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Spell Reign

By Sebastian Ambrose Hilton All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Spell ReignUntitled chapter

Sebastian A. Hilton 80,000

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Sebastian A. Hilton


There was a time when we were in peace. When we lived in a beautiful city of gold and diamond. It was a time of fairytales. That is until the human race started to emerge. One activist named Sataniel stood up against his siblings and against his GOD. Naming themselves as the higher beings. However, when his lord turned his attention toward his new creations. Sataniel rebelled and overnight a war was started. Throughout the night, fire plummeted from the sky and onto the city. Angels and Sataniel’s followers were enclosed in a war. Now fighting his once loyal and loving siblings. Sataniel knew he could no longer go back and be redeem for his actions. So his goal continued as he attempt to overthrow the city and abolish the human race. On the eve of the thirteenth day of the year. Around the city, angels and Sataniel’s followers were found on the grounds in blood and ash. Their eyes burned out and their hearts removed. Screaming and crying pounding across the air throughout the city. The highest of angels and the lowest level of Sataniel’s army were now entering the city. His loyal followers were armored for war with sharp weapons that could pierce the grace of an angel. The highest of angels named Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon, and Jophiel led the army against Sataniel and his lowest demons. The highest members of Sataniel’s army were Beelzebub, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Berith, Astaroth, Verrine, Gressil, and Sonneillon led the army. As each took their counterparts, the members of GOD’s army struck hope and belief into the hearts of those living in the city. While the members of Sataniel’s army struck the opposite. Beelzebub, Astaroth, Verrine, Gressil, and Sonneillon took to the humans in the midst of the war while their brethren fought the angels. Each cursed mortals with pride, laziness, impurity, hate, and provided them with the first sin. Leviathan tempt the people of the angelic city with heresy while his brothers Asmodeus and Berith both did the same with wantonness, homicide, quarrelsome, contentious, and blasphemous. Turning the people of the city against their GOD and his commands. This cause an uproar throughout the city. More turned quickly to Sataniel’s army. Sataniel turned to his army. His wings lit up the sky with a whirling black light. His voice thundered throughout and his eyes lit up with anxious glory.

“God cannot replace us because of completeness. God cannot rehabilitate us because no harmony, and therefore he cannot punish us.”

He says to his army before setting their sights on the city. It was as if Sataniel knew at some degree that GOD would not intervene and that his confidence. Grew to staggering levels as he overtook the city that he once held so precious. Gabriel and Jophiel led the army against the betraying angels. Sandalphon took to Earth with his fraction to assist in the aid of mankind. Along with Raphael. The two fought against the betraying angels in every attempt. The fight appeared to humans as streaking flames across the skies. The elements took to the Earth with harsh winds, great floods, and massive earthquakes. The war lasted for years, causing many authorities figures to write of such events. Jophiel held a flaming sword and punished anyone who transgress against GOD. Those included the angels of Sataniel’s army and those of the human race. Sandalphon worked to bring mankind together to battle Sataniel’s army influence. With him he carried the emotions and beliefs of Hope, Kindness, Love, and Progress. Back in the golden city, war has spread throughout the different levels of the upper kingdom in which the city was placed. The city Machon was the fifth place in the cosmic void where over two million angels lived in peace before this war. Now it was becoming a hostel place. But only one place of many, that Sataniel was bent on conquering. With Michael and the other angels losing the fight. The other cities tried to fight back. With his next target the other six cities including Zebul, Machonon, Shehaqim, Raquia, Shamayim, and even the head city of GOD, Araboth. A bold ambition. But Sataniel stood victorius with little to fear. Believing that GOD has left his home. Sataniel took refuge in his beliefs that he would become new king. Spreading his laws throughout the six cities. He had only one belief left that he should take his throne in Araboth and sit high above all else. However, when he arrived Fanuel, the Seraphim, Cherubim, Ofanim, and the Thrones were at the gates of the city. These were the strongest of the angelic hierarchy. Immediately laying eyes upon them. Sataniel constructed his army to move forward. First the Ofanim, moving wheels of burning fire carried many eyes and were guards to the Throne of God. Inside of them lied the spirits of the Cherubim thus their incredible power and protective nature of such angels. They were quick and orderly creatures. Appearing with grand light and fast moving gestures. The Ofanim were living symbols of GOD’s justice and authority. As humble creatures, the Ofanim also called Thrones and Wheels. Were as if anything other, were great fighters. Representing Wisdom or Virgo. They would not stand as strong as their brethren. However, boast a high regard at protecting the lands of their GOD. As able as they were, the Ofanim fell to Sataniel’s army. Knowing of their regenerative power. Sataniel moved his army swiftly through the city walls of Araboth. He was then at the turn of the Holy Street leading to GOD’s throne room, greeted by the Seraphim. These creatures would prove to be difficult to many of Sataniel’s army. The Seraphim were eternal divine creatures. Seen with six wings, they were tall beings with light radiating from their back. Glowing oval shape light hovered above their heads like crowns. While their silver and gold gowns blew in the wind as gracefully as their songs. Singing the word “Holy, Holy, Holy” they were enchanting beings with almost no appearance of fighting within them. To test this, Sataniel sent in his followers to engage them. The Seraphim swiftly moved like the wind around them. Their heat, keenness, and tireless activity allowed them to boast against the strongest of Sataniel’s followers. The fight was at least seven days long and ended as it started. Leaving pieces of his army behind. Sataniel at the time did not know that he was being defeated by the very father he rejected in his moment of rage and betrayal. Without knowing that this was so. The final servants capable of standing up against him were the Cherubim. Containing the faces of a man, ox, lion, and eagle. They had eight conjoined wings covered with eyes. Capable of seeing from all distances. Considered powerful guards of the heavenly throne. These creatures ranged the highest of all beings in the highest order. Wielding the powers of GOD through their weapons. These beings took numerous forms and were themselves stronger when together. Something that Sataniel knew of. He attempted to break them apart by taking the fight away from the throne and across the many different sections of Araboth. Now with fights descending to all seven cities. Sataniel appeared to have one. However, his ascend to the throne. Saw him come face to face with Michael and Azriel. Michael the right hand angel to GOD and Azriel, the angel of death.

“As I have taken many gods to their final resting place. As I have taken many of angels. You are no different dear Sataniel.” Says Azriel of Sataniel’s defeat.

“You have always been a foolish angel. With all of your power, you have wasted being a lesser being. And to who? Our father? The very person who gave us this power only to have us appear as servants to foul insects.” Says Sataniel to his brothers.

“Father knows best, he created all and will never punish us with such disrespect as you have suggested brother.” Says Michael.

As Michael continued to plead for Sataniel to stand down. Sataniel with tears in his eyes, charged toward his brothers. As the three brothers fought, the heavenly cities felt the wrath of their rivalry.

The skies rumbled with war as the fighting on Earth grew somber. Bloodshed was a common sight throughout the lands. It was no end to the war in sight. Until The Virtues, Dominions, and the Powers raged from the skies in swift whirling light toward the angels and humans. Both on Earth and in the higher kingdom, the forces moved quickly across the cities. Picking up the followers of Sataniel along with the ill-turned angels. The Virtues were beyond the power of the Ofanim and had authority over the movements of the heavenly bodies of the universe. The Dominions were likewise to lesser angels and beings of power. The Powers were the lowest of the three. Owning authority over everything else. Each a massive group of powerful beings who could break the world apart and repair if needed. It came a time when the highest forms of heavenly beings intervened. The Dugarda or Grim Reapers swept up the souls of the departed from both angels and mankind. Skeletal creatures seen with massive wings hovering on glowing orbs with three eyes to see the Past, Present, and Future of the deceased. These beings were ward against entering into the homes of the living. However, as Death incarnate, they are also feared greatly by all including the angels. Even Sataniel himself. Children to Azriel. These beings stood by his side during the creation of all things and will do so after the end of all things. Making Azriel the new GOD at the end of times. Attempting Azriel to move to his side because of this prediction. Sataniel pleaded for his brother’s help in taking over the upper kingdom. But Azriel took no part in his scheme. Michael and Azriel turned to their brother. With the light of GOD, Michael and Azriel shot Sataniel to the ground. A massive object shot from the throne of GOD known as the Key of Humanity and aimed toward Michael. It was to assist him in defeating Sataniel. However, Sataniel rose and killed his brother. With his attempt to do the same to Azriel, Azriel disappeared. The Key fell instantly from the upper kingdom downward to Earth where it shattered into numerous pieces.

The Throne then lit up with a circle of flames. In light that burned away all evil. Appeared three celestial beings. The Ultimate Good, Power, and Evil. The three took turns speaking as they revealed to Sataniel that he shall be punished for his wrongdoings.

“Who are you?” he responded.

“We are GOD. In our previous state, we balanced all three chosen forces. However, we are now three different beings with the mind of one.” Says the Ultimate Power.

“Good, so you are weakened in three forms.” Says Sataniel as he charges toward the three beings.

In his anger, Sataniel was reflected onto the ground outside of the circle. Repelled by the radiance from the fire. The three beings moved closer to Sataniel and the closer they got. The three became one. Appearing as a heavenly spirit. They took the reflection of the fallen angel. They picked up Sataniel by his hands. Sataniel armor turned dark, his hair lit up with flames, and his skin pinched of scales resembling a snake. In the darkest hour, the skies raged with storms that could destroy an entire planet. The ground split beneath Sataniel. His followers were brought to Araboth to witness their leader’s defeat. GOD now referred to as The Ultimate. With the sense of betrayal in his voice. The Ultimate said that he was not angry at his son. However, with free will that he gave to his children. Only wanted the events that he created to play itself out.

“You condemned me from the beginning. You are no different than I.” says Sataniel.

“I created a reality of a million possibilities. With free will that I have given to every being in existence. It is of that essence to decide with possible reality they wish to take.” Says The Ultimate.

“But you cannot punish. It goes against everything you teach.” Says Sataniel with fear perch on his brow.

It is not I that shall punish you my child. But it will be your fate as free will provide. The Powers appeared with Metatron to preach the future of the fallen Sataniel.

Sataniel then fell through the opening and from the upper kingdom. And as their king was banished from the highest kingdoms. So did them, Sataniel angels fell from grace and was barred from the upper kingdom. As the angels sung of the falling of Sataniel. Sataniel screamed with tears of his betrayal. Along with his followers, the angel fell for centuries before reaching the lowest parts of existence. But one not to regret his new place in his father’s ever expanded kingdom. He too would vow to always stand up against his father at each turn. Sataniel shed the remaining remnants of his angelic form. Ordering his followers to do the same. He would call upon them as demons. Children of the darkness and spawn of his hatred. Covered with darkness, smell of foul, and with their hearts removed. One demon named Amon was ordered by Sataniel to build a home for them. Starting with only one rock, the land grew in the days to come. And spread to cover the entire lower portion of his father’s kingdom. The Ultimate One created the first deity. From that deity, came the birth of the gods. With them, they saw fit to separate the now two kingdoms and name them Heaven and Hell. The kingdoms were separated by the vast universe in between and each were locked away by their own orders. Only of death could one get to either.

That is where my story starts. Sort of. A shy and somewhat timid girl. I have always been the outcast of everything. From family, associates, the little friends I have acquired, and especially at school. My name is Kyra Kylie Lazaron. My mum has always told me how special that I am. And that I must accept who I am for everything I am. Never knew what she meant by that. But one day I would. That day would approach quickly as of this writing.

I have a habit of writing everything in my life in my journal. Feeling as if I have no one to share my thoughts to. Especially not my two best friends and my family. I am fifth teen and my sixteen birthday is coming up. Ironically at the beginning of my junior year at school. Something I have been dreading for some time. My mum made a big deal about it. Causing my entire family and my two best friends to come to my house. Then the next day I was to start school. Not the most exciting story. But it was something that I would never forget. Stepping into the room dressed in a silk white gown. Her hair flowing down to her waist with jewels decorating her neck. My mum has been admired by almost anyone who laid eyes on her. Someday hoping to be just like her. As she glides across the floor so proud and elegant. In her arms she carried a book that sparkled in sequence with her jewels. She pulls up a chair from the corner to the side of my bed. I turned to her and asked with joy in my heart.

“Mum are going to read me a story?.” Always one to enjoy a good story. My mum’s stories have always fascinated me. But it was always something different in each one she told. If I did not know any better. One could believe that she was trying to tell me something.

“Yes I am, a fascinating story. A story about someone you know very well” I sit up in my bed and respond

“Who is this girl mummy?”

“After I read the story. It all will be clear to you.” She says to me as she opens the first page of the story.

She told me the story of war in Heaven and the battle with Sataniel and his betrayal. As she read, the room appeared to be glowing. The ceiling sparkled with small angels and the windows opened as if by magic alone. Silent wind dances throughout the room and the stars decorate the night sky. The moon smiles down through the window.

“Adventure, magic, power, royalty, love, and the issues with being a hero. Is what you will learn from this story my darling.” She says to me.



Remembering one’s past isn’t always a good thing. Forgetting it is sometimes easier on the mind and on the heart.

Fire rain from the skies, as the ground cracks open to reveal the mouth of Hell. With a battle that has been in motion since before the birth of the human race, angels and demons all over the world fight. As their leader, I put on my armor and take a breath as I turn to my army. Covered in grief and sorrow for the last time at the lives that has been lost in this war. I mutter the final words that they will ever here from me. “We shall take this place as our new paradise. Burn everything, keep their skeletons as our trophies.” Before the battle could immerse, I woke up. This dream has been happening every night and I wake up every day on cue at 6:45am. The day is the week before the start of school. But as the day has started. It came to a close. The same dream repeated and the same thing happened when I woke up. But with a little difference.

Hovering over my bed in the midst of the night. I awake to find myself suspended into midair. I screamed, with my mum running into my room. She held out her hand and I held out mine. I lowered to the bed. She gave me a hug as I cried. I asked my mum what was happening to me and she could only respond that I am special. That one day I would find out the truth behind what and who I am. The following morning I awake to floating objects and a hectic storm brewing around the house. When I stood to my feet. Thunder cracked open the skies and the floating objects fell to their original places. I walked toward the door and it flung open. I looked down the hall in fright. To be revealed white light on one end and darkness on the other. Running toward the light I found myself now upon the staircase. With pictures of my family decorating the walls. I went down the stairs and found my mum and siblings Kyle and Diana eating breakfast.

“Good morning my dear. How did you sleep?” asks my mum.

I could not respond. Tiredness and the restlessness of absent sleep dangled on my mind.

Later in the evening my mum left for the market. Leaving my siblings and me in the care of our caretaker Clarissa. Clarissa was a slouchy looking woman. With long gray hair extended to her waist. Her skin was as smooth as a pearl and she walked silently as a cat. Our butler was a friend of hers named Ronald. Tall, butch, and a burly of a man. With the look of a bodyguard, Ronald had a deep and commanding voice. He has watched over our family since I could remember. The two were loyal to our family and watched over us for generations. I never knew much about either’s past nor did the question ever arose. My mind utter too many waning thoughts for me to ignore them. So I asked questions to them both. Looking for answers that my mum kept hidden. I had to know what was happening to me. So I approached Clarissa first. She took a deep breath and stood back. Ronald followed in her steps. The two disappeared through the house.

When my mum came home, I approached her with questions. Worrying for the reasons behind this. I told her that ever since that night I was suspended in the air. Every morning I awoke to find myself in such a state. Hoping that it was only the one night. My mum gasped with her arms folded around each other. She was in low hopes that this matter would go away. I comforted her to know that I can handle whatever she needed to tell me. She raised her head and placed her eyes on me and smiled.

“My dear you have grown into this beautiful young woman. Your past and mine shall no longer remained a secret to you.” Says my mum.

She called for Clarissa, Ronald, Kyle, and Diana into the room. Kyle and Diana sat next to me while Ronald and Clarissa stood near us. Somehow she magically lowered the blinds on the windows, lit the fire place, and the room went dark.

Beginning with the first words of her story. Memories of a forgotten past started to emerge. It was as if they were erase from my subconscious. The story appeared to me as though it was only yesterday. In fact it was Twenty years ago. The story was directed on my siblings and me. We were was born to Evangeline Lazaron and Demetri Lonki. Both were proud business people and spent most of their lives handling their families’ large estates. My mum took over the family multi-million pound business when her parents moved away. Growing up having everything she always asked for. My mum lived the fairytale life. At least that’s what is seemed to everyone. Especially when she met my father and the two would fulfill this idea with such a grand wedding that all of London lit up in celebration. Like my mum, my father was also heir to his family’s business. He was tall, passionate, had a calm demeanor. My mum described him as the dream husband as a girl she always wanted to marry. In his youth he was also considered a ladies man. Attracting the attention of some of the most powerful women across the world. As an African American man. He bend the laws of prejudice and fought the battles of others. Both political and racial to defend equality amongst the races not just for whites and blacks. This caused him to be coined an advocate for human rights. Something he took very serious in his later years. He was smart and boast historical knowledge for most of Europe. Traveling throughout most of Europe, my father collected many priceless artifacts and built upon his family’s financial success. My parent’s personalities were in sync. Both were happy, shared a love for traveling, passion for the arts, and were kind to all they met. Neither had a fighting bone in their body. Believing that everyone could live in peace. My mum joined my father in his fight toward human equality. Even going to America to march with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr during his protest. My parents saw many rightful advocate leaders reach their fame and prime. Something that they acquire from others in their camp at the time. Their love for each other would bring damage to their family however. Days before my father’s thirty-sixth birthday. My mum, siblings, and I gathered with me only being six at the time. We waited in the foyer waiting to surprise him with an early birthday party. Placed around the main room were presents along with family and friends. As we stood patiently, our family’s faith entered the home with a brisk storm of news. I would find out so many times since this time, was that happiness was a distant idea for my family. Everyone looked upon the door. Only for the phone to ring in the background. It was a call from a friend of the family who reported that my father was killed. The news struck the family from member to member. My mum fell to her knees. My siblings and I joined her. With all of us sharing each other’s tears. As my mum left us in the care of our family’s nanny and caretaker. My mum traveled endlessly looking for answers behind my father’s sudden death. But no matter how hard she pushed for answers. No one knew. It was at this moment that my mum’s entire personality changed. Kyle and Diana distant themselves emotionally and as my first day in high school prompted me to do the same.

Not long after, Diana acted out at school and caused a near death experience. Angry over constant bullying from school. She started a fire and set almost the entire section of her classroom ablaze. Rumor flew throughout the school that she had powers and was a witch. At first I defended my sister to which because my mum did not. Angry at her for not taking my sister’s side. I tried aimlessly to get my sister’s name cleared. But things continued to get weirder. Kyle was never the athletic person in school. He enjoyed to play chess and talk amongst himself. He was picked on in school because of this. But to his knowledge he blacked out when one kid in particular through his chess game to the floor. When he awoke, the kid was hanging upside down from a nearby branch. When Kyle came conscience, my mum again did nothing to defend him when everyone else accused him. Finally, I confronted my mum on the topic. She sat me down and told me a disturbing story. But I could not help to believe that she was not lying. However, the story could not have been real. It was too distant from reality. The same story she told before, was this time told again but she included my father and herself. Having had a rough beginning of the school year. I was not in the mind frame to believe such things. So our once very strong bond grew tense. But as time moved forward persuasion kicked in.

On the night of my father’s long awaited funeral. Belief of the stories my mum told me. Started to form a fraction within my mind. One of the creatures my mum referred to as a demon entered our home and thrust throughout the house. It appeared to have been looking for something in particular. It went through each room before arriving at mine. I awoke to see this shadowy creature hovering above my bed. Screaming. I panic, held up my hand, and the creature was thrown into the facing mirror. My mum entered the room just in time. The creature came to. My mum stood in front of me and chanted a weird language causing the creature to explode in flames. I could not believe what I was witnessing. First the dreams, the mystery behind my father’s death and now this. I did not know what to do nor what to say. My mum hugged me and whispered that everything will be okay. However, before she could take a breath. Another creature larger, faster, and appearing like a wolf. Entered the hallway. Racing through the halls of our home up to my bedroom. My mum turned to me, grabbed my hand and out of bed I went. Kyle and Diana both at their doors in fear. My mum grabbed their hands and we ran down the hall toward the stairs. As we ran our mum threw bolts of light behind us. One hit the creature and it was expelled to the floor. With the three of us following her in tow. We all were shaken as our night turned into a nightmarish event. She took us to the basement where we was greeted by our housekeeper and friend of the family. Clarissa Olnage. Waving her hands, the room lit to my mum’s gesture. It was beautiful. A massive dungeon with wall to wall catacombs. If I did not know any better this room did not exist before today. At least that is what I have been wondering since we step foot in here. The dungeon had long tunnels with each leaving to different niches. It was like an underground city that could have ran underneath the entire neighborhood. My mum with Clarissa led us down one of the front facing halls. Giant doors were placed along the corridor with one massive doorway at the end. The doorway was bolted shut by a massive size silver lock. On the door were markings that looked like it was painted in blood. My mum touched the marking. The markings glowed, my mum’s eyes turned a pale ghostly color, and her hair turned a similar color. Her hair flowed gently in the wind expelling from the door. For a minute she was dressed in a misty white flower dress. An instant of heavenly beauty. The lock fell to the ground and the doors opened up. As we walked through the door. Pastures of books took over the room. The ceiling disappeared into the sky with clouds dispersing across the sky. Kyle and Diana ran off to explore the massive library. While Clarissa followed worriedly behind. My mum ascended up the spiral staircase to an upper level. She instructed me to follow her. The upper level had books with locks attached to them. Some books had various markings and objects linked. As I happened upon my mum who was staring at a book. I noticed the book was locked away in a golden arch with the word Revelation written in melted silver. The display was benevolent and overlooked the room with a glare. It shined with the sky above. As though the sun was talking directly to the book itself. Touching the book, a symbol appeared on my mum’s forehead. I walked up to her, she appeared in a trance. When I tried to touch her to wake her. She grabbed my arms with pale white eyes. It was like she was possessed. Glowing with radiance from the book. She turned to me spoke in Latin. Causing the book to hover from its resting place. The arch broke down in ashes as the book floated in the air. In a haunting voice my mum uttered: “This book is the Book of Revelation and our family has been blessed with its power. You my child is the heir to its glorious power.”

Clarissa, Kyle, and Diana paused in their places. Frozen in time, snow danced from the sky. While a storm cloud brew above us. The walls started to move as the floor followed in sequence. With only the upper level pedestal holding my mum and I standing in place. The large room broke apart with only the pedestal standing by itself in a white void. Smothering winds and a heart chilling breeze pressed up against my body. Four creatures appeared. A lion, wolf, owl, and snake. They greeted me in human voice and with a loud rumbling the white void started to form a massive hallway. The arches along the corridor was like an ancient Greek temple. The book hovering in the middle of the creatures, my mum, and I opened to reveal words. The creatures insist on me to read the words. But I could not. As they were in Latin. A language that was as dead to me as it is to the rest of the world. Then suddenly, the words turned to English. I could read them now.

“Awaken thy soul, thy heart, and thy power. Upon this moment and on this hour. Shall the door of lost and the door of to become. You and your light shall be one.”

What a weird spell I thought to myself. At least I believe it to be such a thing. My mum’s eyes reverted to normal along with the rest of her appearance. Looking around distraught over the location we were in. I asked if she knew what was going on. Which she hesitantly replied yes. Before I could make a sound or ask any questions. The lion roared at me with her words. “Welcome to the great room of knowledge. A place passed down for generations throughout the families of heaven. This family has been attacked. It is time for you to prepare yourself for what is coming. Kyra you are the next in your family to inherit the power that lies here.”

“Where is Kyle, Diana, and Clarissa. What did you do to our home?” I asked.

“But child, we did nothing to either. Your family and your home is around us. You are within the void between awaken and sleep. A brisk moment in time where everything around us is frozen by the seconds of your world.” Says the wolf in a male voice.

“Power that has existed since before dawn. Lies dormant here and within you. One day soon a test shall be provided to each. Only one will have the challenge within one self. The other two will pass the test without much conflictions.” Says a female voice.

“The book you see in front of you, is the Book of Revelations. A powerful totem that is found within all Casters’ lineage. With its prophetic visions and knowledge of all things. This book represents the power within your family.” Says a male voice.

“What are casters mother?” I asked my mum

Before she could respond. The voices took her place.

“Caster’s are angels, protectors of human existence and soldiers of heaven. Unlike normal angels. They possesses the gift of magic. Magic that if perform correctly could be helpful but also very dangerous. Within this book, you shall learn all there is to know about your heritage.” Says the voices

As the voices laughed and fluttered away. The room appeared to grow larger and larger until an endless land of priceless artifacts appeared. Now a museum of sorts. My siblings and I gazed upon the vast collection in awe. My mum warned of the dangers of touching such artifacts. As each wield incredible magical properties and with some incredible danger. My mum asserted the importance of the room and what we may find here. Careful to head mother’s warning. We gathered our glee and back to the head of the room we went. Mum showered the room with the familiar chanting once more. The book glowed of an intense bright multicolored light. I felt a sensation I never felt come over me and my blood thickened. I could feel slight pain but it was over as quickly as it appeared. My siblings looked on. They did not feel the same as me. Loud rumbling noises slammed against the door of the room. Snarling and whisking was profound throughout the walls. Echoing so loudly that almost the dead would awake. It was the sound of the creatures from before.

“Hold out your hands and we shall banish this threat that has entered into our home back to Hell where it came from it”. Says my mum

Our eyes were brightly lit as my mum’s before. As before, mum chant the spell from before but this time she spoke it in reverse. As the demons entered the room. Their bodies burned to pieces. We rejoice. However, Clarissa was none too happy. She ran out of the room in fear.

My mum story came to a close. But my memories did not stop. My mum’s story opened a flood gate of memories for my siblings and me. I remember my inner curiosity shattered my normal thinking. I could not just wait for her to reveal more to me. So I raced to the basement once more. Here I found Kyle and Diana both standing at the door. It seem as though they too were drawn back to the room. As we all touched the door. The lock fell to the ground and the door opened. As the two of them entered. I heard a voice whisper to me upon the threshold.

“Of you Kyra we have yet to see the power you possess. Time is running out” I looked around to see no one in sight. An eerie feeling dangled over my mind. But I shook it off and I entered the room. The door closed and shadowy figures walked quickly pass the door without being seen. The book closed shut and a cool breeze shuttered up our spines and our heads lift to the ceiling. My siblings and I were in a daze locked in silence. As the room shifted and we were in the white space as before.

“We see the curiosity of the young caster’s have returned.” Says the voices

They introduced themselves as the Powers. Authority figures throughout the world that decide the fates of angels and of demons. A neutral force whom primary job is to keep the balance between the two sides. Appearing as a woman and two men with the heads of a falcon, lion, and bear. Their bodies were shrouded in robes and they appeared almost weightless as they hovered toward us. Frighten, my siblings and I were in a trance unable to move. Frozen by the sounds of their voice.

In the next few days, my mum acted with my siblings in a search for my younger brother’s Kyle ability and to help teach Kylie of her power. Meanwhile, I was near the fountain in the backyard testing out my new ability. The family dog and cat played with me and as I played with them. I threw objects which the dog catches and returned to me each time. I used my power to lift up a ball and threw it across the yard. The dog appeared to have smiled at me and ran off at it. The cat stared at me and me at it. Locked in its gazed, our pets seemed even more included with my newfound discovery as I have become. My mum called me back inside to have brunch. Clarissa took Kylie and Kyle to the patio and my mum explained to me that I was attacked by a demonic force called a Belki. She opened the page within the book and showed me its description. From its insert, the page was drawn with various symbols and markings including a picture of the creature and its description.

These creatures range from various sizes, ages, looks, and attitudes. Some however manage to make their living as normal humans after the Great War between angels. It is said that some demons are actually kind hearted and will one day assist in the next battle of the angels, demons, and gods. Currently they are in numbers of over 1 billion and increasing at rapid speeds. Demonic entities, Belki also have various powers with higher level demons capable of throwing fire balls and controlling the elements.

My skin crawled as I read the insert. That such creatures exists. I thought demons were only things we learned of in church but not that they were real and that I would meet one in my bedroom. My mum explained to me that our family belongs to a long line of powerful casters known as Bloodcasters. Furthermore, she explained that thousands of years ago our family the Balkurians made a deal with the goddess Bewithia and her son Xshaun. To become immortal and to have great power. Although the story varies in origin of our family’s legacy, it still remains the same that our power comes from the very first caster and the first warlock. Bewithia and Xshaun respectively. Because of this, our powers are greatly enhanced and our blood grows thicker each generation which makes our blood potent and very powerful when used with magic. The term Bloodcaster as my mum describes it. Is a term used by old world casters to describe a caster capable of using their blood to cast powerful spells. Our blood are so lethal that it can expel both angels and vanquish demons. Some feared us long ago because of what the Balkurians did to the world. My mum mentions that the Balkurians push for power had deadly consequences and that they enslaved the entire magical community and nearly killed half the population of humankind. The book we were given is called the Book of Sanctuary. Its power holds thousands of years of magic and knowledge. Given to us to protect both magic and humankind. The book has been an item that many wanted over the course of time. My mum’s story continue to dive deeper and although a lot was left unexplained. My questions, for now, will remain unanswered. She gave me the book and told me to look upon it in time of need but to be careful of the magic within it. She explained that non magical people can ever learn of our gifts or there will be dire consequences.

It is funny how in the midst of all things that has happened in my life recently. That I could forget how normal my life actually was. I mean I attend a private school and I excel in all of my grades. My teachers call me an eager student with great ambitions but lack interests in the subjects. Which is true partially because I always knew that I was different inside. I could not relate to the world around me and now I understand why I have these feelings. School has started back and it was time for my semi normal life to begin again. Between classes, oncoming prom, and boys, everything just seems so irrelevant now. Although, mum encourages me to try and maintain a normal life. With all the things out there in the world I cannot help but feel like a fool. To walk these halls and stare in the faces of these helpless mortals. I feel as they are in danger just being around people like myself. So in the common weeks I distant myself from friends, teachers, and anyone trying to befriend me. I am now a junior in school and my time to realize what this life is trying to show me is now on my shoulders.

In English class, my teacher Ms. Grum a growly woman with long spiky gray hair and a hardcore Irish accent. Was always tough on me. Even when she taught me the year prior. But I could respect her teaching because although she was tough. She taught English in a way that most other teachers dare not to teach it. With passion. She loves her stories and even more love when others interact with them. In theatre classes she often attend our plays because of their meaning and the literature we read and learn about while performing. She was someone who could appreciate the formal things in life and was considerably proper. She had faith that I would be an excellent English teacher and for a time so did I. When I left to go home I told my mum of my latest feelings toward school. Much my shock my mum mentioned that she too had similar experiences after finding out that she was a caster. She also mentioned that although we feel such a way. We still were placed in this situation for a reason and that normality is important for us.

“My dear child, you may not understand this now. But in the coming years, you will appreciate the ability to be normal and live amongst the normal. For our world can be draining and very dark. One day you will cry for a way out of magic. This I promise you” her words were deep and filled with passion. I could understand how much she lost and how much she feared I would lose one day. At the time I could not understand it but I did not take it for granted either. I took the passion from the words and started engaging with friends and faculty again at school. Much to my delight, this cause me to meet a boy who just moved to London from Italy. His name is Ace Gombino. He stood 5’7, short wavy blonde hair, and his skin was so smooth. He had a rock n roll look about him with his leather jacket and piercing blue eyes. All the girls wanted to be his girlfriend and with this being high school. This instantly made him the most popular guy in school. He was offered to play in sports but he refused. He instead chose to play in theatre and music. His instrument of choice was the guitar which girls found amazing including myself. As much as the guys tried to bully him. Secretly they too were interested in learning from him to gain the envy of the school’s ladies. After school one day Ace was sitting on the bleachers playing his guitar with a horde of girls around him. As I passed by I dare not to look his way. His eyes followed me and then whispers from the girls told of my family’s dark mansion and dark past. His interests were caught in a paradox where he wanted to know more.

After school Ace caught up with me and introduced himself. Shy at first I smiled and begun to walk faster. He followed behind me to catch up with me. As I turn the corner he ran up beside me and asked me why I was walking so fast. I looked into his eyes and mentioned that I am probably not the best person he should get to know right now. He responded with the obvious question, why, and I continue to walk. As I approached the gates of my home. He tried to follow me home but I slightly wave my hand against my chest and he fell to the ground. I turn to make sure he was not hurt and as he got back up confused at what just happened I was gone through the gates. He looked onward through the gates at my home with amazement on his face and then walked away smiling. I told my mum about him. She thought I was just having a crush and she probably was right. But I had to get closer to him without exposing my secret.

So the next day I was at school and as I left to go to math class. Ace grabbed my arm and asked for my name.

“What is your name, may I ask?” in such a polite and proper tone.

I responded “My name is Kyra Lazaron”.

“I knew that I just wanted you to say it. Your voice is very nice.” A cheesy line I know but he is a dreamy guy. I smiled at him and he invited me out for milkshakes which I agreed. It is 1973, the year of rock n roll, peace riots, equal right movements, and the era of change. He told me about his parents being freedom riders and that he wanted to be one himself but he was too young to join them. He has no siblings and his parents leave him with cash while they are away. Sounds like a lonely life to live alone at a young age but he seemed content with it.

“I am throwing a party tonight if you want to come over. A lot of people from school will be there. But I’m really interested if you show up.”

“Ok I will be there” I responded smiling.

“Good come by around 8pm” he says as he backs up smiling before walking away.

Later that night I began preparing for the party. Living in a wealthy family has its perks as I have a closet the size of some people’s bedrooms. (Laughs) With a radical poodle dress, dancing shoes, bow in my hair, and my mum’s silver bracelet. I was ready to have a goodnight. I walked out the door saying goodnight to my mum. With her returning a hug in exchange for words and wished me good luck. She also pressured me to remember not to expose myself at the party. Which I agreed in a rushed demeanor. I arrived at Ace’s home in my family’s limo. As I waved goodbye to David the chauffeur. I walked up the stairs to be gawked at by fellow students on the lawn. Meeting Ace at the front door. He was dressed as if he appeared in a rock movie. I knew this night wouldn’t be a dream night mostly because my fellow classmates hate me and they talk about me and my family. My mum would not agree with me coming her but she knew I really wanted to attend. So I pretend to smile and walk around the house. Amazed by all the paintings and artistic views of his family. Ace and I chatted for a bit about his family while I dodged questions about mine. Ace went outside to smoke with friends. A nasty habit but I was too much into him to mention it. I walked back into the home to be greeted by his friends. They taunt me about my family and made nasty jokes about my house. I tried to ignore them but things only got worse. I went off to the bathroom only to look over the lawn to the backyard. I saw a figure that I could not help but identify from dreams as a kid. He was tall with silver hair and green eyes. He was talking with Ace and his friends. Before I pulled away from the mirror he looked up at me. I mean directly into the window. It was scary. Frighten I pulled backwards from the window. Washed my hands and left. When I went downstairs Ace greeted me. Something did not feel right with him. His presence was cold and his eyes was very dark. I could feel negative energy pulsing from his body. Maybe I was over thinking it I thought. Until the insults started back up again from our fellow students. I would think Ace would ignore them with me. That is until he joined them in the taunt. My eyes lit up with tears. Before I could run to the front door to leave. They blocked it and taunted me even further. I was crying and I was surrounded. From that moment I blacked out and everything went dark. Things around me started moving and the people in the house felt sharp pain. The lights flickered and the windows opened to let in massive gushes of wind. My heart was racing but it felt really good. Feeling as if something was taking over me I didn’t care. All I wanted was all of the taunting to stop and for everyone to leave me alone. I lift my hands and the students bowed down to me. Ace stood there looking at me with a smirk and whispered for me to keep going. To kill them all with my power. Instantly I knew I had to stop. I snapped out it and apparently awoke to everyone laying on the ground around me. I turned to Ace would looked startled and then he passed down to the floor. I ran out the door. I continue to run down the street until shadows appeared to follow me. The lights blew up on the poles down the street in front of me. Causing me to stop. Loud noises whimpered around me and I was frozen. I felt cold breath on my neck and warm hands around my waist.

“Don’t be afraid my darling. I’m here now. Just let go and we can be free” said a ghostly voice in my ear.

As I turned to see who it was the lights came back on and the shadows disappeared. I continued to run home leaving this horrible night behind me. The next morning I just sat up in my room looking out the window. I was feeling depressed. However, not by my fellow classmates but more because of the things I experienced afterwards. Questions entered my mind and caused me to question the things out there in the world. I turned to my mum who was sitting in the living room watching television. I told her with hesitation of my night. She hugged me and told me she had something to show me. Always one for surprises I was curious at what I was about to see or learn. She closed her eyes and chanted:

“From our family’s blood, I summon thee. Come forth the book of we”

Magically our family’s book appeared in her hand and she mentioned its real name is the Grand Book of Sanctuary. The place where all magic and our family’s legacy of spells is located. She mentions that it was given to our family by the goddess Bewithia. In hopes of curing our legacy of our ancestors evil intentions onto the world. It has been blessed by the High Council and guarded by our family for nearly two thousand years.

“The things that you have been experiencing lately are the result of demonic activity caused by the awakening of your powers.” She mentions as she looks at me with a worried expression.

As I told her not to worry, I hugged my mum and I went to greet my siblings in the yard with Clarissa. My mum meanwhile used her magic to disappear leaving the book on the sofa.

Outside my brother finally exhibited his powers after playing fetch with the dog. He was able to cause an action to slow down. His abilities effected the animals, trees, and even Clarissa. But for some reason did not affect Kylie nor me. When the magic wore off, Clarissa knew what just happened and she smiled before walking away. I could tell that Clarissa was not a fan of magic and although she continues to support my family. She cannot help but distance herself from it nevertheless. In the coming days I would remain absent from school and my mum would disappear moments at a time. Ace continues to call me and I continue to ignore him. He even tried to come by my house once but the family dog scared him away.

The day is now December 1st, 1973 and my mum has been awfully quiet as of late. I asked her of her whereabouts and she just pushed me away. She asked me in return if I wanted to return to school or not. I replied I did not know and I would need to decide before the holiday break. The following Monday I return to class. Everyone looked at me and their eyes followed me. I walked with my head down low and shame on my face. The first day back was awkward to say the least. But I am glad that it is now over. On my way home. Ace stood at the corner waiting for me to turn. I did not have the strength to deal with him and his apologies. So with a flick of my finger he moved into the street. Luckily for him there was no traffic. He stood there looking at me and screamed “it wasn’t me that night”. I slowed down but continued forward.

I have been confused at this world for too long and it’s up to me to do some much needed studying and finding out answers. My mum has been disappearing lately and I cannot speak to Clarissa about this. So it is up to me. I browse throughout our home believing that these walls and many rooms displayed many secrets. I checked each room until I found a room that was locked and had chains across it. As I approached it I could hear whispers come from the door. The room was located on the second floor of our house in the far left corner. It was large and judging from the outside had tall windows and even a spiral tower. Always a curious person I had to enter the room and find out why I never been inside of it let alone know it was even here. As I tried to get the chains off so I could open the door. They would not budge. They lit up as I attempt to remove them.

“Wave your hand in front of them” said a voice as it entered one ear out the other like a ghost. I did as it said and the chains fell to the floor. I used my power and the door flung open. The room appeared large with multiple levels of books. The windows appeared to erect as high as the sky and the ceiling was hard to see. If looking from the outside this room would appear of normal size. But it was as if magic was flowing so freely within these walls. I looked around the room opening various books. Some with different languages, many of Latin and English decent. I walked upward to the spiral staircase to the next level where I spot a floating book above a small pillar. It was encased in glass and had sparkling writing spiraling around it. An amazing site for sure. I continue to approach it. A feeling of hope and happiness showered over me. My heart was calm and almost all of my worries disappeared. I felt warm and determined. Could this be the work of the book? I asked myself as I moved closer. I lift the glass over the book and I grabbed the book. Instantly I was taken over by a force of incredible power. I hovered in the air with winds and loud sounds of fire and water being heard in the background.

“Appear what use to be, appear what needs to be seen” words that I had no control over. Utter from my mouth. My house begin growing from the insides out. Large structures appeared across my family’s land. The trees and walls around our property grew as to blind by passers of what was happening. My blood was racing. The room around me disappeared and I appeared in a field. I was facing a large Victorian style house. I am now confused at where I am and what was the meaning of bringing me here. I could tell that the book was telling trying to tell me something. I walked through the field to get to the house. I could not feel the grass on my feet and the wind that was blowing I could not feel that either. It was a dream but a vivid dream. Or maybe it was a vision. Could this be my powers showing me this in conjunction with the knowledge of the book? Questions I had to place on hold. I feel I won’t get out of this dream until I get through it. I walked up to the house and saw a girl with what appeared to be her father. A voice from the book begin to speak of the actions of the characters that I was watching.

Around the early 12th century, a young woman named Aeliana met with an elderly man named Demetrius. The two had an immediate passion for each other, their attraction was described as two young lovers first meeting while away on a trip together even though the two were almost three decades apart from each other in age. Aeliana was a beautiful woman, daughter to a farmer named Theon and her deceased mum Fabia. Aeliana often played in her parent’s beautiful pastures and with the animals that lived there. When her mum died she helped her father out on the farm with various chores including going into town to the local market. There she met a goldsmith named Demetrius of whom was son also to farmers, but both of whom died when he was Aeliana’s age. The two spent various mornings and later on afternoons with each other, one summer’s afternoon their relationship became more serious and Aeliana and Demetrius agreed that its time for Demetrius to meet Theon. Upon first meet, Theon proved a dislike for the two because of the obvious age difference, however as time progress, Theon grew closer to Demetrius as he offered his daughter protection that he (Theon) no longer could provide because of his advancing age. After Theon passing a year later, Demetrius and Aeliana started trying to conceive. The two tried for three years until one day, Aeliana started to feel sick and experiencing strange dreams and later feeling emotions that she believed wasn’t her own. She told Demetrius of the strange feelings and dreams but he dismissed it as a symptom of her pregnancy. Aeliana knew this wasn’t the case, so behind Demetrius’ back she left to see several people calling themselves wizards and oracles. All of which were false, however after hearing of a potential real seer, she left to see the woman. Upon arrival, Aeliana met with a woman named Regina Eyis who would later find a school where many magical children would attend. Regina foretold of a powerful child that would later produce a long lineage of strong casters and warlocks and that the world would one day want to see this lineage destroyed. Scared of Regina’s prophecy coming true, Aeliana separated herself from the world including Demetrius. The two grew more and more distance leading up to Aeliana’s final month of pregnancy, during this time Aeliana experienced many new things including a sensation for power and control. Her dreams became more vivid and she noticed she could move small objects by imagining it to move. More than ever, Aeliana knew Regina’s prophecy was real and thus seeking out Regina for guidance to learn how to raise such a child. However when Aeliana returned to the place where she first met Regina, Regina was gone and the entire village where she lived was in ruins appearing abandoned for many years. At the time Aeliana wouldn’t know that she actually spoke to Regina in a dream caused by the great power of her unborn child. While traveling back home to be with her husband Demetrius, Aeliana water broke, with the help of a strange man who was transporting her back home a back road, Aeliana was about to give birth. The mysterious cloaked man took Aeliana to a nearly destroyed cabin and begin to perform a procedure to bring Aeliana’s child into the world. At the birth of the child, many strange occurrences happened near the cabin including the cabin restoring to its once beautiful appearance, animals coming up to the threshold, thunder and lightning outside as wind began to blow against the cabin’s walls and windows. In a weird puff of smoke, the mysterious man showed himself as Xshaun, the Father of Warlocks. He explained to Aeliana that her baby girl was one of the first of a long line of powerful casters and warlocks that would take the last name of Balckurian which in an ancient forgotten language meant “powerful”. As much as she could tried to fight the god however Aeliana proved unsuccessful as Xshaun disappeared as soon as she gain enough strength to stand. Aeliana screaming and slowly becoming sick starts to spit blood, alarmed and frightened more for her child. She ran as fast as she could to a nearby village and screamed for help. The villagers ran to her side and aided her to recovery which occurred days later. At this point, Aeliana still too weak to journey, explained her story and the Villagers explained that they knew of Xshaun and his conquest to find the most powerful child of which he deemed the Starter. The villagers knowing of the child Aeliana must have provided given Xshaun’s interference in delivering her child into the world. Told Aeliana of the similar prophecy that she was told by Regina, except the villagers elaborated further to state that one day the Balckurians would nearly destroy the world and enslave the magical community and that it would take a great force to one day bring them to their end. Confused and overwhelmed by everything that has happened, years has passed and Aeliana fell into depression, once again started to feel sick. As she laid in her bed, she remembered once feeling happy, she remembered her life with Demetrius, how happy she was with her father, and the day she found out she was pregnant. All to which ended as she learned of Demetrius passing and no word of Xshaun and her daughter. In her final days, Aeliana was visited by a hooded woman who spoke softly and smiled as she approached a dying Aeliana. She whispered to Aeliana that her daughter was fine and that she is happy and that for the last few years she has been watching over her. Aeliana took sick to speak, silently smiled and knew that she has finally met her daughter. She touched her face and at a moment of silent bliss she passed. Using her foretold abilities, the woman placed her hand over Aeliana’s chest and from her hands light shined over the room and Aeliana disappeared. The woman at a blink of an eye was gone, the villagers seeing the light ran into the home, only to see it covered in ash and nearly destroyed by what appeared to have been flames. Confused the villagers told many stories of this moment and made many predictions of what happened to Aeliana and the room.

