Spirits Cry

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chapter 3

I was thrown against the cave wall for the tenth time today, I growled and got up again determined to get better. I charged Inserentra, she jumped to the side last minute before shifting to her horse faster than I could blink and kicked backwards. I was hit in the lower of my back sending me into the wall again, I grunted but got up again. I focussed on flying and was swallowed by darkness and then flew out an owl in full dive. Inserentra ducked then light flashed and she pounced a wolf and held my wings to the ground and snarled next to my ear before getting off of me.“That makes nine times you would have died today, but I’ll admit your shifting time has improved in the past month.” Inserentra said with a smile, “Shame I’m not done yet, lets go again.“Inserentra smiled even more and lowered herself into a snarling crouch and I did the same once I was a fox again.

It was one thing for me to shift, but it was something entirely different to hold that shift. Unlike all other shifters I don’t have a human side anymore, if I ever did, so instead of being able to stay in a different form for as long as I desired, I can only stay in a form outside of being a fox so long as I had the concentration and energy to maintain it.

Inserentra pounced first this time and I jumped backwards to avoid her before leaping forward myself but she just went to the side and in a flash she was a winged horse. She back kicked me and I went flying, darkness shrouded me and again I was an owl but I didn’t shift fast enough to keep from hitting my head on the wall. My vision flashed and I was standing on a mountain side with a heard of goats in front of me and a ram standing over me snorting with a cracked horn.

My vision returned to normal as I hit the ground a fox. Inserentra leapt into the air and changed considering it takes her less than a second to change. I jumped under her and spun around with an idea forming in my head of what to do next. I charged and as I suspected she became the white winged mare and reared when I was within striking range, I thought about that vision, no memory, then poured all of my remaining energy into it and the charge. A split second before Inserentra came down on me dark flame consumed me then disappeared just as fast and my ram horns collided with her under belly. Inserentra hit the wall as a wolf with a loud thud, she looked at me shocked. I smiled before collapsing on the ground as a fox instead of the mountain ram I just was, I huffed trying to catch my breath.

Looked up dazed and Inserentra walked over to the exit of the training cave, “That’s it for todays training.” Her silky smooth voice came a little labered do to the damage I just did. After she left and I got my breathe back I stood up and walked into the sleeping cave chamber that I was using and collapsed on the pelt I slept on and closed my eyes, to tired to do anything else, but at least I had gotten a scrap of memory back. In a few more months I will be a good enough fighter to continue the work of the Gohst.


Inserentra and I were in the mountains now at a cliff face, and I had to scale it without shifting to an owl. I leapt at the cliff and shifted into a ram before landing on the first ledge, I jumped for the next but Inserentra being in her alacorn form swooped down into my back before I made it. I crashed into the ground with the wind knocked out of me, slowly I staggered up right and turned on my hooves before attempting to scale the cliff once again. I looked for Inserentra while I leapt to the second ledge, she shot down towards me like an arrow. Black flame consumed me as I attempted to twist in the air. The flame vanished and I spun in air away from Inserentra as a fox, I landed on the second ledge and skided to a stop. The alacorn charged me and I was forced to leap over her, once my paws touched down I forced energy forward for a rapid change then leapt. Inserentra came from below this time and hit me in the side, anger flowed throughout my body as I forced another shift in order to make it to the next ledge, I landed as my half human form. I spun around and snarled at Inserentra’s glare, again I leapt but I did something different instead of going straight for the ledge while Inserentra charged me, I waited untill we were about to collide before forcing a third rapid change back to a ram and leapt off of her head to land three ledges up.

I huffed for breathe and looked up I still had ten ledges to go before I reached the top. My knees shook but I forced myself to stay upright and took a deep breathe and forced energy to keep flowing. I stepped forward than raced over the edge onto the next and up two more before Inserentra reached me after recovering from me jumping off her head. She flew at me then shifed to a wolf in mid air, as she was about to collide I released my energy and consintration and returned to a fox so I could slide under her and jump.

I forced a rapid change before I landed and stopped as a ram but collapsed almost instantly after, my vision blurred and air came in short gasps. I shook my head and strained every last drop of energy I had into making it to the top and jumped the ledges even faster with Inserentra on my tail.

