Spell Reign

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Kyra, a timid young girl finds out that she is destined to either rule the world with the forces of darkness or save it from those same forces. She realizes that the choice isn't an easy one to make.

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There was a time when we were in peace. When we lived in a beautiful city of gold and diamond. It was a time of fairytales. That is until the human race started to emerge. One activist named Sataniel stood up against his siblings and against his GOD. Naming themselves as the higher beings. However, when his lord turned his attention toward his new creations. Sataniel rebelled and overnight a war was started. Throughout the night, fire plummeted from the sky and onto the city. Angels and Sataniel’s followers were enclosed in a war. Now fighting his once loyal and loving siblings. Sataniel knew he could no longer go back and be redeem for his actions. So his goal continued as he attempt to overthrow the city and abolish the human race. On the eve of the thirteenth day of the year. Around the city, angels and Sataniel’s followers were found on the grounds in blood and ash. Their eyes burned out and their hearts removed. Screaming and crying pounding across the air throughout the city. The highest of angels and the lowest level of Sataniel’s army were now entering the city. His loyal followers were armored for war with sharp weapons that could pierce the grace of an angel. The highest of angels named Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon, and Jophiel led the army against Sataniel and his lowest demons. The highest members of Sataniel’s army were Beelzebub, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Berith, Astaroth, Verrine, Gressil, and Sonneillon led the army. As each took their counterparts, the members of GOD’s army struck hope and belief into the hearts of those living in the city. While the members of Sataniel’s army struck the opposite. Beelzebub, Astaroth, Verrine, Gressil, and Sonneillon took to the humans in the midst of the war while their brethren fought the angels. Each cursed mortals with pride, laziness, impurity, hate, and provided them with the first sin. Leviathan tempt the people of the angelic city with heresy while his brothers Asmodeus and Berith both did the same with wantonness, homicide, quarrelsome, contentious, and blasphemous. Turning the people of the city against their GOD and his commands. This cause an uproar throughout the city. More turned quickly to Sataniel’s army. Sataniel turned to his army. His wings lit up the sky with a whirling black light. His voice thundered throughout and his eyes lit up with anxious glory.

“God cannot replace us because of completeness. God cannot rehabilitate us because no harmony, and therefore he cannot punish us.”

He says to his army before setting their sights on the city. It was as if Sataniel knew at some degree that GOD would not intervene and that his confidence. Grew to staggering levels as he overtook the city that he once held so precious. Gabriel and Jophiel led the army against the betraying angels. Sandalphon took to Earth with his fraction to assist in the aid of mankind. Along with Raphael. The two fought against the betraying angels in every attempt. The fight appeared to humans as streaking flames across the skies. The elements took to the Earth with harsh winds, great floods, and massive earthquakes. The war lasted for years, causing many authorities figures to write of such events. Jophiel held a flaming sword and punished anyone who transgress against GOD. Those included the angels of Sataniel’s army and those of the human race. Sandalphon worked to bring mankind together to battle Sataniel’s army influence. With him he carried the emotions and beliefs of Hope, Kindness, Love, and Progress. Back in the golden city, war has spread throughout the different levels of the upper kingdom in which the city was placed. The city Machon was the fifth place in the cosmic void where over two million angels lived in peace before this war. Now it was becoming a hostel place. But only one place of many, that Sataniel was bent on conquering. With Michael and the other angels losing the fight. The other cities tried to fight back. With his next target the other six cities including Zebul, Machonon, Shehaqim, Raquia, Shamayim, and even the head city of GOD, Araboth. A bold ambition. But Sataniel stood victorius with little to fear. Believing that GOD has left his home. Sataniel took refuge in his beliefs that he would become new king. Spreading his laws throughout the six cities. He had only one belief left that he should take his throne in Araboth and sit high above all else. However, when he arrived Fanuel, the Seraphim, Cherubim, Ofanim, and the Thrones were at the gates of the city. These were the strongest of the angelic hierarchy. Immediately laying eyes upon them. Sataniel constructed his army to move forward. First the Ofanim, moving wheels of burning fire carried many eyes and were guards to the Throne of God. Inside of them lied the spirits of the Cherubim thus their incredible power and protective nature of such angels. They were quick and orderly creatures. Appearing with grand light and fast moving gestures. The Ofanim were living symbols of GOD’s justice and authority. As humble creatures, the Ofanim also called Thrones and Wheels. Were as if anything other, were great fighters. Representing Wisdom or Virgo. They would not stand as strong as their brethren. However, boast a high regard at protecting the lands of their GOD. As able as they were, the Ofanim fell to Sataniel’s army. Knowing of their regenerative power. Sataniel moved his army swiftly through the city walls of Araboth. He was then at the turn of the Holy Street leading to GOD’s throne room, greeted by the Seraphim. These creatures would prove to be difficult to many of Sataniel’s army. The Seraphim were eternal divine creatures. Seen with six wings, they were tall beings with light radiating from their back. Glowing oval shape light hovered above their heads like crowns. While their silver and gold gowns blew in the wind as gracefully as their songs. Singing the word “Holy, Holy, Holy” they were enchanting beings with almost no appearance of fighting within them. To test this, Sataniel sent in his followers to engage them. The Seraphim swiftly moved like the wind around them. Their heat, keenness, and tireless activity allowed them to boast against the strongest of Sataniel’s followers. The fight was at least seven days long and ended as it started. Leaving pieces of his army behind. Sataniel at the time did not know that he was being defeated by the very father he rejected in his moment of rage and betrayal. Without knowing that this was so. The final servants capable of standing up against him were the Cherubim. Containing the faces of a man, ox, lion, and eagle. They had eight conjoined wings covered with eyes. Capable of seeing from all distances. Considered powerful guards of the heavenly throne. These creatures ranged the highest of all beings in the highest order. Wielding the powers of GOD through their weapons. These beings took numerous forms and were themselves stronger when together. Something that Sataniel knew of. He attempted to break them apart by taking the fight away from the throne and across the many different sections of Araboth. Now with fights descending to all seven cities. Sataniel appeared to have one. However, his ascend to the throne. Saw him come face to face with Michael and Azriel. Michael the right hand angel to GOD and Azriel, the angel of death.

