Spirits Cry

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I stayed at the inn for the rest of the day and for the night. When I went into the room Trish had provided I shifted back to my fox form and stretched my stiff muscles, it still hurt to change and the wound on my chest opened again. I yelped in pain and collapsed, my blood started flowing onto the floor. Trish came into the room with a worried look on her face, her eyes went wide when she saw the blood that was beginning to pool around me. She bent down and picked me up to put me on the bed and tied a sheet around my chest to stop the bleeding. Her eyes had changed from blue to a hazelnut, “Consentrait on healing,” she said to me but yet it didn’t seem to be to me. Based on the new pitch in her voice I believe its Nightfall who is talking, I wince and try to do as what she says. The bleeding stopped but the wound only seals a little, Nightfall looked at my chest, “What happen to you?” She asked. ”I honestly don’t remember, that’s actually part of the reason I’m out,to find my forgotten past.” I say and Nightfall nods her head.

“Wait you mean you have no memory of your past?” She asked suprised. ”Not really no." Is all I can say through clenched teeth as pain flairs in my wound. Nightfall looks at my chest with tender eyes, “It looks like claw marks, so who ever did this is a predatory animal.” I slowed my breathing and consentrated on my human form. The black light engulfed me again and I was back to being human. “You never told us your other name.” Nightfall stated, “I only have one name, because there’s only one of me, and I’m the animal the human is dead.” I wasn’t sure were all this information came from but I knew it to be truth.

Blue eyes once again shone on the lady’s face so I knew it was Trish again. She looked sad, but why? She got up and walked over to the door and looked back once, “Try and get some sleep,” she said calmly before leaving and closing the door behind her. I felt my eyes begin to sag and I welcomed the sleep that over took me. I fell into a world of darkness and a strong dreamless sleep.


My eyes shot open when I felt a hand on my face and was sitting upright before I realized that it was my own. I looked around and saw Trish asleep in a chair in the corner of the room, I got up on my paws and walked over to the bowl of water sitting on the desk and stopped when I saw my reflection. My ears were fox ears again, and stood upright on top of my head. They twitched and turned as Trish streached and sat up, she yawned then looked at me. Her eyes were hazlenut so not Trish but Nightfall, “your awake before I thought you’d be.” She smiled sweetly and walked up to the door and waved for me to follow. I pulled the fox head on my cloak over my head then looked around and down at my paws before a flash of darkness apeared and the hide shoes were covering them. I grabbed my stick and walked out of room closing the door behind me then limped down the stairs into the diner, I sat at a vacant table and listened around to the few people that were. All were talking in hushed tones about mainly farms or the soldiers, the conversation behind me caught my attention. “Did you hear, the Gohst was killed last month!” Really I thought that was one of the hardest things to do.” “Yeah and I heard that he was a shifter of all things. Good riddance to that creature.” The first guy spat before standing up and leaving, the second guy stayed sitting while he drank something that smelled good, he sighed and sounded depressed. “How many of us will they slaughter before they’re content, did you like our conversation?” He growled behind me. “Devik leave Kinsteran alone he just got here.” Trish snapped before setting some cooked lamb and a dark liquid that smelled like the one Devik has. Devik decided to join me at my table were Trish was now sitting as well, I tasted the liquid and my eyes lit up before I drank it all down, Devik laughed a little. “So like your coffee do you?” Trish smiled as well. ′So this stuff is called coffee.′ I thought as I gug straight into my meat not realizing just how hungry I was.

“So are you a shifter to?” I whispered after finishing my lamb. He went wide eyed then his eyes went from blue to black, “Yeah I’m an Arabian like my sister Trish,” he said after his eyes turned back to normal. Devik looked at the fox head sitting on top of mine and fround, he was about to say something then stopped when he saw that the other customer were now all looking at me as well. I looked over at them, “Can I help you with something?” I asked calmly. The two customers looked away for a minute before standing up and leaving after paying for their food. Trish walked over and locked the door behind them, she then turned towards Devik and I, “I think its about time we headed towards our field to talk.”

After we left the village and walked for two straight hours we finally reached a large field with no sign of human interaction. Trish and Devik walked forward a few paces and then were swallowed in a brown light, in their place stood two dark horses, Nightfall and Devik as a horse. I followed suit and changed back to a two tailed fox I winced in pain my chest throbbed, “Good, now that were all in animal form, since you don’t know yet Kinsteran, my brothers name is Windchaser.” Windchaser looked at Nightfall then at me, “Why didn’t your name change?” He asked. “Its because I’m the inner animal and my human half is gone, ” I responded, “what can you tell me about the Gohst?” I asked. Windchaser laughed, “You don’t know about him? He was a hero amongst all spirit shifters, he had lived for fifteen decades before the humans got him. He had saved hundreds of spirit shifters from being hunted and slaughtered by the humans. The last of us he saved was a few years ago, siblings like me and Nightfall, a wolf shifter and a leopard shifter. He took them in and raised them until could survive on their own. A few shifters say that grew second tails like Gohst, the Gohst was also a two tailed fox like you but his pelt was white as the mist and he was one who always disolved into thin air. But the humans burnt him alive when he tried to help another lost shifter find his way.”

I stared at Windchaser for a while, I could tell that he wasn’t to fond of me, was it because I look symalar to the Gohst, or was it because Trish seemed to like me? I shook then remembered the feather, I raised my hind paw to were I put it, ′Good still in place’, I thought. I looked at Windchaser again then at Nightfall, “I have to find someone, will you help me stop these humans from hunting us?” I asked. Windchaser shook his head and glared daggers at me, Nightfall scolded him then turned to me, “We would be happy to help you along your way.”