Once I finally the top I narrowly dodged Inserentra for the last time, “You have grown in strength quite quickly.” Inserentra said as she approached me in wolf form. I breathed heavily as I stood up taller and caught my breathe, “Why is it that we’re able to change our forms so easily yet the other shifters can’t?” I asked, Inserentra looked amused, “It’s because we don’t have human halves holding us back, just like my brother. My brother and I gave it up when we were trained by the Gohst, as for you I’m not sure how you lost yours.”


Inserentra and I were in the cave practicing when suddenly a large animal with half a lion and half eagle body, and earthly green eyes, landed next to Inserentra. The griffin looked me up and down as if analysing me and how I would do in a fight, then turning to Inserentra, who nodded and stepped back. The griffin turned towards me once again, “Pleasure to finally meet you, my name is Inkadeba. Inserentra here is my sister, she told me how strong you have become in the past few months, I would love to test you myself....” he trailed off and cocked his beak to one side. “Spirit” I told him the name that Inserentra and I agreed I would take once I had mastered how to stay in a different shift for as long as I needed, since every time I shifted my pelt colors seemed to switch. As a fox my pelt is black with white streaks, but every other form my hide is white with black streaks, and because I chose to embody the spirit of the Gohst will.

Inkadeba nodded and crouched in an attack stance, I followed suit. Both of us kept our two tails up ready to strike, Inkadeba’s tails twitched and he launched forward. I jumped to the side then lunged at his wing but like with Inserentra he shifted quickly being swallowed by an emerald green light before jumping at me a leopard. We collided and snapped at each other several times before pushing apart and circling each other as we growled. He shifted back to a griffin when I lunged again and landed on my back, I grunted but quickly shifted to a half fox half human state and twisted to get him off in one movement.

Me golden red eyes stared at the griffin studying him carefully, I analyzed how he fought so far. ′Its almost exactly identical to how Inserentra fights.′ I growled and exposed my fangs, I wasn’t about to loose like when I first started out. Suddenly Inserentra lunged at me and I leapt into the air then Inkadeba sailed at me but I grabbed his talents with my claws and shoved upward. We flipped twice before we hit the ground with me on the bottom, I growled but ignored the pain and kicked up with my hind paws and struck Inkadeba in the gut. He screeched in pian and flew off of me, I rolled sideways and dodged Inserentra.

I pulled myself to my feet and snarled at both of them Inserentra the alacorn and Inkadeba the griffin, meanwhile I myself as a fox human cross. I was about to leap forward when my vision flashed out of focus twice before I was in the woods, I was running as hard could away from the humans when a bolt tipped with some green liquid cut my shoulder. I yelped in pain several times as my body spasmed, suddenly I was shrouded in a pale green light then found myself looking back at the armoured men and another human who just appeared on the ground. I didn’t stay to see what was going on I just turned and ran as some humans with dogs chased after me, my pelt stared to grow darker as I ran towards my den.

Suddenly I was brought back to the present as Inserentra and Inkadeba tackled me to the ground as I struggled and snarled in rage. I kicked up but missed, snarling once more before I grin. Black flame flashes over me and I leap to my talents an owl knowing that the smaller size is what I needed to excape their hold, I’m only an owl for the one instant before leaping up as a mountain ram and shoving my horns into Inkadeba shoving him backwards then kicked back and hit Inserentra in the side.

I snort then grin as the two stumbled back together, Inkadeba grinned with joy while Inserentra shifted back to a wolf and snarled obviously not happy. I shifted back to the half human or else werefox state and grinned even more, Inserentra leapt at me first with fangs fully bared and I barely dodged in time. I looked at her and saw in her eyes that this was no longer training but a real fight. I snarled and allowed my instincts to flow through me, Inserentra charged and leapt again but I side stepped and shoved into her as hard as I could and sent her flying into the wall of the cave. I ducked and rolled as Inkadeba flew over me, I dug my claws into the ground and spun around to face the griffin but Inserentra leapt at my side and sank her fangs into my shoulder. I twisted into the air the smashed one clawed fist into the white wolf before landing on her, she let go to howl in pain but I brought the elbow of my now free arm down into her snout and knocked her head into the cave floor.