As time progressed, the Balckurians proved to be as powerful as Regina’s predictions, with their powers they used it to nearly destroy the magical world and enslave the remaining half. Many of the Balckurians brought great wars and only a handful remained as kind hearted as their ancestor Aeliana. It is believed that Aeliana although not magical, watches over those with kind heart of the family legacy and thus starting a common belief that pure good magic remains in the family. The Balckurians would break off into three clans of which two the name changes: Lazarons and Tackeron. The Tackeron were proud noble casters that used their strong power to enslave cities and ancient lands, one of their homes was the Tackeron Domain. It served as a sacred meeting ground for many casters, warlocks, or worshippers of such. The practice of castercraft and Wicca started here and it later served as a sacred ritual ground for the goddess Bewithia. The location disappeared shortly after the fall of the Tackeron line of casters and warlocks during the battle of Magical Community versus Balckurian Descendants.

The Lazarons were started with Vivica Lazaron the born Lazaron, born from a powerful caster of Balckurian heritage. Vivica’s parents were unknown although it was suggested that her parents began to change their family’s reputation by moving to England and changing their name from Balckurian to Lazaron. However Vivica’s parents died while she was young so she continued the chain and in her youth would meet a beautiful man who owned a bookstore. Although not magical like herself, she loved him dearly and the two would give birth to four children. Out of the four only two had magical abilities, the most memorable was Laza. She was a powerful caster and had the ability to see the past and move objects with her mind. Like her mom, Vivica, she could see events from the future however it was very rare. Laza moved to France where she married and had a child of her own, she continued her mum’s life and married a mortal. She died around the same age of her siblings, around 70 to 75 years old, she lived her life as a theater actress and used her magic to advance her performances although no one was the wiser of the fact. The Lazaron line would grow and eventually separate into both America and remaining in England. Somewhere during the early 1700s, one member of the Lazaron bloodline married a sorcerer and the two gave birth to the first hybrid magical baby. This produce great power and added a powerful uniqueness to the following Lazaron line allowing the line to grow stronger than before. During the late 1900s, the Lazarons produced another powerful foursome of children, the fifth time this has happened in the family’s history. This foursome would separate at a young age because of their parent’s involvement with each other and would only find each other again in England where they would live together and fight dark forces. Further extending their family’s legacy.

The Balckurians would go for centuries rampaging around the world with their fellow magical community fighting them at all cause. To no avail it finally came the chance for the High Council to intervene, however the magic within the Balckurian line proved even too great for the High Council. So the High Council would seal away each member into a dormant state sleeping for the next few hundred years in hopes that, that then generation of magical beings will be strong enough to stop them. Upon awaking in a new world, the remaining Balckurian members would go up against the new appointed royal family of magic. This was deadly as nearly every member in the battle died, new members of the Royal Family was created and the sole remaining Balckurian ran for his life. Sworn to turn over a new leaf, he ended using magic and married a non-magical woman. The two gave birth to three beautiful children of which two had magic, the two as they got older sworn to make up for their family’s treacherous past. In the next two hundred years, the Balckurians slowly disappeared from existence with only one short line of members remaining.

Vivica walked up to me at the end of the vision to greet herself.

“Hi Kyra. I’m Vivica your ancestor and the purpose of what you see here. I feel you are looking for answers without anyone willing to go the distance to show you them. So I am here now to assist you” she explained in a sweet and assertive tone.

She pulled me through a white light and we stood in a tunnel with one end filled with darkness and the other filled with light. She explained that both tunnels were direct access to the afterlife that I one day will choose to go through one of them. I asked her what did she mean by that. She referred that she can see the future and she has predicted the day of my death. Before I could ask when it will happen. She responded that I need not worry about it until it comes. But that I must learn to use my powers to my advantage before the Balkurians attack. She moved closer to me, touched my heart and endowed me with her own powers.

“You are the first twice blessed Lazaron within nearly 400 years. You are seeing these visions because of your power to see the past. When you touched the ancient book of our family, you were taken into the past. This power to see the past is called Premonition. Take advantage of what you see and do not think twice about it. As everything shown to you are actual events that has passed.”

But why me, why am I so special to be twice blessed? I asked her.

“Because destiny has chosen you for whatever reason to end this constant struggle of our family. It is something about you child that makes you so special. It is not because of your power nor your name but because of your spirit. Something that no one in our family has had for centuries.”

With a blink I returned to the library standing in the same spot and with the book in my hand. A whisper with Vivica’s voice mentioned that I should open the book as our family’s true power lies within it. I opened it and read its engraving “Apvienot šīs divas pilnvaras un ļaujiet mūsu burvju brīva plūsma”. The book lit up and so did the Book of Sanctuary. The two combined floating high above the floor. Its power was incredible. The two were now one. Glowing with a silver spine, bejeweled cover with a weird symbol on it. The silver casing wrapped partially around the upper and lower left corner of the book. Its back fully engraved with the Book of Sanctuary in English.



This last year was one of the most foretelling ever. I found out a lot about my family’s history and I can only hope that tomorrow my journey will lead to something wonderful. The summer is here and I’m very excited to travel anywhere and have fun. I went outside to join my my mum and siblings who were preparing for a barbeque with Clarissa. However, on my way to the barbeque pit, several voices whispered my name from some nearby bushes. As I grew closer to the voice, it got louder and louder. Over the hedges, I could see several kids dancing in a circle almost as they were playing ring around the rosy. I stepped over the bushes to get to the larger pasture where the kids were playing and I heard them singing my name. As I got close enough to them to touch them, they stopped and turned to me. I stepped backwards a bit startled by their blank and frightening stares. I could not move and I could not speak, the kids grabbed my hand and in an instant, we were gone. I awake to find myself in a garden similar to my own. Decorated with large flowers; the air was crisp untouched by pollution. The grounds laid neatly without one string of grass out of place. Paradise could have been the name of this place. Looking around, I wonder what has become of the children that brought me here. I search around the grounds to find someone that could explain to me where I was. The feeling of magic was in the air. However, as far as I could see, nobody was around. Therefore, I walked down a path that led me to a fountain sitting in the middle of a four-way path. Now things were getting strange as the fountain had water that looked like pure gold. It was arranged with jewels and a description in a strange language was written on the base. As I walked closer to it, the skies turned a blood red. With flowers and the trees withering in place. The winds were sharp and had cut through my skin. I turned around to see a large house very much like my own. I walked up to a large double door. Before I could knock, it opened without anyone on the other side. I stepped through the threshold, heavy winds continued to blow outside, and the doors slammed behind me.

In the center of the foyer, two twins dressed in long flowing white cloths stood frozen at me. Their skins sparkled like porcelain and their eyes were covered with matching bands. They point down the hall to their left, when I went to look was down the hall. I return and they had disappeared. Steadily walking down the hall, the two figures returned but this time with their bands removed. Immediately, I asked them the questions that I asked myself. Where am I? What am I doing here? In addition, where is everyone? They stopped and then their motions went in reverse. They begin to answer my questions but in riddle and song. Laughing at me as they played carefree. I could not understand them and as I grew tired of their taunts and games, I waved my hand and they both flew onto the ground. Flustered, they smiled and got on their feet. The guy introduced himself as Kachine and the girl introduced herself as his sister Kachina. The twins walked danced toward me. In various languages, the twins sung my name and the words Bloodcaster. Grabbing my hands the two swung me around as they float in the air with me in tow. Scared and fascinated at the same time I went along with their games. Kachine sung of my family's legacy and it was similar to what I read in our family's history book. Kachina mentioned both the terrible things I read and the good things that I haven't. As we floated back toward the ground, the two introduced themselves as my cousins. I asked them where we were and they responded that we are in a place hidden from sight of humankind. A place where our family has lived for centuries since being banished for our ancestors wrong doings. I mentioned to them about the little children that bought me here. The two then smiled at each other before running inside the nearby room. As I followed I saw the room grow larger in size and almost reviving itself from its desolated appearance. The song that I heard the children sing earlier was now all around me. It grew louder almost sounding like a live band of some sorts coming from the walls. The house became even more elegant as it is now lit up with a warm feeling. Plants decorated the walls with antique pictures and golden and silver pieces of furniture throughout the main room. The fireplace roared with flames and the fresh scent of food could be smelled coming from the kitchen. The children I saw earlier was sitting playing in a nearby common's area and as I walked pass they turned to me and smile. Kachine and Kachina both appeared fully dressed in different attire from before and grabbed my hand. They pulled me into a vast sitting area and as I looked around. I didn't notice that I too has changed attire. Laced with beautiful diamond earrings, a long flowing early 1800s dress, my hair is now up in curls, and my skin glows from the lighting. I felt beautiful and for the first time I felt like a lady. The two instructed me to sit at the center of the table as they sat opposite of me. The children ran in and sat at different parts of the table. Newer members entered in various fashions. Elderly members appeared in smoke, light, and gushing sounds at the table while younger members walked in patterns to the table. The table now filled with people I have never met before. My heart was racing as all I could do is stare at them all. They were so beautifully dressed and appeared proper in tone. Something similar to the royal family. At the end of the table loud lighting sounds and a large boom of thunder hit the chair. The members of the table stood. They turned to me with evil stares. Which indicated for me to stand. Appeared was a man nicely dressed with a long gray beard and a bald head. As he appeared he immediately turned to me with a smile before letting out my name. Everyone turned to me once again. They did not have the same smile on their faces as the gentleman did which made this whole matter even scarier. My heart was racing and I could hear it pounding ready to jump out of my chest. In my mind worrying thoughts were running throughout. Such as why am I here. After seeing what I have seen so far in my young life. I would think that I would not get caught up into yet another strange situation. I just wanted to go home but was too afraid to leave. As I knew it I was away from home in a strange place with even stranger people. Who were these people that gathered around me at this table? And of course what on Earth was going on with their attire and the weird things that has been happening since I arrive here. As my mind ran off with thoughts, the man turned my attention by saying my name again. But this time with a more aggressive tone. I immediately turned to him along with some of the people at the table. As others watched me, my eyes did not turn from his. He told me I was amongst family and that I needed not to worry. I secretly let out a sigh of relief but only a small one as my thoughts still took me prisoner. The members of the table took their seats as I continued to stand. Too nervous to sit, I was also contempt at learning of my whereabouts. The man told me to take a seat as he will explain everything. As I took my chair, he explained that we are in a place where my world ends. A place where magic is at its strongest. A place where all magical beings live and where time from my world moves at a different pace. He further explained that this is the magical community as it’s called by many. I asked how I got here. He quickly responded that my magic brought me here as it called for a connection.

I asked “What Connection”?

He responded with a smirk on his face “A connection between blood”

He further explained “The children that greeted you. Are younger cousins of yours. Our family is very large expanding to multiple dimensions and across the entire magical community. We could feel your search for answers and after the combination of the two books. We felt your blood calling out to us. So I sent the children out to reach you and bring you here.”

“How did you feel my blood and how did you know about the books?” I asked in return.

He responded “In our family the women are known as Bloodcasters and men are of similar races known as a Blood Warlock. Our powers are very strong and are connected to each other. We can feel various ripples throughout our body when one of our totems go through various phases. Totems including your Book of Sanctuary.”

To me this could explain why I felt such an intense sensation when the books combined.

Looking back up to him, the man continued explaining about our family.

Pointing to the picture of a woman. He explains that was my grandmum Kana.

“All of our family members names start with a K. A tradition that was started hundreds of years ago. Our family believed that we could bare great power from the Kenoxes if we shared a bond with it. So the letter K would begin that bond.”

I asked “What is the Kenoxes”

Responding “The Kenoxes is one of the five points of magic that exists in our reality. The Kenoxes is the source of magic on Earth while the other four are located in various different dimensions of similar appearance. Its power is great and is the source of our family’s magic. Over time many of our relatives have given power to the Kenoxes to keep our magic strong. The house you was born in and grew up in sits above the Kenoxes and serves as its gate. It’s the reason why over the years so many dark forces attempted to destroy the home and drain it of its magic.”

Thinking back to the night I was first attack by a demon. It now makes sense that the demon was there to take our power. But why was it over my bed that night.

“Your grandmum moved to that home when her father disapproved of our marriage. That house was the reason why she is now dead.” He said tearfully as he walked away from the painting. He clapped his hands and the gathering rejoiced. Each member began dancing, singing, and playing amongst themselves. Kachine and Kachina joined me a the painting of my grandmum.

Kachine mentioned “The painting is of our grandmum Cynthia Banicks. A powerful caster who family belong to a wealthy establishment located in another dimension. She was tall beautiful, short golden blonde hair with eyes as bright as the sun. Her stature was proud, elegant, and graceful. She spoke with a proper tone and acted as a queen.”

He mentioned her in such high regards.

Kachina entered with words of her own: “She died in your house fighting a dangerous demon. It was the same demon that killed your father. The reason why your mum stopped talking to this side of the family. We were told to never mention this to anyone but felt that you should know.”

She bowed away and the two rejoin the festivities. Thinking to myself that this all makes sense. Since I never knew of this side of the family and why my mum never talked about dad’s death. Also why she never mentioned her family.

My thoughts were placed to the side as the members of the house and I returned to the table for supper. The hours flew by. Finished with dinner, I and several members of the room joined the event outside. Kachine and Kachina were dueling each other with magic. Both dressed in swordsman outfits and glowing orbs surrounded them in an elliptical order. The two dueled each other for nearly five minutes before Kachine offered me to join them. I declined of course. Only to be pushed by someone into the circle. Trying to leave the circle I was stung by the glowing orb.

“Once you enter you cannot leave until the duel is over or those orbs will electrocute you.” Said Kachine.

I responded “I do not want to participate in this. I do not know how to duel.”

“Now is the perfect time to learn.” Kachina said throwing me a sword.

As I got into a stance. The two charged at me. Knocked to the ground. Kachina jump to me with her sword. Closing my eyes I waved my hand and she flew into the orbs and out of the circle. Everyone’s eyes were on me with the elderly man watching adoringly. For a while me and Kachine dueled each other until he cut me on the arm. It was the first time I saw my own blood. My mum always had me in a protected environment and I never remembered bleeding. The feeling was very intense. For some reason Kachine stepped back and the people also responded the same way. Kachine apologized but I just smiled. I felt like a darkness was coming over me. I flew to my feet and as winds smashed against the circle. I used my power and threw Kachine into the orbs. I bound him to the orbs. Electrocuting him in the process. The man shouted with a loud crackling voice. STOP!!! Roaring lightning permitted from the skies and I stopped. I return to normal and I apologized. I ran off into the house. Crying I was confused and ashamed. The man and an injured Kachine followed me inside.

“Don’t be ashamed at what just happen. As a Bloodcaster you have intense power when you touch your blood and use magic afterwards. It is both a good thing and bad in our family.” The man said.

“I am okay as well” says Kachine.

“Go to get healed and check on your sister” says the man to Kachine.

“I want to go home” I said tearfully to him.

“I understand” he says.

He waved his hands and a doorway opened. I could see my backyard through it. He mentioned his name is Kadamba and apologizes for not mentioning it before. I gently smiled and walked through the door.

Back in the yard, I continue to see my family preparing for the barbeque as before. Realizing that time has not moved since I left.

“Where have you been, I have been calling you?” asked my mum.

I did not want to upset her so I told her I was upstairs getting ready. Using my magic I made plates and utensils appear on the table.

“I see you remember some things I taught you” mum said with a smile.

We gathered as a family. It was a simple way of ending a weird yet informative day. I would never forget such events that happened and the things I were told. I just hope one day my mum would open up about them.

While in my bed, I could not sleep. Trying to sleep with what I did to Kachine is sitting well with me. Walking downstairs I went to the bushes outside in the backyard in hopes to find the door that took me to “that” world. But it was not there. I wanted to apologize. But before I could turn and walk back inside. The doorway opened up and I walked through it. On the other side of it I saw Kachine standing waiting for me.

“How can I help you, Kyra” he asked.

Responding “I just wanted to apologize for what I have done. I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

“I know. I will let you in on a little secret. When I was your age, I turned my mum into an ice sickle. It was funny.” Kachine said.

“So you didn’t have control either?” I asked.

“No I didn’t. It takes time and in our case as Bloodcasters and warlocks. Our powers are stronger thus taking longer to get used to.” He said.

I was okay now. The two of us talked for most of the night before Kachine offered to help me get better at my magic and to teach me some fighting techniques. After my encounter with my first demon, this would not be such a bad idea. So I agreed. We promised that every summer and major break from school. I would return here and the two of us will train.

The summer past and I started training on my own. I scoured throughout the Book of Sanctuary and taught myself various handy spells. I learned how to levitate things and also learn how to make things appear out of nowhere. Albeit small things. My mum surprisingly helped me perform various spells such as moving the mop and vacuum cleaner around the house. A way to get me to do house choirs but it still was fun. The same summer, for the first time my brother and sister were allowed to perform magic as well. My brother got better at his ability. In the book it states that his power is called Molecule Remiss. My sister showed that she has been practicing her power too. Both being ten and twelve respectively it is no surprise. Me now at the age fifth teen it was time we all learned more about the magic that was coursing through our veins. The summer turned out to be a very adventurous one so far and was very glad everything happened as it has.

In the weeks to come things would get better. My mum opened up more about our lives as casters and how we must at all cost. Keep normal humans from realizing what and who we are. As I found out before, it can prove to be very dangerous if they found out. She mentioned that there are powerful forces out there that both wants us dead. And those that want our powers. It was something I was oh to aware of. She sat us down in the family room and open the Book of Sanctuary. Kylie and Kyle sat on the floor in front of us. While me and mum sat on the couch facing them. She opened the book and mentioned that everything she is about to tell us is so that we know both the advantages about our magic and the downfalls.

“Your father and I were forbidden to marry.” She says.

“Mortals and casters or Mortals and any sort of magical being was forbidden to marry. Let alone have kids. But I did not care. I disobeyed the command of my parents and ran off with your father once we arrived back from the war. I was happy and content with my life with him. We wed in this house and gave birth to you here as well Kyra. This house was given to us in my father’s will once he left here.”

I was wondering if she would tell the story of my grandmum but she hesitantly moved passed it. She continued to tell the story of her and my father for the first time.

“Throughout the years in the house, we went through various tests all but one we passed. The test were given to us by the High Council. They adjourned that in order for our love to be true and for us to marry. We must prove that we could marry and have kids while having magic in our lives as a result. They sent everything from crazy storms, imps, spirits, caused everything from mortal things like bank accounts and vast amount of our property and friends to disappear or betray us. It was dark days back then. But we prevailed.” Tears ran from her eyes as she paused. She lifted her head and return to speak.

“The final test was a demonic horde attack. Fearing that our marriage would result in the birth of kids. The High Council wanted to make sure that we could protect them. Protect You. We fought hard and we thought we won. Little did we know at the time that a demon disappeared in the midst of the battle. He would return later and kill your father. I was angry and had to protect all of you. I went on a warpath. Leaving you in the care of Clarissa. I had to have vanquished several demons on my path to find this particular demon. I return one night and the High Council had Clarissa under a spell and were holding you three. You were asleep do to a spell. They wanted to take you away. The three members of the High Council were powerful so I knew I had no chance at fighting them. But I was a born warrior thanks to my father’s training at such an early age. Just to my luck, the demon returned to our home. He attacked the High Council and attacked me. They defended themselves. But by this time you three were back in my care. I vanquished the demon and the High Council awarded me custody over you. I have not heard of them since. In the meantime I heard that the same demon found my mum while she was at the magic market. He murdered her while attacking several civilians of the magical community. I was so angry at the time but I promised that I would not have you in the same lifestyle that I grew up in.”

I now understood why she never spoke about her past. I also know why this world remained a mystery to us until recently.

“I knew you would find out about your abilities eventually so I wanted to be the one to tell you about them and the one to show you how to use them.” She continued.

“But until the time I bound each of your abilities until you were the ages ten years old. That is why you Kyle found of your abilities later than your sisters.

She flipped the pages until she reached the page of the High Council.

The insert read: “Led by the deity Vigretia, the first known prophet and wiseman. The High Council sits at the edge of existence creating laws and maintaining a balance between many different dimensions. They act as the authority figures of the magical community. Including containing the secrecy of magic from the mortal world. Lethal to see one of these beings in their natural forms. The High Council appears in various forms with their prominent form while on Earth appearing almost human. The High Council watches over all and are capable of warping reality, time travel, complete control over anything near them, and invincibility. Also possessing immortality, invulnerability, these beings are also considered clairvoyant and are treated as royalty. If one meets a member of the High Council they must treat them as such.”

My mum closed the book and walked away. I could tell that all of this was bringing back memories for her. So I and my siblings did not disturb her for the remainder of the night. Laying up in my room I used my magic to decorate the ceiling with stars. Miniature lights bouncing from the ceiling to the walls to the floor. It was a wonderful light show. My magic was growing and I could feel it.

In the middle of the night I had a vision of a young girl near Kylie’s age. She appeared to smile at me and then would disappear without notice. I awoke in chills. To only find a swirl of lights flying around one particular spot near a chair in the corner. The chair rocked back and forth and then the little girl appeared in ghostly form. She laughed and sung a song I heard once while I was a child. The rocking stopped and she looked at me. Her stare was dead and cold. Her face turn frighten red with scars rising up her arm and neck. I could feel the darkness covering the air. She stood up and ran to my bedside. She screamed. I jumped and ran out of my bed. I tried to use my power on her but it did nothing. Instead it knocked over the lamp near my bed. Causing my mum to run to my room. The girl disappeared. As I explained what just happened to my mum I could hear the song in my head again. Asking if my mum heard the same thing. She simply replied no. I went back to bed and the night came to a close. Loud banging noises could be heard from outside. I awoke in my bed. The banging noise became so loud it felt like the earth was pounding. I went to my window to see the sky engulfed in red. Birds were flying into the walls of my house and the windows were breaking. My mum screamed from downstairs for me to come down now. As I ran to the door, the girl from last night appeared at the threshold. This time I she wasn’t a ghost. But as real as I am. Pale, cold, glowing gray eyes, and dingy clothing. She was somewhat familiar. I tried to move but I could not. Out of my closet, our cat ran and snarled at the girl. She looked down at the cat and she disappeared. I ran out of my room and downstairs to meet my mum and siblings. I made it downstairs to witness my family surrounded by several dark shadows. Attempting to run to them, a large shadow threw me against the wall. Trying to cast a spell, my mum was thrown against the fireplace. It roared with flames and my siblings started to float into the air. The shadows were trying to suck our energy from us. The girl spirit came to our rescue. She chanted “Sence tega kraja bivališča, odideš v Trakiji zvok. ena, dve, tri”. Just like that the spirits were gone and so was she. My mum said that it was a Slovenian spell meaning “Shadows of this dwelling place, leave now at the sound of thrice. One, two, three”.

“That is the girl that I met in my dreams and then again in my bedroom last night. I saw her again this morning when you shouted.” I said to my mum.

“how long have you been seeing her” my mum asked.

I told her that last night was the first time. She opened the book to see what has been happening. She came across an entry that mentioned Slovenian Casters die at a young age. To only come back as ghost to guide other casters. Rarely harmless, their magic are very dangerous and were cursed to never be used. The entry also states that the curse was started by a dark warlock who fell in love with an early Slovenian Caster. When she betrayed his love. He cursed her entire bloodline and thus all of her descendants were bound to die early. From this, each generation knew the only way to break the curse. Was to save the lives of fellow casters. This was to make up for the betrayed love of the warlock. Unbeknownst to them, the curse meant that they would die young to prevent helping anyone.

Mum states that it’s possible that the caster is somehow here to warn us of something coming for us. The reason behind the shadows and the dying birds around our house.

“Dying birds are signs of omens from around the world. Red skies represent a great force entering into our world. It means that blood of the dark one has appeared on Earth.”

Three cloaked figures stood at three edges of the room. The windows shattered and the lights around the house flickered. We gathered together and from the moment we touched each other’s hands. The doors from the family room broke off their hinges and the floor cracked open. The cloak figures turned into a tar like substance and the entire sky lit up a dark red. The three figures chanted a dark sounding noise with birds of all types falling from the skies around our house. Animals walked up to the front and back doors and dropped dead. It was like something out of a horror movie. A loud deep voice could be heard from the floor. My mum mentioned that as long as we are holding hands. We could not be harmed as our magic was strong enough to withhold the spirit’s power.

My mum took me and my siblings outside. The skies were dark red and nature roared with anger. From bashing winds to animal zombies. Something big was happening and everything was effected. We found ourselves near the similar bush that cloaked the veil to my family’s realm. My mum looked back at us and motioned for us to follow. Filled with suspensions and curiosity. I and my siblings followed without asking questions. But were filled with wonder upon walking through the veil to the other side. As the veil exploded behind us. My mum knew that we could not return home. We followed her up to the doorway to our family’s castle and as the door opened. The skies here were normal. I noticed that nothing has changed since my recent trip. Traveling through the main hall. We could see paintings of recent ancestors of all ages hanging magically on the walls. The portraits moved with us and we could hear them speak with various accents. When asked by Kylie how can pictures talk. My mum simply replied that in this world anything is possible and that everything is made up of magic. Including the air that we breathe. Entering the main room, I notice that the house has changed from its previous appearance. The main room now decorated with large roof topping windows and floating objects. Several members of our family could be seen sitting discussing a matter in the former room to our right. When my mum told us to join other children in the main room. She left to join the adults in the other room.

Kachine peaked through a painting on the wall. He whistled for my attention. Walking to it, he extended his hand. As I extended mine, I was transported to a dark room. A girl lit up the room with floating spheres and several teenagers around my age appeared throughout the room. The room was large and had no visible entrances. The walls were made of glass and from them the rest of the house could be seen. However, no one tend to notice that this room was here.

I ask “where is this room?”

Kachine responds “It is magically cloaked from the rest of the home. In ancient times it served as a viewing room for the rest of the house”

A girl walked to the far left wall and pointed outside. The red skies were approaching this realm as well.

“A great force has made its way to our worlds. We must stop it before it destroys everything” says a strange looking boy on the couch.

“I agree, we each have power and belong to the strongest magical family in history. Surely we can do something” replies a similar strange girl sitting opposite him.

When asked who these kids were. Kachine responded “They are our cousins. Like our grandfather stated our family is very large”. He says with a tainted smile.

“What is coming and why is this happening now?” I asked.

A proper gentlemen from the corner responds by saying “This force has belong to our family thousands of years ago. When the great Balkurians disappeared they assured that their power would remain. So they sealed it away inside a dark realm waiting for it to be strong enough to awaken onto this realm. Because of the magical and non-magical realm’s close ties. The two are experiencing similar reactions.”

“Do this force have a name?” I ask

A proper lady replies with a southern bell appeal and southern accent. “Yes it does. The Balkurians call them the Bringers of Norgard.”

“Wait did you just say THEM?” I replied with an urgent overtone.

“Yes” she says.

She concludes with introducing herself as Kycenia Lazaron. Mentioning she went to Tantirith a school for magical beings. Where she studied our family history and the demonic creatures of the world through Demonology.

Bringers of Norgard are the 10 demons that plague stories since the first prediction was made. They are ancient spirits that existed long before the first civilization but shortly after the birth of man. These spirits awoke from the ground and threatened to bring forth the Apocalypse. Since this time, man had told stories and made prophecies of the end of the world. Starting with the arrival of these spirits.” Kycenia mentions as she looks out the window with her hand on her chin.

She goes into a deep thought and the room grows silent. I could tell that whatever these demons were. They were strong and are much feared. Their description alone could scare anyone. Our ancestors must have been very dark and power hungry to have created them.

“Where are they now?” I ask.

“The Bringers of Norgard are in a post-apocalyptic world known as Norgard created by the High Council to banish all evil spirits. But since the world has been created, many powers from spirits that plague it. Has slowly broken down the protective shield around its boundaries. Which is how the spirits are entering our world now.” Kylenia says.

“Well maybe we can stop them before they enter our world” I suggested.

“It would be possible but our parents would never allow us to go there” Kachine said.

“We should ask them, maybe they might come with us. I mean it is our fate on the line here.” I said.

The teenagers and I left the viewing room to greet the adults. In the midst of the meeting their attention turned to us. As we told them of our plan. Their faces and expressions were tainted and anger assured.

“You cannot go to this place. It is dark and very dangerous.” Says one of the adults.

“Besides we are already going there ourselves and you must stay here to protect the young ones” says my mum.

“Mum you cannot go. Not without me. It is to dangerous.” I cried.

“We are older, more wiser, and stronger.” She responded

“We have experience with similar spirits from our days. We know you want to come with us. You would not be our kin if you did not. But we have spoken and forbid you young ones to follow pursuit.” Says a man sitting at the front edge of the long table.

He stands up and introduces himself as Kacee Lazaron. He stood up tall with long robes. His beard was equally long and he had a wizard hat. He animated his staff to walk to him. He then proceeded to dress himself in battle attire. The other adults followed his command and just like that. They were ready for battle. I was astounded along with the other teens at what we were seeing. Kadamba walks out the back of the room to mention that they were great fighters during the previous war of magic. It was similar to the current approaching one. He mentions that the magical community elders foreshadowed the event to protect the knowledge of future generations. The group of adults ward us away by placing a spell around the castle. As the spell collapses down around the home. They bid their farewell and leaves off to Norgard. Angry, we all try to break the spell to follow. Much to no success. We join the children of the other room and are greeted with the kids standing up with energy balls in their hands. They were ready to join the fight. The children could feel that the battle was coming. Including Kylie and Kyle who I thought both were completely clueless of what was going on.

“I guess we do not give them much credit. Like our parents don’t with us” Kycenia said.

“But how can we leave” I ask.

“We break out, I’m pretty sure that all of us at one point disobeyed our parents” says a guy from the group.

“To all of you that don’t know me as most of us here have never met. My name is Kyson Lazaron. My mum and dad died when I was young while fighting demons in Africa. They brought me here to live with our grandfather Kadamba. You see I am your cousin.” He mentions passionately.

He continued his speech “we are all family, rather distant or close relatives. I don’t know many of you but I would like to. I hope this battle will bring our family closer. It has to. Mostly because dark forces are out there and we are this world’s only hope of survival.”

“Are you crazy? We cannot stand up against the adult’s magic let alone fight against ancient demonic spirits. Who said we had that much power” mentions a guy from the group.

He introduces himself as Kadeem Lazaron. He is by far the only African American male on my mum’s side of the family. It was surprising but my mind quickly drew to Kachina who entered the room in battle armor and plenty of other suits in tow.

“Kachina where have you been” asks Kachine.

“I have been busy collecting everything we would need to escape and to fight” says Kachina.

“This is crazy” says Kadeem.

“It may be crazy but it is our only hope to escape. Rather you like it or not we have a duty to fight these demons and rescue our parents. They cannot fight them alone. Plus if this storm is both worlds. I believe that these demonic spirits are stronger than we are anticipating.” I said to Kadeem and the others.

Kachine, Kycenia, Kylie, Kachina, and Kyle all smiled at me with the rest of our family members looking at each other with false hope. Kachine continued to hand out weapons and armor to each member. When we touched the armor, the armor clamped onto our clothing replacing them with under armor. Our eyes glowed as the armor took to our body. I could feel great immense power enter throughout my blood. We could feel our hearts being linked together. It was a presence among us now. A strong one. Powerful enough to bring great magic.

“Where did you get this armor from Kachina?” asks Kylenia.

“Apparently this armor came from the dungeon of this castle.” Says Kachina

“Well Kadamba did say that the adults of the family assisted in battles before. So it is possible that the armor belong to them” says Kachine.

“The armor appears to be enchanted to confine to our body and our blood. It is becastered.” Says a short stubby boy with glasses.

His glasses floats over his eyes with no apparent way of them remaining on his face. I must admit my family continues to get weirder by the moment. But I sort of like them.

“Sorry for my tactlessness. My name is Kristos Lazaron. My family is from Bulgaria. My father was a Bulgarian caster who met and marry a Lazaron caster who he met while attending a party for King Henry. Says Kristos as he introduces himself and his epilogue.

Asking Kristos “Wait how old are you exactly?”

He responds “I’m 243 years old. In one week I will be 244.”

No one in the room tend to notice the age difference. I looked confused and around the room and noticed that everyone appeared similar ages.

Laughing, Kachine mentions that magical beings age differently. Everyone here except for the children. Are at least in their hundreds. We mention this earlier Kyra. Don’t you remember Kadamba’s words? “Yes” I responded but I was still in shock. I also realize that I could also live a very long life. Something I could only imagine for a quick moment. Before reality came back to focus. Kachine and Kachina formed a team of the best fitted group to stay and watch the children while the rest travel off to follow the adults to Norgard.

The children fought the idea. But understood that if anything happened to them, there would be no hope for the rest of them. An image that was bestowed on them by Kylenia. The teens drew our power together in the form of energy bolts. A loud crackling sound could be heard as we attempted to break the barrier of the spell. Just like that a gap could be seen near the wall of the northern part of the room. We done it. It was closing slowly but it was no time to kill. Kachine and Kachina both good fighters. Decided to appoint members of the teens to stay and for some to go. The two appointed Kylenia and Kristos because of their knowledge of the magical world and of demons. They offered Kadeem and I to stay behind with the rest of the teens and the children.

“I am going with you” I said.

“No you are not. You are inexperienced and barely know how to control your power” Kachina said.

I blew the massive table in the dining room up against the wall. Much to everyone’s shock. I closed my eyes and out of white light the Book of Sanctuary appeared in my hands. All eyes laid on me and the book.

“How is it that you have one of our family’s greatest totems” asks Kristos.

It belongs to my family and we were chosen to protect the most powerful source of magic. The Kenoxes. Along with that I am not staying behind. I can be of great use and plus I am the one with the book. I said with determination on my face.

“Then it is decided that you will come with us” says Kachine smiling at me.

“I am not staying behind either” says Kadeem. Much to everyone’s surprise.

“After all of your doubt, why would you come with us now?” asks Kylenia.

“Because like all of you, I have a unique power. It is great strength and durability. I can withstand almost anything. An ability passed down to me by my father.” Responds Kadeem.

“Ok then, I guess it is decided. Kylenia, Kadeem, Kyra, Kristos, Kachine, and I will all go join the adults in fighting and stopping this force of evil. While the rest of you stay here and hold down the fort.” Says Kachina.

“Close your eyes and think of walking through the wall and just hold my hand.” Says Kachine.

Closing my eyes I followed Kachine and the others through the wall. I did not know where we would end up or what would happen next. But I did know that everything that led up to this moment and the things I have read and seen. Is of no mistake and that it happened for a reason. So I will travel and fight with faith and not look back.



Swirling lights and a spinning wormhole. Describes the scenery that I am seeing right now. As we are transported through to another dimension. Dramatically we land on the ground. It was covered in weird multicolored rocks and massive glowing stones surrounded us. Lava flowed quietly in the background. Creating a slow moving river around what appeared to be an island. As we looked around. It was apparent that we were close to Norgard. Signs of both death and life carried throughout. Kritos states that we landed near the Gates of Eternity.

“We landed in a place called Norgard” Kristos says.

Continuing our pace gradually down a path. A bridge was located in our sights. It was covered in a deep thick fog and glooming glowing trees sparkled on both sides of its exits. The bridge were made of sapphire like structures and from its base. Were massive stone statues. Wondering who built this amazing structure. We pushed forward. However, the massive glowing rocks that we saw upon arrival started to move. Sounds crept from the ground and loud thundering sounds could be heard from underneath them. Just like that the rocks became giant stones. The stones then became golems. Their appearance were creepy. Kristos told us to prepare as these were Poraficks. Elemental beings which possesses the powers of the elements found on Earth. Each Porafick took different colors. The orange one was massive and was covered in lava. It shot massive flamethrowers at us. The one made of ice was powder blue and it tried to freeze us. The pure white one represented the Spiritual Essence, an element found mostly in the magical community. It clutched its fist and we fell to the ground. It could move us throughout the air and while we were distracted. The Poraficks of Water, Fire, Air, and Ice attacked us in pattern. Kachine, Kachina, and Kysenia shouted “Du pel” and a shield of pure light protected us. It was time to attack. We fell to the ground and everyone except me landed on their feet. Kadeem ran to the Poraficks with a fierce attack. Headfirst he knock them to the ground. The Earth Porafick stood up smashed its fist into the ground. Splitting the ground in half. The island separated and we found ourselves on both sides of the split. Kachine, Kristos, and I were fighting the Fire, Ice, and Air Porafick. While Kachina, Kysenia, and Kadeem were facing off against the Spirit, Nature, and Earth Porafick. Six Poraficks and six casters. The battle begun.

Kachine told me to shout “Du pel” if I wanted to magically shield myself. Kristos mentioned that the spell is an old one that casters created to omit light around their bodies to protect themselves from other magical attacks. Good explanation. I was now prepared to fight a good fight. Haven trained with Kachine on small occasions I must admit that I was worried about the tied of the battle. But I agreed to come along so I could not show neither of my cousins this fear. So I fought on. Flowing throughout the air was magic. From spells to enchanted items. Our magic was both strong here but out of control. The Poraficks grew bigger as we attacked them and it appeared that they wanted us to fight them. As they grew bigger we fought harder. I was amazed at it all. Not because of the battle but because I was realizing just how much this universe had in it that I was therefore clueless about.

“Our magic is making them stronger, try using physical attacks instead” yelled Kristos.

So I used the physical enchantments that I learned from the book. Astounded I was kicking butt. I loved it. I appeared quick and in charge of the fight on our side. As Kachine and Kristos covered me. I was glad to have them as allies. But immediately the battle turned against us. The Poraficks were now as tall as titans. Their bodies have become almost impenetrable. Their rocky bodies were now as hard as crystal with a sapphire like outer layer. We were getting our butts kicked. With everyone getting beaten. I tried to knock them down with my telekinesis and a combination of physical moves as well. But nothing worked. As the Ice Porafick took a piece of it’s arm off to use as a weapon. It cut open a bruise on my arm. I touched my blood and used my telekinesis again. All of the Poraficks around me fell to the ground. I slammed my hands onto the ground in anger. With the two islands merging together. The Poraficks gathered back together. Forming a massive stone figure. It had all of their abilities but I was not worried at all. I appeared tough and out of sync with my normal self. I rose back up with my cousins frozen with a stare. With blood still on my hands. I used it to create a sword made up of harden blood and magic. I ran toward the Porafick and it toward me. We collided with both on opposite ends of each other now. It fell to pieces on the ground and I rose up with eyes of pure black. It was obvious that my blood was taken control over my magic. My cousins tried to bring me back but to no avail. They surrounded me and shouted “Du pel” a ring of light circled us as they held hands. A miracle my body returned to normal and I fell to the ground. I awoke with an explanation that blood magic is very dangerous and if used consistently it can take over the user. I apologized and was forgiven. But it became certain that my cousins were watching me a lot closer now. We marched onward to the bridge but the statue moved that was guarding it.

“Great another Porafick” I said.

“No worse” said Kristos as he stepped backwards.

“It is a Sholl, demonic trolls covered in unbreakable armor” says Kristos.

The sholls were placed at both ends of the bridge to protect Norgard from intruders. The sholls are intelligent creatures who may look foul. However, their large bodies and massive sized brains allow for them to be powerful enemies. Kristos wanted to use wits against wits. Because of their immunity to magic. Kristos mentioned that these creatures unlike the Poraficks were immune to all form of magic including blood magic. Their armor protects them from almost any element and if it was not for their lucid skin. These creatures would almost be unstoppable. Using this knowledge and noticeable weakness to our advantage. Kristos advised a plan to fight the Sholl on his own. But he warned that Sholls are honorable creatures and will only fight one of us since it is only one of them. Following his lead, we stood behind as Kristos walked toward the sholl and agreed to fight for rite of passage. Beginning their fight, the two clashed equally on both their intelligence and fighting skills. It was almost as if the sholl knew what Kristos was thinking and what he was trying to accomplish. The sholl protected his soft spot very carefully. It led him to attack quicker with a more even pace. Instead of brute force in contrast with the Poraficks, the sholl spin around to release a giant gust of hot wind toward Kristos. Kristos revealed his ability to control the air and used it back against the sholl. The creature was lifted into the air. It became the perfect distraction. Kristos attacked its weak spot and the sholl fell to the ground instantly. The bridge shook and then turned iron gold. On the other end the other sholl could be seen facing the opposite direction. As we walked across the bridge. The previously defeated sholl appeared behind us facing the opposite direction.

“It seem like we are being tested” mentions Kysenia.

I second that thought. The facing sholl turned to us instantly. Its eyes were larger than the others and it appeared meaner. It went into defensive position with multiple arms and weapons in tow. Its head split in two and its armor started to glow to cover any possible weak spots.

“The sholls are connected. They appear to adapt to what the others are or have felt” Kristos said.

“How do you know that?” I ask.

“Because as we approach this sholl, it started to equip itself with defenses in a way that means it knows we know how to defeat it.” He says.

A smart guy I must admit. But this just made me more nervous at what this particular sholl was capable of. This time Kachine stood to the challenge. He jumped in the air slammed into the sholl. It allowed us to run pass them both. As Kachine and the sholl were battling the massive trees on the other side of the bridge closed to not let us pass. From Kristos he mentioned that this world is design for the worthy and it will not let just anybody enter or leave for that matter. The two fought for hours in a fierce and terrible blood match. The end result was Kachine laying on the ground. But as I went to rescue him. The sholl jumped in front of me and I could not move. It verified by its blank stare that this was all a test. But by whom I wondered. The sholl returned to the fight. I screamed for Kachine to get up. Like he heard me, Kachine got up and touched his womb. He lit up with rage and started to fight quicker as he pounced to his feet like a cat in battle. He moved quickly and his face was covered in anger. His look was very similar to mine when I was using blood magic. As he defeated the sholl in a matter of minutes. He turned to us and moved so quickly that we could barely see him. We tried to create the ring of light around him but he moved so fiercely that we could not. He attacked us and attempted to push us into the lava. I touched his hand while it was covered in blood and manage to forcefully push him down. I could feel his mind and heartbeat as I touched his blood. It was amazing. We formed the ring and Kachine returned to normal.