Windchaser huffed and nickered displeased that his sister was willing to help me, a spirit shifter she didn’t really know. We decided to stay in animal forms, well for them at least it would be hard for the humans to know what they were, as for me it would ne as obvious as the day. I thought of how Inserentra was able to change her appearance again and remembered that she had two tails like me, ′Maby I can do that instead of looking like a normal fox′ I closed my eyes and thought of animals any animal but nothing, I thought of the feather again. Suddenly pain shot threw me and I yelped before the black light engulfed me, this time I felt my muscles shift, was that natural?

The light faded then I opend my eyes, bad move, I recoiled and shut my eyes again temporarily blinded. I squinted at the now harsh light and felt very tired but looked around anyways.

Nightfall’s and Windchaser’s jaws had dropped, it was Windchaser who spoke first, “How did you do that, change from a fox to an owl?” “Your a snow owl now!” Exclaimed Nightfall. I looked at myself rotating my head and they were right, still feeling tired I flew to a near by tree and settled on a low brach, my chest aked again but at least this time the wound was hidden by all my features. Nightfall and Windchaser cantered up to the tree, “We’ll head out tonight when we’re all rested.” Said Nightfall, I’m guessing cause I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I once again fell into a dreamless sleep and a world of darkness.


I awoke as the moon rose in the night sky, Nightfall and Windchaser were talking about something but I wasn’t listening. Nightfall looked and saw that I was awake then her and Windchaser galluped over to me and stopped at the tree. “We should head out now to find that hunter and stop him before he kills anymore of our kind,” ′Especially Inserentra′ I thought, for she was the only other shifter that I knew. I flew as high as I could in order to get a better view of the area, there seemed to be a vast group of people to the north. I swooped down to the waiting horses below and screached at them to follow before heading off towards the group of people.

When we arrived we stayed to the shadows and watched the men as they worked. They were sharpening their swords and daggers, a few were sitting at a fire roasting something that didn’t look right. Hanging from a chain on a cart an old man stood looking rather tired. Another person dressed in armor pulled the man’s head back and forced him to drink something before releasing him and stepping back and threw a dagger infront of the now unchained man. The man cauphed several times before hunching over in pain, he cauphed once more before he screamed out in pain and fell over. A group of armored men now stood around him as he screamed in pain, suddenly a green light flowed out of him and started to take form on the side opposite of the man who seamed years younger.

The man grabbed the dagger and stood up, the light manifested into a wolf. It snarled and looked around then looked at the man with a look of confusion in its eyes. The man charged forward at the wolf who leapt into his arms before the man drove the dagger into its back, he threw it on the ground and stabbed him repeatedly. Before he delivered the final blow the wolf spoke and I strained my ears to hear, “Please don’t forget all we have been threw together my friend.” The man drove the blade down and twisted it, ”Good riddance you filthy animal.” The man said and a single tear ran down his cheek and a wicked grin broke across his face.

I looked away unable to watch anymore, it felt like a piece of myself had died and the small flame in my heart burst forward as if someone had just added oil to it. “Lets go, theirs nothing here.” Windchaser said obviously not seeing what had just happened. I looked back at the group of men and listened, ”Welcome to our ranks, now say the modow.” ”All shifters shall give up and kill their animal spirit to join our ranks, or we will destroy them all.” The man said now clad in the same armor as the other men, one of them grabbed the lifeless body of the wolf and put it over a fire to cook.

I turned away and flew away with the other two, when we were a ways away we stopped to talk. “They’re building an army to take us out!” I say sadly. Windchaser looked at Nightfall then stepped up to the tree I was on. “What do you suggest we do?!” He half yelled. I looked at him, “You are going to take Nightfall and hide were they will never find you.” I said sadly with the slaughter playing in my mind over and over again. “We’re not leaving you” Nightfall said sadly and worriedly, “What will you do then?” Windchaser demanded.

I thought for a moment, “I will continue the Gohst’s work and save as many spirit shifters I can, the humans want a fight I’ll give them one. The shifter’s stand for our right to exist and live. And you must leave Nightfall, you and Windchaser both if the shifters are to have a future if this fails.” Nightfall looked on the verge of tears but Windchaser smiled then nodded. “I understand and good luck.” Was all he said before starting to lead Nightfall away.

Sighing I turned around and flew towards Inserentra’s cave till morning at witch point I stopped and landedstarting to feel sleepy. I thought of my human form but shear rage shot threw me at the thought, the dark light engulfed me like a flame and faded with no pain. I stood on all fours, I looked at myself again. My human form was now completely covered in fur, my hand had grown claws, my mouth had grown out to a snout full of sharp teeth and my fangs were even longer and sharper. My ears were in between fox and human, they were pointed and stood straight up but from the side of my head. My two tails were attached, and my back was covered by feathers. The wound on my chest was now just a claw marked scar that I had a feeling would never faid, I walked over to a pond that I landed by and saw my human eyes were now gold with a hint of red. My whole body surged with power and I raced off at high speed to my destination.

Whe I got to the ledge I stopped and thought of what I actually looked like, the light swallowed me and I returned to my true self, the fox with crystalline blue eyes. I walked carefully back down the ledge and into the cave to find Inserentra waiting inpatiently, “Took you long enough to get back here.” Was all she said, I looked at her. “A war with the humans is brewing and I need your help to train that way I’m strong enough to protect the other shifters and to lead them for our survival.” “So be it, but my training isn’t easy and will take a long time! Are you up for it?” I nod, “Good then lets begin.”

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