all, please enjoy!”

I had announced to my crew, and several of them came up to me immediately and I enjoyed the attention. I had no idea how anyone was going to react to me, being the new face of the kitchen and all. But they were respectful and pleasant to be around. I was looking forward to starting this new adventure in my life. Little did I know, I was in for a surprise in the form of a little future Alpha named Zavier.

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