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Heroes of the Rosé Kingdom

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A half-bird half-human man named Poél Ludden wants to prove to the humans of the Rosé Kingdom that he and his village are trustworthy beings, he encountered a man named "Jake Roy" as Jake bypasses Poél into the kingdom, he is greeted in an unpleasant way. After being kicked out of the inn it Poél survives off eating rotten meat and slept on the fresh grass. One day on a hunting trip he'd spot the Inn Keeper being attacked by a beast and ended up saving the Inn Keeper, he finally has someone's trust and after everyone hearing the news Poél Ludden became famous around the Kingdom, the word went around fast like an epidemic and got the attention of the King. The King of the Rosé Village wants Poél to become a judge since the previous judge died years ago. Poél Gladly accepts and becomes an advocate for his people back at his home town.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1: Poél Ludden

l “In the Rosé Kingdom, there is a King and Queen who killed the peasants in their Land.” Are the only words that come from my parent’s mouths, “They’ll kill you”, “They Hate us bird people”, or even “They’ll torture you”. It’s always the same thing like if this miserable life in this miserable village was being repeated over and over again.” I’m Poél Ludden, I’m a Sivrine, and my race is hated around the Rosé Kingdom. To humans we’re scary monsters because we’re half birds and half-human. Some wizards called us “Harpies” because of our features I try to keep calm and not want to attack them because their words irritate me. I just want to live a life not worrying about being judged for what I am. Tomorrow, I’ll apply for a job at the kingdom.

March 23rd, 1803. I was about ready to leave my house, my mom and dad attempted to convince me to change my mind but they ended up failing miserably. On my way to the kingdom, a few people riding their horses to the Rosé Kingdom Gates stared at me for a solid 30 seconds like if I was some criminal or beast. I decided to become an advocate for the Sivrine Race by getting a job here and proving to the kingdom that Sivrines are worth trusting. When I got to the gates the guards got in my way and said “What are you up to, bird?” I didn’t know how to respond to that but I wasn’t too surprised I expected such words. “I came to apply for a job here.” I’d say with pride, although that moment ended quickly when they started to burst into laughter and said things like “Yeah right, we know your birds are just monsters who attack humans for fun isn’t that right you sadistic piece of crap!” A man with short hair, wearing a light grey jacket with a purple shirt, baggy pants, and seemed to have a black headband walked up to the guards and said “He’s with me, now get out of my way.” The guards looked at him with fear and moved out the way begging for forgiveness, I guess this man is someone important in the Kingdom.

“Sorry about those idiots they won’t bother you anymore.” The mysterious man would say. “Who are you?” I asked out of curiosity. “The names Jake, Jake Roy.” He replied. “I’m deeply grateful you helped me back there.” This was unexpected I didn’t understand why this human would help me without judgment. Jake looked at me and smiled, then ran off to the castle that could be seen on the hill a mile away. “Maybe…maybe some humans are different.” I should decide what job to choose.

In the middle of the Rosé Kingdom, a huge crowd of people looked happy, well for a little bit until some of them glared at me with hate and fear in their eyes. I found an Inn and decided to see if the innkeeper could let me stay. “Excuse me?” I’d call out looking around for the innkeeper. CRASH!!! I quickly looked over to the left, at the end of the long hallway I spotted a little girl who looked pale and had long white hair covering their eyes and nose looking in my direction standing on top of broken plates. The girl ran over to the room next to her on the right but I guess she couldn’t see well with all that hair in the way because she bumped her head on the door. “What’s going on?!” A voice came from the door in front of me behind the innkeeper’s desk. “S-Sorry, I came to ask for-” “Demon!” a lady cried out as she ran back inside the room she came from. The entrance door busted open as 3 armored guards with swords quickly responded to the cry for help. “Where’s the demon!?” The First Guard asked. The Second Guard stood there staring at me quietly. “There!” the Third Guard called out. I was shocked and scared while they were yelling and pointing their swords at me. “Stop.” A deep voice came from behind the 3 guards, and they proceeded to stand straight holding their swords down to the floor, making a pathway for the man behind them. The man looked about 7 ft. tall, wearing a Top hat and a black tunic with a dark purple jacket over it. “What is the meaning of this?” “The innkeeper’s wife said there was a demon sir!” the Third Guard exclaimed with fear. The tall man looked and squinted at me “What are you up to bird?” “Nothing sir I’m looking for a place to stay.” The man glared at me “Come on, no lawbreakers here, just some dodo bird.” The guards walked out in disbelief. I’d turn over to see the inn keeper’s wife peeking through the tiny crack in the door. “Excuse me, ma’am, Can I stay here for the night?”

“S-Sorry for calling you a demon, I didn’t expect to see a…non-human being.” “That was straightforward, not even going to sugarcoat it?” I replied back. I should’ve just said, “It’s okay ma’am.” Because now she started to stare at me in confusion not knowing to reply back it just got uncomfortable. “What’s going on here honey?” A middle-aged-looking man with a southern accent walked from behind the door as he kissed the lady. “This bird person made me feel uncomfortable after I kindly asked him what he was doing here.” The man looked at me, “Alright you brainless pigeon what makes you think you can come into my inn and make my wife feel uncomfortable?” The man would eye me down while taking his musket by the corner of his desk and point it by my neck. “I’m deeply sorry!” I’d say with fear. “Go! Get out of my inn!!!” The InnKeeper yelled, I scurried off outside walking in the night on the stone brick road surrounded with lamp-posts. Finding a dark alleyway in the middle of the bakery and the Bar it smelt of warm pastries and alcohol. I fell down on the comfy fresh cold grass and decided to sleep there.

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