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The Dystorian Lineage

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Follow Prince Cormack as he fell in love with a creature of the night and engages in a battle against a vain and greedy queen

Fantasy / Other
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The Dystorian Lineage

As soon as he touched the soft grass, Cormack ran like the wind, not daring to look back. To his horror, he heard the thunderous galloping of horses. Winding around trees and dodging blindly of any low hanging branches, Cormack lost the horsemen after a heart-thudding chase into the forest. As he made his way deeper inside carrying a torch, something moved past him, and all went dark.

Cormack awoke on a marble-stoned cold floor tinged with black and green. A good ten feet to his right, stood a pale lady but breathtakingly enchanting, looking not older than 24 dressed in a dark maroon gown, the hem of her gown just right above her heels. She eyed Cormack with brilliant reddish-golden eyes, alert and contemplative. As he continued to stir, a flash of excitement passed her pale complexion. When she spoke, her voice sounded so silky and light yet dangerous.

“Hello there…human. I see that you’re finally waking up. My sincerest apologies for having us meet like this. After all, you were trespassing. Now, I propose that you should indulge me in what brings you into my domain?”

Followed by a short pause, she laughed sending chills up Cormack’s spine. “I almost forgot, where are my manners? I’m Celeste but for you, Your Highness would suffice.”

Judging by Cormack’s surprised look, she said softly with a small playful smile, “Yes human I am soon to be Queen of my beloved dark clan.”

In seconds, she was in front of Cormack’s eyes, hand to his throat.
With a sinister smile and eyes glinting, she spoke softly, “I repeat, what are you doing here in the vicinity of my domain?”

“I-I-was in s-search f-f-or assistance…. f-rom-m yo-u-u”, choked Cormack.

“And why exactly?”, hissed Celeste dangerously.

“Ru-una-a-way... Dy-st-toria… que-en…”

Celeste relinquished her grip and Cormack thudded onto the hard marble. Celeste, still standing over Cormack watching in eerie silence, only the hard gasps from Cormack are being heard.

When Cormack steadied himself, Celeste spoke once again, with the same soft dangerous tones, she said, “I shall need to prove that you’re telling the truth and… I am hungry indeed now…”

Before Cormack could even push himself up into a sitting position, Celeste’s lips already around his neck, her fangs like two sharp white-hot needles piercing deep into his flesh. The pain, yet there’s pleasure mixed in it. Memories and events flooded Celeste’s mind; she could see everything about Cormack. For what seems like an eternity, Celeste withdraws herself, licking her lips, a look of immense satisfaction upon her pale features.
“Oops, I think I might’ve taken a little too much from you, my pet after all I’ve never tasted blood as intoxicating as yours…”, teased Celeste. Cormack could barely muster any energy; he felt himself slipping away into unconsciousness.

The last thing he felt before succumbing was the cold soothing touch from Celeste as she whispered into his ear while licking a drizzle of blood running down from her bite, “Everything’s going to be alright my pet….”

Cormack awoke a day and a half later and finds himself on a plush velvety bed accompanied by four bedposts at each corner. As if right on cue, Celeste walked in, her majestic grandeur engendering Cormack to gawk, carrying a tray of what looks like food.
Seeing him awake and staring, she gave a tinkling laugh and cooed, “Finally…look who’s awake….”. She propped Cormack up on the pillows while brushing his hair away from his brown eyes.
“You’ve been out for some time my pet”, said Celeste. “Here, let me feed you.”

Cormack, still feeling a bit disoriented, did not recoil at her perching lightly beside him and allowed himself to be fed. Although uneasily terrified by her, there’s something captivating about Celeste. Celeste must’ve noticed the worry in Cormack’s eyes for she nonchalantly said with a giggle, “Don’t worry my pet, it seems that you were being truthful after all. You don’t have to fear anything anymore.” Cormack nodded hesitantly.

“Oh, and by the way, you’ve completely missed my coronation. It’s Queen Celeste now my little one”, gushed Celeste while stroking Cormack’s cheek.

“Now I’ve got to dash my sweet, try to finish up the food and get some rest. I’ll check on you later.”

