Spirits Cry

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chapter 1

I climbed onto my paws and winced at the pain, I looked around unsure of were I was I noticed a set of tree green eyes peering at me from the shadows. I was unsure of what to do I didn’t even remember anything about my past aside from encountering a she-wolf with the same eyes, “Hello, were am I?” I asked and in response came a silky smooth voice, “Don’t you know, I brought you heer just as my mentor did.” She walked out of the shadows and her pelt seemed to ripple and change color, it changed from a smoky grey to snow white with a lighting blue streak on both her sides and running down her own two tails.

“How much do you remember?” She asked calmly. “I don’t remember anything, but a few flashes. I recall running, then fire racing towards me, and then the wolf, but that’s it.” I looked up at this she wolf, “What’s going on, who are you and who am I for that matter what am I?” “Calm down and relax, my name in Inserentra and as for you, you were saved by the Gohst, to the humans your the white one and we are spirit shifters.”

“We live all over the world, some of us even have more than one animal form.” Inserentra’s form waivered in the light and all of a sudden standing before me stood an elegant white mare with saphire blue feathers on a set of wings and a single horn apon her head. The light rippled again and she was a wolf again. “How did you do that?” I asked with high curiosity in my voice. “It is not something that can be tought yet it can be learned, you must figure out how to do it on your own. Say do you remember what your pelt color is?” I gave her a questioning look, “Yeah, its a light blue.” She laughed and shook her head, “No, it’s a dark blue now, like the ocean at night with light grey steaks in it.”

“What?” I quickly looked at myself and saw that she was right but only briefly before being struck by intense pain that made me collapse. Hazy eyed and dizzy I looked at Inserentra as she spoke, “Try not to go anywhere, I’ll be back in a while.” She went back into the shadows and as her pelt changed color again and she disappeared. Shortly after she left I walked slowly over to the water and looked at my reflection, my pelt had indeed changed color but my eyes had maintained their pure crystalline blue color.

Although I was in pain and asked to stay put, I just couldn’t with my memory the way it is. I had to move I had to find out who was. I crawled over to the spot where Inserentra disappeared and found that their was a hidden opening to the cave. I looked around again before heading into it, as I approached the end of the walk area I smelled something new. It smelled of both cat and bird, I cautiously stuck my head out and peered around. What ever I was smelling wasn’t there, meaning it most likely just left.

I walked up to the edge of the cave and looked around. It was a shear fifty foot drop, which I wasn’t really wanting to take in my current state. In the corner of my eye I saw a small trail that I hoped would lead me out of here. I followed the trail going up hill until I reached the top. “That took longer than I thought it would,” I said to myself in a raspy voice, and noted that I had to stop and rest every so often. I looked at my underbelly and saw some blood trickle out of the still closing wound, and with my throught dry and inflamed I needed to find a cool stream were I could rest and get a drink.

I walked for what seemed like hours before I came to a streem on the edge of a forest. I slowly walked into the cool water enjoying the relief that washed over me, I bent my head down and greedily drank the water. After a few moments of staying like this I looked back and saw my tracks, I thought for a minute before deciding to swim up river into the forest.

After what felt like twenty minutes I climed out of the river and shook a little. Looking back at my reflection I got a good look at my pelt now that it was cleaned, it has turned to the same shade of black as the night sky with a streak of white on both my sides and one of red running down the center of my back. I thought about Inserentra and how her pelt changed to make her look like a normal wolf, I consentraded on what a normal fox looked like but my pelt stayed the same as well as both my tails. I tried again and got the same resault, why couldn’t I change? Suddenly I heard a twig snap and I limped over behind the nearest tree and laid down in the bush below it. A human emerged from the shadows and ran up to river, he stopped and looked around for a minute before he looked at were I was hiding and I swere that he saw me but he just looked back at the water before a sky blue light inveloped him, when the light faded in his place stood an eagle. Two humans with raised crossbows emerged and shot the eagle in the chest before it could take off. One of the two men walked up to the eagle and loosened another bolt in the head before they turned and walked back the way they came. I emerged and walked up to the other spirit shifter, I took one of his feathers feeling that since I couldn’t save him in life I would watch over him in death. I tucked the feather in just below my neck with my hind paw and twisted my fur around it so that it wouldn’t fall out, rage lit up inside of me and I directed it at the humans. I would hunt them down for what they did. I pictured what the shifter had looked like as a human he stood tall with short brown hair, I felt emence pain and collapsed but then I was swallowed in a black light.