We stood for a while looking at each other. We knew that as Bloodcasters this was going to be a test of our lives. These battles will call for us to use dark magic. But we agreed that we would help each other before it was too late. We stormed forward leaving the fights behind us. The forest was our next obstacle. Forests in Norgard were known to be dark, mischievous, and home to hundreds of dark creatures of the dead or almost dead. They live on sucking the life of the living foolish enough to travel here. You could hear the trees laughing as we walked pass them. Eyes were lurking throughout the bushes with howls coming from above us. Silent whispers came from the ever watching moon with blood erupting from the grounds. Large vines spread out and attacked us as we walked through two massive trees. They started to taunt us.

“We are the Dofties and how dare you to enter our passage” says the trees.

Dofties were demonic spirits that ate spirits and stole daylight. Often referred to as Bad Luck wherever these creatures went bad luck followed. They taunt humans and live throughout the world as various creatures appearing almost never to anyone but themselves and residents of the Black Forests. As told by Kristos.

Who also mentions that we must be in the Black Forest a magical realm of magical creatures from all around the various dimensions. It serves as a midway between Earth, the Magical Community, Norgard, and the afterlife. Portals to each of these dimensions could be found on the corners of the realm. Which explains how we landed near Norgard is because we entered through the magical communities’ portal. The Dofties haunted us never to show their look aside from shadows with glowing red eyes. These creatures were fast and smelled like hot sweet ash. As they moved around us, everything from us tripping over each other, lighting striking a branch that nearly fell on us, to us mistakenly attacking each other. Their legend was being summoned by their actions. Our bad luck was being enabled and our magic seemed to disappear entirely because of it. I felt helpless and weak. The first time I felt this way in forever. I watched my cousins each barely hanging on as they appeared sick and depressed. But we could not stop, we had the entire world depending on us stopping the demons of Norgard. We could not allow Earth or any realm to be their supernatural playground. I stood up and tried to use blood magic, but my blood ran thin was water. It was ice cold and had nearly no special power.

“We have to believe in ourselves again. Bad luck is a state of mind and since we are so strong. Our bad luck is causing us to be consumed with illusions” mentions Kristos.

As he stood up, we followed. We grabbed each other’s hands and summoned our magic back. The ring of light was now a wall and the voices of the demonic spirits were no more. The trees stop moving and all the weird sounds went silent. If those were just an example of what there is to expect in the Black Forest. I for one would be glad for when it’s time for us to leave this place for good.

The night was growing around us. We had to stop because everyone was getting tired. Kycenia and Kachina used their magic to erect tens made of sticks, wood, rocks, and grass. Kadeem and Kristos used shield magic to protect it from attacks and Kachine cloaked it with a spell. Since I was not good at doing any of that I however have learned to create food out of magic. So I created a delicious meal. We ate, laugh, talked about members of our family, and gossiped about the elders. We were finally bonding on a normal family level. It was nice for a change. Myself and the others laid out for a night’s rest. Throughout the night sounds of animals stood around us. Giant wolves could smell us but could not see us. The cloaking spell was effective at least in a visual regard. But it did not stop these creatures. They were large and loud. Their footprints created small glowing footprint marks on the ground. The liquid that were in these footprints appeared magical. I woke up to the sounds of these creatures. Not immediately fearing them because of the protection of our camp. I took it upon myself to open the Book of Sanctuary. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds. The book lit up and flashed to the page about the Waywards. From its passage it mentioned:

Waywards are ancient wolves that the Iku legends described as mischievous and even demonic creatures of the underworld. Never to hunt in packs like wolves of modern age, the Waywards only came together at battle or feasting. Originally warriors cursed by the blood of the first werewolf, these demonic spirits take corporal form when hungry or the full moon.”

It was not a full moon so it must mean that these creatures were hungry. Since there were numerous sounds coming from different directions I could tell that there were many different of these wolves around us. I awoke the others. We got to our feet and walked outside. These creatures stood almost reaching the tips of the trees. But when glances of light hit their bodies they disappeared. Almost like shadows but opposite. One Wayward had spiky fur with bluish white fur and large diamond structured fangs. Their ears were wings and their tails split into three. The stench of their breath smelled like brimstone. My cousins and I looked onward in awe. We made the tent crumble with magic and put out the light from the flames. We moved closer to each other. As if forming a ninja stance. Each had energy balls in our hands. We were ready for a fight like we haven’t had before. The wolves knew we were here now. Their sense of smell was getting stronger. They pinpointed us. Slamming against the shield. We could feel it fainting. Our energy balls grew larger as we formed a tighter circle. I closed my eyes and the wolves broke our shield. Energy balls flared against the wolves. They release spike fangs toward us. Their strength was incredible. Their noise created a massive hurling thunderstorm above us. The thunder spiked the trees and hit the grounds. As light touched them. These creatures appeared camouflaged. Making it harder to hit them with light omitting attacks including the energy balls and the light spell. Luckily unlike the Poraficks and the Sholls before, our magic had effect on them. Greatly I might add. We used that to our benefits. We attacked on and on again. Never to miss a hit. We moved quickly around them. For their size, these wolves were fast like lightning. As they moved the ground rumbled beneath their steps. Their fur could withstand many strong attacks. We were growing exhausted. So we began to run. Kachine with his great agility. Stayed behind us to ward off the wolves. Flying spikes followed us as the wolves tried to attack us from a far. One Wayward opened its mouth thunder paced itself out toward us. Kadeem turned around just in time to reflect it with a light spell. But it took a toll on him. The running and the heavy use of magic was weighing on us. Something neither of us expected so early on. Exhausted we found a hideaway in a cave. The creatures ran pass and Kachine caught up to us. We closed off the cave with an avalanche. Light shot up from the far end of the cave with sounds of water coming from the distance. We relaxed in the silence. No one spoke. But I can bet everyone was thinking of completing this task we embarked on. If we are growing tired and are facing foes at both the speed and strength early on. How will we fight the forces that are expected in some of the darkest places of existence, Eternity and Norgard?

Day broke and we were still asleep. But something was watching us yet again. Creatures that appeared almost human. Hand torn cloths with giant claws wrapped around their necks. A bear like beasts stood as their hat with fangs and claws decorating their fingers and mouth. Necklaces of dragon scales circled around their neck. Kysenia opened her eyes and screamed. But neither one of us awoke. She looked at us and the creatures shrouded us in powder that placed us into deeper sleeps. Before they could continue this with her, Kysenia blasted them with a blizzard. Disliking the cold, the creatures pushed back deeper into the cave. One creature jumped from the ceiling onto Kysenia and cut her neck with its dagger. The creature continue to attack faster and faster. Kysenia stood up with her head facing the ground. Her eyes were pitch black with the creatures approaching her with their powder. She laughed and the entire cave grew ice cold. The walls covered in ice shards and the creatures fell to their knees. Touching her cut, Kysenia looked up and her eyes blitz with blue streaks of rage. She lifted her left hand and the creatures turned to ice sculptures. She used her blizzard on us to erase the effects of the sleeping powder. We awoke to see the creatures and she stood there looking with a blank pose.

“What is wrong Kysenia?” I asked.

“You fools do not know what you are getting yourselves into. This battle is not for the weak and what you are up against will kill you all. They have and will enslave the world again. You are weak and pathetic and stand no chance against the Bringers.” Kysenia says.

Her voice was deeper and had multiple layers as if she was speaking alongside someone or something.

“What is happening Kysenia?” asks Kristos.

“Fool, my name is Snow, the Goddess of Snow and Ice. Kysenia is just a vessel for me to re-enter the world.” Mentions Kysenia.

Possessed, Kysenia fell into Kachine’s arms to only awake not to remember a thing. Walking up to the creatures, Kristos identifies them as Farmen.

Farmen are cow and bull bodied cave dwellers that builds large caves and laid giant size eggs and at the end of time the eggs hatch and outcome several land animals.”

But my real question was on what just happened with Kysenia. I opened the Book of Sanctuary and there it’s description mentions about Snow.

“Snow was Goddess of Ice, Climate, Temperature, and Snow. Born from Winter she assists her mum bring the world icy weather. She invented the blizzard and snowstorms in memory to Sickle. Her home is at the edge of the Earth lying in Snow and 12 mile thick ice, even the gods grew cold while in her realm. The panda, Yati (yeti), dove, beaver, and koala were her children and the ice sickle was her weapon.”

The passage further explains that she was banished to Oblivion for nearly placing the world on ice out of fury with the God King Born’ for betraying their love. This created the Ice Age and she vowed that one day she would return to seek her revenge on Earth and the gods.

“It makes sense that since Kysenia holds ice like abilities, the first Bloodcaster in centuries to possess this ability. That Snow needed a strong vessel to harbor until she was strong enough to reawaken.” Mentions Kristos.

“How can we stop that from happening?” I asked

“Right now we have bigger issues and unfortunately that must wait until we finish our mission” says Kysenia as she stands on her feet.

“But Kysenia” before I could continue, Kysenia stops me and notions for us to move onward. With the rest of us looking at each other in despair. We move onward anyways. We walked pass the massive eggs laid by the Farmen. Kristos mentioned that we did not have anything to worry about as the eggs won’t hatch until the world is recreated. In this regard the eggs would hatch into a new breed of animals different and stronger and more adapt then the current species. We left them be and continued onward deeper into the cave. While walking through the cavern we noticed a strong stench that was coming from the left corridor of a well-lit space to our right. As we grew closer we could hear singing and the light was moving as if it was dancing to the song. We turned the corner to find a bright display of creatures. They were beautiful and appeared to be roasting some sort of stick. The stench changed to cinnamon with a hint of ginger. The creatures then changed to women with long hair and jewels decorated their golden hair. Their long flowing dresses moved like the wind. With their hands made of glass. Several emotions glazed their faces. Happy, sadness, regret, and anger. Their music was a passionate one and on our far left was a massive size window. It was overlooking a glowing orb. Perched in a room that overlooked a garden. This glowing orb told the stories of the many lives in existence. Which meant judging from an insert I remember reading from the Book of Sanctuary. That these beautiful women were the Warvue.

Warvue are 6 Giantess who guarded the Wheel of Time and Fate, like the Groners. These caster like giants were very powerful and instead of predicted time and deciding the events of mortal lives. They controlled the lives of immortals as well even the Groners. Living in a fiery realm in the Valken Holdrum, the Warvue are usually seen together making fun of everyone else. They are the first children of Yonrohs' although they are forgotten and written out of stories until after the fall of the gods. They consisted of Contessa, Seliondra, Fer, Velda, Honna, and Fate. Contessa watched and decided the fates of animals, Seliondra watched and decided the fates of plants with Fer watching and deciding fate of the immortals. Velda made the food for immortals and created realms for them too. Honna created the Wheel of Time and Fate and with it came the fate of all things which she watches closely with her 99 eyes. Fate ends all lives by predicting the outcome of all events.”

“How do we get to Norgard?” asks Kadeem.

The giants did not seem to notice his words. He moved closer and this time shouted instead of speaking. The giants turned to him. Moving forth, Honna kneeled and stated that he will die before he reaches Norgard. Startled we all turned to each other. The giants then turned laughed and continued to dance and roast their stick. But Kadeem was not happy. He picked up a log and threw it at the giantess. Roaring with annoyance. The giantess turned again with fiery eyes.

“I’ll ask again. How do we get to Norgard?” asks Kadeem.

“You dare throw anything at us. Do you not know who we are foolish mortal?” says one of the Warvue.

“I know who you are and I do not care” says Kadeem.

“Kadeem mind your manners, they are very powerful” insures Kysenia.

“Maybe we should leave and continue to find the gates on our own” says Kristos.

“No I’m tired of walking endlessly throughout this barren place. We need answers.” Continues Kadeem.

Kadeem continue to then pick up another log and this time threw it at the roasting stick. As the stick fell to the ground. The Warvue stopped their chatter and dancing. At that moment something happened. The giantess shrunk to our size.

They immediately begun fighting us to no end. They were quick and took no breath in between gestures. We had no other choice but to defend ourselves. As we fought. The giantess healed our blood wombs. Our fight started to destroy the cave around us. With falling bricks and stones. The room with the glowing orb slowly started to reveal itself. Now with its walls now crumbling down around it. Floating to the air, the globe spun faster than it did before. It omitted a light from it and the Warvue disappeared. From the globe entered Jonun the God of Life and Fate. My cousins and I stopped as the Warvue had disappeared. Bright light covered the room and a sweet scent acclaimed the air.

“You asked for answers and for the answers you have earned them” says Jonun from a distance.

Moving closer, Jonun appeared with a clear grace. His stature was that of a king. Dressed in wrappings made up of gold and silver. His eyes were placed with golden dust. His short silver hair was transparent and he moved with silent pleasant angelic movements. The new room overlooked a glass floor with walls and the ceiling all made of glass. The pillars were massive golden stones. The glowing orb now centered in the room. Showed every ounce of existence.

“You asked for simple answers. So I shall answer them. The globe in front of you can show whatever you ask of it. But be careful as it can show you things that sometimes you wish not to know out loud.” Says Jonun.

“Careful as you only get one question to ask it” continues Jonun as we approach the globe from different corners.

First Kachina stepped up to it and asked it where our parents were. The globe showed them tied up in a fire pit surrounded by massive amounts of burned trees and giant skeletal creatures. We became petrified at the thought that something has happened to them. Next Kristos rushed to the globe to ask it how we stop the Bringers of Norgard. Showing him a large book, at first glance. Kristos thought it to be the Book of Sanctuary. However, the book was colored differently and it appeared much larger. Kachine asked it will we all make it out from this battle alive. At which the globe showed him, his life training future young casters. Kysenia asked something less related to our quest. But of the goddess Snow. She asked if she was the incarnation of the goddess and if she was her own person. The globe showed Kysenia herself fighting the goddess Snow and later showed her dressed as the snow goddess. Finally Kadeem asked his question from earlier. How to get to the land of Eternity, Norgard. It showed him his grave and the gates of the realm opening up in front of him. Before I could ask it anything. It lit up and showed me the Bringers of Norgard and shouted that someone will die to save the world. Thinking to myself that it was Kadeem because of his vision through the globe. The globe dimmed and everyone circled Jonun.

“Now that you now know your questions. I’m sure you can now continue to your destiny.” He said.

He disappeared in charging white light along with the globe. The cavern then reconstructed itself with a wide opening. Stepping through it, the cave closed off behind us. We found shelter under a nearby tree. It probably was the most peace we experienced the entire time on this journey. The night sky brought peace to our minds as we slept. But a few of my cousins with less than desirable answers to their questions. Were up or dreaming of what they found out.

As we slept a mysterious figure was watching us. It appeared to be watching over us with a bow and arrow erected at the creatures that dangled around us. And just like that it shot down creatures that dare harm us. As the sun came up, the figure disappeared. We awoke and we motioned onward at dawn. The wind blew gently and Kristos mentioned that we were entering was the Garden of Eternity. A beautiful and enchanted place where the dead continued their existence doing exactly what they were doing while in life.

“Judging from our current position. We should not have to worry about anything. Being that this is paradise for the dead unable to move on.” Says Kristos as he showers us with a pleasant thought.

We entered a village where peopled worked, laugh, played, and simply lived their lives. Undisturbed by their fates. They appeared alive and normal. It was apparent that this village must have been in connection while in life.

“Sometimes a large mass of people or even entire cities can be killed by various means. In which in the afterlife, they would come to the afterlife as they did before their final days on Earth” mentions Kristos.

Getting hungry we walked into a nearby pub. We sat down and were served by a young lady who was dressed in early 1700s clothing. I asked her what the year was. She mentioned that it was the fall of 1721.

“Are you from another land?” she asked

“Yes we are, we are just passing through” responds Kachina.

Kachina looked at me with a mean look. “What?” I responded. Like a child who just did something they were not supposed to do.

“We have to be careful not to interrupt the memories of the dead” whispered Kachine.

Great now everyone at the table was looking at me like I was an idiot. Kadeem broke the uneasy silence as the young lady looked at us oddly. He ordered food and drinks for us. As the morning passed. Time eased as we started to laugh and tell stories of our individual experiences. The mood was probably the first time we had a true family moment. With our different backgrounds and upbringing. We were probably the most unconnected bunch in terms of our lifestyles. But personally and mentally we connected very well. Our stories seemed to flow with one another and our experiences were no stranger to each other either. We ate, we danced, and the day passed easily. The pub owners loved our lively company so much. That they offered us room and board. We accepted. While laying up in bed, the girls were in one room and the boys in another. I thought to myself of my brother and sister. My mum and how they were all doing. I felt sick at the vision given to us of our parents in that pit. I only hoped that it has not happen yet. I feared for their lives. Hell, even for our own. I knew I was no longer a child and now it was time for me to have an understanding of what was happening. Seeing the leery thought on my face. Kachina sat on the bed near me. Joined by Kysenia, they could tell something was on my mind. As we just sat there. We eventually fell asleep. In the next room, the boys however had different ideas of passing the night. They wrestled and sword fight with energy rods. Not to be heard, they cloaked their room with a silent spell. Boys will be boys I suppose.

The night issued and instead of waiting for the morning. We gave our thanks to the kind staff of the pub and went about our way. We launched onto a wide farmland. With grass as tall as the trees. We also had company. The figure from before was watching us from a distance. I turned to feel his stare on my cheek. But could not see anything or anyone. Cows and wide patches of barren land were found in our sights. The lands were obvious reflections of landings of strange figures as the crop fields were in weird shapes. All the shapes tend to point directly ahead of us toward this rigged shaped mountain. It was a sign we took as something that needed to be checked out. We marched forward and came across a river with smell of burning human flesh. Kristos yelled for us to stop. He mentioned that this is the River of Death.

“It leads to the underworld. Which means we are on the right path to Norgard. This river is said to have some sort of barrier erecting as high as the heavens. Only those with a daring heart and courageous heart can pass. Cowards and weak minded will fall in. their souls will then flow onward to Onur, the underworld.” Says Kristos.

Amazed at how knowledgeable he is at all of this. I know to take his knowledge into consideration. So I jumped across the river to the other side unhurt. Smiling from the distance, Kysenia continued. Followed by Kachine and Kachina. Kristos jumped only to get hit by the barrier. As he tried to cross his mind was strong but his heart wasn’t. Kadeem jumped in and pushed him through but fell into the river. Kristos fell to the ground, rescuing him. We tried to rescue Kadeem but his body melted into the river and his soul could be seen floating down the river. Kristos screamed and ran after him. We followed but the river moved faster than what our feet. Kristos fell to his knees in tears. Standing behind him, we comforted each other.

“We can get him back” says a determined Kachine.

“How can we get him back, his body is gone and his soul is off to eternity.” says a tearful Kristos.

“If eternity is a place of ending, then somewhere here must be a place of beginnings as well. You all people should know about this place and if such a place like that exists.” Says Kachine.

Returning to his feet. “Wait! There is actually” says Kristos.

“May I see the book, Kyra.” Asks Kristos.

“Sure” I replied.

“Here it is.” Says Kristos.

“What is it? Kristos. Is there such a place?” asks Kycenia.

“It is called Tenir. A bridge that connects life that comes down from the heavens or Norgard to the living. Spirits are carried across in various forms depicting the stages of that person’s life. They would appear blindfolded and if the blindfold is removed before entering the world of the living, then they would be blind in the life. Over the course of time many immortals and angels stood watch over this place.”

So the obvious question is, is where is the bridge located and how to get there. Kristos mentioned that it was located on the other side of Norgard which means we would have to follow through with our mission first in order to save Kadeem. We knew it was meant to happen this way but it didn’t make it any easier to believe. So we left for Norgard.

As we grew closer, the lands grew more barren. The skies darker and the winds colder. It was like life was moving away from the place. Massive plaque erected above our heads read, “Norgard”. We knew we have arrived. A long rocky road lied ahead of us. Trees on fire lit up the pathway. With souls of the dead walking along the pathway to Eternity.

“Do not look at the dead. We must appear as they do, to not appear undead. Keep looking forward.” Says Kristos.

We did as he said. Moments later we appeared at the doorway at the end of the road. The spirits simply walked through. The doors sat on a ledge with only a massive pit found on the other end. As we tried to open the doorway it knocked each of us back after every attempt.

“Only a member of the dead can open the door to Norgard.” Says a familiar voice.

We turned to find the words coming from our cousin Kadeem. Who’s spirit hovered down to us. He smiled as he was dressed in flowing sparkling white cloths.

“I see you need my help once again” says Kadeem.

We looked at him with tearful joy in our eyes. It was a sight to behold as he was still holding on.

“Why are you not moved on yet?” asks Kristos.

“Ready to get rid of me already I see” jokes Kadeem.

“It’s just the river took you away so fast”. Says a tearful Kristos.

“I know, it was my choice to jump in to save you. I mean you are one of my favorite cousins dude. I am holding on because our journey is not over yet. I can let you through the door.” He says

He opened the door and we were pulled through. The other end was blissful with a sweet aroma of peace. But that was only from one direction. Another stunk of fire and brimstone covered with hate and anger. And then there was the direct path which smelled of nothing and felt of nothing. Kadeem explained that the left door was Eternity of Peace, the center door was the afterlife or the Neither World, and the right door was Eternity of Torment.

“Only the judges can decide who goes through these doors. However, since neither of you except one is dead. You must choose your own path. But remember that the path you choose will not be the obvious one.” Says loud voices from behind us.

Appeared in large erecting towers behind each door. Were the three Judges of the Dead. I read up about them prior to our journey. Apparently, each judge is a former king from the land of the living. Who was either punished or blessed with the tasks of judging the dead.

“I know each of you and of your purpose.” I said out loud as the judges turned to me.

“Harmoxide you in life was deformed and very evil king. His kingdom killed him because of his deformity and because of his evil tyrant ways so in the afterlife he cursed the world with the 7 sins and gave mankind the ability to lie which served as small but dangerous emotion. War was built from it and deaths grew, for this Montum made Harmoxide one of his Judges. He judges whether truthful dead went to Helliholm “heaven”. Obekuwa is one of the Judges of the dead, he was a barbaric giant that served the dead. He taught rhymes and built the first labyrinth. His magical sword was founded by Kanos, which helped the god slay the 15-headed serpents. Dargerone judge over the dead was once a tormented soul in the Underworld until his escape to Helliholm proves him worth sparing suffering. So Montum made him into a judge and gave him the power over all the elements in honor of his great escape. He also assists in the battle of Mostibik fighting on the side of Montum. Maniuosphateles is one of the Judges of the dead, his laughter was heard in all realms and with it, and he was chosen to decide if the dead would roam the world for eternity.” I said to them.

“You are wise child. We see each of you have your strengths and weaknesses. But that alone won’t have help you fight what is coming. You have been tested along the way by the forces of both good and evil throughout your journey. But again that was just a test.” Says Obekuwa.

“Your next step is to get to Norgard before the Bringers kill the elders of your family. Not such an easy tasks as the Bringers have already sent you creatures you have nearly escaped from. So how will you fight off their very own protégé’.” Says Harmoxide.

“But we are not going to give you a final judge. That is left up to you, of the living, to do.” Says Maniuosphateles.

“All we will do is sit back and allow you to choose your next step without interruption.” Says Dargerone.

“Before we choose please let our cousin live again.” Says Kristos.

“We can do that, if only for this task. But remember that the dead wants what it wants. If your cousin returns to the living. Then someone must replace him in due time.” Says the judges simultaneously.

They held out their hands and with light rushing through Kadeem’s body. Kadeem was alive again. His cloths turned into armor and with it a sword.

“Since you are born again, you gain armor and a sword enchanted by I. With it, you can take the souls of others and use it as absolute power. But use it carefully. It can overpower you if you let it.” Says Dargerone.

“Why give us armor and help us. What do you gain from this.” Asks Kachine.

We all turned our attention the judges awaiting their answers.

“One day you will come back to us. Each individually. On these days we shall have your souls go where we see fit. A fitting solution I must say myself.” Says Harmoxide.

We huddled together to figure out which door we were going through. As the judges looked onward. I had a thought about the Bringers and our ancestors. Dating back to the story of their past. Our ancestors wanted power, they wanted to rule over all things. But they were cunning and very intelligent. So the obvious place would not be Hell. The gate of Norgard had to be in a place with no feelings. A place with no smell and no texture to differentiate it from another. This place had to be an abyss. As I shouted out my thoughts. We turned to find the judges and all but one door gone. It was the doorway to Either World. So now we begin our march through the door. What awaits us on the other end would be anyone’s guess.



As we walked through the door. A hall gleaming with visions of our past journey and tests were dancing on the walls. The floor was made of glass with flames seen below it. As we watched, we realized that everything was for a reason. The battle with the Warvue, the spirits at my home, the men in cloak. They all were signs of the oncoming Apocalypse and that our journey was the beginning of it. The visions pointed toward the end of the hall where black light grabbed our attentions. We walked out of the hall into a world where things were upside down. Doors led to nowhere and some to different worlds. It was the true test. One of these doors led us to the epic battle grounds where we would find the Bringers of Norgard and the elders of our family. We were separated and each with different paths set in front of us.

Kycenia’s door led her to a desilated place covered in flames. But because of her ice power she could not feel the intensity of the flames. At the end of her path was a large volcanic mountain with light shooting from its mouth. Walking toward the volcano. Large creatures emerged from the lava pits scattered throughout the region surrounding the pathway. Kycenia engulf with fear. Started to run. Faster and faster as the creatures smashed the grounds. Threw bolts of fire onto the road. Kycenia turned backwards and released a wave of icy wind. It placed the creatures behind her on ice temporarily. But the creatures in front of her were not as easy to subdue. Her mind cluttered with thoughts of the goddess Snow, Kadeem, our mission, and what happens after. She could barely see the path ahead of her. When the cloak figure appeared in front of her path. She stopped in her tracks. The spirit pounced onto her with skillfully aimed attacks. The figure in a dark gloomy voice. That she is one of the Bringers of Norgard and that she will not let Kycenia leave this place alive. The two engaged in a brutal fight. With her final blow. Kycenia unleashed a gloring blizzard which froze the landscape. The figure slit Kycenia’s risk and touched the blood. Kycenia fell to the ground and Snow took over. She repelled the demon backwards and denounce any harm shall be brought to Kycenia. The demon smiled and stated it has what it wanted and then it disappeared. The creatures frozen in ice from the blizzard allowed Kycenia (Snow) to continue down the path. At the edge of the volcano. A door opened and Kycenia walked through.

Kachine walked through his door and landed in a grassy meadow. His path was that of a racetrack. A demonic announcer could be seen from the viewing booth with fellow demons on each side of Kachine. They were geared and ready to race Kachine to the finish line. The announcer mentioned that whoever lose the race will perish. At the end of the racetrack Kachine notice it was a door which he presume would lead him to Norgard. A horn was sound and the race was off. The racers growled at each other and cause friction along the track. Launching attacks and dealing out trades on attacks to stop Kachine. Who although had the ability of super speed could only outrun a few of the demons. Some of the other demons acclaim while running that they are Speed Demons and that they were the fastest creatures alive. But confidence has always been a strong suit of Kachine. A cousin I adored for his ambitious nature. It has always been, for the short while that I have known him, been a good quality. More than ever he will show it in this race. As Kachine and the demons raced, the end of the track was coming near. All the demons band together to launch a group attack breaking up the track. From fire to giant boulders, the track was becoming a harsh field. The finish line was visible and so was the door. A cloak figure appeared before the line and the demons smile and laugh the closer Kachine got to the finish line. As Kachine approached the finish line ahead of the demons. The cloak figure grabbed Kachine by the hand, lifted him up, pricked his finger, and Kachine fell to the ground. His blood magic was taken. The cloak figure disappeared and the demons were catching up. Kachine did not have the time to figure out what just happened. So he continued through the finish line and he disappeared.

Kristos stepped through his door and he appeared on an obstacle course. With numerous mazes and obstacles. A voice appeared from the air and mentioned that at the end of the maze was the door to Norgard. But that demons were lurking through the maze and that obstacles would come to life and stop him at any cost. Kristos thinking with his advance intelligence he would make it through this maze without any problems. So he started his journey. The first object was a swirling ring with sharp spikes. The spikes shot out like a boomerang toward Kristos. He dodged some of the spikes but were struck by two which landed in his left arm. He used the blood to release his magic to burn a path through the maze. Although injured several creatures raged toward him from the grass structure walls of the maze. He fought them and manage to get through. While charged on blood magic, Kristos was now standing face to face with a cloak figure. The cloak figure touched his arm and Kristos was thrown backwards like he was hit by a wall. The walls of the maze closed back.

Laughing the cloak figure says to Kristos “You better hurry your cousins are in a lot of trouble.”

Kristos continued his way into the maze. Giant glowing balls of fire rolled down one isle toward Kristos. Moving diligently through the obstacle course. The walls then collapsed onto the ground. The small piece of hope came about with a shining light appearing from the other end of the wall. Kristos ran as fast as he could before chains wrapped around his body. With a combination lock on it. The lock was counting down. Using his power to try numerous combinations at a time. Something happen when the chain finally broke. Kristos realize that the counter was still counting downward. The door at the end of the maze was closing. Putting two and two together, Kristos realize that the counter is counting down the time the door closes. Running to the door, Kristos crosses into it and the door closes behind him.

Kachina’s door was different than the rest. As each realm was related to our abilities like the judges said. Kachina knew that hers was going to be something related to her ability to control the wind. A born strategist. Kachina always believe that there is a battle ahead. So she casts an enhancement spell onto herself to make herself stronger. As she walks onto her path toward a shining door with weird writing on it. Several versions of herself appears on the pathway. The doppelgangers of herself appears, rushing toward her with fierce wind like attacks. Defending herself, Kachina blocks her mirror forms using defensive Shield Magic. The attacks manage to cut through causing her to get scars across her legs and arms. A dark figure appears from behind her. Grabs her and whispers a spell into her ear. She falls to the ground and her doppelgangers beat her further. The cloak figure absorbed Kachina’s blood magic and it caused her doppelgangers to get a boost in power. With the light from her door weakening. Kachina has to move fast. With her remaining energy, Kachina uses a wind spell to repel her enemies. In her weakening state she was able to open up a path that would allow for her to the door. However, her realm had its own choice for her. Walking toward the door, the doppelgangers disappear revealing she is being tested. Kachina makes her way to the door and tries to step through but several strategic quizzes appears floating in midair in front of her. She reaches out to grab one and it talks to her in her own voice. The voice asks her several questions. Using her vast knowledge of war and war related terminology. Kachina answers the questions accurately. However, she is asked a question related to angelic symbols. She answer two out of four questions correctly. The other two she got wrong caused her door to disappear. Laughter heard from a distance and voices speaking in Latin grows closer to Kachina. Thinking she is hallucinating, she breaks down. Only to hear a shy hope from a voice similar to her mum. Her mum who died when she was only a baby. But has since always protected her by guiding her into the right direction. Her spirit helped her off the ground and reminds her of her sanity. She replaces doubt by casting a revealing spell over the area. It showed the lands were covered in writings.

“The place you are in is a domain of pure knowledge. The smartest of them all my child. You were brought here not by challenge. But by pure coincidence. Each of you and your cousins are of the bloodline of powerful casters and warlocks. The strongest that has ever existed. She says.

Kachina’s mum continues “I have always guided you in the best direction but it was always you who made the right decision. It will come a time when you will have to make the toughest decision of your life. You will regret it but you will one day realize it to be for the best. “

She holds her daughter hand and the two walks into light. They disappear and Kachina enters Norgard.

Kadeem entered his realm with no evil to fight. But, an obstacle to overcome. Which was to go through four test to get his life back. The first test he encountered was that of the Hanging Men. One of the seven men are worth saving and the other six consists of murderers condemned for hell. Kadeem walked up to the seven hanging men and heard each man’s story carefully. As each man told their stories to help convince Kadeem of their innocence. Kadeem made his choice by the man who story was that of honesty. Judging by flaws the gentleman made. Not the perfection of the other stories told to appear as the glorified story. When he chose the man. He was correct. The other six men burned to ashes and the right man thanked him and shot upward in a beam of light. Kadeem’s second test was to rescue a child who was frozen in fear in the middle of a lake. Surrounding the child was a hydra who could breathe the different elements. The hydra could not be killed and strength alone would not defeat it. But one act could save the child without having to fight the hydra. Kadeem walked across the bridge leading to the islet were the girl was stranded. The girl crying out for help was being taunted by the hydra. The hydra lashed out toward the girl but Kadeem picked up a nearby boulder and threw it at the hydra. As the hydra cried, it released water, rocks, wind, and fire from its heads. The girl stopped crying and went silent. She laughed and provoked the hydra again. Trying to get the hydra’s attention, Kadeem noticed that the hydra was not interested in attacking him but defending itself from the girl whose taunts were causing it internal pain. As Kadeem approached the girl he turned to the hydra. He turned to the girl and back at the hydra. The girl shouted for him to kill it before it kills them. But the hydra did not attack him even at close range. Kadeem then took out the blade given to him by the judges and stabbed the girl.

“The hydra is not the enemy. You are the enemy.” Says Kadeem.

The girl changed to a demon and disappeared in flames. The hydra returned six women dressed in various colors representing the four elements. In one voice, the women explained that his next two challenges will also be similar test. This will prove if he is worthy to return to the land of the living or roam amongst the dead here in Eternity. Kadeem’s third test consists of a demon and an angel. Kadeem watches as the two plays with one another in a garden split between fire and water. Kadeem must choose which is of good nature and which is of an evil. As he watch the two play he converses with them. He joins them in games and storytelling. In the middle of one of their games. He notices the angel cheats and the demon plays by the rules. He mentions that the angel is the bad one and that the demon is the good one. The two smile and reveals that not all angels are as believed. Likewise with demons. The demon hands him a key which opens the door after his final test is completed. But warns that his next test will be of the greatest challenge. The two disappear and the scenery changes.

The fourth and final test. Is of a little boy who Kadeem remembers but cannot remember his name or identity. Just his face. The young boy is dead and can only get his soul to return to his mum’s arms if someone helps him retrieve it back. Sealed away in a hovering crystal. The soul is adult form. Kadeem runs upward the spiral staircase that circles the crystal with the boy in tow. He carries the boy as the two gets closer to the tip of the crystal.

“I have to tell you something.” Says the boy.

“Yes kid what is it?” asks Kadeem.

“Only one of us can get our soul back and return to the land of the living. The soul in that crystal can change to either one of us depending on who enters it.” Says the boy.

Kadeem looks at the boy and remembers his family and friends back in the land of the living. Disappointed of the outcome. He does not want to leave them. But he enters the staircase that leads to the opening in the crystal. He puts the boy down on his feet and walks toward the crystal. As the boy stands behind him. He looks back at the boy and asks him if he has any family and how long ago has he been gone.

The boy responds “I died unexpectedly and I cannot remember what happened but I can remember that my mum and dad were sad as I watched them. Before I disappeared here in this place.”

“My life has been one big snowball effect. I have always watched others live and do what they wanted. But for the last one hundred and forty years of my life. I have been too afraid to do anything because of fear of losing. But not any longer. I have done and will do what I want to do. Which is save lives.” Says Kadeem.

As he walks to the boy and leads the boy into the crystal. The boy smiles and turns to him and says thank you. When the boy steps into the crystal. It lights up and the soul of the boy shoots to the sky. It is reveal to Kadeem that the boy is the younger version of him. When he was younger, his parents in the midst of a demonic attack. Hid him in their basement for protection. However, curious caused him to leave the basement back upstairs and then he was shot by a incoming fireball. Now dead, a young Kadeem was sent to the underworld for judgement. Although, because of his destined future. He was given a chance to reclaim his life. Too young to take on challenges of his own. A warrior was brought in to fight on his honor. The warrior at the time would be his older self. It is revealed that he is in a continuum where his past and present is combined in one. Completing the final test correctly. Light omits from his hands and then the rest of his boy and he begins to float in the air. He is alive again. His door opens with a lock on it. Using the key given to him by the demon from his previous test. The key unlocks the door and he steps through it.

Stepping through my door, I entered a land with giant burned trees and gray skies. The ground appeared like ash and the flowing river was black lava. The stench from this place, stunk of decay and blood. It was definitely a foul place to be for sure. But I continued to walk as the door behind me had disappeared. I was alone for the first time on this journey and now knowing that the apocalypse was approaching. I walked across a broken land with everything burned to a crisp. The grounds were broken into pieces with chunks of it floating into the air. The air too had oxygen but it was rough. As far as I could see nothing was around. However, I did notice that a storm was brewing and quickly. Out of nowhere fireballs poured from the skies like fallen stars. Just like that I was under attack. But, I could not see who or what was firing at me. As I ran, the fireballs got bigger and the storm got worse. The ground begun to split behind me and the trees fell within the cracks. Coming to the edge of the path I was on. There was no other way to go except across a large river of black lava. I could not run backwards to get a head start on an ill-fated jump. So I did the next best thing. I used the levitation spell I learned prior to this journey. I levitated into the air and used my telekinetic ability to propel myself across the river. But as I grew closer to the other side. My magic started to faint away. So I pushed harder and landed hard onto the ground. The fireballs stopped and the storm grew louder. Laughter could be heard in the distance. The mysterious figure flew by me and pushed me out of the way as a massive fireball aimed at me. As I got up the figure was engaged in a fight with several cloaked men. Similar cloaked men that appeared back at my home right when this all happened. As they engaged in the fight I ran toward a giant gate. The gates opened and I was in a black void. Within the void I notice the elders of my family chained to some sort of a totem pole. Their energy was being drained by darkly figured men and women. As I devised a plan. One of the figures called out my name.

“Dear little Kyra, we knew you was in our realm for some time now. It’s the reason behind the constant string of attacks and creatures we sent your way. I must say we underestimated you and your family’s ability to overcome our obstacles.” Says the man.

“Who are you and what are you doing to the elders?” I asked.

“I think you know who and what we are. The real question is what you are going to do about it.” He adds with a laugh.

He returns to the circle surrounding the elders. I use my magic to try and break the circle that was bounding the elders. Only to have my attacks repelled. I tried a vanquish spell that my mum used before. It did not work either. At last I tried to use energy based attacks from energy balls to energy beams which only drained me even more. From the void other attacks were launched at the circle including one by the mystery guy from earlier. The demons disperse and then disappeared. From the rumbling dark skies the demons returned with fury. They were like raining bombs of fire as they launched onto us. Laughter and blasts of fire and energy. These demons had incredible speed and power. It was no wonder why they were feared for so long. So as usual, we were in another fight. Kachine, Kachina, Kycenia, Kadeem, Kristos, and I each took on the demons as we tried to manage a way toward the elders. The fight bombarded us and we started to lose. The demons outnumbered us and I was knocked unconscious. In a dream state I appeared in a white room in front of a lady with beautiful golden and white garments. She mentioned that her name was Ogleshia and that she was a member of the High Council. Apparently they are aware of the battle at hand and are sending us some help. But the demons have cloaked the realm so it is impossible for outside forces to enter.

“We watched you go through so much since you was born. To only be where you are now. It is not your time to die but yet you are here to learn the truth. The Bringers of Norgard are the direct children to your ancestors. They were created from the foulest black magic that has ever existed at the time. From your blood line can only a remedy be their downfall. But be warn child as the future is uncertain.” She said.

I awoke and thought of a plan. My objective changed. I broke from the fighting and as the demons tried to follow me. The mystery guy protected me again. I smiled and he smiled back from under his mask and I quickly turned toward the sky. I prick my finger, touched my blood and raised my hands to the sky. Praying that this would work. I began to say a simple phrase.

“Remove the cloak from this place.” I said in a repeated manner.

My cousins did not hesitate from doing the same thing. Knowing that I must have been up to something. The sky begun to light up and the veil around the realm was shattering. With the skies opening up, the angels from the heavens begun to fly downward onto the ground. Fighting the demons. We had help and the High Council was right.

“How did you know to do that?” asks Kycenia.

“The High Council told me in a vision” I responded.

Confused they looked at one another and return to the battle. But the demons were not contempt with losing. So the very creatures we fought before, return this time scarier then the last time. The battle now very intense showed no sign of early victory. Blood was main visual with the lands being covered in it. The skies although brighter, the storm was stronger. The angels moved like light and the demons moved like dark fog. I and my cousins raced to save the elders while the demons were distracted. They were unconscious and bound to wires. As I reached to untie them. Kycenia yelled:

“Don’t touch the wires. Those wires are spelled by Demonic Magic. It is giving off strong and suspicious vibes.”

Kycenia then released an ice spell onto the wires and Kadeem broke them off using his strength. Now that we had the elders. I looked back at the fight and we were off. However, while we were in the middle of transporting back to the magic realm. Two of the demons followed us. Trying to pull us back to their realm. One of them got a hold of me and as I wrestled with it, it taunted me about the death of my father and that I was responsible for it.

“You know you killed your father. He was a mortal who hated you for what you were. You are not a normal. You are a caster. And no normal caster at that. You are a Bloodcaster. Something that has not existed since nearly four thousand years prior to this generation of Lazaron.” The demon says to me.

“You are lying. My father loved me and my family.” I said.

“He loved your mum and your siblings. But how could he love you. You was not even his.” He said.

We wrestled down to the ground and my cousins and the elders were gone. I fought the demon with all my strength. I was angry and nothing could stop me. I felt my magic growing dark inside of my body. But I did not care. It was something that I pushed forward to using against these ill dark creatures. The battle of the angels and the demons around me was coming to a deadly end. Blood was everywhere. Burned wings could be found on the dead angels while ripped open body parts of demons could be found on the corpse of demonic creatures. This had officially become a battleground. The demon that taunted me punched me. I turned to insert myself as a rival to him. I used my blood to attack him as it turned harden like sharp glass. More of it flowed from the previous drops. Like a flowing river streaming from one another. I launched out an all will attack. Any and everything around me started to levitate and expelled from me. My eyes were black as the sky above me. My hair turned a whistling white with my body trembling with anger. I hated all things in this world. From the demons to my father dying. Everything seemed unfair. The demon charged at me with a smug look on his face as if he was going to win this fight. I waved my hand and he flew backwards. I flew to the sky and started unleashing a wave of telekinetic power throughout the air. Back at my family’s estate. My cousins arrive with the elders.

“We have to go back and get Kyra” says Kachine.

“We can’t go back there after what we been through” says Kachina.

“I agree with Kachine, we have to go back for her. I have a feeling she would do that for us” says Kadeem.

“Say if we do go back. We are pretty much drained from all of the things we have been through in that world. How are we going to get back? What if we get lost along the way?” insists Kachina.

Back in Norgard, I realized that I was losing memory of my time spent outside of this place. It’s knowledge and the knowledge of those that have entered here is now becoming my own. It was as if I was becoming one with it. My heart was slowing and my blood was thickening. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, my cousins raced to find ideas to get me back home before it was too late. Little did they know that I was already becoming one with Norgard.

“Where is my daughter?” ask my mum.

“She was pulled back to Norgard while we were trying to escape with you.” Says Kachine.

Franticly my mum says “We have to get her back now!”

“We will Ms. Evangeline. We are working on a way.” Says Kristos.