As dusk fast approaches, Celeste returned. “And how’s my little pet doing so far?”, cooed Celeste.
“M-muc-hh better Y-your Majesty”, stammered Cormack.
Celeste turned her golden-red eyes on him and said with a smile, “Good, good. Do you feel strong enough to adjourn to the library with me tonight? It’s only fitting that I give you a tour around my palace too.”
Cormack found himself saying “Yes I w-ould-d be honored, Your-r Majesty. Th-hank you.” The pair spent a chunk of the evening exploring the palace and visiting the library. It isn’t well past 1am till Cormack stifled a yawn.
“Tired, my sweet?”, chuckled Celeste. “Come, let us retire to our chambers now”, said Celeste firmly as Cormack showed signs of interjection. Celeste spent the next hour telling Cormack about the history of her and her clan. As Cormack felt himself embracing sleep, she reassured him while planting kisses on his neck, “Good night my pet…rest easy for I’m here.”

As the days progressed into weeks, Cormack found himself adapting to his new sanctuary. He is always by Celeste’s side as soon as he was fully recovered. One night, the pair went on a stroll around the palace’s grounds. The stars seemed to be smiling and the night was still and cool, only the sounds of distant wolf howls rippled through the perpetual darkness.

“My sweet, I have never told anyone about this so if I as much as get word about what I told you I’m afraid I’ll have to end your existence.”
Seeing the scared look on Cormack’s face, she let out a cackle which sounded strangely beautiful that could be heard from all over the courtyard.

“I’m only teasing my sweet pet not to worry, I uhm actually do sometimes envy the life of humans a little.” Over the next half hour, the pair were so engrossed in their discussion. Just as they were walking around the palace garden, Cormack pushed Celeste up against the pole. Celeste looked extremely indignant, with fangs baring in the moonlight. “Just what do you-”
Their lips met for the first time. With their bodies entwined, both started to kiss fiercely. When they pulled apart and their eyes met, something sparked in between them. Celeste looked pleasantly surprised and breathless, “You...kissed...me…” She pulled Cormack in for another, Cormack whispered, “I... confess that I have feelings for you, something about you is just so...captivating, from your slender appearance to your dominant, caring nature.” Cormack’s cheeks reddened as he said this. “For as long as I’m around my darling fiancé, nobody is going to touch you. You are mine and mine only...”, Celeste said with a light ferocity.

“Always and forever my Queen.”
“Always and forever my... King.”

The months progressed and their relationship blossomed. It wasn’t very soon until Celeste got pregnant. Celeste couldn’t rule her clan as the child feeds off of her.

“Stop...I can’t...do t-that anymore t-to you”, gasped Celeste weakly one night as Cormack stood over her, his wrist held in front of her. “I’ll deteriorate you, wear you down even worse if I continue this.” Her tears are evident that she’s fighting the pain and adamant that she’ll not take from her husband anymore. Cormack’s heart broke as he watched his beloved suffer.

“But you need sustenance, our child needs sus-”, he faltered under her glare.

“Come hold me please my beloved...”, she spoke barely audibly. Cormack had her in his arms at once. The baby was born soon after a couple of weeks later. It was a grisly situation as the baby clawed its way out engendering Celeste to be on the cusp of death. Cormack having no choice but to disobey Celeste’s adamant request that he shall not use his blood on her and slit his arm to revive his beloved wife.

Unbeknownst to all, the High Mage of Krystar is already performing a locator spell for the queen that placed a bounty on Cormack’s head. It took a few days to pinpoint his location.
“It is done my Queen”, said the High Mage.
Roselyn rose to her feet and swept towards the mage, stopping just behind her.

Her lips curled into an evil satisfied smile, she spoke in a dangerously sweet voice, “Well done mage, you do not disappoint. You shall be rewarded right now.”
And in one quick move, Roselyn snapped the mage’s neck. Her lifeless body crumpled to the mossy stone floor of the north tower and Roselyn stepped away, descending the stairs and cackling to her heart’s content, ready to put the next phase in motion.

As Celeste recuperated, Cormack decided to go out for a run one evening. But he was back in a matter of minutes. He burst into the study to find Celeste tending to Selene, cooing and giggling together.