I turned back towards the griffin with power surging throughout my body, Inkadeba grinned at me again as a strange glow surrounded him. We charged each other and collided, we tried to get a hold on each other while we spun around. Being unable to we each flew backwards, he stayed in the air and I skided across the ground as sparks from my claws until I came to a complete stop. I raised one clawed hand into the air and looked at Inkadeba growling, without warning he swept forward but burst into flames and launched me backwards again. He screached at me no longer a griffin but a full flame phenox, I looked at him and was forced to step back from the power he radiated. I glared and charged him and him me, we hit and I was sent flying in pain and crashed into the ground a two tailed fox. My vision blurred as Inserentra walked over to her brother when his flames died and the griffin was back, my vision went black and I drifted into darkness from exhaustion.


Nightfall and Windchaser were galluping hard and fast trying to get away from the humans that have caught the rest of the heard. Another horse raced by their side with fear evident in his eyes, the three came to a stop at the edge of the clearing and the third horse shifted to a human and stood close to the other two. The men finally reached them and stopped infront of them, the one in the lead jumped off of his horse and walked up to the other man. ”Are theese your horses?” The man in armor asked. ”Yes, yes they are and their not for sale." The shifter said as he eyed the men with crossbows aimed at him and the horses. The night laughed then saidTell you what, have a drink and then we’ll leave you be.” The shifter turned and saw more nights come from behind them to get the three completely surrounded. The man looked back to the other night and accepted the drink and swallowed it in one gulp.

Suddenly he dropped the cup and doubled over holding his gut in pain. He cauphed several times and tears streamed down his cheeks, finally with a cry of pain a green light flowed out of him. The light took form opposite the once shifter and became the horse he was just moments ago, Nightfall and Windchaser reared and backed away in fear of what they just saw. The first night laughed and hit the man infront of him in the back of the skull. Nightfall and Windchaser broke through the soldier’s ranks and charged away. The archers open fire at the fleeing pair but Windchaser fell behind and took all the bolts and arrows. ”Keep running and don’t look back Nightfall, stay hidden and safe.” Windchaser called as pain began to rack his body but he ignored it and charged at the men who drew their swords in response, but before he reached them Windchaser was shrouded in green light and found him self rolling onto the ground as if he had tripped and Devik skided on the grass to come to a stop next to him. Nightfall ran as hard as she could with tears in her eyes knowing what her older brother had done, not seeing where she was going she tripped and tumbled over a cliff face into the fast moving water below.


I bolted upright panting heavily at the dream, my body shook violently against my will. “What a horrible dream” I mumbled out loud as I laid back down, ′I wonder how Nightfall is doing though?′ I thought. Inserentra entered where I was sleeping and smiled “Sleep well?” She asked in her silky smooth voice. I only stretched and yawned bearing my fangs before remembering what happened and jumped to my paws, I looked at Inserentra feeling a little sorry for what happened. “Come on, its time you learned to hide what your pelt from the humans. Oh! And in regards to yesterday my brother had a lot of fun,” she grinned then tackled me to the ground and beared her fangs next to my ear, “and that is payback for me.”

She got off of me then turned and walked away to the cave entrance with me behind her, she shifted to an alacorn and I shifted to a snow owl. We took to the air and flew away from the cave, “I want you searching for a normal fox understood?” She called to me and I nodded, knowing that I would have to kill the fox in order to succeed.

We flew for a while before I finally spotted one, she nodded with a sorrowful look. I turned and dived at the fox on silent wings and out streached talents. The fox still unknowing of the danger lead her kits away from their den cautiously. She spotted my to late as I snagged one of the kitts and flew hard and fast dodging around trees and spinning around branches until we came to a new clearing and threw the kitt at a rock sticking out of the grass. The little kitt yelped in surprise as it was thrown backwards, I dived and shifted to a werefox with my jaw open and fangs beginning to close around the kitt. I closed my eyes unable to watch, my jaw snapped shut as I landed and there was a small yelp before blood started flowing down my snout and onto my tongue. I opened my eyes as tears slowly crept out of them, so I dug a hole in the ground and placed the kitt in it before burying it. I licked the blood from my muzzle then shifted to a light orange fox before becoming my dark two tailed self. Inserentra landed behind me, “Sorry but now thay your training is complete you must leave the area without the knowledge of how to get back to my cave.” I nodded then felt sharp pain and darkness before crumbling as Inserentra kicked me in the back of the head.

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