“You don’t understand, the longer you are in Norgard. The faster you die and become a part of that place.” Says my mum.

My mum was correct. As I stood here I could feel myself getting stronger but my mind was getting weaker. All I could hear were the voices of the spirits that roam Norgard. I could feel the connection between myself and the demons grow stronger too. It was a strange feeling.

“Gather together we need to form a link with Kyra. Using our blood we would be able to connect with her and pull her here.” Says my mum.

So they did. Each member prick their finger and grabbed each other’s hands. They closed their eyes. Heavy winds blew and the lights flickered. When they opened their eyes. Their eyes were white and the blood from their cuts dripped onto the floor. The blood moved to form a ring. The ring then glowed and summoning patterns appeared in the circle. Summoning me back was a difficult tasks. As the gates of Norgard was closing quickly. Back in Norgard, I closed my eyes and I was back in the mansion. White light blasts my family back from the circle. I appeared before them, dressed in white. My hair had strands of gray. Little did they know was that more came back with me then just me. I was not myself. Something covered my thoughts but I could see everything that was happening. With shared knowledge, I knew what was about to happen. I lifted my hands and objects from around the room started to move. Glass shattered and doors blew open. The skies turned a pitch red with the ground shaking. Similar events as before were happening again. My family tried to calm me down but had no luck in doing so. I shielded myself with a field of magnetic energy which could repel anything that touched it. My heart was heavy and I could barely breathe. Whatever it was that was possessing me, was strong and was like thick black fog in my body. My mum knew I was not myself and attempted to link with my inner self using her blood. But the force was too great. It blocked her and she was pinned magically to the wall.

“Hahaha, your daughter has very powerful magic. So powerful we think we may like to remain in her.” Says demonic voices coming from me.

“Who are you?” asks my mum.

“Foolish caster, we are the Bringers and we are here to take back the blood magic of this retched family for our parents.” Says the demons.

“The demons are possessing Kyra. They must of came back with her when we summoned her.” Says Kycenia.

“How do we defeat them now?” asks my mum.

“The only way is to extract them from Kyra.” Says Kycenia.

“We have to act quickly before they kill my daughter.” Says my mum.

As they whispered to each other. The demons lifted massive furniture and threw it at my family. As my family repelled the attacks. It was becoming obvious that they were drained and could barely fight much longer. The other elders woke up and came to help us by using reflective attacks. My mum whispered the plan to the other elders and everyone acted quickly. My cousins distracted the demons while the elders worked on the extraction spell. Attacks fired around the main hall. While other members of the family protected the young. The elders prepared the extraction spell and the chanted “Be gone” in various languages. Lights blew out and the ground opened up. The demons could be heard screaming as they were being pulled from my body. They were resisting the spell which hurt my body. The spell continued with more languages being added. Some of the younger members of the family joined in the spell as so did my cousins as they fought the demons. My mum manage to link with me using her blood magic. The demons however was not going to go without something to take. So with the link established. The demons chanted a mysterious spell. My mum fainted and the blood link was gone. But it was enough for me to perform the spell from within as well. I was able to tap into some of my own magic while the demons were distracted. As I chanted the demons were expelled from my body and my wardrobe and hair returned to normal and the demons left my body.

The demons appeared in flowing smoke filled garments. Their faces were covered in various masks depicting different emotions. They pulled out various weapons which glowed. The symbols on the weapons had a presence of black magic dripping from their blades. Ready to attack. Kachine, Kachina, Kristos, my mum, Kadeem, and Kycenia all were eagerly prepared. Albeit tired and nearly drained from all the fighting. But true warriors, they could not allow the demons to be victorious. As I was taken into the other room by one of my fellow cousins who stayed behind. I yelled for my mum, which caused one of the demons to charge toward my direction. Barely able to move my body. I closed the doors to the sitting area to block the demon from entering. Out of smoke and fire. The cloak figure appeared and told me not the worry. He cast a protection spell over the room so that the demons could not enter. He disappeared to join the fight against the demons. But the weird thing about him I notice. Was his similar attire. Something I missed in his quick appearances from before. His scars along his partially covered face matches the same scars on the cloaked figured demons in the other room. It could be a coincidence or he could have a connection with them. I watched from the other room. But as they fought I felt sharp pains running up my back and through my arms. The floor under the chair lit up with the same summoning circle as before. When I was summoned here. The room turned black and everything was gone. The circle now white with sigils. I was alone. Reaching out from the darkness, a hand with markings tried to grab me. But I returned to the room. My body once hard from the pain. Returned to normal and I was healed. I watched my cousins and the elders fight endlessly against the demons and their growing hoard of lesser demons. Magic and dark magic going head to head. Windows breaking, shattering of glass, breaking of furniture. The children were moved to another room for safety. While the fight broke off in various parts of the house. Touching the door to leave to enter the fight. I was pushed back by the spell protecting it. Using various previously learned spells to try and break it. Did not work. Until an energy bolt hit the door and the spell was broken. An energy bolt headed toward me. Reflected by my telekinetic abilities. The demon aimed toward me. The mystery guy protected me. We both now fighting side by side against the demon.

“Well Well Well I see two unlikely of allies have join forces. Tell me caster. Have he told you who he is?” says the cloaked demon.

“I don’t need to know who he is. He has helped me since I arrived in your retched realm.” I responded.

“I bet you will sing a different tune if you knew the truth.” Says the demon.

“Shut up, demon.” Says the mystery guy.

The book appeared in white light floating in midair. The demon turned and went to reach for it. I reflected his attempt with my magic and grabbed the book. The three of us fought our way into the foyer. The demon disappeared in smoke up the stairs. Launched a firebolt and cracked open the staircase.

“Give me that book caster.” Says the demon.

“Never!” I responded.

Kycenia using her ice power caused a blowing blizzard into the foyer. Freezing the floors. The mystery guy floating above the floor. Lifted me up with some type of magic. Mystery in deed I was comforted to know that he was on my side. We continued to fight and then the rest of the fight issued back into the main foyer. Nearly destroying the mass room. Kadamba broke open an exit to the outside. With heavy rains. He wanted us to push the fight outside to preserve the home.

We did and the fight grew even more deadly. With larger attacks, we were growing stronger for some reason. Unbeknownst to us. The book was feeding us much needed energy. Calling on its presence was probably the reason behind its appearance.

“Watch out!!” screamed Kycenia.

As a demon tried to kill me with a demonic dagger. It manage to cut me on my arm. Watching each member of my family fight off against a demon. I took my blood and drew a sigil on the pavement of the back patio. I made a similar summoning circle and placed the book in the center of it. I do not know how I knew how to do this. But the book was showing me somehow. I could see the spell clearly. I thought of Kachine, Kachina, Kycenia, Kristos, Kadeem, Kadamba, and my mum. I thought of their powers and their strengths. I placed my bloody hand on the book and closed my eyes. All the noise from the fighting and the storm above. Went into a quiet slumber for a moment. I could only hear music and the sound of a river flowing in the background. The birds chirping in the trees and the wind blowing from a distance. All the bad noise was gone.

I opened my eyes and the image of myself was in front of me. I was dressed in black with dark colored makeup on. Long black hair and my skin was a hazel brown. My eyes glowed with sizzling red and my neck was decorated with pearls that shined brighter than the moon’s glow. She smiled at me and kneeled down on the ground in front of me. She grabbed a dagger from her cleavage and slit her throat. It was a horrific sight. But she was not dead. She smiled and took the drooling blood and placed her hand onto the circle. The darkness turned to white and red. Those noises returned and she disappeared. She appeared next to me whispering in my ear.

“We are one and the same. One day you will know what happened to us. One day you will know the truth. But until then you shall fight this fight. Vanquish those demons and give back the life that we want. Use this spell that I am teaching you.” She says.

The book glowed and changed to black for a moment. Everyone fell to the ground and all the blood magic from anyone on the property went into me. I raised my hands covered in drooping blood. My eyes were pitch black. And my similar attire like the form that was in front of me. I banished the demons.

In a puff of thick smoke the demons left the grounds laughing and screaming. I awoke from the daze to find everyone around me unconscious on the ground. I ran to each person to check on them. They were okay but it was strange. It felt like something was taking over my body again. Like before with the demons.

The following day it was revealed by Kadamba that everyone’s blood magic was taken by the demons during their trials. Including the elders, however he also mentioned that somehow each member of the family lost their blood magic. Which mean they are now normal casters and warlock. Although still powerful in their own right. Not as strong as before. He glanced at me with a look of disappointment. But with recent blackouts I could not remember anything. Could it be possible that it had something to do with me? Could it be that I was just as dangerous as the demons sent to kill my family? It was something that I was not contempt with. And that once we return home I would devote my time to figuring this out. But keeping it a secret from my mum and siblings. With so much have happen in these last few weeks. I am worry that more is coming our way. I return to my family. With each member questioning how the demons are as powerful as they are to have token our strongest magic away from us.

“How is it possible that anyone could take our blood magic away?” asks Kristos.

“The bringers have a long list of powers. One of them especially design by the first Bloodcasters. Our ancestors. To remove other blood magic. But only if a link with the demon is performed. Which usually is rare.” Says Kadamba.

“If the demons are that powerful. Then we need to be on our best guard. Especially now that they are out in our world.” Says Kycenia.

Looking from the distance, was the mystery guy that helped us. Not even knowing his name. I just wanted to know if he was okay and if we would ever properly meet. He smiled under his cloak and within the shadows of the stormy night. He disappeared.

The following night, I bid farewell to my family. As my family and I longed for our own home. Each member vowed to keep close contact with one another. My mum agreed that we should keep a close eye on each other now that the demons are here. So we each received special medallions which were constructed over a century ago by an ancestor. It would insure that we could talk to each other like a telephone. The medallion glowed whenever someone of our own bloodline was around us. Which was especially needed seeing that the demons could also appear like anyone. Kadamba mentioned that the medallions should work across dimensions. If not then our magic should help increase the frequency. After giving us instructions to use it. We each disappear using various forms of magic.

It was nice to return home. I removed my clothing and took a shower. Walking back to my room, I noticed the spirit of the young caster from before standing in the hallway. The cat stood next to her while the dog on her right. The three stood there staring at me. She closed her eyes and lend her hand. I stepped up to her and laid my hand over hers.

“The demons are not yet done attacking you. They want the rest of your family’s blood magic to awaken your ancestors. Everything you have been through has been for this Apocalypse. Please be careful as more challenges awaits you.” Says the girl in the vision.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“I am Alexandria. I was born and I died within the years of 1502 to 1517. Just like you. I too was a caster. However, because of a terrible spell placed upon my family. We will always die young. To return to guide young casters and warlocks into adulthood. Like yourself.” She says.

She continues “the dog and the cat, are known as familiars. They are powerful spirits belonging to my family. Who have been sent in numerous forms across the dimensions and have guided every known caster, warlock, and in between since the first caster. Their powerful essences can give the caster or warlock the power to overcome great obstacles. Please remember however, that their identities cannot be revealed until their duty is completed.” She says.

“Why are you telling me this now?” I ask.

“Because you will need to know your allies from enemies in the coming months. Being a spirit I am not bound to time. Thus I know the future. Although I am forbidden to tell you. I can suggest you to be weary of strangers and stay close to your family. Follow your heart and remember that good and evil are not always so easily distinguishable. “She says.

She disappeared and the cat and dog ran off. I went to rest and close this long chapter. With school arriving in two weeks. This summer is now behind me and what a summer it was.


Insert from the Book of Time

“You see this girl has gone through a lot up to this point. She found out that not only is she a caster but she belongs to a powerful line of dark casters known as Bloodcasters. Using their own blood combine with magic can be lethal. So lethal that nearly all forces on Earth fought against them. Banishing her ancestors to Hell with their ever growing influences on Earth growing each generation. Now thousands of years later, a girl name Kyra is about to unearth what really happened back then. This discovery will help her face what is coming.”



School is starting in two days. The nights leading up, I have had numerous dreams all ending the same way. With me dying. It starts with me going through a journey. To find out that the thing I am searching for are seven items. But the dreams doesn’t explain what happens when I collect all seven items and what they form. Being that they each are pieces of a total item. Nonetheless, at the end of each dream I conquer some form of a challenge in which I find out that it only leads to my death. After the recent summer events my family endured. My mum took me and my siblings out to shopping for school. Since before all the bad stuff that has happened over the summer. This is the happiest that my family has been together. With a few hanging thoughts in each of our minds. Me and my mum especially. We however, remain discreet about those feelings and pushed for a peaceful day.

As the night rolled in, we sat around the table for dinner. Joined by our housekeeper, Clarissa. I always wondered about Clarissa’s life ambitions and what exactly brought her to my family’s home.

So I asked. “Clarissa why did you start working for my family?”

A question I see startled her. For some reason my mum head lowered to the floor. My brother and sister both looking just as confused as me.

So I repeated the question. This time with a more direct voice. “Clarissa why did you start working for our family?”

She responded “Because I love your family. I knew they would be good to work for every since I first applied to work for them.”

“How long have you been in my family. I suspect for many years.” I asked

“Actually my dear, it has been many generations I have been with your family.” Clarissa says.

“How many generations?” I asked

“I don’t remember to be honest.” She responded.

“Kyra stop asking so many questions and finish your dinner.” My mum said.

She appeared angry at my questioning. Everyone return to their meals with me and my mum staring at each other with silent looks. I was angry so when we finished our meal. I went to confront her.

“What is going on mum?” I said.

“There are things about our family and this home that we must not unearth.” My mum said.

“What type of things?” I asked.

“Things that are delicate and not appropriate to bring up.” She responded.

“Are those things related to Clarissa?” I asked.

She looked away and left for her room. Before I could follow her. I appeared in my room. It was apparently the work of my mum using her magic against me. Instead of pushing the issue. I was growing tired so I headed to bed.

The next morning school started and while gearing up for classes as a junior was difficult enough. Ace shows up at my door wanting to carpool with me and his mum. Awkward enough, my mum shows up behind me at the door and agrees to it. Showing an interest of disgust. I left and hell begun. Ace tampering me for not calling him back. We arrived at the school with kids outside waiting for their school to start. Walking into the cafeteria, I noticed Kadeem, Kristos, Kycenia, Kachine, and Kachina all at the table waiting for me. Ace following me, I walked up to table with each of them smiling at me.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked.

“We go here now.” Kachine says.

“Who is your friend?” asks Kycenia.

“I am Ace. Who are you guys?” responds Ace before I could say anything.

Introducing themselves each as my cousin.

“Wait including you?” asks Ace pointing to Kadeem.

“Yeah including me. Is there a problem with that?” responds Kadeem. Eagerly ready to strike Ace.

“Calm down Kadeem.” I said.

“I did not mean anything by it.” Ace says before walking off to class.

“I will see you around.” I said to Ace.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked.

“We figured with the demons obviously having an interest in you for whatever reason. We are enrolled her to protect and watch out for you. Says Kachina.

“Not like you need our help.” Smiles Kachine.

Kachina rolling her eyes. Takes Kachine by the arm and the two wishes me luck on my first day and walks off to class.

“I am excited at going back to school. Mortal school seems like fun.” Says Kristos as he leaves off to his class.

“Yeah fun. Mortals and their issues.” Says Kadeem rolling his eyes.

“Be careful, remember the demons can be anyone at any time.” Says Kycenia walking away.

I continue off to class. Not realizing several students staring at me as I walked away.

In my first class, a guy bejeweled with a spikey necklace, golden and silver earrings and rings on his fingers. He was like a rocker enrolled with a hippy. He sat and smiled at me. As the teacher taught the class, I smiled as I glanced at him smiling at me. Also in my class was Kachine who surprisingly appeared jealous. My first class was now over and it was time for Math. The guy appeared in that class too. This time I was with Kristos as my classmate. The guy now sitting by me introduced himself with a note he passed to me.

“Hi my name is Karos B.” as simple as it was. His name was very familiar. But nonetheless I was token by him. Kristos laughing was amused at my attention toward the guy. The following class was study hall and I was in the library. Karos walked in and immediately noticed me. He sat down at the table I was studying at. Ace walking by tried to get my attention but my attention was refocused. Ace not too happy by this walked up to me and introduced himself to Karos. An unconcern Karos continued looking at me. While the librarian issued for us to be quiet. Ace tried to get my attention. Without my knowledge, Karos used magic to have Ace walk away without notice. Leaving the library. When I tried to figure out what has happened. Karos turned the attention to him again by asking me out for lunch.

“Will you do me the pleasure in joining me for lunch in the cafeteria.” Says Karos.

“Sure I will.” I laughed.

Lunch came about and the two of us laughed and the remaining of the room appeared almost empty. Karos made me feel like I was the only one in the room. I talked about my family and my adventurous summer. Leaving out all the magical moments of course. My cousins looked onward from the other side of the cafeteria with Ace from the opposite side staring at me. Angry he left with my cousins obviously worried about the guy who I was with. At the end of the day Karos offered to give me a ride home. However, Kachina and Kachine interrupted to take me home. We left in their car.

“Who is that guy?” asks Kachina.

“His name is Karos and he likes me. For some reason I feel like I can tell him anything.” I said.

“You know you can’t right? Asks Kachine.

“Of course I know that” I said.

“He is not good for you.” Kachine says.

“Well thanks for the support.” I said now at my home walking up the stairs.

“You know you are her cousin right?” says Kachina to Kachine.

“I know, it doesn’t make it easier though.” Says Kachine.

“You disgust me.” Says Kachina.

The two drive off. From a distance one of the new kids from school stares through the gates of my home. He watches as Kachina and Kachine drives off. He smiles and walks away. School started the next day as it did the day before. But today I did not see Karos anywhere. He was absent from all of our joint classes. Ignoring Ace’s advances throughout the day. My focus has turned to Karos and I was worried about him. So worried that I manage to get his address from a student that knew where he lived. The student warned me that his house is a creepy house that many people in the neighborhood believe is haunted. Knowing a thing or two about hauntings and ghost I turned my attention onto finding Karos. Approaching his house. It appeared as a massive two story home with large trees in the yard. The house was covered in vines and the sky sort of darkened around it. Giant towers were found on the back and east portion of the home. I tried to open the gates but they were locked. As I was about to walk away from his home. I saw a glimpse of him at the window of an upstairs room. I used my telekinetic power onto the gates and I entered his property. Understanding now why many believe this place is haunted. It gave off a dark vibe. As I walked up the stairs. The front door opened to reveal one of the new kids from school at the door.

“What do you want?” he said.

Taken back by his direct rude tone.

“Is Karos home?” I asked.

He walked away and Karos came to the door. Smiling I could tell something was wrong. Asking him, he passed the question and offered to go somewhere to hang out. I mentioned to him about his whereabouts at school had me worried.

“You was worried about me?” he asks smiling.

“Yes just a little bit.” I said returning a smile.

“You’re very cute. Love your smile.” He says.

Clearly blushing, I offered to come in to hang out. Hesitant, he accepts. The two of us walks through his house which he gives me the tour. His house appeared on the inside exactly as mine. Including the same outline of our living room with pictures frames with no visible pictures or mirrors throughout the home. Even the windows of the home were covered. The home was dark, gloomy and very creepy. It could have been the complete mirror image of my home. We walked pass the main room where the new kids were sitting around. As Karos ignored their request for me as an audience. The girl wanted him to introduce me. Hesitant and wanting to leave. I introduced myself. She introduced herself as Karla.

“K runs in your house too. So does my family. It is somewhat of a tradition.” I said.

“O really? Did you hear that Karos, K runs in her family just like ours.” She says with a smirk on her face.

Confused. I turned to the rest of the group. A short punk rock guy jumps up and kisses my hand. Introduces himself as Kent. A southern bell girl very reminiscent of Kycenia. Introduced herself as Koraline while a tall slinky guy standing near the window introduced himself as Kendem.

“How many of you live here?” I asked.

“Ten of us.” A girl walking in said. She introduced herself as Kymberly and the guy that answered the door walked down the stairs and introduced himself as Koran. Koran offered me something to drink which Karos shouted no. He rushed me to the door and walked me out.

“You have to go now.” He said.

“Why, did I do something wrong?” I asked.

“No you did not. I will see you tomorrow.” He said. He closed the door and I walked away. I looked back toward the house with Karos looking out the window waving goodbye.

“You can’t protect her from what is coming” said Koran to Karos.

“I can try.” Said Karos.

The days passed and the days went by like the previous ones. School came in and out. My cousins and I took each day to learn more about the Bringers of Norgard while mixing in our school work. As pity as it seemed school just wasn’t as important as before. But because of the normal of things. I had no other choice but to attend. Karos was in and out of school. His attendance made me worry since the day I was at his house. It is a mystery over his house and the people staying with him. I told myself that I had to see him again and find out what is going on with him. So the next day it was Saturday. I went over to his house but no one answered. I turned around and he was standing behind me.

“I wanted to see you and ask what is going on with you.” I said.

“We can talk, let’s go somewhere.” He says.

We left to Piccadilly Square for lunch. We had pizza, sat, and ate. He begin to tell me that the people in his house are his siblings. He says that his parents are away on a trip and once we were old enough to take care of ourselves left for work. Asking what his parents do and if it was hard to not have his parents there at home. He responded that he is not a fan of his family. That they are mean and doesn’t support him or his dreams. Before I could give some sort of comfort. I too could not as I felt as him or at least at one point in my life. We turned our attention on each other and the festivities of the area.

In the coming weeks things would turn for the worse. As I gave all my attention to hanging out with Karos and growing closer with him. My cousins were constantly preparing for the coming apocalypse that we were told of while in Eternity. My mum was teaching my brother and sister various spells. Given up the idea to exclude them from what was happening around them. Receiving a call from Kadamba about the upcoming family Christmas vacation. My mum told me about a century old tradition in our family that we were excluded from because all the magic that goes into these gatherings. I was very excited about it. Not about the part of not seeing Karos for nearly two weeks. But the part where I got to see the other side of my family. We traveled through the normal entrance in the backyard to my family’s home in the magical community. Once there I could see my cousins all using their magic to decorate the home with bright lights and Christmas decoration. As Kylie and Kyle ran inside to join the other kids. My mum joined the elders in the main room. I joined my cousins. Kycenia told me to concentrate my magical energy toward a decoration and lift it into the air. She mentioned that it’s called Levitation which is a variation of the more powerful Telekinesis. She mentions that any and almost every magical being can learn it just by using Energy Magic. Following their direction, I assisted in hanging ornaments around the yard. Including erecting a large tree in the backyard. Magic was everywhere. The air was scented with candy and the smell of bread and muffins could be found near the side of the home. Aunts and Uncles danced around the fire as the skies lit up. It started to snow. Kadamba called everyone to the massive size windows in the main gathering hall. The lights dimmed with the snow cleared from the windows. Dancing ladies dressed in long white dresses formed outside. They were the Spirits of the Snow, servants to the Snow Goddess. Kycenia distant herself from the windows as she fell sick with sight. Her stomach started to ache and her head was pounding. The room turned a brisk cold. The ceiling covered now in ice. Kycenia floated toward the ceiling unleashing a massive amounts of energy throughout the room. Her eyes pure white, her hair and skin now colored to match. Our family started to worry.

“What is happening?” I asked

“She is awakening” says Kadamba

“Who is awakening?” I asked

“Like most members of our family’s legacy. Ancient beings have taken home within in our bloodline. Such as the Snow Goddess, Snow. A dark seductive woman who once loved the King of the gods, Born’. When he did not return her love. She spun the world into eternal darkness. Covering it in ice. This moment in time was called the Ice Age. For punishment, Born’ banished Snow into a prison locked away in time.” Says Kadamba.

“Yes and thanks to him. I rose up more powerful than ever.” Says Kycenia.

“That is not Kycenia.” Says Kachine.

“You are right Kycenia died when she was only a little girl by an illness. I covered it up by taking over her lifecycle barely keeping her alive. If it wasn’t for me. Your precious cousin would be dead.” Says Snow.

From within Kycenia’s body, Snow has overtaken her body and is using her magic to recreate the Ice Age. This time in the magical community. With every part of our surroundings covered in ice, we could not see anything outside. Black as night was the skies and Christmas had become something of a nightmare. Releasing amounts of powerful magic. Snow and Kycenia started to integrate with one another. With bright blue eyes, long white hair, and a Hindu style fuku. Snow has been completely restored and my cousin Kycenia was now dead.

“I am back and I will have my vengeance on this world and the next.” Says Snow.

“You’re fight is with the gods not with us.” Says Kadamba.

“Correction, my fight is with you and the gods.” Says Snow.

“You see I was one of the most powerful deities in my reign. The gods grew stronger due to humans worshipping them. But weakened when I spun the world into the Ice Ages. With little power to fight me. Your ancestors help the gods to banish me. Believing that I would overthrow even their power. So now you know why I chose your family and why I am here to take my vengeance on the Balkurians ancestors.” Says Snow.

“Little due you know, we don’t like our ancestors even more than you do.” I said.

“But their blood runs through all of you. It gets stronger each generation. I know what they are planning and I will be damned if they succeed at it.” Says Snow.

“What do you mean? What are they planning? Asks my mum.

Snow continued to fight us. With every blow she grew stronger. Her soldiers attacked us as we protected the young and used attacks. It was another battle among us. With all the fighting previously, now down a soldier, and friend. We are tired of it and are ready to end this fight for good. The hours past and nothing has changed. Snow continues to grow stronger and reports on the radio are saying that her effects can be felt across the dimensions. Once playing Christmas music, the radio now only speaks of a new Ice Age amongst us. In fiery, Kycenia’s parents release a fire spell which shattered most of the ice soldiers of Snow. However, with their regenerative abilities they came back to stance. As if nothing could stop them. Snow herself, as beautiful as she appeared. Was covered from head to toe with rage. Her tears from the past. One could tell she was reliving every moment of her past with the god, Born’ again. Her love betrayed, Snow was going to take it out on everyone. Thinking quickly, Kristos pulled us from the fight to discuss the possibility of summoning the god Born’. Hoping that her attention would turn toward the deity.

After much attempts even our magic wasn’t enough to summon him. But Kadamba thought the plan was brilliant. Able to read minds, Kadamba was also able to send us a mental thought without letting our plans be known. While still fighting against Snow. Kadamba mentioned a spell capable of allowing us direct access to the gods. We ran to the other room to follow his instructions. Afterwards, we held hands in a ring. We drew the power from my blood since I was the last person capable of blood magic in the room. The ring lit up and a weird sigil appeared between us. Signs decorated of different colors shot upward around the room. As we concentrated on the name of the deity. With a wide blast of energy knocking us to the ground. Born’ appeared as grand as his pictures. He was tall with a long beard and a helmet on his head. His attire was similar to those of the ancient Greeks. A toga and staff. One earring dangled from his right ear with a ring on his right finger. He shouted why was he summoned and how was he summoned by those that were not gods themselves. His voice was loud like thunder and it echoed throughout the house. So much that the doors to the room froze to ice and shuttered to pieces. With Snow on the other end. She hovered into the room and her eyes placed on Born’. She was angry but slightly still adored by his sight. As Born’ welcomed her in open arms. He quickly also asked of how she came about being here. To which the ice goddess turned to us and threw us to the walls. Where we were pinned by ice sickles. The room begin to freeze with the oxygen thinning. Born’ unaffected by the change in temperature tried to calm the goddess. However, she just fought him. With her rage, Snow’s power was effecting the oxygen of not just the room but the house and of outside. Animals and even nature itself was dying because of the lack of heat and oxygen in the area. We watched as the battle continued. The weather was crushing everything below with almost entirely the mansion being the only thing left standing in sight. With the battle roaring inside. That was barely.

In the wake of everything around us. My cousins kept their faith. That everything will work out fine and we will honor Kycenia. However, to mourn her properly we had to put an end to everything that has been happening. Going back into the other room where the members of our family were facing off against the ice soldiers. We noticed that they were weakening as Snow outside was fighting Born’. Her attention was being drawn away from our fight. This gave us the perfect opportunity to ban together to cast a spell. That would allow us to expel the soldiers and give us time to recuperate.

“Born’ and Snow doesn’t seem to be giving up their fight.” Says my mum.

“The two once were lovers. The fight is not because they hate each other. But because they love each other still to this day.” Says Kadamba.

“We have to stop this before this world is turn to ice.” I said.

“At this point we don’t have the power to defeat Snow. We just have to hope that Born’ does.” Says Kachina.

All of us were peering out of the windows of the home. From different rooms and levels of the house. We watched as the fight continued. Thunder mixed with heavy snow. White foggy skies and racing rivers of ice covered the area. Before we could succumb to the thought of Snow falling the wake of her battle with Born’. The tide suddenly changed. They were talking but we could not make up the words they were saying.

In the midst of the turning tide in the battle. Born’ crashed into the window in front of me. Snow laughing hovers toward him, grabs him by the neck and threatens him. Her eyes now a dark blue has tears of ice running down her cheek. The windows froze with sparkling glowing ice around the window panes. We could not see anything. And then out of the darkness that has overcame the room. Born’ crashed through the window. Covered in blood he was laying on the ground. We ran to help him up, before we could help him. We were again pinned to the floor by Snow. Hair flowing the wind that echoed throughout the room. She has now taken her true form. Her skin was like porcelain and hair like flowing ice. Her short skirt now a long dress enhanced with sparkling panes of ice and glass. It was like looking at a doll. As I looked at her a vision struck my mind. In the vision it showed what happened long ago to the goddess Snow.

In the vision:

“Two lovers, Snow and the king of the gods Born’ kept their romance a secret from everyone in fear of the retaliation from the queen Crienta. Although their romance was seen whenever the two crossed eyes. Many viewed it as true love. With so many previous loves, no one has ever seen Born’ happier with anyone else than the time he was with Crienta. The goddess was strong, beautiful, envy of everyone, she also had the potential of being the new queen. Something that Born’ adored about Snow. However, his betrayal would one day be shown when dark powers influenced him to cheat on the queen with other women. For punishment, the queen banished Born’ to a dark world where he could not escape. She replaced him with his inner image. The version of himself that still loved her. She called this version the god Vecknur. The queen and the god continued to rule the heavens and took charge over all those within their kingdom. However for Born’, the god that loved to much. Was never heard from again. However, the forces that influenced him took his image and started to use his image and power to change the world. They overthrew the gods from within and for those that did not know of his true absence. Their blindness was taken advantage of. The dark forces called out the darkest of magic and brought the down the gods with the help of the imprisoned giants known as the Valkens. As the gods fell so did their influence on the world. Magic grew stronger in their absence. With the High Council the overseers of Heaven, Angels, and all things magic took notice. The dark forces took their aim at them as well. Still with his image, the dark forces took Born’s image and influenced the goddess Snow. He would have sex with numerous women and men. In hopes that Snow would find out and throw the world under her spell. A situation which played out as planned. Snow showcased her anger toward humans and the gods for Born’s betrayal. She turned him into ice and shattered him and threw the world into a massive blizzard which lasted for nearly a year. With most of the world dying under the cold temperatures. Snow took the reigns as queen over the new world. In anger, the remaining gods and the High Council fought Snow. With anger now her weapon. Her powers would grow intensely. Nearly most of the world has frozen to death and the rest was near death. The High Council had to act fast. So together with the gods and all forms of magical beings. Knowing that they could not destroy the goddess. They instead banished her into another world. A world sealed away in flames. However, as time progressed Snow managed to find a way out through a young caster who shared her power. A young caster calling out for help as she was dying at the age of three. The caster was my cousin Kycenia. She could feel Snow’s agony and the two shared pain. Snow who knowing the girl’s health conditions would have her dead by the end of the coming winter. Connected her soul with the girl’s. The two combined into one body and Kycenia was saved. Her dreams would serve as the window to see the outside world. Whenever Kycenia was in harm she could fall back on her blood magic. Nevertheless, when the blood magic was not enough. Snow would intervene to protect her. Knowing Kycenia’s death could be the end of her returning to the world. That is until she grew strong enough to take over Kycenia. Because my cousin was only hanging on in this world because of Snow’s influence. When Snow took complete control over her. Kycenia no longer could stand on her own in this world. So her soul left this world. “

The vision was over and I returned to the world seeing Snow hovering over Born’. When I repeated what I saw. Born’ concluded it all was correct. Confused and even angrier than before. Snow released a wave of icy fury across the land. Now in an emotional state. It was the time for us to strike. Born’ told us something while Snow was in a trance brought on by her releasing her full power. He mentioned that there is a way to kill an immortal god. He summoned a weapon and told me to use my blood on the blade. Hesitant at first. I followed his command. The dagger glowed. He then told me to propel it into her chest.

“I can’t do that, that is still Kycenia’s body.” I said in tears.

“That is no longer your cousin.” Says Born’

With all eyes on me. I had no other choice. Snow was going to kill us all and place the world into a blanket of ice. Using my magic I shot the dagger into her heart. Her body turned to ice, the weather outside begun to wither with snow melting and her soldiers breaking into pieces of glass. Her tears turned to water and she turned back into Kycenia’s body. Snow was defeated and all was returning to normal. Laughter could be heard throughout the room. Kycenia’s spirit appeared in front of us. With tears on everyone’s eyes. I cried the hardest and apologized for killing her.

Using Kadamba as a conduit to talk to us.

“It was not your fault. I died a long time ago. Snow was able to barely keep me awake by using her power and my blood magic. I love you all and I will watch over each and one of you. I will visit you when you need me. Just think of me and summon me and I will appear.”

With the light shining through the window. The light shinned down to us from outside and Kycenia disappeared. Tears flowed throughout the silence of the aftermath of the room. Born’ disappeared and Kycenia’s body evaporated through the form of magic.

Our Christmas was left with silence, the decorations and festivities stopped and everyone returned to their homes. Kachine, Kachina, Kadeem, and Kristos took residence at my home back on Earth. My mum, Kyle, and Diana took passionately to the idea. After everything we been through it would be good to have support and the extra protection since it has become apparent that the dark forces are after the blood magic in our family. With me being the only one remaining in my family to have blood magic. It was more than ever important for me to stay safe.

The remaining week passed and school started back up. My cousins and I all returned to school. As soon as I saw Karos at his locker in the hallway. I ran up to him, gave him a hug and kissed him. Surprised at my actions. He kissed me back and hugged me tightly. I felt as if he knew what I was going through. But his comfort was so warm and inviting I did not think twice about it.

School started back after Christmas like normal. Classes and lots of homework. I distant myself more from Ace and moved closer to Karos. Feeling as if Karos would understand more for some reason. I could not place my finger on it. But I just knew that Karos would understand. We spend countless time together. His family snarled at us from a distance with my own doing the same. With everything that has happened, my family grows weary of anyone new coming around me. With Kycenia now gone. Things have not been the same throughout my family. Trust is absence and various members of our family are taking breaks from their magic. The tragedy has been one of very few in the last few centuries. Since everything with the Bringers of Norgard and their servants. The ghost and hooded figures all have also been absent from my home. Silent whispers could be heard throughout my dreams as the nights passed by. I felt as if something was brewing but with everything that has happened thus far. It did not seem appropriate for me to think nor discuss it out loud.

In a dark room, various figures stand with hoods and a glowing symbol beneath them.

“Now that one of their own has been taken away from them. Everything is playing out as predicted so many centuries ago by our creators. Now is the time to attack, now is the time to make our move. While the Lazaron family is weak and distracted by recent events.” Says one of the male figures.

“What about him, he will try and stop us. What if he tells her?” says another figure in a female voice.

“Then it is time for us to do something about him. Either he return to us or we will be force to vanquish him. We have come too far for this all to fail now.” Says the male figure again.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion. The house has been very quiet. Clarissa, my mum, Kyle, and Diana have all been avoiding each other. The silence was unbarable so I decided to have a family outing. Dinner on the town and I invited Kristos, Kadeem, Kachina, and Kachine along as well. Much to my surprise the night had turn out better than I anticipated. It was fun, the night air was great, and of course had it wonderful 1970s vibe. Glowing lights and trending music. It was a night to remember. But before the joy could sink in. Walking along the Thames River seeing the bright bridges and the coursing lights along the riverside. A massive fireball like the one we saw while traveling toward Norgard hits the river. Several more followed in sequence hitting various points of interest including the London Eye and Big Ben. The Tower Bridge was hit as well. It was an all-out terrorist attack on The City. The hooded figures were back riding the wind across the sky. Launching various magic attacks toward bystanders. Kachine raced around the river helping anyone he could find from the attacks. Several demonic creatures, Warvue in smaller forms, Sholls, and spirits were roaming the streets. My mum ordered us to stop them but be careful as to not get caught using magic. Kristos conjured white cloaks with hoods to cover our faces and clothing. Glowing white in the night. It distant us from the appearance of the hooded figures. My mum with my siblings launched attacks toward the Warvue as they approached them. Seeking to take my brother and sister’s blood magic. The Warvue pounced. Meanwhile, with Kristos he created a Ring of Expulsion. This ring would lit up around the Thames River to expel angry spirits from this world. Although effective. It was not without its faults as most spirits could overcome it if they were strong enough. Some were. Giant spirit creatures came from the river with spirits of various sizes and shapes raining from the sky. It was officially hell on Earth. Kachina released a massive gust of air across the streets to propel the Sholls into the river. Proven that the Sholls hated water. She was on to something. Noticing the effects it had on their scaly skins. The water was like acid. Using my telekinetic abilities I threw several of the demons into the water. But as we fought, more would continue to come.

In orderly fashion, swirling white lights rushed down from the skies. Assisting the fight, the angels have come to our assistance. As the battle of Norgard repeats itself in front of my vary eyes. I noticed oddly familiar figures standing in the shadows on the London Bridge overlooking the fight. They were just staring in silence. Each with smiles on their faces. Each looked in my direction. One walked toward me and they all vanished in thin air. The Warvue, spirits, and the Sholls all disappeared. The angels committed to erasing memories of those that witnessed the fight and cleaned up the damage in the process. I watch my family pull the pieces together and then my mum came to me.

“During the fight, your brother and sister was stricken of their blood magic. You are the remaining member of our family that has the power to use it now.” She said to me.

My brother and sister heads were lowered and mine raised to the stars. As Kachine, Kachina, Kadeem, and Kristos each came to me. They mentioned that the Bringers released this as a possible lead in to the Apocalypse.

Angels fluttered down to us, now dressed like normal humans.

“We are the Domaedians, you know us as angels of Heaven. We were sent by the High Council to assist and protect you.” Says one of the angels.

“Thanks for your help, but we don’t need your assistance. Angels and demons could just leave us alone.” Says Kadeem.

One of the angels in anger stepped forward, with another stopping her with his arm. The angel responded:

“You need our help as we need yours. If you have not noticed, the Bringers are testing each of you, most notably you Kyra. Because you have very powerful blood magic. Why is a question that the Bringers must know the answer too.” Says the angel.

“But why me?” I asked.

“I do not know, but the High Council is trying to figure it out.” He responded.

The angels disappeared leaving us in the aftermath of yet another battle for our lives.



During the middle of the night. The ghost of the caster returned to me. She was lying next to me on my bed and turned to me with a frighten look upon her face. She leaned over and touched my forehead. The lights in the room flickered and I fell into a deep sleep. We both appeared in a shadowy place surrounded by floating white orbs. The environment resembled a place I can barely remember from my childhood. I remember that I use to come here when I had a lot of my mind. But never knew what or where this place was. But I had a feeling that I was going to find out. The girl disappeared but not before pointing in the southern direction. She grabbed my hand with urgency and disappeared as quietly as she appeared. Since she protected me before, I trusted that she was doing the same again. Starting down the path she led me on. My surroundings were getting brighter. In the midst of my new surroundings. A sense of familiarity was echoing throughout the trees that surrounded me. With the road that I was on was glittering with gold and the grass was shining silver. This place appeared magical. My thoughts were on repeat with the same question in my mind. Why do I know this place? And why was I brought here? Both questions I wanted answers for. I see a building directly ahead of me. I run toward it. It shimmer with gold sand and flowing river beds made of glistening milk. Strange flying fish danced throughout the river with other equally strange creatures decorated the front lawn. I walked inside and yelled if anyone was here. No one answered. Quickly as I entered, I was suddenly attacked by dark figures trying to still the book for their own. Of which I was holding the Book of Sanctuary the entire time and did not notice. As I try my best to fight them off, their dark magic overpowers my own. At the brink of losing to them. A tall white figure approaches me and blinds the dark figures, a white light appears out of nowhere and guides me out of the white walled room into an open window and we disappear. I open my eyes and I notice that everything that has happened I was is still dreaming. Glancing to the right of me I notice that the figure that helped me earlier was still here. He was a beautiful young man with sparkling eyes and a long sparkling robe. Fluttered by his appearance, I was smiling and blushing like a little girl. He stares ahead and the two flies off on a giant chariot of harden gold sand and glass. We approach a massive land filled with music playing, people interacting with weird creatures, and doorways opening up from the sky. From the doorways other similar dressed figures ride down with people of all ages and sizes down to the island.

“What is this place?” I ask. As I stare on with glee in my eyes.

The guy whispers “it’s the place of dreams, Dreomede”.

“Dreomede?” I ask. “Yes, many people call it Dream Land, it was created by me and my family the Dream Gods. We brought you hear to protect you from the shadows of your nightmare”. “Well thank you?” I stop with a question as to ask for his name.

“Oh I’m sorry, I am Onarosh and those beings you see that are bringing people to our island are called Croptes”.

“Croptes?” I asked

“Croptes or the Sand People as humans call them are mystical beings that graced human dreams. Their name means “dream people” and from them comes the knowledge of all dreams made by every living being who sleeps. This knowledge helps people travel around our beautiful world. They are servants to Vena and they are my children. Individually they protect a human or animal and guides them throughout our world”.

I open the book and it revealed that in some parts of the world, the Croptes are represented as spirits in the forms of dolls and that whatever happens to the doll happens to the person the doll was modeled after in real life. I realized that although she was dreaming, all of this was really happening but in another world mirrored to my own. I was becoming more and more alarmed about my state, I issued a request to leave. However, Onarosh states that I cannot leave because I am magical. That I must complete my dream unlike other beings who can leave whenever their mind wishes. In the wakened world, I was screaming outloud. Spirits stood around my room. My mum came rushing through the door to try and wake me. The Book of Sanctuary appeared on my chest with my hands clutching it tightly. The same dark shadows that attacked me in my dream appeared from under my bed and are trying to get the Book of Sanctuary. However, they are being repelled by the book’s protective spell. As they hover over my sleeping body, the spirits continue their attempt. Back in the dream world, Onarosh and I land onto the loading docks of Dreomede and we start walking onto the platform. We are presented by Vena, suddenly upon her appearance, the book flashes its pages and turns to the page displaying her definition. It was as if the book was guiding me as I met new beings and places. However, it started once I got to Dreomede. Which could mean that the book had a connection to this place. As I look at the book, Vena’s passage lit up. The book began to speak to me. It was the first time this has ever happen. Only I could hear it words. Almost as if I was in another dream state. Ironic being that I am in Dreamworld itself. The Book of Sanctuary states Vena is the Goddess of Enchantments and Eternal Love and while asleep, Vena brought people together. Their love would be so beautiful and enchanting that it would bring them immortal love in the real world. To protect people while they are sleeping, Vena would visit each person and cover their eyes with sand. In modern times, Vena was the female form of the Sand Man. To the rich, Vena left enchanting items in their palaces to protect them from demonic creatures that cause nightmares. I walked up to Vena to introduce myself, however, Vena snarled at me and refused. She walks up to Onarosh, grabs him and walks ahead. Vena whispers to Onarosh as I followed.

“What are you thinking bringing her to our land, he is going to be highly upset with you”

As the two looks back Onarosh whispers

“I couldn’t leave her side, they were attacking her” says Onarosh looking passionate toward me.