“What’s the matter my love?”, asked Celeste upon reading the panicked expression on her husband’s handsome features.
“They-y... spotted...recog-gnized... the queen’s sco-uts...they-y know our location-n”, panted Cormack.

The look of alarm flashed across her radiant features only to be replaced by intense ferocity which Cormack has never seen before in her striking golden eyes mere seconds after.

“Rally the others, fortify the perimeters we need all hands on deck!”, she shouted as she took flight towards the west wing before Cormack could even utter a word. In minutes, the entire clan stood at the ready at every entrance. It wasn’t before long that the royal regime came storming up the horizon, wielding iron weapons and donning heavy metallic armor that reflected the evening sun. Chaos ensues thereafter with both sides engaging viciously in the battle. Cormack and Celeste enter the fray, battling back-to-back, their chemistry impeccable. Cormack and Celeste eventually got separated, Cormack trying to locate Queen Roselyn, the queen who’s abhorrent and jealousy towards him of being the successor to Kingdom Dystoria caused this war. Cormack continued on, taking down as many soldiers as he can, he eventually found her but lost sight of the queen. He tracked her to the east wing just in time where Selene was.

“Stop right there!”, he called out to her. Instantly, three soldiers seized Cormack. Queen Roselyn turned to face him with a triumphant look upon her face. “Well, well, well, my dear boy, it’s nice to finally meet again and how you’ve flourished into a handsome young man”, she said with a hint of malice, an evil smile playing on her lips. “After all this time, you’re in my grasp at last. I so hated the fact that your late father entitled you to be the next ruler instead of me. I’ve longed to get rid of you since then, but I had to deal with your old man first. After I did, it was easy afterwards.”

“It’s only fitting that my father passed on the throne to me, his only son and true heir”, retaliated Cormack.

“You were only a boy, unfit to hold such power and still are! I’ve worked so hard to get into the kingdom, the throne is all that matters to me!”, hissed Queen Roselyn. Cormack could feel the blood boiling in his body, little did he know that he has some part of the vampire traits instilled in him by Celeste.

Cormack pulled and struggled so violently until another soldier had to step in to hold him back. “Enough of this insolence, I’ve come too far to get what I want and now finally have it... you get to say hello to your dear father...”, sneered Queen Roselyn. Just as she were about to plunge the sword into his heart, Celeste jumped between them.
Everything went still for a moment. Cormack felt the adrenaline and fury and despair rush through his body. He took down the guards who were pinning him to the wall and had Roselyn’s throat in his hand in the next second. She crumpled to the floor, drowning in her own blood. Cormack turned to Celeste with such pain and devastation on his face, cradling her in his arms.

“Pl-leas-e-e don’t go-o, don’t lea-vve me-e my love-e....”, sobbed Cormack.

Celeste flashed a weak smile, “It-t was worth it-t.......rais-se... our daughter wel-l, keep her sa-afe... you-u... were the... be-es-t thi-n-ng that ever happe-ned-d to me-e...”, shuddered Celeste, dark crimson blood pouring from her mouth and chest.

“You-u can’t lea-v-e me......not-t right no-w-w, what happen-ed-d to forev-er? I can’t los-e-e you...I ca-a-n’t...”, sobbed Cormack.

“I’m so-orr-y... m-y-y love...so...s-so...so-r-ry... I lo-v-e-e you m-y da-arlin-g one...I’ll alwa-y-ys be in her-e-e...”, gasped Celeste weakly as she raised her blood-stained hand to his heart. She gave Cormack one last smile and she stopped breathing. Cormack roared in despair as he began to sob uncontrollably.

The sun gradually rose over the horizon, illuminating the rubbles of the half-destroyed palace. Celeste and many others who fell during the battle were laid to rest just behind the palace’s garden. As the years passed, Cormack often thought of Celeste. His pain and loss, so bad that he had never felt anything like that before. Selene soon grew into a beautiful and graceful young lady and as she grew, she is the perfect resemblance of Celeste and future heir of two kingdoms as well as daughter to Cormack.

“Oh, my darling queen, how I’ve missed you so much... if only you were here, enjoying our time together with our ravishing daughter...”

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