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Looking for her.

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A dark mage was sealed years ago. Betrayed by the women he trusted he is once again set free to roam the world. In this magical world where magic and gods exists. Two sisters embark on a journey to find the chosen one, the women who would seal once again the dark mage. Meanwhile Sahara, was dragged in this magical journey when her best friend disappears, being her best friend a powerful candidate of being the chosen one. Walk along with Sahara in this journey full of magic, love, friendship, and weird dreams that can be or not, a message for the future.

Fantasy / Romance
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Prologue: The seal is gone

The sky was dark when she wake up, already finding the difference on her surroundings. The room was filled with darkness but she was not afraid of the dark. She stood from her bed and walked slowly towards the window, her pajamas making soft noises as she did so, the moonlight being the only light in her room that illuminated her features. The night appeared peaceful, free of malice. But she knew better, she could see the night animals hiding, running, squirming away from him.

Finally after years he was finally free to roam the earth and bring the true reign once again. Finally his lord, Neron would be able to walk Earth once again.

She was more than ready to welcome him on her life and bring a new era to Earth. Her body was already trembling with energy an excitement. Her magic responding to her emotions, creating small ripples on the water on her night stand.

“Welcome back, my lord” She said to the night, hoping her whisper would be carried by the wind to her lord, wherever he may be. She would wait for him, like she did all this years.

She returned and walked past a mirror, even in the darkness her reflection could be seen. Long ,wavy, red hair with slightly dark skin, she was a fair lady with dark, long lashes which curled upwards on a delicate way, freckles were sparkled on her face like the stars on the sky. Her lips were plump and had a beautiful. natural, peachy tint on them, her eyes were the color of the honey, a light brown with some yellow in between. She was dressed in plain grey pajamas one size bigger than her, comfortable to be.

The name of this gorgeous woman was Astra Vlahos. She was one of the few witches who still worshipped her lord to this day, most of them being dead or betraying their lord by siding with the wench branch. One of the few who actually fight on the war, all those years ago.

Astra smiled at her reflection, her eyes taking the shape of crescent moons when she did so. Finally she’ll see her lord again, but this time she will make sure her lord reigns over the world. Just like it was supposed to happen all those centuries ago.

Before that wench betrayed them and caused his lord’s downfall.

She lighted some candles of her altar, the flame rising up in a dangerous dance. Sending a signal to all the sisters and brothers, to be ready to welcome the true lord once again.

The crows where dancing on the sky. The only animals who weren’t afraid of the energy her lord was sending. With a deep breath she returned to her bed, willing her body to relax, just enough so she could enter a meditating state. A place where she could try and have a better, calmer control on her excited energy. Maybe meet some of her magical siblings along the way.

Her body begun to have small jerks. Her breath become more heavy, her hearth slowing its rate, soon she could feel herself as if floating from her body.

She was supposed to meditated and got some calming energy. Yet her body and mind betrayed her, bringing back to her those awful memories. Her lord chained with the sacred chains of one of the main goddesses. His face showing disbelief, rage and betrayal towards the woman in front of him.

The woman who had the nerve of crying in front of him, as if she was the one being betrayed.

She forced herself out of meditation, hating her mind for showing those memories. Her face contorted on a snarl, rage written all over her face, recalling vividly the face of that woman “Prodótis” she murmured, because that’s what the woman was for her, a betrayer.

Relaxing her body, she decided she would no sleep anymore. And so she decided to get ready for her day.

After all her lord was back, and that alone was enough cause for celebration.

As soon as Acacia felt the energy change, she knew that something was off. The shift was sudden and violent, as if it were not supposed to happen. In the chaos of the house, she found her sister Rosaura crying on the floor, her energy all over the place sending powerful yet unpredictable blasts.

“Rosa!” She screamed running to her side, her sister just wailed as a response “Take deep breaths, try to calm yourself,” But her sister keep crying, not even trying to follow Acacia’s instructions.

Acacia knew Rosa’s reaction was due to the shift she felt. Rosa had been always the one most in tune with the energy flow, and if even she, with almost zero connection toward the energy flow could feel the change, she can’t imagine what her sister felt at the moment. It must be horrible, maybe someone forced themselves on the flow, or something like that, since her sister was screaming as if someone was ripping her heart out.

She was hugging her, trying to calm her down, but it was difficult when her sister magic keep on hurting Acacia. She can feel blood on the inside of her mouth, but Acacia refused to let her sister alone on this.

“Rosaura, por amor a mi madre, just breath!” She said on panic, feeling how Rosaura wasn’t breathing, she shake her sister’s body, panic on her voice when she said ” Solo respira mujer! You can’t die for no breathing when you are a high witch! Si te mueres, te mato mujer! ” She even threatened her, even though the panic on her voice did little to help her.

Slow, painfully so, she could feel Rosaura breathing again, a wave of relief washed over Acacia. After what felt like hours, finally Rosaura spoke, only to say something that worried Acacia more.

“Acacia, please call our lady” She said in a voice barely louder than a whisper, yet Acacia heard her well, feeling sick, she dared to ask her sister.

“You mean the High priest Lucia?” Her sister gave her the tiniest nod ever, yet her eyes were full on determination ” Okay sis, I got this” She carefully let go of her sister and make her way to call the priest.

Even when knowing she was the best option to call, Acacia couldn’t help the heavy feeling on her chest at her mention. Because of course her little sister would call Lucia before even saying thank you to her blood sister. After three tones the priest finally answer her.

And by the looks of it she was pretty busy with whatever she was doing, but Acacia did not care. Rosaura called for her, and gods help her if this pretty lady turned her sister down.

She won’t. A voice whispered on her ear.

She knows that your sister words are powerful. Said again that little voice.

" Acacia? Darling it’s a surprise you called, and don’t get me wrong I’m delighted but there’s something I must d-” Acacia cut her off, before she could even finishes her phrase.

“I felt it too. Rosaura almost have a heart attack thanks to the backlash and she told me to call you. That’s just how weak and tired she is now.” Silence for about five good seconds before a gasp from Lucia was heard.

“My goddess, this can’t be, I’ll be there in less than a hour” And juts like that she hung up.

And suddenly Acacia felt like this was just the beginning. Seeing her sister still sobbing on the floor, and the way that priest sounded so worried and afraid, send a shiver down her back.

Something dark and wrong was unleashed. She could feel it. On the way her little sisters emotions were jumping from one to another.


Acacia could feel it, too well for her liking. Because where her sister was too energy tuned, Acacia was too emotional tuned, a blessing and a curse altogether. And she was afraid, of what would come next. Hopefully Miss. Perfect and holy will have a solution.


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