“What do you mean, why would they attack her?” says an angry looking Vena as she stares at me. So busy looking amongst the pages of the book I was not paying attention to anything they were saying or doing.

“I believe they were after her book” admits Onarosh.

“What does the book have to do with anything” asks Vena

“I believe it’s magical and somehow it knows things about this world and other things around it” with a questioned look on his face Onarosh stops and turns to me.

“Kyra what is this book and why were the shadows after it”

I respond “This book is known as the Book of Sanctuary, it’s powerful and contains various entries and spells toward many magical oriented things. It has been passed down throughout my family”. Why do you ask Onarosh?”

Onarosh says obviously lying “Oh no reason just was curious”.

Our path led us upward to a floating castle decorated with shooting lights. Its grand stature appeared like a large golden glass building. Massive statues laid throughout its lawn with silver trees weeping near the flowing river that surround it. Leading up to the castle was a village which resembled Middle Eastern villages from the mid-1400s. Mysterious beings appears throughout, resembling fairies, elves, casters, and magical beings of all kind. Asking how come I never has never seen this place in my dreams. While we were walking, Onarosh told the story of Dreomede’s creator.

“Most people even magical beings do not remember their visits while here on the island. Onarosh further explains that the world was crafted by his father Ananaka. The creator of Dreomede and that he is worshiped around the world as deity over the other gods that ruled here. With his many faces he is also a great wizard and gave the world their first taste at practical magic. His mum is Bewithia the Goddess of all magic. Pictured fully clothed in all white and orange Ananaka stood high on his giant white elephant. Later after he created the lands of dreams, Ananaka gave food to the sleeping and masked the real world so that those entering could sleep easier without waking. Everywhere he turned, Ananaka spit out food which humans later took back to their waking world, of which came golden fish, rice, pudding, cakes, and fruit cake. Of these the fruit cake and rice was his sacred meals, if those who wished for good dreams wanted to sleep easily. They would present these special meals at their bedsides. Ananaka would then collect them as the person slept.”

My eyes brighten at the thought of meeting the creator of dreamland and how inspiring it would be to meet those responsible for her and everyone’s dreams. Vena angry that Onarosh was providing me with such information. She grabbed Onarosh and the two stepped away. “Wait you can’t just leave me here I need to return home” I screamed as the two walked away down the alleyway. Appearing in a dark room, Vena and Onarosh faces a glowing white figure. Vena approaches him and mentions that they have found a girl from the waken world and she holds a magical book of which the shadows want. The figure explained who I am and what the book is and that the shadows are after my power over the book. The figure continues with the notion to protect me as my power can help rid the dream world of the shadows once and for all. In the village, my curiosity led me wondering throughout the village. Attempting to get a better understanding of what type of place this is. The village appear as a place of beauty with an old world charm to it. Creatures of all sizes along with every being ranging from humans to aliens are seen in peace and gathering with each other. As I enter a marketplace where several human children are being entertained by their imaginary friends. The Imaginary Friends put on a show for them. Forward, I see a hall of doorways with windows to them. Each door depicts another dream taking place in a different variation of dream world.

Meanwhile, back in the waking world. My mum tries to fight off the shadows. Her magic seemed to not work against them. Almost appearing as though the spirits are not really there. The spirits standing around the room just stared at my mum fighting the shadows and speak amongst themselves in worry. My brother and sister came to the door yelling for my mum’s name as she helplessly fought the spirits to no avail.

Back in dream world I continue to encounter many magical beings. Some I have never seen or heard anything about. Others that have been extinct for centuries. I encounter fairies dancing to a folk song and leprechauns singing to similar music. All the while seeing children and adults interact with various other beings including unicorns and centaurs. I remember when I was a kid and wanted to believe that all of these things were real and that I often imagined such interactions would exist. Submitting to her childhood fantasies, I ran off to join the festivities. A Bakeneko jumps out and yells at me who stops in me tracks.

“Who or what are you?” I said.

Staring at the cat who is hovering around me with a weird look upon its face.

“I am Bakeneko, a magical cat of Japanese legend who lives in the dream world. You aren’t normally supposed to be here but yet you are, how interesting.” Laughs the cat as it hovers toward me.

I back up and bumps into an old woman. The woman introduces herself as Arikura no baba, one of three magical sisters who lives in Dreomede watching over the magical beings that lives here. She explains that her cat the Bakeneko finds stray dreamers and appoints them to their respective dream place or one of the doors I saw upon my arrival to the dream world village.

“But Bakeneko is right child, you aren’t supposed to be here are you?” smiles Arikura no baba as she slightly touches me. I back away as she continues.

“You have great power and that’s why they are after you” with large open eyes the woman approaches me and glances at the Book of Sanctuary.

“Is that the sacred and long lost Book of Sanctuary?” ask the woman.

“It hasn’t been lost. My family has had it for centuries. Anyways, how do you know what it is?” I ask.

“I know many things child, but we must take you somewhere, it is much you must know before continuing your journey here” says the woman as she grabs me and then disappears into the midst of the nearby shadows.

Looking from the distance, Vena and Onarosh glances at each other and them to disappear. Reporting back to the glowing figure, the two explains that Arikura has taken me.

“Damn that woman” says the figure as he slams down his staff and his eyes glow from within the shadows.

“Find that caster and take back Kyra from her” says the figure as he magically makes Vena and Onarosh disappear.

Appearing in a pasture of large trees and various mythical animals. Arikura, myself, and Bakeneko walks down a path made up of silver sand to a small cottage wrapped in vines and huge crystals. As I moved closer to the house’s entrances, the crystals glow a bright bluish color and then the door swings open. At the point of entrance, I was magically forced into the house and two woman starts chanting a weird language. I start to glow and the book stops the spell from taking place.

“What just happened?” I asked. I look around the entranceway of the house.

“Come closer” says the voices, as I walk closer to the noise, the cottage inside grows bigger and bigger until I come face to face to a giant size room with a ceiling that appears to reach as high as the trees on the outside of the cottage. The room is decorated with many jewels, old books and medieval furniture. Many things appear to move by themselves and small fairy like creatures flutter around the room doing various tasks such as organizing and pouring tea into three cups. Bakeneko and Arikura walks into the room and suggests that I have a seat at the table with the three cups. Arikura haves a seat and I follow her. Out of smoke and what sounded like gun fire. Two women sat down opposite of Arikura and myself. As we sat with each other they introduced themselves. The first woman was a long haired dark skinned woman who had long white and gray robes and a glowing necklace laced around her neck and parts of her body. She introduced herself as The Bana Woman and in one hand she held a magical stick. When I asked if the stick was magical, she responded that when touching the ground awoke the shadows in which she could command. And in the other hand she held one of her eyes which could see the future and look into people's souls.

“I am associated with black magic and death and that at one time the ancient race The Iku thought me to be their Goddess of the Underworld” says the woman smiling with a daring grin. Bakeneko whispers that she is more of a haggish old caster whose magic was more ancient than the Iku's island. And that she normally lives deep in the darkest part of the Black Forest surrounded by giant griffins that protected her and her land.

“I heard that you mangy old cat” says The Bana Woman as she throws a spark toward the cat who then hovers away laughing.

The second woman introduces herself as Touchi, Goddess of Ecstasy and the Blossom Tree. She explained her story and how she was born from the stems of an Oak Tree and shortly after her birth she has since became associated with it. Besides the Oak Tree, the Blossom Tree was too beautiful and very important to the ancient Elitsyian Islands as they grew there and were originally presents from the Japanese. So in their honor the Elitsyian gave many deities along with Touchi Japanese names. Her sisters joked that Touchi was infatuated with several men and bore lots of children. With her magical powers she lifted up her children and planted them into the ground to make the first Blossom Trees. From their roots came magical waters and the deities Nusuwaka and Hoshiume. Arikura laughed and called Touchi a whore and the sister that they tend to love the most because of it. I smiled and was glad that she was able to meet the sisters but at the same time confused on her arrival to their home. Touchi in a sweet and whispering voice said that I was brought to their home because there are many dark figures out there that wishes to have my book because of its magic. I grasped onto the book and listened to each sister as they explained what was happening at this moment in dreamworld.

“You see girl, there are never coincidences in life nor in dreams. You are asleep right now but your soul, mind, heart, and powers are awake here in this very real place called Dreomede.” Says The Bana Woman.

Arikura continues “you were brought here because it’s a time when the dream world needs your help. The shadows that are haunting this world are nightmares from Nigerkarte. A land of perpetual darkness and where all nightmares originate. Here it is ruled by Tonik the King of Nigerikarte, he guides demons or demonic spirits into the waking world to taunt people. These spirits are representation of human nerves and were responsible for headaches and migraines. Tonik is also called God of Nightmares by his subjects and would often play cruel jokes on his twin brother, Myonar and the beings that roam Dreomede. His realm was considered a prison to those who does not know of its true nature. It is made up of mere illusions constructed of mortal thoughts. Tonik was also considered God of Illusions and to the people of the Islands of Elitsyia he was a destructive deity that hated all things and cast onto them haunting images. Until the day they would find out that his tricks could not hurt them, Elitsyians feared the deity and sacrificed their children for their safety”.

“Has anyone outside of this world, knows what goes on here?” I said panicking.

“Most people don’t know of what goes on in Dreomede because the Dream Gods job is to make sure that they don’t remember” says Touchi.

The sisters explain that normally the Dream Gods protect dreams from nightmares but often times the sleeper is so troubled mentally in their waken state that their sleeping one goes to Nigerkarte. There they are tortured until they awake. Very rarely however are they harmed when they awake. But the sisters persist that lately the nightmare king is trying to leak nightmares into the real world and steal the dreams of everyone. If this succeed then the world would turn to darkness. He needs great power to do this and the sisters believe that my book possesses this great power.

“How do he know about the book?” I asked.

Arikura explains that every magical entity can feel the power of magical totems. It is like a second sense, most do not pay it much attention. While others are drawn to it such as the nightmare spirits.

“What do we do to stop them from getting the book and for me to return home” I asked.

Being in dream world, the sisters have concluded that my powers are not as strong as they are in my waking state. So to better protect the book and at any chance of me returning to my world. I must unite myself with others who can assist in this battle. Together the sisters mention warriors of the dream world who not only protect this land but also assists in keeping dreams peaceful ones. I thought of the creatures, Onarosh, and Vena and knew that they must have been speaking of them.

I stood up and begin to walk to the door when the cottage began to shake. The sisters look around and the fairy creatures disappear. Bakeneko smiles and turns to blackish purple smoke and also disappears. I look at the door in front of me as it blew up. I fell to the ground covered in smoke. Vena and Onarosh walks through it. Happy to see them, I stood up and hugged Onarosh much to his surprise. Vena staring at the sisters’ nod slightly to them and the sisters disappears. Vena mentions to me that we must go. As we ran throughout the forest back to the village, everything shook around us. Massive earthquakes were wrecking Dreomede. Trees fell around us blocking our path and swirling purple smoke comes down toward us. Onarosh protects us with a glowing white shield made up of burning light. While Vena pulled out giant blades made up of harden silver sand. I asked what was going on Onarosh and Vena at the same time mention that the nightmare spirits are here and for some reason are more powerful than normal. Remembering the story told by the sisters, I open the book in hope to find an entrance about the nightmare king and his spirits. Although, there was no mention of a vanquishing spell. Vena mentions that there would not be a vanquishing spell because people of my world would not be able to see the nightmare king as he only exists here in this realm.

“Realm?” directing her question to Vena.

“A realm is a place or world that exists outside of your normal place” mentions Onarosh as he begins to sweat under the pressure of the shield.

“He can’t keep up the shield for much longer, what are we going to do Vena?” I asked

“We now fight” says Vena as she grasp onto her blades tighter.

I get into position and holds onto the book with a firmer grip. The smoke then takes various forms of purple suited ninjas with various weapons. Vena tells Kylie that the Nightmare spirits are Mikles, she further explains that these demonic spirits crawl into the bed of children and unblessed adults. While there they appear as deform little children that eat away at the nightmares and grow bigger. After all nightmares are sucked dry, the dreamer goes into a coma. She motions for Kylie to prepare for a fight and warn her not to be touched by their blades as she could go into a coma and may never wake up. Nocnitsa and Pesanta appears in front of the Mikles and laughs.

“You foolish idiots are not going to be able to protect her for too long. That book is going to be ours” says Nocnitsa a nasty nightmare spirit.

Pesanta grunts and appears as a giant bear like cat with a long split tail. Onarosh dissolves the shield and the spirits race to fight us. The battle rages on with Vena and Onarosh fighting as swiftly as ninjas. With me using skills learned from my time spent with my family and our numerous battles prior. From what I read in the book I was able to use my magic while fighting equally alongside Onarosh and Vena. The battle issued into what felt like hours with neither side giving in. As I laid my blow against one of the creatures, a familiar laughter could be heard from the trees. As the laughter proceed, my bones started cringing and my heart felt heavy, the laughter got louder and the shadow figures grew stronger. Vena and Onarosh also grew weaker and their blood began to burn from the inside out as if a curse has been placed upon them. As the trees begun to grow weaker around them so did the air grow thinner. Down on our knees, the Mikles declare victory over us and as they approach me to take the book. A red light covered my body and the power I was feeling. Felt great. I felt this before when I was fighting throughout Norgard and now the feeling is becoming more and more familiar. I look up and my eyes turn a blood red color as I force the Mikles away with shards of harden blood. I came to my feet and the Book of Sanctuary opens up in front of me to reveal a vanquishing spell for the Mikles.

“I cast you creatures of the dark, back to your dark corners. So that you may never bother us again, you shall not harm this land any longer.” I read as the creatures each burn in flames and exploded. The shadow figures disperses and they disappear. The rain stops and the three comes to their feet with the air and nature around them returning to normal. The laughter is heard flowing away from them and I recall “I know I heard that laughter from somewhere before”.

I, Vena, and Onarosh return to the sister’s cottage in the woods to explain what has happened. The sisters then tell them that the gates of Nigerkarte has been open and that the Mikles were only a few of hundreds that has leaked into Dreomede. But they pause and remember that the gates to Nigerkarte can only be open by a powerful amulet which has been seen in one place. Bakeneko appears smiling next to the group and everyone turns to it. It backs up and bumps into a chair. The sisters question its absence and the Book of Sanctuary opens once again to reveal the passage about Bakeneko. From the Book of Sanctuary it reads that the Bakeneko is a cat or yokai in Japanese folklore that has supernatural abilities akin to those of the kitsune or the raccoon dog. The Bakeneko is a shape shifter and often cause catastrophe and pranks wherever it goes. Often to believe to be good willing beings, most Bakeneko take commands from higher powers who provide them with various relics and other objects of which they collect as prized items. As I read out loud, the Bakeneko tries to escape but the sisters cast a spell around the cottage so that it could not leave. It’s then magically pulled back into the room and is omitted from disappearing again. The sisters explain that in order for the gates of Nigerkarte to be open, the Bakeneko must have made a deal with the nightmare king in return for the amulet. Onarosh snatches the amulet from the Bakeneko’s neck and reveals it to be a Doinwae’. Questioning its meaning, even Onarosh explains he knows very little about it. I turn to the book again. A page in the book reveal the Doinwae to be a powerful object that can open doorways to other worlds. Various objects has been crafted and with some turned into living beings, these objects were in the hundreds until their powers were abused and they were destroyed. With a few to remain scattered across the many realms. Ananaka was responsible for the Doinwae of this realm to keep it protected from harm until Tonik the nightmare king stole it and took it back into his realm. Tonik was then banished and never heard of again with the amulet left for protection by one of his pupils. At this moment, it was revealed by the Bakeneko through laughter that it is that very pupil.

“You foolish girl, my master have plans for you. You do not know who you really are but I do. Once they find out, will they protect you for much longer” says the Bakeneko followed with a loud laughter.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked as I grab the Bakeneko by the neck. Trying to escape, the Bakeneko flutters and states that Tonik is looking for a way to get into the real world and that he needs great magic to do so. The same magic found in the Book of Sanctuary. The sisters, myself, Vena, and Onarosh looks around the room at each other and realizes that it was no coincidence that I have been brought into Dreomede.

“We knew that you was awake and not in your natural dream for a reason, Kyra, that’s why our master Ananaka sent both of us me and Vena to you. To protect you” says Onarosh with gleaming eyes. Vena interrupts Onarosh in disgust by pushing the conversation forward with explaining that she has been dragged to Dreomede with the help of outside forces.

“But by who or what” I asked.

“By your ancestors” says Vena as she looks down at the Book of Sanctuary.

“What my ancestors, you mean the Balkurians?”

“Yes child, your ancestors are looking for ways to gather power again so that they can continue their mission to take over all magic and they wish to do this by working with Tonik to start with the dreams of everyone since dreams hold great power.” Says The Bana Woman as she approaches me. She holds her staff into the air and strikes the book which makes a jingle sound. The room turns pitch black and the story of what happened to the Balkurians is revealed.

“The Balkurians were thought to be destroyed when the Lazarons rose from their ashes but a few remained and separated across the globe. But members of the High Council came together to track them down. Out of fear, the Balkurians retreated into Nigerkarte where they stayed ever since. Whispers throughout Dreomede is that they has since been working on a way to increase their powers and return to dominance. When they found out that the Book of Sanctuary was formed once again. They used their collective magic and raced to your world. Here they found you, tried to pull you into the afterlife but you fought back. They retreated only to return again when your guard was down and pulled you here to Dreomede”.

“So the spirits that I attacked my family, the dark figures, including the Bringers of Norgard. All were my ancestors and their minions?” I asked as I turned to the room.

“Yes and they will continue to threaten you until they are vanquish” implies Touchi.

“Yes there are many things about you that you have yet to learn about yourself. Only you can find those answers however. But your journey will lead you to them. With everything that has happened in your life, the fighting, the creatures you encountered, your lost of family members, and now being pulled here to this world. Has all been tests by your ancestors to see how strong their bloodline has gotten over the millennia. In hopes that when they return their magic will return to them. However, only if the book becomes theirs again.” Says The Bana Woman.

“Wait you mean the book once was theirs?” I asked.

“Yes they created it. Nevertheless, when they became too powerful, the first angels known as the High Council found a way to separate the book and its evil magic apart. This created the Book of Darkness and the Book of Sanctuary. The book of Darkness became the Grimoire of many evil covens throughout the ages. While the Book of Sanctuary became a staple for all future Book of Shadows in coming covens. Says the sisters

“You are strong it’s no wonder you have been on this self-journey and has since found so many things along the way. It has all been leading up to this moment. You are the only one that can stop all of this and return order back to where it belongs”.

Each sister look at each other with Vena and Onarosh glancing at one another. I looked around the room, turned around, and read the vanquishing spell to Bakeneko. The same spell that I read to the Mikles. “I cast you creatures of the dark, back to your dark corners. So that you may never bother us again, you shall not harm this land any longer.” And as my words left my lips. The Bakeneko was vanquished. I returned my attention to the room again and mentions to everyone that I am ready to end this. Eager to stop the Balkurians and Tonik from entering the waken world. I, the sisters, Vena, and Onarosh constructs a plan to seal off the gates to Nigerkarte and banish all of its residents back into its lands. We continue to construct details throughout the remainder of the night.

In the waken world, now daytime and approaching the afternoon, my mum continues to fight off the spirits. An endless battle that my siblings have since joined in. The spirits stood frozen in their tracks. One by one they approached my body. My mum warned them to stay away however her words were absent on their ears. She grabbed my siblings and moved backwards. The spirits held out their hands and a bright light hit the shadows. As the shadows bounced off the walls in fear. The spirits took the shadows into the dark corners of the room. My mum went to my bedside with my brother and sister and the three watched out for the spirit’s return. With his abilities, my mum asked Kyle to see what was happening to me. He placed his hand on my head and his other hand connected with my mum and sister’s. He at this point was able to see what has happen to me and tells our mum and sister that I is stuck in a place called Dreomede. From this, my mum knew where her daughter was and knew that no one is supposed to remain in the dream lands for too long or their spirit becomes attached to it. As she tries to take the Book of Sanctuary from my sleeping arms, the book electrocutes her. She orders Diana to use her ability to pry the book from my arms, however her magic is revoked upon doing so. Kyle states that he thinks the book and my spirit is attached and that is why it cannot be removed unless I wake up.

Following the theory that people can partially pick up sounds and understand things while asleep. My mum instructs Kyle and Diana to assist in awakening me before my soul becomes attached to the dream world permanently. Back in the dream world, the group puts their plan in motion and heads out to the edge of Dreomede to the Ogede. Here the sisters explain to me that the Ogede is the river that flows gently into Dreomede and separates it from life, death and on its boundary lies Nigerikarte. Arikura also explains that Ogede is represented by the spirit that disguises itself as a beautiful swan with magical powers that could heal those that are harm in their sleep. Onarosh further explains that Ogede was once the product of Ananaka. The group searches for the swan until they are stopped by several Mikles. The group fights the Mikles and as the battle ensures, several shadows flow from the skies onto the ground turning the ground into a blackened smoke. The smoke covers everyone and turns into people who carries similar symbols found on the Book of Sanctuary. The people have long trench coats and different weapons that they use to stop the group in their fight. A tall dark haired guy steps forward and introduces himself as John Balkurian. He greets me as he smiles and glances down at the book and back at me.

In John’s words “I believe you have something that once belonged to my family and I want it back”

I respond and says “It no longer belongs to evil hands, but now in the hands of the Lazarons”

Furious, John steps forward and throws a crackling thunderbolt at me wishing to kill me, but by surprise I hold the book up to shield myself and the thunderbolt is remised. John continuously throws the thunderbolts toward me as I continuously protects myself using the book as a shield. I then begin to use my own powers but suddenly I do not have the strength. John laughs and says “Stupid, stupid little girl, your soul is becoming attached to this world now because you have been here too long. You are losing your powers and soon the book will float right into my hands”. As John laughs, his fellow minions begin chanting a spell which causes me to levitate into the air. Arikura yells for me to resists it as they are trying to bind me to this world which would cause me to lose my memories and powers. In the real world, my mum, Diana, and Kyle work together to bring their own back to the real world by forming an awakening spell. The spell consists of ingredients found in the basement including crystals for absorbing the dream world’s essence.

A confused Diana asks “Mum how do you know how to do this?

“Well when I was your age, my mum taught me several key spells that she believed would help me one day. She never mentioned how she came about knowing this. But I believed her to be psychic. I grew up in a dark time when demons were constantly after our source of power. It was not until your grandparents came together and banished the demons away. That this household would be placed at rest but not without a price. To keep this house protected, your grandmum like your father lost their lives protecting this house and our family. As long as I live, I will do the same for my family and continue in their legacy.” Reminisces my mum with teary eyes as she continues to prep for the spell.

“Mum I feel like Kyra is losing her hold over reality” a frighten Kyle utters as he touches my hand.

“Kyle stay with her, what do you see? Asks my mum as she looks on.

“I see a dark figured man holding Kyra in the air with people around her on the ground saying some weird language”

“Someone must be trying to bind her to the dream world, that’s why she isn’t waking up” insists my mum. Hurrying to place the ingredients in place, my mum places Kyle and Diana in a circle to perform the awakening spell. In dream world, I am suffering from the spell and as the spell grows stronger, a gush of white smoke hit the ground and throws back the Mikles and the John Balkurian. It rescues the group and takes us further up the river Ogede as the Balkurians and the Mikles follow. As the group and the white smoke settles, it is shown that the white smoke is Ananaka.

“We have to hurry everyone” Ananaka says in a calm but urgent voice. He introduces himself to me and says that he knew my father and that the two fought together in a similar war for the Book of Light when my father was also trapped in dream world. He later states that my father was a relentless mortal with a way with magical artifacts. He used them to ward off evil to protect my siblings, my mum, and I when we were younger. These objects he found on his journey throughout the world. As time progress my father became somewhat intrigued with magic and although unable to perform magic. He knew that these special objects could. One of those objects was a medallion which he wore around his neck and gave to Ananaka before his death. Ananaka then presents the medallion to me and I places it around my neck with eyes full of tears as I listened to the dream god speak.

“You was always destined to fight in this battle and you are destined to go through the pain along with the victory. But don’t give up young caster, we will bring an end to this war once and for all”. As Ananaka looks down at me, he pushes me to the ground to shield me from oncoming attacks by the Mikles and the Balkurians. As the group fights without me, I remember what the dream god said and touches the medallion. Knowing that I now, more than ever have to bring an end to this war and defeat my ancestors before anyone else I love dies at their hands. But before I could come to my feet I disappears in the midst of white light. Appearing back in the real world surrounded by my family. I tell them what is going on in the dream world and that I must return or the darkness will follow me here to the real world. My mum and my siblings denied sending me back. But I urge them to send me back as our ancestors are growing closer to be resurrected into the real world and that she is the only one who can stop them. I pleaded with my mum to answer what happened to my father and why she does not speak about his death. My mum replied that it was so horrible and that she was trying to protect us from the same thing that happened to our father.

“Mum I must know if I have any hope to stop this from happening again. Back in dream world, I have several people risking their lives for us, for this whole world. I cannot let them do this by themselves” I insist as I grabs my mum’s arm.

With eyes full of tears and a passionate hug. My mum sits Kyle and Diana down on my bed and says that our father died fighting our ancestors. She starts by telling them about our father’s past.

“He was a mortal who I gave immortality to. This immortality caused your father to constantly travel the world. For the next two hundred years collecting objects to protect our family from the dark forces that wanted our killed. He himself came from a family who was slain by the Balkurians. He originally took revenge on the Balkurian line by marrying into their descendants in hopes to take control over the Kenoxes. Something he believed he could do by getting secrets from me. But we fell in love and it became a distant memory of his. As you were born Kyra, Demetri knew that he had to protect you so he cast a spell using an object he found near now current Dubai. It was used to drag the escape members of the Balkurian line into Nigerkarte. He went after them giving me one last kiss in the process and telling me to always be strong. I knew from that moment that I would never see him again. As he slept his body started to bruise from the inside and as the lights flickered I knew that he was fighting the Balkurians in dream land. I just could not see what was happening and I did not know what was happening until that night.” My mum pauses as she clutches her chest and continues on telling her story as her children looks on in remorse.

“Demetri appeared to me in a dream and told me that he died after banishing the Balkurians back into Nigerkarte. He gave his protective medallion to the dream god Ananaka and told the god to present it to me when I arrive in dream world. I cried and held him until I woke.”

I then look up and hugs my mum with both Diana and Kyle crying in the background. The family hugs and then I lay back down and proceeds with my wish to return to finish what has started. With hesitation, my mum knew that she could not stop me from doing this and that it must happen one way or another. So she along with my siblings created another circle and this time they did the spell backwards to reverse the action. As the spell was enforce, I was whisked back into Dreomede where the battle is coming to a close with the Balkurians appearing as the victors.

“I shall reign as king of this world and of the next. No one will have the power to stop me.” Says Tonik as he stands tall over the dream gods and the sisters.

“But you forgot one person that can stop you” everyone turns over and looks at me glowing with marine blue light.

“Me” I said as I unleashes a wave of psychic energy toward my enemies blowing them all into the Ogede. The spirit of the river comes out and drags them to Nigerkarte. But in its tracks, I screams STOP. Everyone pauses and the spirit backs down.

“I shall end this for good, Nigerkarte shall not be your resting place, but shall that be in Hell”. I closes my eyes and the Book of Sanctuary, my father’s medallion, and the Doinwe’ all glow casting a triangle around Tonik, the Mikles, and the Balkurians. The items then merge to form a seal on the cover of the book and the book’s pages open briskly with heavy winds emerging.

I vanquish all evil from this place, to Hell shall you now rest, as I now punish you disgrace” as I finished my spell, the remaining members of the Balkurian family and the Mikles turn to flames and as they cried, I also cried as the battle was finally over. The Balkurians and the Mikles explode and they are gone. Tonik is weakened but because of his deity status, he is immortal. But the Book of Sanctuary, opens to a Binding Spell page and I read it out loud. “I bind your powers here and now, so that you can cause no more harm”. Tonik glowed a bright red and he passes out, the group turns to Kylie cheering for her. Ogede drags Tonik back into Nigerkarte where it throws him far into the darkness.

Back at the castle, I bid farewell to the sisters as they disappear and return to their cottage.

“You did well today, I know Demetri would be proud of his only daughter” says Ananaka as he touches my shoulders with joy.

“It was always your destiny to be here and now you have fulfilled that destiny. You did a good job” says Onarosh as he hugs me. I then pull him closer and kisses him much to his surprise. Onarosh blushes and waves goodbye as he fades into white light.

“I didn’t like you at first as I didn’t believe that you could be the one to stop all of this. But I see now that you are more powerful than what appears on the surface” says a sarcastic Vena as she shakes my hand. Vena then disappears in a gray light.

I turn to Ananaka and as I hand him the medallion given to him by her father, the deity states that it was never his but that it belongs to my family. I hug Ananaka and disappears in white light. The next morning I sit up in my bed looking out the window. Her mum walks in with her siblings and the four reminisces about her father and how it was like in Dreomede.



After everything that has happened to us over the years. My mum finally broke down and told me and my siblings the story of her past and why she kept it a secret for so long. Including the moment she met our father and what happened to him. I could tell this story was dark and that my mum was not prepared to tell it. However, I think she had no other choice. Especially with everything that has happened to me and our family as a recently. Her story started out as it was yesterday. She used her magic to dim the lights, light the fireplace, and out of coincidence a storm brew heavily above us. In our pajamas, my brother, sister, and I sat and glued our eyes and ears onto our mum. As this would be an interesting night.

“In the October 1st, 1760, I your mum Evangeline Avageline Lazaron was born. Your grandfather Kadamba Morelle Lazaron and your late grandmum Celine Arila Vambroom met when the two families were battling it out for ancient artifacts that were found on the borderline of the two lands. The artifacts in question were powerful devices forged by ancient casters meant to contain mass amounts of magic. The opposing family the Vambrooms were popular casters believing fame and glory were the best way to win the hearts of the Council of Casters. A high authority figures that gave rules and laws to all casters and warlocks including magical totems created by them. They were powerful casters and warlocks that were the children to the High Council. Believing that our ancestry needed a way to modify its image. My grandparents commissioned a way to have my father marry the Vambrooms’ daughter. So that our family could gain access to the lineage and their image. A plan that has failed countless times over the next one hundred years. Unbeknownst, to my grandparents was that after their first attempt at marrying the two covens together. My father and my mum would meet each other in secrecy throughout the nights. They grew fonder of each other and over time the connection the two had was so powerful that their magic could read one another. Years has passed and my parents continued their secrecy far into their young adulthood. Their parents remained in the darkness with my grandparents moving their estate from the magical community to Central London by late 1699. They reunited our lost coven with our family that has already been living in London. Inheriting our current home from Jamie Lazaron a white caster and an unnamed warlock from an Irish coven. When Jamie died during a demonic attack on the home. Jamie left the home to the next of kin. Meaning anyone capable of living in the home without being discharged by magic. My grandparents would live here for years before my mum would come looking for my father. Her parents were aware of her disappearance, thus creating a stir throughout the magical community. Going into hiding, my mum left to the human world in hopes to find my father again. While traveling to London, my mum would come across my father while he was out with friends along the Thames River. The two picked up where they left off with their love. This time, my father wanted their love to be out in the open. Believing that she has ran away into the mortal world. The Vombrooms came looking for my mother. The first place they would check would be at my grandfather’s house. This home that we are in today. Furious that the Vombrooms accused them of taking their daughter. My grandparents launched a reckless war against the Vombrooms. Between magic bolts to flame throwing. This war would last for nearly two hundred and thirty one years. It ended when the Caster’s Council would intervened. The Caster’s Council had the two fight for their love. Through several tests the two would conquer each challenge without breaking a sweat. On the final test however, the challenge was to choose between family and the love of your life. After spending the night together. My parents came to the conclusion that one should never turn their back on family. Even when the most powerful love is at risk. The following morning, my mother and father approached the Caster’s Council with their decision. They offered to give up their love for the sake of their families. Believing that true love will always find its way back to each other. The Caster’s Council adjourned that the two can remain together and that the two convents could not break them apart. My father married my mother a week later. Over the course of adult years. My parents enacted on their hearts to make important decisions. Something that both had previously rejected being raised in predominately cold war minded families. My mother’s family had reasons to enrich their social connects while my father’s was to give the family name a new image. The two promised that such a thing would not happen in their conjoined family line. However, it would not come easy for them.

In the coming years my parents would go through many trials set in place by them for various reasons. Since the very first covenant, casters have had little interactions with outside covenants. With the birth of my first sister Madia Lazaron. My parent’s overprotected nature has grown considerably. She exhibited very strong powers. The power to create illusions out of thin air and then overtime she managed to manipulate them. My brother Dominick Lazaron was not gifted with such incredible power. Because of his weakened state, my brother was cursed with power over the heart. A rare ability that has since only been the possession of the cupids. My brother’s heart was weak because of a deformity at birth. The only thing keeping him alive was consisting love from us which fueled his own heart. Today he alive and well. I, the youngest of the children. Have always been somewhat of a wild child at first. Constantly getting into trouble whenever I saw fit. I could barely speak when I cast my first spell. My parents although very furious at me more often than none. Considered me a prodigy when using magic. What I lack in discipline I mastered in the arts of sorcery. I exhibited the powers to first slow down time and then later to slow it down to appear as if objects would freeze in their places almost entirely. It was a gift that has been absent for nearly three hundred years. When the entire family would gather. Peace was never an option. Both families argued. Magic flew dangerously across the air and of course darkness loomed over our family because of ill-fated intentions by both sides. But neither my mum nor father would allow either to influence my siblings and I. Growing up everything from witch trials to killing of demons on Earth. Has concluded that many magical beings to go in hiding. Which cause quite the stir within most covenants. Such a stir that many covenants went into hiding while my family used a different approach. My parents took drastic and strategic measures to keep our family safe and our abilities hidden. First they enrolled us into the social environments of our day. Because of our longevity, we had to constantly change schools until the day when we would no longer need to attend school at all. With the world changing around us. My parents bound our powers to only be revived when we were at the age where we could control them. My siblings received their powers after their twentieth birthdays while I however received mine much earlier. My powers rebounded when I was the ripe age of only sixteen. The age when boys and other schoolgirl ideas came into my head. During the time when slavery was still high in use. My family although discouraged the idea of slavery. Needed to desperately fit into the social climate of the early 1800s. So we adopted a slave family and allowed them to live on our land. However, instead of putting them to work. They would be disguised as our workers in our yards. Although, the family lived with us as our very own relatives. I grew attached to the family’s eldest son named Demetri. He was tall, thin, and had this wild native hair. His looks caught the attention of many although his status as a slave was against him. His social outlook was that one day he would not be a slave and that he would be able to move to the new world. Growing closer to him I wanted the best for him. We hung out several times over the next few years. Becoming closer as best friends. One day we stood together against a rally for his family to be sent to another house because they were never seen working. Instead many begun to expect that we were not putting them to use. My father cast a spell onto the neighborhoods to see shadow selves of Demetri’s family to appear as if they were doing labor. A fact showing that my father would go to the extreme to protect his family. A sentiment that me and my family shared. Demetri’s family returned the favor by becoming our in house caretakers. Doing everything for drawing baths for us to cooking and cleaning. One night while sitting outside near our family’s lake behind our house. Your father Demetri and I were talking under the stars. That night we found out just how much we have grown to love each other. We kiss for the first time and our hearts were connecting. Over the next few months at any time your father would be sad so would I. if he was in pain then so would I be. Later in life would I find out that for magical beings. Falling in love with your true love causes the individual or individuals would be able to sense and feel each other’s emotional states. Time was approaching for the New Year to come to pass and it was when your father asked me to marry him. Something that was unheard of for a woman of my background to marry a mortal. Nevertheless, the fact that he was still considered a slave. If my father heard about this. Then our love would come to an end. So to prevent this. Your father and I left for a cottage in the middle of the night of his proposal. During this time in my life I was nearly a hundred years old. Considered to be a caster’s standard of a human thirty. My brunette hair stretched down to her waist, I always wore dresses, and dressed like a proper gale. I have always presented myself in a manner that many women hoped for their daughters to act like. I had an image to uphold even if it was for my family more than for me. My father Kadamba by this time has gain trust of the people. Both in the magical world and in the human one. He stood as a powerful political figure throughout the magical community and wealthy businessman on Earth collecting priceless treasures. Treasures that he accumulated over the course of his one thousand year lifespan. My mum has stood by his side since their own trials of love has passed. Something that I would hope that over time they would appreciate for me and Demetri. But soon I would learn something was at play with my family. But before I could get to that I must tell you what happened to your father and me. Word got out that I have ran away with the family’s slave and now everyone was looking for us. However, things was not in your father’s favor. As many believed that he abducted me. Something I knew I had to clear up with everyone and reveal the truth about us. But not before I could do what I needed to do to keep me and Demetri together for as long as I could. My mum told me that the caster cast an immortality spell. A spell she learned from a hooded figure. The figure told her that mortals would die quicker than casters. The caster cast the spell onto her lover and the demon told her of his true identity. At that point he revealed his plans on taking down her covenant and collecting items for his masters. The masters mentioned to be the hooded figures that helped the caster. The demon killed the caster and nearly her entire covenant. Although, the demon was later vanquished by neighboring covenant of casters. The covenant of casters known as the Slovenian Casters were cursed by neighboring covenants as a punishment for casting such a spell. The Slovenian Casters would then die at early ages before they could get to the perceive age of the young caster. Each caster for the oncoming future. Ghost would then guide future casters of numerous covenants from impending doom in hopes that the spell would be lifted. The spell was placed in our family’s book as a last minute safety measure. With a warning message.

With me I brought the family’s spell book. I turned to the immortality spell and that night revealed myself as a caster to your father. He figured it out nearly a year ago but mentioned that he concealed his thought for the family’s safety. I lowered the lights with magic. Lit up the fireplace and shielded the house with a dark fog. As I started to recite the words from the book in Latin. Spirits from various caster who lost their lives in the past because of the spell. Appeared before me. Only I could see them. They uttered words and looked franticly onto others as they spoke. Because of was not a psychic. I could not hear their pleas. But I could figure it out. They did not want me to cast this spell. But I could not resist doing so. I had to have your father forever. So we kissed each other at the end of the spell and just like that we both became immortal. A hooded figure man came from the back of the spirits and mentioned to me that I was not the one he was looking for. He appeared angry and then he looked at your father. With disgust in his eyes he disappeared along with the spirits. My spell lifted and my father came through the house like a roaring thunder. My mum was told to stay behind at home while my father brought his men. Furious, he used his abilities to magically trap me on the floor. While Demetri was crushed from the inside out. My father has never killed anything other than demons in his day. However, he valued our family so much that he would do anything to protect us. Believing that Demetri betrayed him. He took Demetri with him and the two left with the swirling of men around them. When my father’s spell broke loose. I ran for as long as I could stand back to the house. My father held a family meeting in the backyard before inviting the entire neighborhood to visit the most horrible thing I could ever see my father do. He planned for the hanging of Demetri. As the town’s people gathered. It was almost like all of London was in our backyard. He erected a giant pillar over a well. To prove his point to me that he was serious about our family’s image. Also to show how serious he was for betrayal to Demetri and others that gathered that night. My father had Demetri lifted up on the pillar. But I felt frozen in my tracks as I walked to the backyard. I was moving slower until I could not move at all. I could not use magic and my mum walked up next to me and whispered how my father placed a magic sealant around the yard. My brother and sister waited next to my father and had their heads down. The people each smiled with few crying over what was about to happen. As my father condemned Demetri to death, his family watched from the house screaming and crying for my father to stop. Not understanding what was happening. They attempted to come outside but they were bound to the home. My father commanded for Demetri to be hung and with flickering torches and falling tears. Demetri was presumed dead. As the hour closed to an end, the crowd left and my father walked up to me.

“I know what you have done Evangeline. So you know that your boyfriend is not dead. If I see you two together again then you shall know my wrath.” My father said to me.