When it faded I stood there on two legs instead of four, I walked up to the river and looked at myself I stood what looked like two brod-swords tall, my upper body was prime with muscle, my lower body was covered with thick black fur, my feet were still paws but it would be hard to tell since they were covered by shoes made from hide, my hair was a dark blond and fell to the middle of my shoulders, my teeth were almost perfect and white except that my k-nines were still long like fangs, and my eyes were still the same. The wound on my jest shrunk but it was still there, I felt a cloak on my back and looked at it. It was made of fox hide, exept it had feathers around the edge of it from the two tails up to the head that sat over my shoulder. I pulled the cloak tight around me and looked at were the other shifter had fallen, to my suprise his body was gone I moved to look around and heard a rattling on my left shoulder and saw tallans on that side of my cloak.

I started walking in the direction that the two humans took and bared my fangs at there scent. After I made my way to the edge of the woods again I stopped to catch my breath and placed a hand on my chest over the throbbing wound. I looked around and found the perfect branch sitting on the ground and picked it up, leaning on it for support I walked on. A new smell was mixed in with the humans now, it was that of two horses, I continued on walking for a few more hours and stopped outside of a human town, I smelled the air again and growled, I had lost the cent but if they were?here I would find them.

I walked slow into the town trying not to draw attention to myself I headed for my first destination, the local inn, it was harder to find then I thought it would be considering I couldn’t read human, I asked several people but they weren’t very helpful. I decided to ask one more person. I walked up to a boy who looked to be in his mid teens, I cleared my throught before talking, “Excuse but could you please point me in the direction of the inn?”

My voice was deep and clear, the boy smiled and responded in a tone that was two octaves higher than mine, “Yea, that’s the Dragon Inn, last building at the end of this raod.” I thanked him and then walked down to the building at the end of the road, sure enough there was a picture of a dragon on the building. I opened the door and walked inside. The place was almost completely empty aside for the attendant and one of the men I was after. The man had the attendant pushed up against the side of the wall with a knife to her throught. “Any last words Shifter?” He spit out the last word as it were a disease.

My instincts kicked into action and I grabbed the man and through him backwards into the opposite wall and went after him again. He pulled out a dagger and swung at me I stepped back before moving forward, I grabbed the arm with the blade and twisted till it snapped and jabbed the man’s throught to keep him from crying out, I pulled him forward and twisted around him then pushed him onto his own dagger and slammed him in the back of the head. He fell to the floor, dead.

I walked over to the attendant, “Are you okay?” I asked, she only nodded. It looked like she was zoned out, I wave my hand infront of her, “Are you sure I should ask him?” She mumbled underneath her breath before coming back from inside her head. “Are you alright?” I asked again, “Yeah, sorry,” she looked at me as if studying me. “He called you a shifter, is this true?” She looked scarred for a minute before she answered, “Yes, I’m a spirit shifter, I change into a horse.” She said in a small voice, “What about you?” “Oh me, I’m a fox” I answered her question casually. “Do you know were the other one of theese men went?” She shook her head than zoned out again, “Why shouldn’t we trust him. I know but we owe him for saving us.” I looked at her confusion evident on my face, “Who are you talking to?” I ask, “Sorry my inner horse and I were talking, anyway I’m Trish and my horse is Nightfall, what’s you name?” I sighed and thought for a minute befor deciding, “My name is Kinsteran.”

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