The spell wore off of me and Demetri’s family. We ran toward Demetri to free him from the pillar. He fell into our arms and woke up instantly. To hide his apparent death from the people of the town. Demetri and his family left with only a notice that they were sold off after Demetri’s death. My father gave me a long talking the following day as he explain the dangers of the spell I casted. But I could not hear any of his words as I figured his damage was done. Instead I thought of only Demetri and where he and his family could have gone. Afraid for their lives. I casted a spell that following afternoon to find their location. My mum assisted alongside my siblings. We found that they have made their way down to Brighton. Hiding out from being placed into another home. It was the last I saw of either of them. But not of your father. In the next one hundred years. It was now 1906 with me and your father attending the same school. With slavery now abolished, my siblings both moved to both Manchester and North London respectively. My mum and father remained in the mansion as I went out to college. For women and blacks, schools were not that welcoming during this time. But it was still accepted. Styles has changed and mentalities were growing. But I and your father patiently waited for the day to come when we could be accepted by all. We met again at school and instantly gathered our emotions and picked up where we left off again. Afraid of what happened before. We kept our love a secret from many with no one knowing that we even saw each other. Let alone had anyone to call our own. Such a beautiful romance story but it was always ill-fated. Throughout our time at college, your father wanted to protect himself and me. So he studied relentlessly about ancient places and even more ancient artifacts. I assisted with magic and off he would go days at a time. He would find various objects at a time. Some objects were nothing but duplicates of real objects and few were artifacts with magical properties. Instead of figuring out how they worked. He would instead store them inside of his family’s cabin that he has been living in for the last one hundred years. One night while dancing at his cabin. We made love for the first time and that night we confessed our love for one another after nearly one hundred years of being away from each other. I slept throughout the night. With the weekend among us, your father left again. During study hall was when I found out just how your father was getting to the places where he gathered the artifacts. He has partnered with various mysterious figures. It was not immediately clear that the figures would be working for our ancestors. Figures that appeared almost not human. Their skin was scaly and burned with markings on it. But appeared to your father as simple humans. As I tried to convince your father that these people were bad. He ignored it. Because of protection from our ancestors, these creatures were protected against all forms of magic. I could not exactly tell my father what was going on because he would not approve for us to be around each other. So I turned to my mum. She told me to stay close to Demetri as the creatures could want him to get closer to us. So I did, I went silent in the protest for him to stop. But to learn more about the creature’s objectives. I tried in the coming years to intervine as much as possible. Until the creatures fought back. They cast some sort of a spell on me. To make me see them as normal humans. Around the 1940s while making a life for ourselves. Demetri and I officially married and the two of took up your father’s passion to travel the world. So we did. We went to fabulous places throughout the world from Cairo to Paris. From Tokyo to Madrid. We had the time of our lives. I have to admit it was the time when we were the most happiest. But for you father at times it was still a job. Never forgetting his mission to find enough powerful artifacts to protect us. Never to want to be at the beckoning call of a magical being again after what my father did to him. At times I would think that he would strike vengeance against my parents. At my father for committing the act and to my mum for allowing it. He wanted as well to make up for the time he spent away from me. But those days were behind me when finding the artifacts finally started to show its real purpose. Your grandfather finally found us. He used a tracking spell and tracked us all the way down to the Himalayas. He was furious to see us together. Thinking back to the day when he thought the worse of us two. My father exploded and nearly took apart most of the mountain range with him. Known for his temper and controlling nature. My father took his temper to the next level. I knew the only person that could stand up against him was my mum. So I called on her. With raining fire, my mum came to our rescue. She pursue to stop my father. But my father was even more furious that I dragged her into the middle of this. So he split himself into several identical forms. Attacking Demetri in the process, a fight has insured. Although, my father was a very ill-tempered man. He would never go the extremity of killing Demetri. If he wanted that, Demetri would have died that day of his suppose hanging. My mum tried her best to stop my father. But when things started to look grim. Demetri took out an artifact and raised it to the sky. It repelled all magic and all magical beings were frozen in their footsteps. He took me and the two of us disappeared. When my father became one again. He took my mum out to look for us. Years has passed and in the middle of all our hiding. My father would send out an open letter stating that the longer I stay with him. The longer I would be denied as part of our family. My mum tried for many years to get my father to make amend. But he would not. The following year, now the early 1950s, my mum was attacked while shopping in a well-known district in London. The attack was staged and the demons disguised as gang members were looking for the artifacts that Demetri disappeared with. Believing that my mum knew of our location. They killed her in cold blood. My mum’s death caused my father to grow darker and more distant. He moved back to the magical community and shut off all contact with himself and the mortal world. He closed down our businesses in the mortal world and destroyed any sign that he ever existed on Earth. While my heart was broken and I wanted to be with him in his time of need. It wasn’t going to happen because as long as I had love for Demetri my father would not allow me to enter his home. With our mansion now up for grabs. I moved back in with Demetri and the two of us kept the house from being bought out by a new covenant. The house had a powerful stronghold on the magic that flowed throughout the word. It connected with many focal points of magic throughout existence and it had to remain in our family for safe keeping. The artifacts that Demetri collected were being hunted and we knew that the house would be the only way of protecting them from getting into the wrong hands. Keeping us safe was always his priority, thus Demetri gave up his look for artifacts at least until the demons hunting for him left him alone. For the next seven years we destroyed evidence of Demetri’s existence. He took up small jobs around the neighborhood and wore a demonic detector he collected from Syria on his travels. It lit up every time evil was around. Until segregation was final, he also wore a necklace which could allow him to appear as anyone at any time. An object that disappeared shortly after his death. Taking up jobs around the neighborhood include taking up jobs in weird places including a house at the end of the street. The house resembled a large castle with some medieval edges. It was believed that some children stayed in the house and wore mask. Whenever someone would ask them to identify themselves, two older figures would approach and the person asking to identify themselves would forget their thought. Something strange was brewing for sure throughout London. But it wasn’t something we could identify ourselves with. But just like you my darling Kyra. Your father had a strong curiosity for everything unexplainable. He investigated the house further. To find that the children was nowhere to be found and that the house was vacant. Seeing shadows appear at the upper level of the house. It was becoming clear that the house was not a normal house. But it was something that he would let go overtime. By the late 1950s, I gave birth to you Kyra. You brought a joy into a house that has seen to many bad things for so long. And brought your father’s attention back to his family. I and your father married the following month. Discreet and quick. We just knew we wanted to be together. Without a doubt in our minds. We did not want you to grow up without a proper family. Is what your father always requested. We lived an amazing life, you showed that you had magical powers early on. You could move things with your mind and you was blessed with the full craft of magic at your disposal. Because of the many dangerous things in our lives. Me and your father wanted to keep that world away from you as much as possible. Nevertheless, your curiosity got the best of us. Your powers grew in the coming months to years. By the age of six, your magic was strong. Whenever you got sick or cut yourself, because of your blood magic. Would cause dangerous magic to spark. Demons wanted to take you for their own progeny. Something that neither your father nor I would let happen. That year many things happened. As we fought demons at all times of the day and night. The birth of your sister Diana brought in another trouble because like you. Her magic too was very strong and unstoppable. More playful with her magic. It gave your father and I a chance to properly teach you girls how to use your magic. By the age of seven and for you Diana the age of twelve months. Your brother Kyle was born. Named after your father’s middle name and his father’s name. Kyle was thought to be mortal. Not exhibiting any magical powers. It was a moment where we felt as if we could rest for a bit. Learning to control your abilities Kyra. You took quickly to being a big sister and often played with your siblings with using various tricks you taught yourself. Something that help calm them whenever angry or crying. It allowed your father and I to concentrate on protecting you kids and the house. Also fighting constant terrors that threaten the magical line we brought into this world. It was now the early 1960s and we were not able to keep things a secret much longer. Your father wanted to move us to a more secluded location so that you three could properly live normal lives. Away from magic and away from all of the terrors in the world that was coming after you and your magic. To keep magic even more secluded. Your father furnished the basement and I added a protective sealant around it. We placed all of his magical items into that room. I swear at the time it was nearly hundreds of items he collected to ensure our protection. I hid the Book of Magic into the basement with it and locked away our family secrets and magic along with it. Even that however would not be enough for the coming day. Three demons attacked our home looking for the artifacts. Your father took one relic and used against them. But by the time I could finish locking you three away in the basement for protection. I would arrive back to see your father laying on the floor bleeding out. Trying to call the paramedics and using magic at the same time. I called for help but it was no good. While in my hands, your father died that very hour. I saw his soul for only a quick second and he disappeared. I was so furious that I cast the demons far away from the home. The next week I buried your father and concealed all signs of supernatural death. Feeling my pain, my father tried to reach out to me but I just delayed our meetings. Distancing myself from everyone including you three and for that I am deeply sorry. I would meet a pastor at our church. Having given myself to the church with no way to turn. I passed my hatred out of my heart and remarried nearly five years later. Now in your teens, you three are here and after everything we would have been through previously. We will always remained together. “

My mum told this story so passionately. After hearing it all, her past, her love, my father, my grandparents. I finally understand it all. But there were some things that still bothered me. The things that tend to repeat itself. I brought it up to my mum and she figured it out in that very conversation. The hooded figures for starters were always seen throughout our dreams, visions, and in person when things were about to happen. Mistaken as just plain creatures of darkness, my mum would come to the conclusion that they are servants of our ancestors. Having seeing them during the times when my father was looking for the artifacts. They controlled him and influenced my grandfather Kadamba to fight my father while in the Himalayas. They were seen while I was in dream world and appeared in Norgard. They came to us and fought us before we left for the magical community and also when I was at the party two years ago while still a sophomore. The make things even more startling, I notice that these hooded figures resemble the Bringers of Norgard. So to figure it all out. We had to find out who they were and how to stop them. Being that they had caused many of the darkness and deaths in our lives. We wanted to end this for good. So my mum, siblings, and I called a house meeting with my cousins who were out for the night. We gathered information in the house’s library and looked countlessly throughout the Book of Sanctuary. Kachine came across an entry that sparked interest.

Hepti Apocalypse is the name used to describe the Elitsyians version of the Apocalypse. Hepti meant “end” and so be the end of time when these creatures are seen. They represent Famine, War, Pestilence, and Death and are seen as the black horsemen riding through the underworld spreading their devilish magic. Famine brought drought, war brought destruction, pestilence brought pain and suffering, and death brought the obvious “death”. They were sealed away in Heaven long ago and are said to be released alongside Belckus at the end of Time.” He read.

“But it says here that they are four horseman. We have seen more than four.” I said.

“Actually we have only seen four. We happened to have seen many demons around them dressed equally the same. But the four are the strongest.” Responded my mum.

“So we are up against the four horseman of the Apocalypse and the Bringers of Norgard?” Says Kachina.

“The Bringers of Norgard are the children to our ancestors, the Balkurians. The first casters and first users of black magic. The Bringers of Norgard are the creators of the Apocalypse and would bring darkness onto the world. While the Hepti Apocalypse are the soldiers serving under the Bringers in their attempt to awaken the Balkurians.” Says my mum.

“Aunt Evangeline how is it possible that our ancestors have such a powerful influence on so many beings even to this day?” asks Kadeem.

“Our ancestors were powerful beings who were worshipped as deities. Their magic influenced many magical figures throughout history. Possibly every act of evil, violence, and black magic was in a way done to honor them. Hence the urgency behind locking them away and for our bloodline to keep them locked away.” Says my mum.

So at this moment we had no other choice but to prepare for another battle. This time the Apocalypse. I left to go see Karos that night. With my mum’s story I had to see if we had the powerful love that my mum had with my father. I stood at his gates when like magic. I said his name under my breath and it was like he was able to hear me. He came to the window. I saw him appear there smiling down at me. But in a flash he was at his front door. He walked up the gate and asked me in such a deep stern voice.

“What are you doing here Kyra?”.

“I am here to see you Karos. I cannot stop thinking of you. I have to know where we are heading.” I said.

Passion was feeling my heart and I could tell his was too. He grabbed me and we embraced. He kissed me and looked back to his home. He closed the gates behind him and we ran into the night. We ended up behind my home at the family’s cabin near the lake. That night we talked under the stars and danced to music. Concealing my magic I lit the fireplace. Rain started to hit the ground outside gently and as the fire brew with a crackling roar. Karos and I made love for the first time that night. We caressed each other’s body. We kissed under the pounding of our hearts and the rain. Karos slowly took my clothes off with such gentle passionate touches. As my hands glide down his smooth muscled chest. His hand cupped my breast and our bodies were melting under the heat. But as passionate as it started. Our passion turned into a burning rage. It felt like a force of intense love came over us. We went into the showers still partially dressed. He pulled off his clothing and I followed. We looked at each other through the mirror but without making eye contact at each other directly. I stepped in the shower first and he followed me. He slammed me up against the wall while the water ran hot down our smooth skin. At this moment he caressed me and he fulfilled my pleasure. His tongue was the sensual radiance to the various spots on my body. I was in shivers at the feel of it. Wet and towering down my curves. My head tilt backwards as I grabbed his head down and he continue to taste the spot that matter most. I knew it was wrong but I was condemned to continue. My body acted without a conscience and at this point all my fears of losing my love was over. In the midst of the passion, he arose and we began intercourse. My heart was pounding and so was his. Our bodies compelled each other with constant moving motions. Much to my dismay I could almost feel as if I would explode over the feeling I was receiving. Unknown to us what was happening throughout the cabin would shock us later. Lights flickered, thunder sounded in the skies, the fire turned blue, and things were levitating. When we reached our climax a small earthquake hit the cabin. The lake nearby bubbled and turned red for an instance. We found ourselves the next morning waking up next to each other smiling.

Over the summer time went by faster than anticipated. Sneaking out the house to spend time with Karos. Our love was growing ever stronger. This was the best feeling I have ever experienced. He was kind and had a gentle touch that any girl would find irresistible. The summer dance was approaching at Leicester Square and the two of us was terrified of going together because of the possible rejection of our families. But to say the least we did not mind their objection. Back at Karos’ home, he mentioned to his family that he was going to the dance with me. Much to his siblings’ disgust.

“You know what she is and you know what our motives are.” Says Koran.

Koran pointed to the door which led to the basement and Karos with his head directed down to the floor left for downstairs. In the foreground moments later sounds of screaming and torture could be heard. A frightful sound. As his siblings sat around the gathering room laughing and reading various books. A new girl name Kadie looked onward out of the window.

The coming night I was walking home from sparing sessions with Kachine in the park. I bumped into Kadie who appeared sad and distracted. She apologized and introduced herself as yet another sister to Karos. The two looked identical all the way down to their matching tattoos on her left wrist. She had long flowing hair which could have been a mixture between blue and platinum. Her eyes twinkled with the lights on the poles decorating the streets. She dressed like a girl from the early 1900s and spoke so elegantly and soft. She mentioned that she knew who I was and admired my relationship with Karos. She could feel our love with each other and knows that Karos is truly happy with me. Something I needed to hear because of his absence from the last two days. With the dance coming this Saturday I was beginning to worry about him.

“Is he okay?” I asked her.

“Yes he is okay, don’t you worry he will be at that dance this Saturday.” She responds with a slanted smile.

As she stared down the road. I noticed several figures in the darkness throughout the street. They disappeared and she turned to me. In a soft voice she edged for me to go home and to never be out on the streets alone. As she passed me I turned around to say goodbye and she was gone. Before I knew it I was standing in front of her and Karos’ home. It was darker than before like no one lived there. The streets lights around this place was always flickering and dogs were barking. Whenever someone walked nearby they received chills. I did not understand how anyone could live here. But then again people could say the same for my home at times. I walked toward my home to find Kachine magically transported to the front lawn.

“One day you have to teach me that teleportation spell.” I said smiling.

He sigh and said “okay”. The two of us laughed and walked inside.

It was the night of the dance and such a beautiful spectacular place it was. Leicester Square was always known for its renowned festivities. From the shops to the magical vibe it had especially during the holidays. Tonight was no different. Something that does not happen often. This place was decorated with high lights, loud music, and hundreds of people. Rather they were from London or visiting. It was someone of every crowd. Everyone was dressed to impressed and my family joined in the festivities with some of the plush outfits I have ever seen. The seventies were proven to be one of the best times to be in. My mum was dressed head to toe in a long white flowing gown with large diamonds around her neck. My sister was dressed with a knee length purple dress and pearls to fit. My brother with his matching suits to the rest of the guys of the family. All looked like grooms to a wedding. Then there was me and Kachina. Two of the most beautiful women in the square that night. Laced in diamonds and pearls with a lowered neckline. My dressed was a curvy piece my mum picked up for me for my birthday. My shoes sparkled in the night with the lights dancing as I moved. Kachina had a skin tight dressed with revealing cleavage. Simple style but her long flowy hair is what caught the attention of the guys that night. Her eyes sparkled in the night with her rings along her hand shinning brighter than the many diamonds and pearls that was being worn that night. Such a beautiful night. It felt really good to be doing something other than fighting. Just as I thought the night could not get any better. Across the way, I saw Karos who with his family appeared just as grand as a king. He smiled which made everything else around me disappear into the night. It was like we were gliding toward each other and were the only ones dancing that night. We danced in silence as the music faded with every step. We kissed each other and the winds touched us and blew everything else away. All eyes were on us as we embraced. Our families were mad at us and snarled at each other. The tension between the two families were hardly unnoticeable. But nonetheless it was not going to ruin this night. As our two families stared at each other across the Centre. We embraced and danced throughout the next hour as if it was our last.

The two families walked closer to each other and walked down beyond the crowd toward Catherine Street.

“We know what you are but we don’t know who you are.” Says Kachina.

“Just as you may expect we know who and what you are.” Says Kymberly.

“Who is Karos or shall I say what is he?” says Kristos.

“You will find out in due time. All you need to know is that we will keep close eyes on you all.” Says Koran.

“Bet that we will do the same.” Says Kachine.

“Oh and you mother Evangeline, Xshaun sends his regards.” Laughs Koran.

My mum looks away with disgust. A trembling face was placed on hers. It appeared that Xshaun had something to do with my mum, something that I would not find out about until later. Something that would tear my world apart.

The night consists of the usual dancing but the way it ended was something I have been waiting for. It ended with Karos asking for me to go dating. Something that I have been dying to make official for some time now. Much to our family’s hatred of the idea. We did not care. So I agreed to the idea and we have become official. That night I was laying in my bed and for some reason I could tell he was doing the same. Both looking up at the stars. I started a journal to detail all the things that has happened in my life. Good and bad things included. I wanted future generations to know the strength of not just myself but my entire family. The triumphs and the lost we suffered. I also added various dark forces we encountered. Back at Karos house, Karos felt a burning in his mouth. He went downstairs to get a glass of water. To find his siblings lounging around the kitchen. Surprise to see them there. A dark shadow appeared to him. Becoming corporal the figure took his appearance and let him know that he was the original Karos that existed before even humans. A form that once was called one of the most powerful casters that has ever lived. He stated that he is about to commit the same dangerous love that he did once ago. The same love that killed him. To prevent this from happening again. The shadow Karos warned Karos that he must distant he from Kyra or their love will kill them both. Something that his siblings cannot have so close to their plan being a reality.

“I will not hurt her. I cannot hurt her. We are connected.” Says Karos.

“You won’t have to hurt her, we want her safe and alive. That is what they want.” Says Koran.

As Koran plead to Karos to follow their ancestors’ advice. Karos ran back upstairs. As Koran was going to follow him. The shadow Karos stopped him and mentioned that their plan now is to keep the two apart from each other and to prevent the Lazarons from gaining knowledge of what is about to happen. Something that we were growing closer to discover. So the plan was in motion for the mysterious family to prevent us from discovering who they were and what their plans were. The next day we had unwelcomed and surprised guest at our door. Kachine answers the door with a surprised look on his face.

“We have an opposition for you.” Says Koran

Kachine looks at him and invites him inside with the rest of his siblings. As the group sit down in the waiting room. My mum devises a plan with Kristos and Kachina to try and figure out who the siblings were. Believing that magical energy was being released from them. It was a clear sign that something was not normal about them and my family was going to figure out their secret.

“So let’s cut straight to the case. I know what you all are. I don’t care if you don’t like us. But we must say the feeling is mutual.” Says Koran.

“That I will agree with, you all feel evil.” Says Kadeem.

“Coming from the son of a slave. I am quite pleased.” Says Koraline.

“What did you call me?” yells Kadeem.

“Calm down, all of you.” Says my mum.

“Sorry Aunt Evangeline.” Says Kadeem.

“Hahaha, aunt! That is rich. Your uncle married her and you call her aunt. How weird.” Says Koraline.

“How do you know that?” asks my mum.

“We know all about your family. Matter a fact we are closer to you than you may expect.” Says Koran.

“How is that so?” inserts Kristos.

“Your family is legendary, your past, and your presumed future. Just like ours. That is, if you know who we really are.” Says Koran with a smile.

The tension was returning to the core group. It was something I was glad I was missing. Meanwhile I was away with Karos by the Thames River. We were watching people enjoy the London Eye. As we waited in line. A dark figure waited behind us appearing as an old man. I could smell him and what a faint smell it was. It could put you to sleep. But instead I felt like I was becoming under a spell. I brushed it off not thinking anything of it. I walked downward the steps toward the line to the London Eye. Karos went inside to get our tickets to board the Ferris wheel. While he was inside, the guy from behind me waved his hand and everyone disappeared and time froze. For a second I was back in dream world and it was covered in ruin with fire reaping from the ground. Then in a flash I was back in the real world still standing in line. Karos returns with the tickets and everything goes back to normal. The man behind me disappeared. We aboard the London Eye and everything goes awry. Flashes of Nigerkarte entered my mind and the London Eye begins to move faster. Karos holds onto me and I onto him. The mystery man stands behind us. The guy releases a howl which pierces the windows of the cart we are on. Karos turns around and notices the guy.

“You, what are you doing here?” says Karos.

“You know who he is?” I ask

“Yes he is not a he, he is a creature of hell taking human form. A demon. A Screecher.” Says Karos.

As the London Eye began to spin out of control. Karos grabbed my hand tells me to close my eyes. We jump through the glass and off into the nearby Thames River. When we came up for air. I looked at Karos who while looking upward. I wondered how we just got out of the London Eye. I could not think straight. Trying to wrap my brain around what just happened and how I was going to deal with it. This was going to change everything that I knew about the guy I was falling in love with. To find out that he is magical just like myself.



“Take your hands off of me. Who the hell are you?” I asked Karos.

“Calm down, let’s go somewhere to talk.” Says Karos

Furious and confused. I walked away from Karos. I could not believe what I just saw him do and with everything that has happened in the past few months. I was not ready for more secrets. So I demanded that he told me who he was and how he was able to jump through the window of the London Eye.

“You met me before, actually not formally but you have met me several times. When you was in Norgard. The hooded figure that came to your rescue.” He says.

Pleading to me, hoping that I would forgive him for saving me in Norgard. He was holding my hand. Upset, I shrugged him off and caught the bus home. Karos still standing in the same place where I left him. Was looking back at the London Eye.

“It’s coming.” he says to himself.

Back at home I walk through to the sitting room seeing my family chatting with Karos’ siblings. I stopped and looked around the room with everyone staring back at me. All I could think is if Karos has magic then they must have magic too. I raced upstairs with my mum in tow. In my room I crashed on my bed. The family’s cat and dog gathered on my bed with my mum attempting to calm me down.

“Sweetie are you okay?” she asks.

“No I’m not, there is something about Karos.” I said.

“I know.” She says

I sit up in my bed and I respond with eyes wide open. With disbelief of what I just heard my mum say.

“What do you mean you known? How long have you know?” I asked

“We just found out that his siblings were magical beings. But for some reason we cannot read them. Their magic is strong. Strong enough that they kept it a secret for as long as they have. But their magic is getting stronger but for some reason we can feel it now. We wasn’t able to before. “She says.

I turned my head to the window and saw flashes of the hooded figure protecting and fighting with me while in Norgard. I could not believe that the entire time it was the guy that I shared myself with and the very guy that I have a strong connection with. I told my mum that I needed to be alone. So she left with the dog and shut the door behind her. The cat remain and it stared at me. It was always something strange about our pets but I could not figure out what it was. It was as if they too knew everything that was happening around here. Like they would just come out of nowhere and just start talking. Just when I thought my day could not get any more weird. The unthinkable happened. The cat started speaking.

“So the secret is out. You can finally understand me.” She says.

“You mean you can talk?” I said.

“Yes I could always talk, its just usually only other animals, spirits, or very small children can here me at first. Just like the dog.” She says.

“Who or what are you?” I ask

“Not everything is suspicious young one.” She says.

“After today I have to ask these questions.” I said.

“So you found out that your boyfriend is magical. I was wondering when you would.” She says.

“Wait you knew too. How is it that everyone knew but me?” I said.

“You knew at some point, but like your previous selves. You never follow your gut when it comes to magic.” She says.

“Wait, what you mean. My past selves?” I asked.

“So many things you don’t know. But first my name is The Cat.” She says.

“You are named The Cat?” haha that’s such a simple name.” I said.

“It is more behind the name then you realize. I am the Goddess of Balance and Order and ruler over the Kingdom of Cats. A place of order. Opposite to The Dog, I use my magical powers to keep balance, order, and peace in the world. The stars once sat at my footsteps and at the end of my kingdom’s magical halls, Polltotum, lay very giants cats that gave birth to the cosmos and its many wonders. I was worshiped in ancient times. I was considered Queen of Authority and even the gods at times of unrest. Even though I would argued constantly with Dog I created the Field of War for him so that fallen warriors could prepare for the final battle. But since times past, my feline warriors and myself would be turned into simple house cats serving magical families known as Familiars for the remainder of time.”

“Why?” I asked

“By your ancestors, they were so powerful that their influence cursed my kind into hiding which is why the gods are scarce now.” She continued.

“My ancestors were really powerful.” I said.

“More than you know.” Responds the dog.

“So you once was a deity too?” I asked.

“Yes, I was The Dog as Cat told you. I was the most powerful deity in most eyes. The ancients drew pictures and made sculptures of me. Grand with the head of a dog, paws, claws like a beast, royal attire fit for a king, and gave me stories that would be worshiped for eternity.” Says the dog.

The Dog separated himself early on from other myths because he believed that his importance should stay in secret. His goal is to protect humanity and is consider high priest over all other Earthly warriors and while in the afterlife, spirits of dead warriors slain in battle go to his kingdom, Kinvalla, where they eat and celebrate their deaths for eternity. Here the Dog live in honor and peace, where he also watches over war battles and judge those slain in them. Those worthy enough go to his kingdom to rest in peace for eternity and those not worthy go to his Field of War, Copria, where they train for the Final Battle. As both the dog and cat told me stories of great warriors. They also mentioned how my ancestors were some of the first evil forces in life. Given their mass powers by The Ultimate Evil believing that evil was needed for balance of the forces of good. However, overtime the balance would leak toward darkness as my ancestors grew stronger. Too strong to be defeated completely. So they were banished to the darkest portion of Hell. The Dog and Cat mentioned how they were given special orders by the High Council to watch over and guide my family and that one day they would be able to reveal themselves to the Worthy One. Which apparently was me.

“Why me, why am I the Worthy One?” I asked.

“After everything that has happened to you, you still doubt yourself.” Says the Cat.

“You are worthy of great power, it is no coincidence that you have been given such strong abilities. Abilities that have be thrown your enemies at all counts.” Says the Dog.

“Why now? Why can I hear you after all of this time you living with my family and I?” I asked.

“Because a war is coming, a war that could decide the fate of all living things.” Says the cat.

In a stern voice I reflected on the Cat and Dog speaking in what to me sounded like code.

“Okay enough cryptic talk, what war is coming? Is it this Apocalypse I heard about?” I asked.

“Yes, The Apocaylpse is coming. We sent warning signs to you. The spirits that came to your home during Halloween was the first message. Alittle extreme we know but it was necessary to get your attention. The next wave was a group of spirits sent to your home before the elders of your family left for Norgard. That time we had to act quickly before you left to leave.” Says the Dog.

“Why not just tell us?” I asked.

“Because we are bound to guide, even what we are doing now, surely we would be punished.” Says the Cat.

“Punished for helping save the world?” I said.

“Yes, you are the savior, with the help of your family and coming allies. In order for you to understand what is happening and for you to become strong enough to face what is coming. You have to find these things out on your own or you won’t be able to stop it.” Says the Cat.

Both mentioned that the Slovainan Casters were also sent to guide us. Both mentioned that by going to Norgard, we awakened the Bringers of Norgard. Our ancestors first children. The only way for them to come back to our world, was for us to bring them here using our blood magic. Something that I accomplished without knowing. Now it looks like the beginning of the Apocalypse is among us. The cat further mentions that there is a way to stop them. But it will not be easy. Like anything is in my life.

She mentions that dark forces are banning together to push the gates of Hell wide open to unleash my ancestors. But there are five seals that protect the gates of Hell from opening. My family has been protecting the seal in Europe by building a house onto it. The very house I was born and raised in. The very house I now live in. The other four seals are protected by various other families. However, over the years, their responsibilities have grown less and less important to them. The Dog mentions that we must unite the families and fight together or the Bringers of Norgard and the Hepti Apocalypse will unleash my ancestors onto the world.

“We were brought here to protect your family, while our followers were sent to protect and guide the other families. However, not all the families are interest or aware of the impending war. We must find them and hurry because the first signs of the Apocalypse is happening.” Says the Dog.

I go to turn on the television to see a news report about natural disasters happening in every major continent. Realizing the importance of what needed to be done. I get up out of bed, change my clothing to something more appropriate.

Both The Cat and The Dog turn to leave the room. For a second I felt faint and when I opened my eyes the man from the London Eye was in front of me. It screamed which shattered the windows and glass in my room. It disappeared and I woke up off of the floor. When I ascended downstairs to tell my family of what has just happened I noticed that I was no longer in my home. Something was not right. Outside was dark and no one was to be found. Cat and the Dog were both gone and all furniture in the house was gone. All I could hear was sound of screams and the sound of soldiers marching outside the backdoor. I go to look to see what was happening and it turned out that it was an army of Sholls marching toward a pit of spiraling flames. I couldn’t be I was back in dream world. Or at least that is what is seemed. I saw the Croptes trying to impenetrate the windows. Yelling my name is ghostly voices. It was like they were trying to rescue me. But from what I wonder. Where was I? I had questions rolling in my head. Was I still inside of the Dream world or in a new place altogether? As I stood, I was standing on a platform overlooking what appeared to be spirits floating in a massive tank. Things where changing quickly. The home I once was in a few seconds ago, now no longer was around me. It appeared though I was inside of a castle. A massive structure with tortured souls hanging by chains on the walls of the dungeon. The floor was transparent with rolling lava beneath. Skulls lit with torches were hanging from the ceiling. While stepping to a large open space. I know someone was standing in front of me was a weird cloaked figure staring at me.

I yelled “where am I”

“I think you know where you are, my dear Kyra” says the figure as he smirks from the shadows.

Looking around me, I said “I’m in Nigerkarte, the land of nightmares.”

Standing up out of his massive chair “Yes you are, I see your dream friends taught you well” he says.

Whoever he was, he was surrounded by Warvue, Sholls, shadows, and dainty spirits. The place smelled of blood and fear. I could feel the strong impulses of black magic pulsing throughout the room. It was strange I could get sick with all of the evil and despair filling up the atmosphere.

Pointing at him I responded to his empty stare “Now for another question who are you” He walked toward me and stood frighten in front of me.

Yelling at me with anger and authority “Come now you stupid girl, enough questions for you already know the answers”

I stepped backwards afraid to move. He grabbed me and smelled me.

“You smell like all the women in your family before you.” He mentions

“You don’t even know who or what you are do you?” he asks

“What do you mean? I’m Kyra Lazaron and I’m a caster. Apparently the Worthy One.” I said.

“Hahaha, so arrogant and yet foolish. I see the Cat and that dog filled your head with nonsense. You are not a worthy or chosen anything. You are a foolish girl who was smart enough to defeat fate.” He said.

“What do you mean?” I wondered as I turned to ask him. When I turned around he disappeared and I returned back to my room. I ran downstairs with my family alone with the dog and the cat. It was obvious that they could hear them now too. With the story now out. Everyone had their eyes sat on me. My mum tearing up in the corner holding tightly onto my siblings. While Kachine hugs me tightly. Kachina with an unpleasant nod. I knew that this must have been all but so real.

As we gathered in the library, cat and the dog was not just previous deities but they also are able to tap into magical powers. Powers they used to collect necessary books on our ancestors. These books looked old. Older than anything I have ever seen in this home. Some of them were supernaturally locked. Others were covered in dust. While one could only show itself to the person meant to read it. As I was handed the blank book. The Cat told me to close my eyes and concentrate. The name of the book would come to me and then its real name would appear in my head. From there I should be able to open it and read what was on its pages. I followed her directions. However, when I closed my eyes I saw visions of a war, with Cat and Dog involved. When I opened my eyes I yelled the words “The Book of Kathias” a massive surge of air pushed down on us. Limiting our breathing. When the book flung open, the air returned to normal. We looked around the room with the dog mentioning that magic has entered the room at massive force. He further explains that all the clues are collecting together. In the first passage, the book mentions that Kathias was an early ancestor who could control things with his mind, see the future, stop time, control other thoughts, read thoughts, and write very powerful spells. Judging from the insert, Kristos mentions that Kathias was the Ascended Caster. A rare caster capable of numerous special abilities. A being that is child to an angel and a caster. Rare and forbidden being. Only a handful of such beings have existed. Each created the five points of the world to seal away the gates of hell and each started a line of casters to protect the points. Kathias created the Balkurian line to create the point which would be known as Europe. In the first passage everything that Kristos was mentioning was coming to pass in front of me in the book. I continued to read aloud that Kathias unknowingly knowing that his children would be evil. Cast them out into the world with no magic. Praying that they would be harmless and would not bring darkness to the young world. For the next four generations the Balkurians would go by another name altogether and would be mortal. However, Kathias’ father Xshaun the Father of Warlocks and husband to Bewithia the Goddess of Magic and Mother to Witches wanted the Balkurians to rule. Predicting that they would do just that. Xshaun tricked his sister and beloved Bewithia and collectively creating a tree of pure magic. It would be the source of all magic and from it all magic in all dimensions would flow. The tree was born and Xshaun instructed the young Balkurians to eat fruit from the tree, drink from the tree, and nurture the tree. Of which they did for the following fifty years. In further generations, the Balkurians took the land around the tree and made one of the first farms. They tended to the entire land and became quite wealthy in the process. The family lived on the farm peacefully. Forgetting their past as each generation past. Until Xshuan intervene again, he went to the young girl name Aeliana and then the story of what I read before came into existence. When the next generation of Balkurians were born. Magic was reborn into the family line. Angry of his betrayal, Bewithia banished Xshaun into a realm of perpetual darkness. For this, the Balkurians now with magic twice as powerful as her own. Stripped Bewithia of her magic and banished her to a similar fate. The family of first casters, resurrected Xshaun from his fate and for the next few thousand years, the power of the Balkurian reign over all things.

Much of Kathias story remained a mystery. With little magical beings around at the time. Kathias and the Balkurian race were some of the few. The Book of Kathias mentions that magical creatures started to form around the fifth generation of Balkurians. Some rose to great power while others remained hidden. Some worked alongside humans and others moved to other dimensions. Gods of the magical community known as the Domi Mages, children to the High Council existed before angels. Created the magical community and separated it from mankind when the Human versus Magic war happened when the human race was still only a few hundred years old. Magic was then taken out of this world with the Balkurians hoping to restore it and rule over it. When the High Council banished the Domi Mages from our world. They became the gods of the magical community and refused to return to assist in the battle against the Balkurians. To assist the magical community, the Domi Mages however created powerful relics and placed them around the realm. In the hope that the Balkurians never threatened the magical community. The Domi Mages appointed powerful soldiers with massive magical powers as guardians of all magic. The guardians went by various names. With some moving to Earth to protect magical citizens here. Some believe that in later times, the Lazarons were those such soldiers. Although, this has not be proven.

As my family listened to the stories. Kristos broke away with a voice in his ear. He left the room and went to the basement. He sat down on the floor and placed his hands on the ground in front of him. His eyes lit up and markings appeared over his body. Kadeem followed and went into the attic and did the same thing as Kristos in the basement. Kachine and Kachina excused themselves after, mentioning that they were checking up on Kadeem and Kristos. However, they too were under the same influence. The two separated and one went to the front yard while the other to the backyard. Both raised their hands to the sky in the opposite direction. My mum was fighting the influence and warned that something is trying to control her. As we both looked at each other, we knew that something was happening. We left out of the room warning Kyle and Diana to stay behind. I went to look for Kadeem and Kristos while my mum for Kachine and Kachina. Upon finding Kachina in the front yard. She looked up in the sky and saw dark brewing clouds with red lightning forming. An earthquake started from the basement with a telekinetic force throwing me up against the wall. As I attempted to enter the basement. Knocked unconscious I once again appeared in dream world. While I was knocked out, I appeared in the dungeon again. It was as if I never left.

“So I see you have returned. How did you like a taste of my power?” asks the figure.

“That was you?” I asked.

“Yes it was me. Seems familiar doesn’t it? I figure you would like to see how our power feel on us.” He says.

“What do you mean, our power?” I asked

“You still haven’t realize that you are connected to all of this. Your fate is tied to what happens next. However, before I get rid of you. You have something I want and I must get it back.” He says

“And what is that may I ask?” I asked.

“Your power, your blood, your soul.” He says.

I looked at him and looked around watching his minions perched. The look at their stance showed that they were ready to fight at any moment. Something I could not take on my own. I turned my attention to a frail old man sitting on the edge near a pit of screaming souls.

“I see you have met one of our past lives. Sent here because he wrote deadly black magic spells and spread them across the magical community.” The figure says.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Kyran, I am your past life. I lived nearly fifty years prior. But because I gave my alligence to the wrong caster. I was vanquished and sent here as punishment. My soul was reincarnated and it became you in the following generation.” He says.

“I don’t understand. How is that possible?” I asked.

“I see cat and dog have been lament on telling you everything. It is a reason why the Bringers want you and your blood. A reason why I want the same. The reason why you are the one that was able to create the Book of Sanctuary after so many millennia’s of it being two separate books. You are the reincarnated soul of Kathias.” He says

I could not believe my ears. But I cannot lie to myself any longer. Something about him and everything that I have read up about Kathias seems so familiar. My attraction to the dark side and the reason behind everyone so interested in me. Compared to my stronger family members. But how could this all be. Why is this all happening now? So many questions going back and forth in my head that made me question everything in my life up to this point.

Back in the real world, my mum goes head to head with Sholls. Arriving during the midst of my cousins being placed under control by dark forces. The Sholls show up and threaten to take me and destroy the house in order to break this point on Earth. My mum ran inside and bolted the front door. Leaving Kachina outside in the process. She tells Kyle to take me upstairs. Clarissa who no one knew was still in the house, came down from her room and my mum looking at her with confusion. Told Clarissa to help bolt up the house. Questioning leaving Kachine and Kachina outside. My mum responded that the two were under the control of dark forces and because their powers are causing what is happening outside. She figured that the dark forces will not harm them. Clarissa moves to bolt up the house and is confronted by a Sholl which was able to break in from the back. As it attacks her, Clarissa blocks the attack with a surprise shield made up of light and fire. Burning the Sholl, it gave my mum the opportunity to vanquish the Sholl. The two looked at each other. My mum told Clarissa that she will explain everything to her later. My mum moves forward with her plans to safeguard the house. Going to the basement where Kristos and the entire floor is covered in glowing tar. She bolts the basement door. Following the same path as the basement, my mum notices that darkness is trying to enter the home. So she casts a spell onto the rooms of the home that will help keep evil out. But she warns my siblings and Clarissa that it will not last for much longer as my cousins are helping the dark forces.

“Mum the dark forces are using our cousins to come into this world. They are looking for Kyra.” Says Kyle.

Kyle now able to hear the thoughts of the dark force that was entering into this world. Continues to mention that they are next but mentions that only one place in the entire house they can hide. Following my brother upstairs. My mum, Clarissa, and Diana comes up to my room where Kyle laid me down. The cat and dog mentions that because of who I am. Dark forces cannot enter this room. The room is blessed by unknown forces. When Kyle went to touch me as to wake me. Dog and Cat yelled for him to stop. But it was too late. When he touched me he fell into a deep sleep. My mum ran to him frantic. Asking what just happened. Cat mentions that I was being sucked into a dark place and that anyone that touches me while I was surrounded by dark energy could receive fatal repercussions. Dog inserted that the forces of dark are at play and they are getting stronger. If we did not complete the tasks at hand before it was too late. Then our ancestors would be awaken and things will get much worse.

Back at the dungeon, Kyran educates me on the place where we were. He explains that because over the years my blood magic has grown so much that he was able to tap into it and pull me here. Also he was able to see through my blood to see what was happening around me. Quietly influencing my decisions throughout my life on major decisions. But for some reason when I got older and learned to use my powers. He lost most of his control. That is until he found a way to get through to me again. First setting things in motion for me to get here at this point in time now. He explains how everything that if faced were all directed battles. From influencing my grandfather long ago into fighting my father. He jumped from my grandfather into my father when my grandfather hung my father that night in the backyard. Kyran mentions how he would push for my father to collect magical items needed for his resurrection later on. After my father collected many of the items throughout his life. When my grandfather met with my father again, Kyran jumped back into my grandfather which cause him to fight my father. Kyran then moved from one body to another this time into my father. My father used the magical item on my grandfather as Kyran did not know if non magical beings could control these items. Also further pushing for hope that creatures that was not good at heart could also control the items. After all of this, Kyran saw no further use for my father. So he sent a demon to kill him. Which was successful. From that moment, Kyran speaks that his plan was finally entering into the climax. He sent several hooded figures out to guide others around me to unleash my powers. In hopes that I would go evil, allowing him to take over my body. But he admitted that my will was a lot stronger than his. Always converting back to the side of good. He explains that the first party I attended with my fellow classmates. How he influenced several students that night to make fun of me. Knowing that the darkside of me would be released. He proved right, the power took over me and I caused the students that night to bow to me. Further hoping that he could control me, Cat and Dog interfered and broke their own rules. Which he inserts that they would pay graciously for their attempts to stop him. When word got out that I was growing into my powers. Kyran then set out signs of my past in front of me. He threw the power black magic out there for me to grab. Knowing my curiosity would overcome my judgment. I often thwarted Cat and Dog’s attempts at guiding me down the right path. Hiding in the dark until finally revealing themselves. Kyran says that Cat and Dog has been magically guiding me my entire life. Like they did with him and all reincarnations of Kathias since Kathias pushed for them to do so.

Kyran shows that he was eager to get me to use my power at every chance he had. He was powerful and pulled strings at all ends. Cautious not to tip my mind to knowing I was being tricked. He played on my curiosity. Walking around me he further explained his mission to me. Believing that he was now too deep for me to stop him. He says he guided me to find the library that day. Lit up signs around the room to have me follow them. When I was researching our family history. He relates that Vivica was a surprise that apparently her soul has been inside of the Book of Sanctuary shadow form for nearly five hundred years. So he let go of me when Vivica showed herself. But returned when her soul was set free. Right when I combined the Book of Magic with the Book of Sanctuary’s shadow form the Book of Light. When the Book of Sanctuary was form, his spell over me was breaking. But he was not done with me. He explains that his soul was growing stronger because of my constant influence with dark magic. When he sent his dark hooded figures into the real world. He revealed that they were shadow versions of himself. Revealing his ability of Astral Projection another rare ability among casters. He also mentions that the dark figures appeared throughout my nightmares and throughout Norgard as ways to push me into fighting and to enter Norgard to stop their perceive attack on the real world. He says that he was always the first sign of the Apocalypse and that he was appointed by the Balkurians when he was young during the 19th century to be their soldier. Throwing in more details of how he further controlled my attempts at awakening him. Kyran says once he manage to get the elders of my family into Norgard. He knew it was only a matter of time for me to follow. He said that my cousins following were surprises for him as he openly used them for his own purpose. Once arriving in Eternity, he would then release several creatures including his personal pets the Warvue, shadows, spirits, and the Sholls out to attack me and my cousins. Hoping to get us to use our blood magic. He knew that all he had to do was put us in various strategic battles and we would use our magic. He said that during our times meeting Jonun and the Groners he lost contact with me. Even with the warning from Jonun and the Groners. I still refused to turn back and to understand what was happening. He said that my stubbornness is what he liked so much about me and that he too had such personality in his life. Which is why the Balkurians liked him so much in life. When my cousins and I met the judges, he said that the Balkurians assisted him by changing the world we were supposed to go to after seeing the judges. It caused us to be separated. Which is where the true test begun. Kyran insists that once we were separated each one of my cousins were tempted to use their magical powers with their blood. This caused each one of them to be attacked by shadow versions of himself. Which he used his magic to take away their blood magic. He would then test me but I proved to be stronger than anticipated. But he would not give up. The battle against the Bringers caused him to get restless as he longed to return to the land of the living. But when the Bringers had their own plans of using me and my cousins. His plan went south. But not giving up, Kyran used it to his advantage. He killed one of the Bringers and used a shadow version of himself to pose as one of the Bringers. When I interrupted his story to ask how he manage to kill one of the Bringers. He only hinted that even immortals can be killed with our power. Which is why they are so terrified of blood magic and especially me. He returned to his story to explain that once back into real world. He used Kycenia to show how strong my power has gotten. Casting a dark spell onto Kycenia caused her to lose control over her soul. In that instant she died. Allowing Snow to be awakened. He said that it was always his goal to awaken Snow as the two worked together nearly a century prior when she showed herself while still possessing Kycenia. The two wanted to bring down the gods. A plan that has been set into motion for nearly several hundred years prior by my ancestors. Causing the world not to believe in the gods. Relinquishing the god’s power. Causing them to go almost extinct with some pushing their efforts away from human existence. When Kyran felt he no longer needed Snow, he gave some of his power to me and in this moment I was capable of defeating Snow with the help of Born’.

In some instances, Kyran states that he often adored Snow but feared she would turn on him in an effort to further her passion with Born’. Something he said he often regrets but is glad that she now longer can love the very deity he despised. After seeing how strong I have become. Kyran knew that he could use my power to channel his own. Further connecting our souls so he could become alive again. He shifted his focus on the current moments that was happening. He said that while he was able to astral project himself into the real world. He could only stay there for moments at a time. His power was expanding allowing him to create astral mirrors of the real world. In a way for him to see the real world and experience it’s events. He said he likes humans because of their hatred and war minded personalities. Explaining that not everyone haves that in his heart. He said that when he is freed, they will. He showed me a projection of how the earthquakes around the world were getting stronger. He also presented me with visions of my cousins in their dormant states. Covered in darkness he states that he was destroying their souls and using them as gates to release darkness into the world. Directing me to a chamber through a door behind his chair. I followed him where he showed me the souls of my cousins including to my shock. Kycenia and my brother. Asking how they got here. He said that when he kills someone, he haves control over their souls. When asking if that was another one of his powers. He responds that it was due to a powerful relic.

“I like how you are curious even in the darkest of times. That will be useful.” He says.

I used my powers on him but it only nudged him. He threw me to the ground using his powers. He turns around and says that he is using my power. Showing that he was fulfilling his mission to control my power and get back into the real world. He body was becoming corporal and mine was becoming transparent like a ghost. Then I thought, if we have similar powers. Then I must be able to tap into his as well. I closed my eyes and called out to my cousins and my brother. I begged for them to help me with their energy. They slowly opened their eyes. Showing glowing pupils. Covered in bright light, I received their energy and was able to repel him into his chair. I then astral projected myself to my mum to tell her where I was and that everyone was here with me. This gave my mum enough time to use her magic to bring our souls back. Something I knew my mum would be able to do. My mum in the real world prepared for the tasks and I held Kyran off. With my astral projective selves holding onto my cousins. I stood over Kyran to say that he would never succeed in coming back into the real world. As he screams. My cousins, brother, and I disappear. But not all was what it seemed. Kyran faked being worried. He stood up with his minions behind him. He started to laugh and revealed his now fully corporal body. Bright light lit up the dungeon and he disappeared.

I returned back to the real world with my brother and cousins. The darkness began to flow back into the ground and the weather outside broke up. But that did not meant that the battle was over. As my cousins called out for my name. My brother awoke and my mum, siblings, and I ran downstairs with the cat and dog. Kachine asked me if what just happened was real or a dream. I explained that it was all real and that dark forces stronger than we ever thought was coming and we have to be prepare. I turned to the cat and dog and used my magic on them. Hurting them my eyes were turning black. My mum shook me to bring me back. I apologized and turned my attention back to the cat and dog. Asking why they did not tell me I was the incarnation of Kathias the father of the Balkurians. When everyone heard what I just said. Questions flowed. By waving my hand I was able to silence the room. My family gathered with each other believing that my magic was getting darker. Cat and Dog said to themselves that he was coming. In a demonic voice I shouted that I was tired of the secrets and suspense. I started to lose control over my own body as darkness was covering my mind and heart. My hair started turning white with my eyes black. My clothing changed to a rocker mixed with gothic style garments. Tattoos covered my body and markings covered the palm of my hand. Cat and Dog urged for everyone to move away. A spell ring circled my body from head to toe. I hovered into the air and laughter was heard. The voice of Kyran was coming out of my mouth. I was no longer in control of my own body. Watching from Kyran’s dungeon back in dream world. Somehow he was able to switch our minds and integrate himself with my soul. Kycenia’s spirit now roaming in the land of the living went into my body and appeared in Kyran’s dungeon. Here she tells me that being in this place for so long. She was able to hear all of Kyran’s plans for me and for his domination over the world. Hoping to get rewarded for his actions by our ancestors. Kyran is also hoping to find the immortality spell. She says that the rule of that spell is that the person becomes immortal but that if a betrayal from a loved one is given. Then the spell will end. A clause she mentions that different tribes placed to overcome the spell’s magic. As she tells me this, she ensures me that being trapped in here is not all bad. Being that Kyran’s dungeon is located in Nigerkarte and has easy access to the dream world. Providing me with an idea that I could use this location to get to the dream world. In hopes that Onarosh and his friends could help me get back to the real world and defeat Kyran. Kycenia offered to come with me. The two of us tried to escape but not without Kyran’s minions blocking our paths. Together again, Kycenia and I would now face similar creatures of our past. Back in the real world, Kyran has manage to gain complete control over my power. He used his astral projection shadow forms to attack my family.

“Use defensive attacks. Do not harm my daughter’s body.” Shouts my mum to the room.

As everyone got ready. Kyran used my power of telekinesis to knock my family down to the ground. Allowing his shadow forms to attack them. Meanwhile, back in dream world I quickly find out that I was engulf within Nigerkarte. A place of dark emotions, smell of regret, and the presence of nightmares. Escaping Kyran’s dungeon, Kycenia follows me down a path toward the gates of Dream world. To rescue me, the Croptes grabs me and Kycenia and we fly off. Large shadows follow in attempt to pull us back into the realm. More Croptes appear and as we nearly escaped a battle. We were greeted near a sparkling lake named the Pool of Innocence by Onarosh and Vena. I run to hug Onarosh. Greeting me back with a hug of affection. The three of us march onward to the place where I said my goodbyes my first visit. Upon arrival, Ananaka replies to our appearance. Wishing that he would have met us on different circumstances. I notice that a simple glance at Kycenia and her at him. Was as if the two has a history. A gentle smile from the two were an obvious sign of past love. As much as I wanted to ask the obvious. It was not the time nor the appropriate thing to do. So I turned my focus back at the world surrounding this beloved place of dreams. Ananaka weilds his staff into the air and from its glowing aura. Came flashing lights to warn off the giant shadows lurking at the edges of the land. The skies were pitch dark and the gates perched at the far reaches of the land were breaking down.

“What is happening?” I asked Ananaka

He responds “Kyran has been released and so has the spell that bound his minions into Nigerkarte.”

Looking onward from the balcony at the top of his castle. I asked him “What spell?”

Responding with a look on his face. A look that showed there was a past event that occurred here. Something he regretted.

“Kyran is your past life. That I’m sure you are aware of now. But he wasn’t just that. Kyran was a beautiful soul. At least in the beginning. He lived in peace and harmony and nothing could break his spirit. That was until he met me.”

We looked onward as Ananaka told his story. You could almost image what happened as his words leaped through his lips.

“Kyran first came to Dreomede when he was a child. Unsure why, Kyran used his power in his sleep to take him to a place full of wonder and imagination. A curious caster much like yourself Kyra. Kyran used his curiosity to get into many things. Both good and bad. But mostly it was an adventure for him. He grew up in a stern family ordinance. It was around the time when your family was moving back into London. A time when Kyran believed that his place was not on Earth. But somewhere where he could use his power in openly. Something his parents would not allow. It was at this time when Kyran, tired of the normal life. Wanted out. So he would fall asleep and his power of Astral Projection led him here. It was here where he met the creatures, children, and gods of this world. We became very good friends and I treated him as a child of mine.”

As Ananaka told his story, Vena and Onarosh held their heads low to the ground. Tears rolled from Kycenia’s face. They each had a connection with this story in some form. I was interested to see how they knew him. So I remained silent as Ananaka told his story.

He continued as we listened to him. “Returning to our world each night and sometimes in the middle of the day. Kyran decided he wanted to travel beyond our lands. Not knowing that there were dark forces at play beyond our gates. Something I warned him of. But his curiosity got the best of him. At the edge of our lands, he met a withered boy. Long gray hair, skin that looked though it was burned, bleeding eyes, appearing though the boy was crying. However, this was no average boy. Not a boy at all. He was one of your ancestors. Who used their power of astral projection to appear at the gates of Nigerkarte. This ancestor told Kyran that he needed his help and the only way to help him was to retrieve something for him through the gates. Hesitant at first, Kyran’s good heart could not allow him to resist. So he would walk through the gates and enter the land of nightmares. Unknowingly what was beyond the gates.



“As Kyran walked through the forest of nightmares, the boy instructed that in order for Kyran to save him. He must go through the Forbidden Hollows. A land of torture and regret. A place where damned souls lived for eternity repeating their worst nightmares. Scared, Kyran was not one to show his fear. So he didn’t. Instead he continued with the boy in his arms. He carried the boy throughout the treacherous terrains. On his journey, he fought many demonic creatures including the Warvue and the Sholls. He fought Sholls guarding a bridge. The Sholls gave him riddles and poems that would unlock access to the bridge in order to get to the other side. The boy sad that he could not carry him further as he must travel alone. Kyran asked why and how could he get the medicine to the boy. The boy responded that he must come back this way to leave this place and that he would be there waiting for him. Kyran smiled and motioned onward to the path ahead. The boy smiled and sat there waiting for the young Kyran to return. Along his path, Kyran would meet many different creatures including Screechers. Precognitive creatures whose screams can shatter glass. Product of fallen casters whom died and reverted to black magic to get back at the people who done them wrong in life. Members of their family are the Harpies and the Banshee. From his learning of these creatures from a relative of his. He knew that Screechers only appear when danger is near. That their screams are only deadly to those whom are about to die and that they are messengers of impending doom. Although, the Screechers were not his enemy on this journey. Their relatives the Harpies and Banshee were. Demonic creature’s scorned by males. Any male within their path would die at their sight. Kyran fought them throughout the night. But proved to be difficult because of the amount of them appearing throughout the forest. So he went to hide. Here he met the Cave Dwellers. Evil creatures, he started to feel as though this world was a place best to have not entered. Asking himself why the medicine for sickness would be in a place of darkness and hate. He found a resting place in the deep part of the cave. Where here he would meet a sleeping Ice goddess named Snow. Instantly in loved with her. She awoke and attacked him. Attempting to figure out her frustration of him. He would get the chance to calm her to hear her story. A story he felt was wrongly applied to her. Throughout the night, the two talked. Changing their introduction, Snow told him about the place he entered and how she too are trapped here. He mentioned to her how he was not trapped but on a mission to find a medicine. Asking about his mission and what medicine. Kyran told her the story of the boy he met. Agreeing to follow him on his journey. Snow fought along his side to get to their destination. In the following morning, Kyran noticed that he was still in this world and unlike before he did not return to his own world. Split in thought, he was happy but he also was worried that he could not return. His pushed ahead with Snow. The two came across the Harpies and Banshee as leaving the cave. Snow managed to relieve Kyran long enough to escape. As he looked back at Snow fighting the creatures. He cried while running. Finally getting to the mountainside where the alleged cure was. Kyran moved backwards and saw a path leading up to the tip. Following the path, he would go deeper into the side of the mountain. Here a glowing object called the Pearl of Indomnia was lying dormant. He walked up to the pearl to find spirits were protecting it. These spirits once again gave him riddles in order to take the pearl from its resting place. Riddles about his own life and his reason for being here. Failing the first riddle. He was given a second chance. This time he responded that he was in this world because he felt drawn to it and that no matter what he would have ended up here. The spirit let him pass and the remaining spirits disappeared. As the mountain started to collapse, Kyran took the pearl and ran down to see Snow lying on the ground. He took a vine from a withered tree and wrapped the pearl around his neck. As the Harpies regroup to attack again. He closed his eyes and released a wave of powerful energy which burned the Harpies to ash. Surprised at what just happened. It was his first taste of black magic. He ran with Snow in his arms. Fighting creatures along the way, Kyran was getting stronger. Getting back to his starting point. The boy stood up. No longer withered and deform as before. He laughed and responded how foolish Kyran was. He grabbed the pearl and knocked Snow out of his hand. The boy released a power from his hands and Kyran flew to the ground. Covered in blood. Kyran’s eyes lit up and the boy caught on fire. Asking how, Kyran responded with multiple underlying voices in sync. That he was the reincarnation of Kathias and that no one could stop him. With his wombs healing themselves. Kyran was now at full power and his magic was growing stronger. He took Snow’s body and grabbed the pearl back for himself. As the boy burned to ash behind him. Kyran walked back into the land of Dreomede”

Compelled by his story I asked Ananaka what would happen to Snow and Kyran. Ananaka responded that Kyran and Snow made it to a safe haven at the farthest region of Dreomede. Here they would spend their coming nights together. The two made love for the first time causing a magical blizzard outside of their location. He states that when given the chance to save his beaten love. Kyran found a member of his family a dying girl named Kycenia. He offered her the chance to save her life which she accepted. He would then use the Pearl of Indomnia on the two of them and they would merge souls. As Snow took over Kycenia’s dying body, mind, and soul. Snow went into a sleep hidden within Kycenia’s subconscious. I turned to ask Kycenia if she knew all of this. She responded that she knew only a portion of why Snow sought her out in the first place. But did not know that Kyran was the reason behind it all. Nonetheless, the story of Kyran coincided with the journey I took throughout Norgard with my cousins. Our similar journey and creatures were in direct mirror image of Kyran’s story while in Nigerkarte. Making me believe that Kyran, controlling the events of Norgard to his advantage. Placed our entire mission on what he went through during the very moment he realized what he was capable of. Since it was a test to see how strong I was. Ananaka says that Kyran although very smart and cunning. Chose to go down the path of manipulation and attempting fate with placing others in similar roles of his life.

Ananaka took us back inside the castle to show us a small doorway. The doorway’s size was very small and appeared that we would have to crawl through it. He told us to close our eyes and with white shining light covering the wall ahead of us. We appeared on the opposite side of it. Looking around beautiful butterfly creatures fluttered throughout the room. Their wings lit up and a giant bear like wolf stood guard on a massive pillar. Asking Ananaka where we was, Onarosh responded instead. Saying we were in the room of Names. A place where all beings who have ever slept and those that have come to this world is listed. On each wall and on numerous windows were names of all sorts. Including ones I read in textbooks in school. Some names appeared to have been very old while others were modern. Vena mentioned that this place has billions of names and that overtime eventually everyone is listed here. Ananaka pulls a sparkling pillow from a cupboard and placed it on a long lying couch. Like one you would find in a psychologist’s office. He mentions that because I am one with Kyran. I could see Kyran’s past as it will lead me to stopping him in our present. I laid my head down on the pillow and got comfortable. Ananaka then told me to close my eyes and relax. Following his direction, I instantly fell into a sleep. Something I did not think possible in dream world since most were already dreaming. But nonetheless the sleep took me into another region of Dreomede. A region where few can go. A place where history is shown and where burning white light covers the skies. Stars hover where the ground should be and the only way to move about. Was to catch a ferry. I could hear Ananaka, Onarosh, Vena, and Kycenia talking to me. Letting me know that I was still able to contact them. From a distance, I saw that a ferry was on its way. So I stood at the edge of the moving pillar I appeared on. The ferry came to me and I walked aboard. Beings of all sorts sat on the ferry in silence. Few looked to me. As I turned forward a haunting figure controlled the boat. Through fog and wintery chills. The ferry moved through what could only be described as thick mud. Although looking down out of the boat. It was nothing to be seen except multicolor stars sprinkled across the floor. The ferry stopped at a massive golden star where the haunting figure turned to me. He signaled me to leave the ferry. With Ananaka’s words in my head. I obliged. I stepped onto the star watching the ferry leaving me behind. Ananaka states that the remainder of Kyran’s story could be see here. So I sat down in the center of the star. As the star released a beam of high pressured air appearing like light shooting upward. I went into a trance.

Visions of a child being born, eyes open to see his mother fighting a demon. His father wounded on the floor. A spiky hair man holds him. The man introduces himself as Oakenis. The mother fights to get her child back but the two disappear without warning. In the middle of the night she gets a letter that her child is being held in a rundown portion of the closed Docklands. From whom the letter came from remained unclear. As a determined and heartbroken mother. The woman took to the streets of the area and rampaged using dark magic to fight her enemies. The mother was the reincarnation of Kathias and her child who was dying of premature birth. Was on the cusp of death. That’s when Oakenis would meet the woman at the edge of the docks with her child in his arms. He told her that he is not her enemy but believe that her child could be saved for the sake of them all. The woman attacked him and the two landed in the nearby waters of the docks. She rose with her child in her arms. Her child was now gone. Oakenis appeared behind her and told the woman that she will save him, that he will one day free the magic of his bloodline. Oakenis named the child Kyran and stabbed the woman in the back. As the woman fell, Oakenis used his magic to rescue the baby. Oakenis used the woman’s blood and her soul to be placed inside of the child. The child was revived and the woman’s body turned to flames. The child and Oakenis disappeared and the child appeared with his weeping father back at their large estate. The father greeted his son and prayed for his wife’s return as well. He would never find out what happened to her instead assuming she was dead. As the boy grew up, he showcased incredible magic. Something the guy believed that the child received from his mother. The father, mortal, believed that magic was too dangerous for the child to obtain. So he sent a message to his ex-wife’s family in hopes they could help conceal the child’s magic. However, the family believed that the child was somewhat evil. So they turned their back on him. The father moved the child away. Only to return years later while the child was a teenager to the estate they once abandoned. The Lazaron Estate. The two lived in the house until the father died of old age. The father never knew that his son would have travelled throughout multiple worlds in his sleep. As the boy known as Kyran would stay in the estate over the times of his life. He hosted many functions in the house. Including a speakeasy during the prohibition era in the United States where he met a daring woman from London. The two fell in love briefly and traveled to London where they dated. The girl was also magical and used her magic to connect with dark forces. Something that in time would break the two apart. Little did Kyran knew at the time. He would be betrayed by her. Who wanted his family’s precious items for his own. Years prior, my grandfather left this house up for grabs for any future relative to take it over. Ever since magical families from all over the world has fought for the home and the land it sits on. The woman took the vulnerable state of Kyran. In love and blind by it, Kyran would not see that she would kill him if it meant for her to win the house for her family.

One morning, Kyran now eighteen has found out that he could control two out of the four elements. First the power of water from the well in the backyard and the other through wind. Growing at an extreme rate, the woman with Kyran who revealed her named to be Stephanie grew worry that she would not be able to successfully take over the home in time before Kyran would gain control over the Kenoxes. So she acted fast. Stephanie placed hidden crystals in each room of the home. Each time Kyran would sleep near one he would slip into the dream world. Each time he would go deeper and it would be harder to wake. Although in the beginning her plan was working as thought. She would fail in one incredible way. Kyran knew of her plan the entire time because of gaining the power Premonition. A power that has since been absent from the Lazaron family line for nearly four hundred years. To defer her attempts further. Kyran confronted her. The two would battle each other in which Stephanie would lose. He burned Stephanie’s body to ash and sent the ashes to her family with a warning to not attempt attacking him again. From that very moment, Kyran became the dark person he is today. In fear that his power would only continue to grow. Like each reincarnation of Kathias before him except three. Kyran would meet the fate the same as his recent past life. The High Council intervened by locking the house with a powerful magical spell. They forced themselves on Kyran. That evening Kyran met his fate. Betrayed by love, life, and his destiny. Kyran presented his plan to return to the land of the living.

To prevent the same thing from happening again. The High Council influenced Jonun and the Groners in an attempt to stall the birth of another Kathias avatar. That is until Kathias’ soul was born again as me.

I woke up and the ferryman returned to me. I stepped onto the ferry and he took me back to the gates. As I stepped onto the dock. The ferryman, without words, looked as though I would return to greet him soon. I turned to the platform and I disappeared back to dream world. But no one was around. Sounds of war was happening outside of the window. Broken glass and ground of fire could be seen for miles along the main market place in Dreomede. As I stood on the balcony of Ananaka’s castle. I noticed that Ananaka was flying on the massive creature that was recently in the room. The creature let out rain of fire from its wings and could spit acid from its tongue. It was a moment of war and it could be seen that the gates of Nigerkarte was opened wide. Tonik had returned, riding on a Warvue throughout the Valley of Sand. With him were giant shadows and hundreds of foul creatures. The skies of Dreomede were darker as millions of dreamers laid sleeping in the middle of all it. I ran downstairs to be greeted by Kycenia and several Croptes who told me that I must return to the land of life in order for me to stop Kyran. Refusing to leave, Kycenia stated that I was the only one capable of defeating Kyran and bringing an end to all of this. Asking how I could return, one of the Croptes grabbed me by the hand and Kycenia in the other. We whisked away to the other side of the marketplace. Here we met the Bana Woman and her sisters. Following them into a hut. The Croptes stood guard on the outside.

“We hoped to have seen you again on friendlier circumstances child.” Says the Bana Woman.

“There are dark forces leaking into Dreomede. The darkness that was held at bay by Kyran’s imprisonment has been let loose because of his escape.” Says Arikura.

“What we do now is to get you back to your world. This will give you a fighting chance in stopping Kyran and bringing order back to the world.” Says Touchi.

“What do you mean order?” I said.

“Kyran has incredible power, his power along with yours cannot coexist in the same timeline. One of you will not outlast the other. Therefore you have to make sure that you are the surviving one.” Says The Bana Woman.

“I have a feeling Kyran knows this.” I said.

“You best believe that he do, it is the reason why he did what he did to lure you here and to test how strong your power was before attempting to face you head on.” Says The Bana Woman.

“You see collectively, The Bana Woman, Arikura, and I are the deciders of dreams. We also predict the past, present, and the future. We had a feeling that the dreams of Kyran would play out in due time. It is the reason why you played such an important part in a bigger plan.” Says Touchi.

“So if you know that I was destined to stop him, why not tell me so I could prepare myself.” I asked.

“Because like Kyran, we wanted to see what you were capable of. Knowing your strengths. We also know of your weaknesses. Using both to your advantage. We led you with the knowledge of our world and with the goal to succeed if you was to face Kyran.” Says The Bana Woman.

Taking my hand, Arikura responds. “You are special, without you, no one would be able to stop Kyran. So let’s get started.”

The sisters laid out a plan allowing me to get back to my world. Taking into account that the forces that Kyran has let loose now inhabits dream world. It would be difficult for me escape. So the sisters instead needed help from my world. The only way to communicate with individuals over there was through a psychic. My brother to be exact. His power to enter minds has since grown very powerful. Strong enough to one day rival my grandfather’s own similar ability. So I close my eyes and thought of my brother. While he was recovering in the real world from being drawn here. His eyes turn white and he goes into a trance. His mind connects with mine on a deserted plane. I tell him about the Pearl of Indomnia and how its power has me stuck here in dream world. The only way for me to return was for him and the rest of our family to remove it from Kyran’s belonging. He insists that Kyran has us all surrounded by dark creatures and that our family are fighting for their lives. He also mentions that dark things are happening again as they did before I left. To ensure him that things were going to get better. I gave my brother a hug and told him to just hang on and believe that things will get better. His reinsurance gave him the confidence to proceed with the plan. Returning back to his waking state. He used his power to communicate with the others and with an understanding. The group gave themselves the leverage to pull the tide of the battle closer to their favor. Moving ever closer to the second sign of the Apocalypse, Kyran unleashes giant shadows from dream world onto the land of the living. The shadows run throughout the house and then releases onto the world. Tearing down trees and light post along the streets. The neighbors terrified at everything that was happening lately. Began to suspect that my home was the culprit being that many things have been suspected from here for years. News reports started to come in about strange occurrences around the world. The same events that was being witnessed inside of Dreomede. Believing that Kyran has not only unleashed creatures here, but also manage to find a way to break a veil in other places. Kyran laughs and tells the room that he has been planning this for nearly a century and has found ways to rip holes through dimensions. Sighting how he was able to control events that has happened here in the last century. My mum, brother, and sister strike down the several creatures aiming for Kyran and the Pearl of Indomnia. But are easily overcome by his dark energy. Kyran flashes in red light and disappears into the night. While the outside look like a war zone. Things being seen on the television was no different. As my family regrouped and push the creatures out of our home. Their eyes quickly turned to the television in the main room. Words of earthquakes and crazy weather was found in all major places around the world. With various creatures awakening that was once believed to be myths. One reported announces that the ground has opened up. What appears to be demons depicted in biblical textbooks, fly upward releasing flames onto a nearby town.

Kyran was steadfast on bringing the Apocalypse to the world. His next goal was to release the Hepti Apocalypse onto the world in corporal forms. He knew the only way he could do so was to break the seal of one of the points of hell. My home. Coming back to the house. Kyran stops by Karos’ home. Answering the door, Karos is blown backwards into the front foyer. His siblings step forward to release their power onto Kyran. Revealing that Kyran has since mastered his powers again. Stepping backwards to help their brother up. The siblings ban together to fight Kyran. To only find out that Kyran has company. His minions our now behind him and tracking through the house. Giant shadows crush pieces of the home to dust. While the Warvue watch guard at each exit of the house. Holding his own against the siblings. Karos could not think of anything other than fighting my body. Trying his best to fight Kyran but without hurting my body. He cast an immobilization spell on Kyran. Only temporary, he states to his siblings not to hurt me. Eager to attack me while Kyran was immobilized, Kymberly steps down when Karos mentions that she owes him an unmentioned favor. The siblings go throughout the house to vanquish Kyran’s minions in hopes to weaken his army. Meanwhile, Karos sends a mental letter to my brother Kyle. In hopes that he could shroud what he really is from my brother. As my brother tells my family that Kyran is at Karos’ home. My family head over to Karos’ home. Greeted by Warvue on the front lawn. My mum mentions to Kyle that along with my cousins and himself. They must get the Pearl of Indomnia from Kyran while they still have the chance. On their way into the home, my brother sees Kyran slowly breaking free from the spell place on him. As Kachine uses his power to grab the pearl. Kyran breaks free from the spell and he throws everyone in the room against the wall. Kachine in the process knocks the pearl under a nearby chair in the corner of the room. As Kyran questions where the pearl is. No one answers. So he begins to torture them. As my mum and sister enters the house. They are forced to kneel to the ground at Kyran’s power.

Meanwhile back in Dreomede, The Bana Woman, Touchi, and Arikura each practices a spell to send me back. After getting word that the pearl is no longer in Kyran’s possession. We plan for my arrival back into the real world. Placing hot stones around my body, I kneel to the ground. Touchi sings an enchantment that places me into a deep sleep. When I awake I am now floating above Kyran. As I lashes toward him. I grab his spirit out of my body. Fighting each other in the process. Kyran’s magic is let up and my family is freed. Karos comes back into the foyer. He sees the pearl under the chair and takes it. As my family watch, I fight for control over my body and in the middle of the fight. Karos’ siblings insists that they destroy us two to get rid of the threat forever. My family protects my floating body from Karos’ family. As the two are at a standoff. A rush of white light enters my body and Kyran is thrown out. As he lies on the ground burned and bruised. He laughs as his body is also corporal. Meaning he has gathered enough energy and power to sustain remaining in this world. One of his shadows take him off into the dawn.

My mum take me by the hand in my weakened state and as my family guard me. We leave Karos’ home. As he watches from the back of his siblings. I turn to see him before exiting the front door. Back at my home, the front door was open. Kachine, Kadeem, and Kachina each go to see if someone has entered our home. I return home to see the place torn to shreds. Laying down on the couch in the front room. My mum silently tells me that the Apocalypse is here and that she was afraid that we may not make it out of this alive. A vision I too had shared from everything that has happened.

Back in Dreomede, the sisters are greeted by Tonik and his soldiers as they fight off the Croptes.

“Where is the girl hags?” says Tonik.

“So I see your back. How are you darling?” says The Bana Woman

“Don’t play with me hag, where is the girl?” says Tonik.

“She isn’t here. You will lose this fight Tonik. We will make sure of this.” Insists Arikura.

“We will see about that. They are coming and they are stronger than before.” He says.

“Who are they?” says Arikura as Tonik leaves.

“Well sisters, lets fight!” says The Bana Woman.

As the sisters look at each other. They head out to join in the fight against the creatures of Nigerkarte.

Back in my world, a new day has started. But events from last night has been getting worse around the world. Things around here has since calm down because of the absence of Kyran. The new discussion was set around the now alive Kyran. The fact that he now has more than enough power to free our ancestors. The family plans ways to visit each of the other points on Earth to protect them from Kyran’s army. Worried that the protectors would no longer be there. Each of my family members uses their knowledge of the points to find out their exact location. With one location here in London, another in Cairo, a location in Antarctica, Roanoke, Virginia, and Central america. The five points were once heavily guarded however, since the dark ages many of the protectors grew restless from their posts. So they spread out leaving the posts unprotected. The High Council weary of the gates opening. Have allied with powerful families to protect the points, the council alongside the Caster’s Council. Embarked on the most powerful magical beings in existence.

Fearing that the families may be reluctant to speak to Lazarons. We decided we needed some extra help in finding the families. In response to the events of everything that has happened here on Earth. My grandfather has already gathered the necessary fighters from our family to assist in the search prior to our call. Using locator spells Kristos found each family located exactly on or near each point. Kachine used his martial arts training to further train the new recruits to fighting against the dark forces we were going to face off against. Kachina taught the group spells that could be used for defensive attacks and offensive attacks. While Kadeem taught physical tactics just in case our magic was weak in certain locations due to magical defenses. My mum took my sister and the two used a protection spell on the house to ward evil. My grandfather Kadamba took my brother and taught him one of the most valuable technique to our mission.

“You and I have the same ability. My power was reincarnated into you my grandson.” Says Kadamba.

“I’m afraid. I don’t know how to fight against dark forces.” Says Kyle.

“You did just well earlier. I saw it all with my mind. Power like ours allow us to connect with others like ourselves. Also allowing us to be clairvoyant toward our surroundings.” Says Kadamba.

As my grandfather taught Kyle how to strengthen his abilities. I instead focused my attention on locating the Pearl of Indomnia. At Karos’ home, Karos and his siblings speak on what is about to happen next. Referring to them when speaking of unknown forces. A distracted Karos removes himself from the conversation to join his sister Kadie.

“Why must we do this?” says Karos

“Because of who we are, to go back on this now. Is sealing our fate.” Says Kadie.

“Then as long as she is safe, then I’m ok with my fate being sealed.” Says Karos

“Your love for her, is like mine for him. I am glad that we both have hearts. Unlike our siblings who does not. It makes us stronger.” Says Kadie.

“To bad, those hearts are going to get us kill.” Says Karos.

Back at the mansion, the group comes together after hours of preparation. Kadamba walks in the foyer. Using hang gestures to open a hole into the fabric of reality. To take us to our first destination. Another journey is coming and I have a feeling that this new one is going to test us more than the first. As we gear up to enter the hole created by Kadamba. My mum instructs that she, the elders, and Diana will hold down the point here. As Kadamba tells the group that he will be staying behind with the rest of the elders to protect the point. He mentions to Kyle that their shared powers will come in handy along this journey. He instructs Kristos that his vast knowledge of the magical community will play very well on our journey. My mum hugs Kyle and we grab each other’s hands and jump through the hole. As the hole closes, we appear in a swirling vortex. Spiraling up to a bright and cold surface. We land in South Georgia, Antartica. Where we would meet with a meet with a small igloo living family. Looking around the entire area was covered in ice. The brisk weather was sharp and cut us as we moved. Bundling together as we walked toward the igloo. Our large coats were covered in snow and heavy winds did not help our lowering body temperature. Appearing like ghosts from out of nowhere. The family of this point flashed in front of us with giant floating ice sickles above their heads aimed toward us. Launching attacks we had to defend ourselves. Not to hurt them, Kachine circled around them using his advance speed. Confusing them, their attacks stopped. Kachine mentions that he dealt with this tribe once before. Long ago at the turn of the 1900s. Training them to fight against ice spirits that threatened to freeze their village. Successful, Kachine had somewhat of an advantage against them. The tribe noticed him and as they tried to speak. Their native language did not allow for direct contact. So Kachine picked up snow from the ground and sprayed it in their faces.

“Unlock our languages so that they can hear our words. Unlock our words so that we can hear their words.” He chanted.

The family then ran to Kachine for helping them before. Citing that they were unaware of him because of his clothing. The family was on guard because of constant demonic activity near the point. With their point being one of the most remote. It was rare that demons would travel to this part of the world. But that something was off as the activity here has become more frequent.



The family instructed us to step inside of their igloo. The only problem was that their igloo was very small. With only a small animal or object could enter it. A similar crawl space found in Ananaka’s castle. So I was aware of this type of magic. The family entered the door and Kachine followed. We looked at each other and followed behind. Entering on the other side we see massive insides of what appears to be a hall. With the walls covered in ice and snow but the entire environment was warm and inviting. White talking dogs came to greet us and the family. Introducing themselves as the guides of the family. The dogs mention that they are servants to The Dog and were sent here to guide the family into the coming Apocaylpse.

“So wait, you mean that the Apocalypse was already foresaw.” I said.

“Yes the Apocalypse was foretold ions ago by seers, prophets, fellow casters, and oracles. Books including the Christian bible also spoke of the coming threat. But to make matters worse, no one actually believed that it would happen. So the worlds went unprepared. But the Caster’s Council took precausions just in case. By preparing the magical community with protective families to guard the points on Earth.” Says the elder of the family.

“We were told by the Caster’s Council of your arrival. Unfortunately that was before demons raided our land. Hoping to find the entrance to the point of this land.” Says the father of the family.

The father introduced himself as Bishop Demoy and his wife as Misty Demoy. The two tell their past and how they were chosen as the protectors of the point. Pouring us hot drinks. Bishop draws onto the past to discuss that his family have existed since the early 1100s. Shown to have great power over ice. The region of my family’s birth. Was a place of which we was secluded from all others. Our tribe was proud and practiced ice magic for generations. When the first threat to our land came to light. We were given power over the dead by the Caster’s Council. Believing that we could help assist in protecting the world from the dark forces predicted. Nevertheless, as much as we tried the power for some was too great. The power influenced some, causing them to take to the underworld. Practically, attempting to take over the Underworld and raid over the living. Others remained in the land of the living, joining forces with the Caster’s Council. Protecting our land and nearby others from the dark forces that leaked from Hell.

The Demoys appeared mostly as paled skinned men and women whom had symbols of ancient magic embroil onto their bodies. In the late 1900s, the last Demoy named Wilma met John Watson and the two gave birth to a daughter named Olivia Watson. Bishop’s daughters Angelica and Wilma came in from inside. Introducing themselves and stating that a major storm coming from the south. The storm was dark with raging lightning splitting the ice on the ground. The storm was moving fast. Bishop and Kristos both imagined it to be Kyran’s forces moving in on the gate of hell found in this region. Everyone moved outside with the Demoys preparing their grounds with glowing ice shards. The shards lit up and hovered in the air. The shards seemed to protect us from the storm. Giant shadows, several Warvue, and Sholls running from within the dark cloud hitting the ground. We engaged in battle. Magic was flying directly over the entire land.

Moving in on what was causing the storm, an astral projection of Kyran appears riding on a giant Warvue. As he directs his army to attack the ground beneath the igloo. He flickers in and out, showing that Kyran is still weak where ever he is. Noticing this, the Demoys use their ice magic to develop a massive blizzard over the creatures. Causing a distraction we all surround the house. With the creatures marching through the blizzard. The oncoming race to protect the point is present. Kyran jumps off of the Warvue and lands in front of Angelica. He grabs her by the neck and threatens to kill her if we did not give up access to the point.

Screams Misty “Please don’t her my daughter.”

Trying to distract him, Kristos mentions that astral forms are mental pulses that acts on the leader. So therefore cannot easily be distracted. Kyle closes his eyes to send a mental pulse to Kyran’s astral form. This causes the astral form to drop Angelica. As he falls to his knees in pain. He gets back up as quickly as he fell. He rises and releases a wave of dark energy. He throws a bolt of energy at Kyle piercing him. Falling to the ground I run to my brother’s aid. Kyran then destroys the igloo and with the help of Kyran from an unknown distance. Rips open the ice covering the gate. There it was, a massive steel gate submerged in holy water. Kyran uses his power to cause the land to level. Revealing the gate in full. As we watch what was happening. Kyran had successfully found the gate. With one final attempt to stop him, his creatures continue to come. As though they were being created in massive numbers one after the next. Holding us back, the creatures allowed Kyran to open the gate with his blood. The Demoys grew weaker and the entire area blew up. Ice and snow sparkled in the air and the ground was broken into pieces. Now submerged in icy waters, creatures of all types came out of the gate. With little energy remaining to fight. Our grandfather teleported to us. Revealing that there was nothing left to do here. He lift his hands and we all vanished. Returning back home, our heads were low as we have failed. The Demoys used their ice magic to help heal my brother while I turned my attention to my grandfather.

“Why did we leave. We could have help seal the gates back.” I said.

“Once the gates are open, they cannot be closed again unless by very powerful magic. The type of magic that has not existed for centuries.” Says Kadamba.

“What about the Caster’s Council, the High Council. Surely they cannot sit back and let this happen.” I said.

“I will try and see what they are willing to do. But with them, it is no telling. They are entrusting in us to take care of this on our own. It is the reason why they allowed our family to flourish this long.” Says Kadamba.

Not believing what I was hearing. I turned to my room. Speaking to The Dog and The Cat, they both told me that there is another way. That my father had numerous powerful weapons that he was not aware that he had. Maybe something of his collection could help close the gates. Looking at each other the cat and dog turned to me. I look to my window and thought to myself that this could not be happening. Remembering that just a few weeks ago, my biggest problem was Ace and falling for a new guy, Karos. How such problems were now in the distant.

Speaking of Karos, I gave him a call.

“How are you doing Karos?” I said.

“I am okay. It is something I must tell you.” He said.

“What is it?” I said.

“I cannot tell you over the phone. Meet me at your family’s cabin behind your house.” He said.

Hanging up the phone. His brother Kendem mocked him. Using his power, he pinned Kendem to the wall. Walking down the stairs, his brothers and sisters guarded the door.

“Get out of my way.” He says

“You are not leaving this house.” Koran said.

“What are you my parents now?” says Karos.

“No but your parents are very angry at you. They want to talk to you.” Says Kymberly.

Continuing toward the door, Karos says “They can go to hell. Oh wait they are already there.”

“I can’t let you leave.” Says his brother Kent.

Karos fought his brother and pinned him to the ground with his fist. He then repelled him up against the chandelier.

Walking out the door Karos responds to what just happened “I fought you before and won. I will do it again.”

Attacking Karos as he ran to my home, several shadows devoured the light around. Attempting to fight them, I could feel his despair. He was hurting and his magic was weakening. Running out of the cabin to help him. I found myself forced back into the cabin. It was Koran followed by his siblings Kymberly and Kendem. They stood over me. Telling me that what is to come is because of me.

“Within the darkness one light shall shine above all else. Only she shall have the power to overcome any threat. Only she will have the power to move the darkness back to Hell.” Says the voice of Vivica Lazaron.

I snapped back into reality with Karos’ siblings telling me to stay away from their brother or I would pay. With a blink of an eye, the siblings disappeared. The door was wide open and I saw a mysterious figure at the end of the walkway leading out to the street. Her hair flowed with the wind and she appeared sad. As I rose to my feet. I walked down the pathway to her. She was saying something but I could not hear her. As I came face to face with her. Her eyes shinned like the moon in the sky. Her dress was familiar and so was her appearance. She lift the veil from her shrouded face. With which she revealed herself as me. I took a step backward to see that this woman was me. But she was slightly older and had markings glowing from under her dress. Wind was flowing around her body but no wind was in the air. I was curious to find out who she was. But she covered her lips with her hand and walked down the street. She was leading me to the house of Karos. As his siblings were gone. She walked through the door. I could not step on the premises. It seemed though magic was repelling me from the area. The woman however walked to the front door and she disappeared. She reappeared on the center of the lawn. Releasing a wave of magical energy. A spell ring appeared and she walked up to me to say that it was done. Asking how she broke the field around the house. She responded in time. I would learn how to do the same. We walked into the house to find that nearly the entire house was vacated. As we looked around us it was obvious that the siblings were in a hurry. I worried that Karos left without saying goodbye. But as quickly as the thought entered in my mind. Karos says my name from behind me.

“Kyra, what are you doing here?” he says

“I came to see you. What is going on?” I asked him.

Appearing speechless, he responded “I can’t explain now. You must go before they return.”

“Who? Your siblings?” I asked him.

Staring at him with tears in my eyes. “Everyone leaves me when I get to close. Please don’t you leave too.”

“I want to stay with you. I really do. But there are things that you won’t understand just yet. I wish you could understand and understand what I did for you and what you are destined to become. But I fear that if I told you then you would be more hurt than understanding.” He says.

Trying to figure out what he was talking about. The woman pulled me to the side as his siblings barged through the door demanding Karos to follow them. They could not see me but Karos could. I was being shrouded by the woman’s magic. She mentions to me that we must leave. But not to worry, I would see Karos again. Her words came out with confidence chain to them. I was astounded by her optimism especially when neither I nor Karos showed the same. We disappeared and magically was transported back at home. Greeted by the Demoys and my family. Discussing the possibility of resurrecting a powerful totem that was left in their care. With the hope that they could reclaim the power of their point. My mum called us to the library from upstairs and mentioned that to us upon arrival. That she found something worth looking at. She turned the page of the Book of Sanctuary to an entry dedicated to the five points of magic.

Reading from the passage my mum stated “Long ago when the creators of good and evil were the only beings in existence. The forces created numerous lesser species, of which would give existence to balance, authority, and life. Of those that would facilitate such commands would consist of the Ho’zares, The Powers, The High Council, the Gods, the Ancient Spirits, and the Creatus de’ Inobulus. The Ho’zares created by the Ultimate Good during the birth of the good and evil in the new Universe. They lived high above all else watching and providing laws throughout the universe. Their many children range from the Almighties, Domaedians, High Council and one of their most well-known siblings include Belckus. Because of their all watchful nature, many beings fear them and would rather face death then to meet even one Ho'zare. All powerful they collectively can recreate or destroy all existence and even had the power to overthrow and imprison their brethren Belckus. The Powers were ancient creatures that appeared as little children clothed with white and black garments that concealed their true forms. The Peon People believed that everyone on Earth had a similar spirit. And that each creature could control some force of element found on Earth. They built a temple so far in the sky that no human could reach it, in its center lied a room of white. In the center of the room was the world projected as a viewing globe and all fate was controlled here. They took neither the side of good nor evil and stood neutral as a balanced power. Creatus de’ Inobulus were humans that were believed to exist before even the gods. The Elitsyians believed that the world once was very beautiful and went untouched until the gods came about and later created mankind. This mother race shared a vision which taught how the world would be rebuilt after the final battle. It would be the second time that the world would be reincarnated. The first time was before their current stories and the race of humans that lived in that world created the gods and their universe out of images. These humans were so powerful that they went unmatched. But one fateful day, the Elitsyians wrote that the Creatus de' Inobulus to which their name spelled out the “tribe of creators”. Disappeared into nothing and destroyed their world in hopes that their powers would not find its way into the new world. The Elitsyians later wrote in text that this race of humans ascended into the sky still watching over the world unheard and unseen. The gods were a race of beings created to watch over the world and given mass amount of power in return. But like many before them, their reign would come to an end.”

“So what happened? What was the point of the story?” I asked.

“I’m not finished Kyra. The next page inserts that when the five races disappeared from existence. Each left behind their powers in one way or another. Rather knowingly or not. Those five points of power later became the five points of all power in existence.” She says

“The five points of magic?” I asked.

“Yes. But not just magic. All known power flows from those five points. You see, every world, every life, and every known existence. Has its own variation of the five points. On Earth, those five points created a star known as the Elitsyian Star named after the race who founded the five points nearly four thousand years ago. The Kenoxes, The Kinosh, The Kodarus, The Kendruid, The Kondrian, and The Elite Star.”

“Wait, that’s six points.” I said

“Yes the sixth star was missing for nearly the entire existence of mankind. Hidden as a safety precaution until the final seal of Hell was revealed. Your ancestors dark forces sent out numerous forces to destroy it hoping that by breaking it first it would be easier to destroy the others. By doing so they succeeded.” Says Bishop Demoy.

“I don’t understand your seal was the sixth lost point?” I asked.

“Yes. Hidden in ice far away from all else.” Responds Bishop.

“The Kondrian point is the only other point that was created before life and will exist long after all else is destroyed. Also hidden on a remote location. The star represents life and death as our star represented Immortality and Power.” Says Bishop.

“Where is this star?” asks Kristos.

“It is located in Australia.” Responds Bishop.

“Maybe we should break up, we could hit more points by splitting up.” Says Kachine.

“No that is what the Bringers and Kyran wants.” Says Bishop.

“Kachine is right. By splitting up, we can cover more ground.” Says my mum.

“Where are the other points located anyways.” I said.

“The book doesn’t say. It just points to the different continents of which they are buried.” Says my mum.

“The five points were hidden for a reason. We were lucky to find the Elite Star when we did, but we still failed. We cannot make the same mistake twice.” Says Kadamba.

He insisted that we break up to find the other points faster. Keeping in contact using the techniques that he has been teaching Kyle.

“So what do the other points consist of?” I asked.

“The Kodarus is a source of magnificent power. It consists of every emotion in existence locked away within it. One of the most influential points in existence, it has been said to be the Pandora Box of which the ancient Greeks wrote about. It is located in North America”

“But I thought the box was actually a box.” I asked.

“Actually the box was carved by casters as a way to contain the escape emotions from the Kodarus. Given to the gods for safe keeping just in case that the seal was one day open. At least the emotions would not escape and inflict harm onto the world. However, in fear that the gods would one day use it to their advantage. The Caster Council sent a warrior caster named Pandora to retrieve it. She was successful but later in her life. She was tricked by a demon to open the box. She was killed the following night for the apparent betrayal. The emotions that did not affect mankind. Was sealed back into the box and the box in return was placed safely back into the Kodarus.” Says my mum.

“The Kinosh another power source contributes to all the elements on Earth. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Wind, Metal, Matter, Time, Space, and all those drawing their similar attributes from such elements are too affected by this point. It is located in Africa.” Says Kadamba.

“This point was guarded heavily by spirits of all kinds and was considered as the Garden of Eden by the Christians long ago. Said to have disappeared after the son and daughter of Kathias named Adam and Eve. The first casters. Ate forbidden fruit, thus bringing betrayal and darkness onto the world. Exiled for their betrayal, Kathias along with the help of the High Council hid the garden somewhere on Earth. Only magical beings can see the garden although the garden secret remain as such for the entirety of human existence.” Says my mum.

“So you mean to tell me that every known legend or mythology on Earth are somehow connected to these points? To our family?” I said.

“Yes, the points have been influential power points since all creation started. It is the reason behind their importance and why their power was chosen to keep the gates of Hell shut for eternity.”

“Okay where are the other points.” I said.

“Yes, The Kendruid is a power source to all light and darkness on this plane. All those containing this power in any form. Draw their power from this place. Unlike the other points, this particular point is protected by multiple families instead of just one. Because of its importance to the final battle. This will be the place where the final battle will be fought. This is the place where the Earth will end.” Says Kadamba.

He continues with the Kondrian, the only point other than the sixth point. That was created before life existed on Earth. It will survive the end of the world and suck in this solar system as a radiating star. All existence and a new world would be brought forth from this point. It is located in Australia. As I walked away from the rest of the family trying to take in everything that I have just heard. I remember the story about the point of which this family has guarded ever since the time of Vivica Lazaron. The Kenoxes the source of power behind all mental base powers including my telepathic abilities. It represents Nature and it can also bend time and manipulate matter. With close connection with the Kinosh, this point is the youngest and was a homing ground for all sorts of magical beings over time. Including a gathering place before my family took over this point during the mid-1600s. Orders were given, as we each prepared our goodbyes to one another. Teams were formed. Kachine took several of our cousins and family members to North America. While Kachina did the same and left for Australia. Kristos took his group to Central america while Kadeem left for Antartica in hopes to find a way to close the seal that was opened there. I stayed behind in hopes that Karos would return. In the process to protect the Kenoxes from Kyran.

As the groups head out for another epic battle. My grandfather, Kadamba, gave us each magical items to detect the other points and evil. The items were from my father’s collection. As each group teleported to their respective destinations. Something was watching us from a close destination. The figure grin and burst into crows and flew away. The house shook. Windows blew into pieces and the fire roared in the fireplace. As the house shook with fear of dark forces lurking. Shadows creped in and pinned me to the floor. Black smog erupted from the ceiling and hovered over me with Kyran’s face in it. Stating that I was going to lose he reached through my chest to rip out my heart. But a radiant light propelled him out of the house. The light appeared as me and then it turned into Vivica Lazaron. She helped me up off the ground and turned into corporal form. She led me to the basement and magically dangled charms around the walls to ward off evil. Asking her what she was doing here and it was that she was corporal. She mentioned that magic is a powerful thing and once you master it. You would have complete control over it. She summoned the Book of Sanctuary from the library upstairs. Turned the pages to the back of the book. To a page that was unfamiliar with me. When asked how come I never saw the page before. Vivica responded that the book adds new pages every second. Whenever new things are unearth and whenever the holder needs knowledge. Hence it’s ever growing size. It was an unmasking spell. The woman that looked like me walked down the stairs and Vivica’s cheery face turned into a scorned one. She used her magic to throw the woman back upstairs and told me to stay down in the basement. I refused and followed her. She was confronting the woman, yelling at her for coming here. The woman crying and pleading that she could not let Vivica come alone. Hearing all of it. I asked what was going on and Vivica turned and mentioned that the woman was her daughter. Laza Lazaron. When I asked a pondering question of her appearance. Vivica looked down to the ground with her hands over her face as she leaned on the counter in the kitchen. Laza shouted that she cannot hold her identity a secret anymore. That she was the reincarnation of Kathias. Also my past life. I took a step backward nearly falling down the stairs. When she used her telepathic abilities to hold me up. It all was coming clear, even Kyran looks similar to me. I asked her if all of Kathias’ reincarnations was similar in appearance. Which Vivica responds yes. That we all are blood shadows of his true form. She grabbed Laza’s hand and the two marched down the basement. I followed. Vivica screamed at Laza for following her back here. That she should have remained in paradise. Away from all of this. Laza responded that she would never leave her mother’s side again. When I interrupted I demanded that they explain what they were talking about. That’s when Vivica told me. That When Laza first showed her power, she was sought out by hundreds of beings from all over creation. Her power was grand and it grew stronger than her own. Vivica explained that she continued to protect her daughter until her one day was killed by demons. Her daughter was sent away to Tantirith for safe keeping. In hopes that she would grow up around others like herself. However, curiosity is the curse of Kathias’ shadow forms. As we all bare the similar sense of adventure. Laza left Tantirith in her second year. In hopes to find her mother. But by this time, Vivica was dead and new family members took over the house. Laza was angry, so she left on her own. With family members searching for her endlessly. She would be found dead in a pool of blood on the front lawn of Karos current home. Unable to cross over to this world from the spirit plane until recently. Her death was a mystery. That is until it was discovered that she was murdered by demons sent by our ancestors. Because she failed to give over her powers to them. At the time, the ancestors did not know that our spirit would continue to be reborn. To protect magic and to ensure that the Balkurians would never rise again. However, when they did found out, Vivica mentions that their work to release the Bringers from their home in Norgard. Would be hundreds of years in the making. Hoping for the one day when someone with enough power would release them. That someone became me. With regret trembling from her words, it was apparent that death at a young age was common in my family. Vivica ended her story with the mention of a failsafe created by the elders of our family. In hopes that such a release would never happen. Unfortunately for us however, that failsafe was the warning in the Book of Sanctuary.

Vivica was sent away by a flashing red light from behind me. When I turned around I saw Kyran standing at the door. Laughing he greeted me as if we were long lost allies. Dressed in black leather from head to toe. It was apparent that he was ready for battle. A battle that was starting downstairs. Flashing lights and rays of energy leeched into the walls. Giant shadows stomped the walls of the library and rushing through the walls. The shadows took over the room. Claws from the group grabbed my lower body and I could not move. As Kyran laughed and pleaded that my life was to be taken. Light spilled into the room and the shadows dispersed. Kyran turned to see it was Laza. She used her magic to transport me to her and there it was. Three of Kathias’ reincarnations were in one room.

“With all the powers in this room, think about what we could achieve if we combined our strength.” Says Kyran.

“We will never join you, Kyran.” I said.

As we attempt to leave the room. Massive hoards of shadows stood on both end of the hallway. Kyran took this chance at attempting to unlock the secrets of the home.

“I use to live in the house shortly after your grandfather left it. I know many of its secrets. However this delicious library remained a secret from me. All the magic and knowledge here, I could take over this world and each realm around it. No one would be able to stop me.” Says Kyran.

“We will never let that happen.” I said.

“You will have no choice.” Says Kyran.

With my telekinesis I threw Kyran across the room. While Laza distracted the shadows. Kyran reformed and attacked me with various elemental attacks. The two of us engaged in a physical match. Using techniques I learned from Kachine during our summer trainings. Kyran appeared to have similar training. As the two connected with blow for blow. His strength was incredible and how he was able to use his magic was with precision. I attempted to match him however I was failing to do so. The door slammed to reveal Laza on the inside holding off the shadows with a light spell around the door. She joined in the fight. The house started to shake. Books from around the library began to glow as the three of us fought. Our magic was connected to each other and I could feel each of their emotions. The books flew off the shelves, creating a whirlwind around us. We were now floating in the air with Laza and I facing off against Kyran. Taking one of the books and pressing it into his body. The book turned to light and disappeared into him. Symbols appeared on his vest and he used massive energy to pin us to the wall. Able to use her left hand. Laza did the same with a floating book near her. A symbol also appeared on her chest and she released herself from the wall. The two engaged in a fight and raced to collect each book they could find. As the two grew much stronger than I. I had no other choice but to follow pursuit. I grabbed books and pressed them into my skin. As cuts appeared over my body. I could feel my blood pumping with black magic allowing me to be stronger. I fell to the floor and to break up the fight I pinned them both to the ground. I then opened the door and banished the shadows. My eyes were gleaming with white light. Which indicated that I was having another episode. A moment with enhanced power. I magically moved us to the foyer. With Laza and Kyran both pinned to the ground. I banished Laza’s spirit back into the spirit world while I issued a powerful blast toward Kyran. He reflected it in time. The two of us engaged again. The house was breaking down around us. I threw him into the nearby wall. He landed into the study. Here he absorbed the books lined along the nearby wall. One of the books happened to be a spell book with spells dedicated to summoning the gods.

“You are in for it now Kyra.” Says Kyran

“What are you up to?” I asked

“You will see.” He said

A summoning ring appeared around him and appeared Xshaun, the God of Magic and the ancestor to all casters. Stricken by age and withered by the woes of a banishment spell. Xshaun’s appearance was at the mercy of Kyran. Of whom revived the god to his former self.

“You remember Xshaun don’t you Kyra.” Says Kyran

“Why would you bring him here? After all that he did to our ancestors.” I said.

“I just merely helped them find their way. Show them how powerful they could be.” Says Xshaun.

“You turned them into foul creatures. Whose thirst for power got them banished and has since cursed this entire family.

“They were destined to overcome the world and the magical community. If things were to have gone my way, your power would be controllable and unstoppable.” Says Xshaun.

“Whatever.” I said as I attempt to blast him with my telekinetic powers. This did nothing to him. He stood there laughing and with a wave of his right hand. I hovered into the air in slow motion and was thrown into a desk in the room.

“Foolish little girl, your mum also had similar anger issues. She was just as foolish as you and was equally as eager to stop me.” Says Xshaun.

Trying to get up I asked him with my final words before I passed out. “You knew my mum?”

Kyran and Xshaun disappeared. Clarissa ran into the room to find me laying on the ground.

Every time I close my eyes I find myself drifting into the dream world. This time was no different. I was back but things have radically changed. Since I left, the darkness has covered this world as it is attempting to do in my world. Rifts have been created to allow access to different realms. Since my disappearance from Dreomede, the dream gods have lost most of their powers. With many of the Croptes falling from the sky like falling angels. I raced to find the dream gods at Ananaka’s castle. Onarosh and Vena were assisting the spirits of the dream world. Touchi and Arikura appear to welcome me back to dream world. With a follow up that their sister has perished in the battle. Stunned by this discovery, I turned to Vena who was healing a wounded dream spirit. She mentions that the war has increased and she and Onarosh has been tasked with protecting the riff to the human world. Having built a camp in front of the riff, the dark spirits have been kept at bay for the time being.

“the dark forces let out by Kyran, has leaked into numerous parts of the many realms.” Says Touchi.

“Kyran must be stopped before he gathers enough power to open the gates of hell and unleashes your ancestors.” Says Arikura.

“My family have split up to protect the gates on Earth.” I said.

“There are replica gates scattered across various realms. Including one gate here which lies dormant beneath these grounds. However, my castle is the protecting force over it.” Says Ananaka.

Loud explosions surround the camp and pieces of boulders slams down on the tents. Spirits flutter into the sky. With many dispersing by dark magic along the way.

“I have to go back to my world. To help bring an end to all of this.” I said to the group.

“The only way to get back is by going through the riff, the original way of getting back is impossible. Too much of Dreomede’s power drained in the attack.” Says Onarosh.

“Okay let’s do this.” I said. Moving outward, we dodged the oncoming attacks from the cloak shadow figures. Kyran’s army was growing stronger in both worlds. I could feel their dark magic rushing through the winds. Their fast moving abilities and agile fighting techniques has allow them to nearly overtaken this place. Ananaka, Touchi, Arikura, Onarosh, Vena, and I move away from the camp and help the spirits to safety. In the process, an attack is made and before I could turn to it. Onarosh jumps in front of me yelling my name. He was struck and perished before my eyes. Angry Vena and I attacked the figures with all of our strength. As we fought, Ananaka used his power to open a cut in the riff. While Touchi and Arikura assisted with the spirits. We manage to push the figures further away from the camp. Vena told me to return to my world to put an end to all of this. As I ran back toward the riff. I disappeared and I appeared back into the real world. Clarissa joined with my mum and sister were sitting at the foot of my bed. Crystals were placed statically throughout the house including inside of my room and around my bed. As I laid up in my bed, I cried into my palm. My mum and Clarissa asked what was wrong. I responded that I was tired and I hate to sleep. Because I only witness pain. Installing in them that I believe I am the reason behind all of the destruction. Their confusion was understood. I responded to state that because I am the reincarnation of Kyran and all of Kathias’ souls prior. I am responsible for everything that is happening. As I am too prone to fall under similar dark magic as Kyran. My mum ensured me that I was different and reminded me that when dark magic tempted me. I only shown that I was too powerful to let the darkness win. Like it has done with Kyran. Her words were exactly what I needed to hear to reinstall my confidence. I got up out of bed, gave her a hug, and left to take a shower.

In the middle of the shower I had memories of Onarosh risking his life for me. Along with my family members having done the same for me prior. With everyone believing that I am the chosen one to stop all of this. I am the only one of my family remaining with blood magic. Which my ancestors want very badly. I could feel someone’s touch on me. As I quickly turned around I paused for a moment and no one was there. I stepped out of the shower and walls were covered in black symbols. Dripping with blood. The blood was like acid as it burned the wall of the bathroom. Screams came out of the walls. Alerting my mum and Clarissa to the bathroom.

“We heard screams, are you okay?” asked my mum.

“Yes I am, it wasn’t me. The screams came from the walls.” I said.

As I turned to the walls, the symbols and the blood were no longer there. My mum and Clarissa looked at me for a moment as if I was going crazy. After everything that has happened I was believing I was.

Downstairs screams were heard again, the ground ripped up and Screechers appeared in a black smoke. My mum ward them off. As Clarissa took Diana upstairs. I ran downstairs to see my mum facing off against the Screechers. In the middle of the attack, Heavy winds pressured the windows with thunder roaring outside our home. Suddenly a flash of light came from the ceiling and a dark figured man floated through it. Clarissa instantly got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. She fell to her knees with agony. Diana did not know what to do as she watched on. Meanwhile back downstairs, the dark figured man descends down to the ground and stood hovering in front of us. Looking ever so passionately at my mum. The Screechers stood around the room. I descended to the kitchen where I cut myself. Using a similar removal spell that was used on Laza. The spell was something I picked up from my readings on the Book of Sanctuary. Using my blood to draw a symbol on the kitchen counter I slammed my hand down in the middle of it. This spell allowed me to banish the Screechers. Clarissa tells Diana to wait behind while she inches her way down to see what is happening.

“I see she is getting stronger. I wonder where she gets that power from.” Says Xshaun smiling at my mum.

“Leave her out of this. How the hell did you come back?” says my mum.

“We both know how my darling. It was only a matter of time when.” Says Xshaun.

I didn’t know who he was but from the look on both my mum and Clarissa’s faces I knew they did. He smiled and greeted himself as Xshaun. Instantly I remember that name from the story that I read about the Balkurians. I also remember him from the other day when Kyran brought him back. Whoever he was I could see from the look on my mum’s face that he was a dangerous guy.

“Finally I meet you Kyra, it’s a pleasure” he says bowing his head to me in a formal matter.

“Xshaun” says a frighten Clarissa as she moves backwards.

“What do you want Xshaun?” asks my mum.

“I’m here for Clarissa of course dear Evangeline” he mentions while smiling at them both.

“How do you two know each other?” I ask my mum.

“Oh she didn’t tell you, well I’m not surprise. Your mum and I were once an item when she was a teenager and I pretended to be a teenage boy attending her school. She was a beautiful girl with such a rebellious streak about her. Something I admire about you both.” He says

I took back my breath and held onto the wall. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. And just like that my mum utter;

“You and I were nothing once I found out what and who you were” she said in tears.

“We were everything until you ran off with that bastard slave Demetri” Xshaun says angrily. With his angry words the flames in the fireplace lit up and the thunder echoed across the skies. He return to his calm demeanor and started to laugh.

“I’m not here for you, but I’m here for Clarissa. So our past is just that” he floats toward Clarissa like a vampire in the night. He grabs her by the neck and apparently with fear in her voice. Clarissa asks,

“Why you want me Xshaun, what is it about me that interests you so much”?

“After all these centuries you still don’t know do you. Have these retched Lazarons concealed your identity for so long that you don’t know what you are. Why you are a Consestus my dear.”

“Stay the hell away from her” hitting him with an energy bolt my mum mutter to Xshaun.

“RUN” my mum yelled at us. We did as she ordered and ran to the basement. We closed the door behind us and could hear all the fighting upstairs.

“What is a Consestus? “ I asked Clarissa. She replied she didn’t know. I turned to the family book and turned the pages until the page of Consestus appeared.

Consestus are casters who specializes in protection magic. Descendants of the Druids, these magical beings are immune to all magic and can pass on such abilities to others that they are in line with. Although they lack various other magic as normal casters do, their protective abilities are said to be the strongest.”

I turned to Clarissa and she stared at me and asked what it all means. I replied I did not know. The fight upstairs stopped, as me and both Clarissa headed to the door. It flew off the hedges and Xshaun appeared at the head of the stairs. Worried about my mum, I had to act quickly. As he descended downward, I used my abilities to repel him back up the stairs. Clarissa and I ran out of the basement and I carried the book with me. I passed by mum who Clarissa and I help up off the floor. The three of us ran up the stairs with an angry Xshaun following behind us in pursuit.

Flying behind us laughing, Xshaun sarcastically states “You can’t escape your destiny, Clarissa my dear”.

As we ran up the stairs we entered into the same ballroom that Clarissa reunited with her parents. We closed the door behind us but it could not stop Xshuan. As I tried to repel him again. He laughed.

“Foolish girl, by helping in bringing the first Balkurian into this world. I cast a spell to allow me immunity to this family’s magic over a duration of time. Once you use your magic on me. The more you use your magic on me the less effect it has on me.”

That surely explained how my mum was beaten. But I could not give up, I tried and tried. But the more I tried the angrier it made him. I began to throw various objects at him using my power. The largest item being the grandfather piano in the corner.

“Enough” he yelled. He begin to obliterate us all until Clarissa stepped forth shielding us with her hands. As his energy bolt clashed against her protective shield. We moved around each other in circular motion until our backs were to the door.

“Give it up Clarissa and just join me. Together our powers can rule this world. It has always been your destiny. Since you was a child I tested you by slaughtering your family. I knew neither one of them had the power. But as I went for you, you protected yourself with a shield of magic that night. I left you hoping to have you grow up and enhance your power. But instead these Lazarons took you in and made you even weaker. But no use, your mine now and no one shall stop our power.”

As I listened to the story he was telling, I knew I couldn’t let him take Clarissa. I begged and pleaded to Clarissa to run but Clarissa insisted on us retaining our distance. Mentioning that her magic is the only magic that can stop him.

“But Clarissa the book said you don’t have other form of magic, you can’t vanquish him with just protection magic” I shouted to her.

With my mum also pleading with Clarissa. Clarissa turned her head to us. As Xshaun threw us to the wall in the hall. We were pinned unable to move. We could see it all from a distance.

“I may not have much magic but I can at least vanquish you.” Says Clarissa as Xshaun laughs at the thought.

With her eyes turning a shining gray color, a radiance of white light surrounded Clarissa. She touched Xshaun on the arm while still blocking his attacks with her other hand. She turned to us one last time and smiled. Her head tilted back.

“You can’t vanquish me I’m a god” a frighten Xshaun yells.

“Even gods must die” says Clarissa. Before the act could be followed out, Xshaun says that without Clarissa her protective magic cannot stop what is coming. A white light engulf the room and the two were vanquished.


Dangerous Allies

In Central America, Kristos and his group of casters embarked on one of the six points of magic. While there he has since found many casters who have noticed that supernatural forces has spiked on the continent. Using magic, Kristos and his crew collected samples from the area where he was able to find out that old legends were coming to life. Due to the works of Kyran at his attempts to weaken the continents point of power. Arriving at the burial ground of some of the world’s most mysterious magic.

“Where are we?” asks cousin Keri.

“We are in a home of very old magic. This place was once home to the Aztecs. The Aztecs were certain groups of Casters in central Mexico. Particularly, those groups who spoke the Nahuatl language and who dominated large parts of Mesoamerica from the 14th to 16th centuries. Like many casters on Earth. The Aztecs originated from a different land. A land where they brought many of their ancient ways with them. This land was known as Aztlan. A mythical place where shape shifting and magic of nature originated. When their lands started to become a place of waste. The Aztecs ripped open a portal into this world and created their home here. Their legends would later inspire and form current traditions of the Mexican people.” Says Kristos “But what I don’t understand is what happened to them and why would they leave this place.” Asks Keri.

“Some say that they didn’t leave, but just ascended. A price for some beings who have achieve grand status in life and this world can no longer support their existence. However, few remained and became us.” Says the chief of the Aztec casters.

He removed his hood and revealed markings down his face. One eye was gone and his staff was omitting mass amounts of energy.

“We fought for centuries to preserve our people’s home. But forces of all sorts. Try and try to take what is not theirs. We will not allow you to attempt the same.” He says.

“We are not here to fight nor take anything of yours. But to protect it and insure that this gate here remains closed.” Says Kristos.

“We do not need you protection. We have the gods Quetzalcoatl, Tlaloc, Tezcatlipoca, and Huitzilopochtli protecting us.” Says the chief.

“Plus we are protected by the Aztec Eagle Warriors.” Says a member of the Aztec group.

“These are all legends, how are they supposed to protect you?” says Keri.

“With everything from our world, you seriously believe that our legends are not real?” says the chief.

“I guess we will find out. Look!!” shouts Kristos.

A hoard of shadows raced to the Templo Mayor where Kristos, his group, and the Aztec group are standing. The teams embraced for attack. Then suddenly, the chief yelled out a spell in his native Nahuatl language. Which awakened the ancient Aztec Eagle Warriors which stood around the base of the temple. As Warvue, remains of soldiers that threatened the Aztecs long ago and evil nature spirits rose from their graves. The war on the point of Central America was beginning. The Aztec group used nature as their way of fighting and aimed toward the nature spirits in the process. Using spears and sticks in combination with their own magic. It was a sight that Kristos has longed wanted to see. Having a passion for history and everything magic. Kristos was in no way going to let this historic place be destroyed by what was going to rise from an opened seal. His army and he launched a combined attack against the giant shadows and Warvue. Hoping to weaken them. The dark forces got stronger.

Meanwhile, in Africa, Kachina and her group explored much of the continent through teleportation. In hopes that they would find the point before Kyran and his army. Kachina while exploring a town which led to a massive size forest. Kayan a member of Kachina’s group and often storyteller. Was embroiled in mythological studies at Tantirith when he was pulled away by Kadamba. Hoping that his expertise would help in finding the points. He began to tell the story of the supposed point of magic that they were searching for.

“When the Earth was young and untouched. Before there were humans to populate it, before the gods created man. The highest order of angels, one of the members of the High Council, Vigresta created the first magical being. Kathias. Vigrestia had several forms and usually took the form of animals. He believed that they were trusted and because humans believed that most animals protected mankind and dreams. With his many disguises he was always remembered as a funny old man with extended knowledge of the world around him. He was one of the wisest and most memorable members of the High Council. He is also referred to as Destiny. His wife at one time was Crienta. Do to their benevolent status the two contain the nature of their love. The product of their love was the god Jonun and Kathias. Jonun a shy deity created a world for his children the Groners. Jonun and his children created the destinies of all beings that entered into the land of the living including the gods. Kathias on the other hand wanted a more open life. So he ventured into the farthest regions of his father’s kingdom. It is believed that the High Council chose Earth as the home for its children because of its connection to the different dimensions that linked to our plane of existence near the Earth’s place in this universe. Whatever the reason, this world was going to be the center of various events throughout the future. Kathias was a very skilled warrior. Son of a god and angel. He was also very powerful. Although not was in the world at the time. He made it his mission to find others to test his power. Kathias was beautiful, tall, and could boast the power of the gods while also containing his status as an angel. Something that made him one of the most sought out beings in creation. His status often meant that he was either to remain from others. So to this extent he created a palace for himself. It was a massive garden. He created animals, insects, mythical beasts, and erected a large forest protecting the land. The sun always shined and from its sunrays, came the first fruit, rivers, air to breath, and the flourishing patterns of nature. To populate this place. Kathias created the first human. He named him Adam. He taught him the ways of a warrior and how to defend himself against future threats. Adam learned how to use nature to perform the first forms of magic. As Kathias told him that nature holds the power to perform magic. Adam wanted companionship so while he was asleep one day. Kathias created a woman named Eve from Adam’s ribcage. On awakening he saw a present left for him by his creator Kathias. Adam and Eve consorted for the next seven days. Which Kathias saw as a way to construct the idea of the week. He named the days of the week after the gods of his lineage. Including the four seasons after the spirits of nature that he grew fond of. Kathias had his family but peace would not last for long. One day Kathias secured the first known fruit to have sprouted in his garden. The apple. Believing that the fruit had special powers of its own. Kathias warned Adam and Eve that they could not eat the apple on the first tree. That they could eat anything else including the animals of the land. The two continued their lives as they have done before. Until one day Eve met a mysterious man who had shapeshifted into a snake prior. He whispered that his name is Belkcus and that like Kathias he is also a creator. Believing the snake to be friendly. Eve played with him while Adam slept. The two came to the First Tree containing the forewarn apples. The snake convinced Eve that the reason behind Kathias’ words toward the apple was because he feared that the apples would not grow back. However, the snake mentioned to Eve that by planting the seeds within the apples into the soil and soaking them in water that they would grow again. Something he said that Kathias knew nothing about. Hesitant at first, the snake continued his taunting. No longer able to resist the influential snake. Eve took a bite out of the apple and from this. Kathias felt the betrayal. Adam awoke in shame of his wife’s betrayal to their creator. The snake and Eve both convinced how tasteful the apples were. Adam would later give in as well to the influence. Feeling the harsh betrayal of his children. Kathias broke down in tears. Testing his children’s trust and heart. He sent heavy winds and great floods to them. The snake was washed away while all sin in the garden was banished. Adam and Eve was confronted by Kathias with eyes of fiery rage. In a calm voice he told them of their failed test. He punished the two. For Adam he cursed Adam and all of his male children the hardship of life. To work and to provide for his family. He also bore him the curse to carry disease. For Eve and all of her female children the pain of childbirth. Believing that Eve was the main reason for their betrayal. In order for their punishment to be reverse. However, Kathias provided ways for them to be forgiving. The test of worship and praise. Adam created a temple out of logs and stones in worship of Kathias. Eve, however, did no such effort. Adam and Eve consorted on the night of their punishment in hopes to bring back the love of their failed union. The next day, Eve became sick and her stomach pains consisted. Over the course of nine months. She would go through the worse moments of her existence. She gave birth to her first child, Cain, then Abel, then Awan their daughter. The two raised Cain, Abel, and Awan. The family played and built a life in the garden. One day, Kathias’ punishment would continue with the death of their youngest son Abel. Wanting to prove their loyality to Kathias in hopes to be forgiving for their parent’s betrayal. Both sons offered a sacrifice. Although, it was only Abel whose offer was accepted while Cain’s sacrifice was rejected. Cain slew Abel out of jealousy and anger. This became the first murder and the first death in the world. Adam and Eve grieved to Kathias for his help. But he did not answer. For Believing that Kathias was an awful deity. She rebelled against him. She learned how to use magic and with the help of the snake who managed to return. Brought great plagues onto the garden. Hoping that her ways would be changed. Adam pleaded to Eve to stop but she would not. For his work, Adam was giving a gift to sit in heaven watching over the world he once inhabited. Eve on the other hand would continue to be punished. Her heart grew heavier as her child one by one would perish. Her eldest son would wed her daughter. The two gave birth to a son. One night while the family slept. Their home fell onto them. Killing them instantly. For his crime in youth. Abel was sentenced to roam the world in pain and carrying grief as a spirit. While Awan and her son moved on to heaven. Eve was once again visited by the snake. He offered her the ultimate revenge. An attempt to build his army on Earth and take the world that Kathias stole from him. Eve and the snake created soldiers of fire and from the earth. Their only goal was to destroy the garden and eliminate Kathias. Going toward the highest mountain near the edge of the garden. Was a place believed to have been the home of Kathias. The army of Eve was led there. Upon arrival, Eve found Kathias meditating. He spoke with the wind. He told Eve of his love for her and Adam and how he had hoped that this world would be their own for eternity. Eve did not want to hear from him. So she deferred her attention toward her army. Pushing toward battle. Kathias took vines from the trees, water from the rivers, wind from the skies, fire from Eve’s anger, and rocks from the ground. With these items, he created the elements. Banishing Eve’s creatures to hell. Eve was left alone as the snake has abandoned her once again. “How dare you, after everything I did for you?” says Kathias. He lifted his right hand and with vines from the ground he bound Eve to the Earth. Here she remained for eternity.”

As his story came to an end. Kachina’s group arrived at the edge of the town. The thick forest that engulf the entire outer edge of the town blanketed a beautiful paradise. Out of white light, my brother Kyle welcomed Kachina as Kadamba transported him to her location.

“What are you doing here?” asks Kachina.

“Kadamba sent me here. Believing that there is something here that can pull the battle in our favor.” Says Kyle.

“Then let’s get going.” Says Kachina.

The group walked through the forest. Before nightfall, they arrived in the garden. Giant vines wrapped around them. Cutting through their skin. A loud rumbling voice raced throughout the garden.

“We are here to try and stop Kyran from destroying the world. We need your help.” Says Kayan.

“No one will ever hurt me again.” says the voice.

Out of the ground a face appeared. It was the face of Eve. She was crying and from her tears rose the rivers of the garden. Giant hands attempted to stop Kachina and her group from entering further into the garden. As they broke loose from the vines. Kachina fought through the attacks from nature. Mentally she contacted my brother Kyle and told him to tell everyone else to head for the highest mountain. Several members of the group remained behind to help fight. As the group got to the edge of the garden toward the bottom of the mountain. Eve possessed Kachina.

“This body feels amazing. So strong yet fragile. This will do.” Says Eve as she possessed Kachina.

She lift her right hand as Kathias once did to her. She took the four elements with all her might to destroy the group. From the tip of the mountain, came a roaring white light. It reflected the attack and there stood Kathias. He used his power to release Eve from Kachina’s body. In the process allowing eve to be hold again.

“Thanks for allowing me life again father. Now it is our time to fight.” Says Eve.

“You have no place any longer in this world.” Says Kathias.

“We shall see who has a place here.” Says Eve.

The two engaged in a battle which shook the lands. Kyran’s army motioned toward the garden. As Kachina and her group saw them from a glimpse, she charged her crew toward the army. Kyran’s shadow form took head of the army and angled himself in a position of great power. He was connected this time to every creature there. All in one massive beasts. They were taking no chances on securing the opening of the point here at the garden. As Kathias and Eve brawled in the background, Kachina and her group took to the grounds in a scattered motion. Kyran and his army attacked them and the battle ensured.

Now both battles in Central America with Kristos and his group along with Kachina and hers in Africa. Were neck and neck. The forces opposed each other as the world around them fell apart. Little did either side knew, was that this was Kyran’s plans all along. The negative energy from the fighting was being released. Causing a rift between the void around the points. Weakening the seals in place. In North America, Kachine and his group arrived on a desolate island located near North Carolina. The island was home to a mysterious presence. People who appeared dressed in 1500s attire. Arrived toward Kachine and his group through a thick fog. Their presence gave off a distinct mystical sensation that the entire group felt through their blood. During the raid of the island in the 1500s, the apparent Lost Colony was engulf in a battle between the forces of darkness and light. One of Kathias’ reincarnate forms was born into the colony and quickly grew to power. As the story was told by one of the men that unwelcomely told Kachine.

“The only reason why I am telling you this sir. Is to persuade you to leave.” Says the man

“We are not going to leave. Your island is home to one of the six points that are keeping hell shut.” Says Kachine.

“Maybe this will turn you away. What happen next to the reincarnate form. Was that it took the form of a boy. The boy grew literally overnight. His power grew along with his physical size. Talking in the night, he would run away into the nearby forest. With one person mentioning seeing him conversing with a hooded figure.”

As the group looked at one another. They knew the hooded figure could only mean one thing. That darkness was coming to the island. The man continued his story with his people standing behind him in an eerie silence.

“As the darkness within the boy grew. His dark side drench this home into a mass spell of darkness. In an attempt to stop him, believing he had the devil inside of him. The townspeople tried to down him to bless him in holy water. But this only angered the boy even more. He would return the fate onto the people. Flushing the town with heavy rains and blacked out the sun with his cries. He took his fist and punch the ground with it. He looked up to the skies with eyes as radiant as shinning black tar. His clothing changed to match those of the demons he just called upon. As the demons walked in order of their name. He has resurrected some of histories most storied demonic figures onto this world. They played throughout the night all the while the entire island would disappear from existence. So you see, we plummeted into darkness but that did not end the reign of demonic activity. “

As the man finished his story, the fog lifted to reveal the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Expelled in demonic activity, the man’s story came to light. The boy and his demonic army continued to taunt the people of the island even to this day. Finding out that the boy was trying to break the point on the island. Kachine and his group went into battle. As the Lost colony stepped aside, their true skeletal forms started to show with a glimpse of light.

All three battles were taking place in Africa, Central America, and North America. All the while, I had my own issues back at home. At my doorstep stood Karos and his siblings. All dressed in familiar garments similar to those of the bringers. As they stepped through my doorway. With a flick of the hand, Karos is thrown into the staircase. Screaming I asked what they were doing here and why they were fighting Karos.

Koran replied “We are tired of his betrayal. All for you. The girl we were sent here to eliminate if she did not join our cause. And apparently you are not.”

He then threw me into the wall with cat and dog both coming to aid me. My mum cast a banishment spell which repelled everyone except Koran.

“Foolish Caster, I am beyond your magic now. I will be the masters’ number one in command.” He says.

“Not today you won’t.” says cat before her and dog’s eyes lit up to reveal their true forms.

“As long as we are here, you shall not harm this Lazaron.” Says cat as she races Koran out of the home.

“Are you okay, Kyra.” Asks dog.

“Yes I am, Oh no Karos!” I said running to him.

“I am okay.” Says Karos.

“What is going on with you guys.” I asked Karos.

“I can’t keep lying to you Kyra.” Says Karos

“What is it? You can tell me.” I said to him.

“I told you that I was the one protecting you in Norgard. But I didn’t explain how I got there and who I really was. Cat, Dog, and I think your family expected it. Please don’t be mad at me Kyra for what I am about to say.” He says.

My heart was racing as I awaited his answer. For some sinking reason I knew what he was about to say.

“My siblings and I are the Bringers of Norgard.” Says Karos.

And there it was. The moment where I have felt joy for him finally telling me his secret. Anger for keeping it from me. Rage for him being the very force that is trying to kill me and my family. Of course sadness that we are destined to destroy one another. The guy that I fell in love with instantly. Just so happens to be the very force that I am forced to vanquish. Before I could think of it, I was gone and another force took over me with rampage rage. Telekinetically pinned to the wall, Karos stuttered under his suffering.

“Kyra, there is something you have to know.” He said

With the howl of multiple demonic voices. I said to him “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.”

I continued to crush his heart. Until my mum begged me to stop. When I looked around the room to see my sister Diana huddled against the lower staircase in fear of me. I floated down to the ground in front of her. I reverted back to myself and retreated from attacking Karos. Karos attempting to walk back down the stairs. With Cat and Dog interfering in his attempt to speak to me.

Holding his golden lit sword at Karos. Dog shouts with a roaring tone “Don’t move, Bringer”!!

Running up to Dog, I shouted as I stood in front of his sword. “Don’t hurt him” With my hands spread out.

“Thank You” said Karos.

I turned to him and slapped him across the face. I was still angry but I could not bring myself to really let anything happen to him.

“How could you do this to me? To us?” I asked him

“I could not tell you for your history with my family.” He said.

“Enough”! I shouted.

“Tell me what is happening and what is coming. Enough of the quizzes, the mystery, and the cryptic stuff.” I said to the room.

“Fine. You want to know. I shall tell you something that will change your world.” He said.

As we moved to the living room. Karos lit up the ceiling and the walls with scenery from his voice.

“Kathias was the son to Vigrestia one of the members of the High Council and the first magical being. He created Adam and Eve and from them spawned the woes of mankind. After his children betrayed his command. Kathias punished them with the labors of mankind. Only Adam was redeem for his further worship of Kathias. While Eve turned to the darkness that has since influenced her. Over time the first woman became the first dark caster and was the first practitioner of black magic. In the years following Eve’s defeat. The gods recreated man in their image. Thus, allowing Kathias to create more superior beings. The Balkurians. Using his blood and powerful magic. Kathias had manufactured the most powerful beings in existence. Something he would later regret. In the next few years, the Balkurians played in the rebuilt Garden of Eden. A place named after one of the angels that Kathias fell in love with prior to his work creating the Balkurians. As the two watched over the young Balkurians. One night Eden noticed that the children were practicing different magic than before. Darker magic. Speaking to the grounds and the plants. Eden discovered that the Balkurians were being influenced by Eve herself. Before she could tell Kathias. The Balkurians killed Eden while in the process taking her power and grace. On the day of death, Kathias learned of his children’s actions. Fearing of the actions of his previous heirs. Kathias did not want to take the same chance as before. So in the hours to come. He predicted his death along with centuries of war. The first prediction was made this day and it was the one that would cause the Balkurians to gain their notoriety. Kathias cast a spell in the wake of the coming battle with his children. That would allow him to be revived each generation to grow stronger. To rival his children and their descendants. That day Kathias was killed and his body was placed at the center of the Garden of Eden. The Balkurians betrayed Eve and destroyed the garden and all of its power. In the wake of the flames, the Balkurians reign would last for the next few centuries. Another prediction was made about a girl who would be the downfall of the Balkurians army and themselves. The Balkurians created the four horseman of the Apocalypse known as the Hepti Apocalypse. Which to their native language meant “The End of the End”. The Balkurians boast such amazing power. With their horseman and ever growing army of servants. They would create several foul creatures including the Warvue, the first shadows, Screechers, and the creatures of the underworld. Threatened by their power, forces of good and evil band together to defeat their army. The Balkurians retreated and their army was sent to Hell. While gathering their power again. The world went through a recovery. The Gods rose to prominence and the memories of the Balkurians slowly faded away. The Domi Mages, children to the High Council, rose to power instead. Fearing of a similar fate. The High Council stripped them of their power at birth to live as humans. These humans became the first prophets, spiritual leaders, and coven. Eventually through spiritual guidance. The Domi Mages returned to power and ascended. However, they proved to be of good nature and outgrew the High Council’s power. They vowed that the world should never go through what it has in the years past. So the mages separated the magical and human worlds. Placed a veil over the two worlds and ascended to never be heard of again. The Balkurians used this to their advantage by influencing the human world as they were the only magical beings remaining in this world. So they found several desperate souls lingering in between worlds and gave them mass amounts of power. These souls received physical forms and the power to move between worlds. This only weakened the Balkurians more. So to mainstay their existence in this plane. The Balkurians would sleep for the next two hundred years. On the day of their awakening, the Gods has risen to great power and the Bringers of Norgard has since been banished to a land named after them. Furious, the Balkurians sent a amount of rage onto the world, causing the gods to fall through a process called Mostibik. Also meaning “End of the World”. The world was then recreated in the Balkurians image. Darkness flew all over sending the world into the dark ages. Followed by the ice age brought on by their unknowingly servant Snow. The Balkurians forged a plan to bring Kathias’ avatars to their side or to eliminate them entirely. The Apocaylse. Set in place since the early ages of mankind. The Apocalypse told of two witnesses. Two that shall watch and bring an end to this war. The End of Days spoke of the war being engulf in flames and Hell shall rise. This was set in motion recently by Kyran himself. The Two Witnesses however turned out to be my sister Kymberly and I.”

Gasp, my family, Cat, Dog, and I turned to each other in response to this startling news.

“You mean to tell us, that you and your sister are the Two Witnesses?” asks Cat.

“I don’t believe any of this.” Says Dog.

“My sister and I have been working in the background learning of our siblings plans and thwarting them at all cost without them knowing. We have since watched cities fall from our banishment. We have seen kings and queens’ rise and fall. Including the gods and magic itself. Every time my family tried to bring an end to the world, we are there working against them.” Says Karos.

“He is right” says a voice from the air.

In bright light, Karos’ sister Kymberly appears standing next to him. Mentioning that their siblings are on their way back to this place. That she was able to hold them off for alittle while but that they are almost back to their full strength.

“My brother and I have been watching you Kyra since your birth. Hoping that the prophecy was true. You are the one that the Apocalypse was created for. To either have you turn to the side of the Balkurians or to eliminate you all together.” She says.

“Wait so you mean to tell me that the Apocalypse was created to sway me or to kill me. All of this was brought on for me.” I said

Everyone turn in a silent response.

Speaking to Cat and Dog, “You knew this entire time didn’t you. Is that why you have been here? Was to make sure I went against the Balkurians.”

“Yes Kyra. But it was to protect you and guide you into the right direction. We hope that you would choose the side of good and stand with us.” Says Cat.

“And what if I didn’t? then you would have killed me?” I said to them.

“We would have done whatever it would have taken.” Said Dog.

My mum turn to me to address the more concerning matter at hand. The house shook as the world outside started to crack open.

Elsewhere the war between my cousins and the dark forces were coming to their peak. My cousins were losing the battle as the gates of hell were opening. The negative energy was killing them. In an effort for a final retreat. From a distant place, Kadeem and Ananaka teleported everyone back to my home. Ananaka, Vena, and Kycenia all appeared in our living room while Croptes stood outside. The doorways to the other worlds were destroyed and all worlds were colliding. My cousins alongside Kyle and Kadamba and the rest of my family appeared in the home as well. The battle was insuring while the powers of Hell were rising.



As Karos continued telling his story of the past. We turned our attention toward the windows. Trees started falling, heavy winds bashed cars, homes, and the skies flickered with loud crackling sounds of thunder. Rain soon started but it was heavier than normal. Snow was hitting areas where snow has never fell. While reports from Kadeem that the Antarctic was melting. Kadeem and the Demoys teleported back here to the mansion. Where we gathered to listen to Karos and to find a way to bring this all to an end.

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