“As I have taken many gods to their final resting place. As I have taken many of angels. You are no different dear Sataniel.” Says Azriel of Sataniel’s defeat.

“You have always been a foolish angel. With all of your power, you have wasted being a lesser being. And to who? Our father? The very person who gave us this power only to have us appear as servants to foul insects.” Says Sataniel to his brothers.

“Father knows best, he created all and will never punish us with such disrespect as you have suggested brother.” Says Michael.

As Michael continued to plead for Sataniel to stand down. Sataniel with tears in his eyes, charged toward his brothers. As the three brothers fought, the heavenly cities felt the wrath of their rivalry.

The skies rumbled with war as the fighting on Earth grew somber. Bloodshed was a common sight throughout the lands. It was no end to the war in sight. Until The Virtues, Dominions, and the Powers raged from the skies in swift whirling light toward the angels and humans. Both on Earth and in the higher kingdom, the forces moved quickly across the cities. Picking up the followers of Sataniel along with the ill-turned angels. The Virtues were beyond the power of the Ofanim and had authority over the movements of the heavenly bodies of the universe. The Dominions were likewise to lesser angels and beings of power. The Powers were the lowest of the three. Owning authority over everything else. Each a massive group of powerful beings who could break the world apart and repair if needed. It came a time when the highest forms of heavenly beings intervened. The Dugarda or Grim Reapers swept up the souls of the departed from both angels and mankind. Skeletal creatures seen with massive wings hovering on glowing orbs with three eyes to see the Past, Present, and Future of the deceased. These beings were ward against entering into the homes of the living. However, as Death incarnate, they are also feared greatly by all including the angels. Even Sataniel himself. Children to Azriel. These beings stood by his side during the creation of all things and will do so after the end of all things. Making Azriel the new GOD at the end of times. Attempting Azriel to move to his side because of this prediction. Sataniel pleaded for his brother’s help in taking over the upper kingdom. But Azriel took no part in his scheme. Michael and Azriel turned to their brother. With the light of GOD, Michael and Azriel shot Sataniel to the ground. A massive object shot from the throne of GOD known as the Key of Humanity and aimed toward Michael. It was to assist him in defeating Sataniel. However, Sataniel rose and killed his brother. With his attempt to do the same to Azriel, Azriel disappeared. The Key fell instantly from the upper kingdom downward to Earth where it shattered into numerous pieces.

The Throne then lit up with a circle of flames. In light that burned away all evil. Appeared three celestial beings. The Ultimate Good, Power, and Evil. The three took turns speaking as they revealed to Sataniel that he shall be punished for his wrongdoings.

“Who are you?” he responded.

“We are GOD. In our previous state, we balanced all three chosen forces. However, we are now three different beings with the mind of one.” Says the Ultimate Power.

“Good, so you are weakened in three forms.” Says Sataniel as he charges toward the three beings.

In his anger, Sataniel was reflected onto the ground outside of the circle. Repelled by the radiance from the fire. The three beings moved closer to Sataniel and the closer they got. The three became one. Appearing as a heavenly spirit. They took the reflection of the fallen angel. They picked up Sataniel by his hands. Sataniel armor turned dark, his hair lit up with flames, and his skin pinched of scales resembling a snake. In the darkest hour, the skies raged with storms that could destroy an entire planet. The ground split beneath Sataniel. His followers were brought to Araboth to witness their leader’s defeat. GOD now referred to as The Ultimate. With the sense of betrayal in his voice. The Ultimate said that he was not angry at his son. However, with free will that he gave to his children. Only wanted the events that he created to play itself out.

“You condemned me from the beginning. You are no different than I.” says Sataniel.

“I created a reality of a million possibilities. With free will that I have given to every being in existence. It is of that essence to decide with possible reality they wish to take.” Says The Ultimate.

“But you cannot punish. It goes against everything you teach.” Says Sataniel with fear perch on his brow.

It is not I that shall punish you my child. But it will be your fate as free will provide. The Powers appeared with Metatron to preach the future of the fallen Sataniel.

Sataniel then fell through the opening and from the upper kingdom. And as their king was banished from the highest kingdoms. So did them, Sataniel angels fell from grace and was barred from the upper kingdom. As the angels sung of the falling of Sataniel. Sataniel screamed with tears of his betrayal. Along with his followers, the angel fell for centuries before reaching the lowest parts of existence. But one not to regret his new place in his father’s ever expanded kingdom. He too would vow to always stand up against his father at each turn. Sataniel shed the remaining remnants of his angelic form. Ordering his followers to do the same. He would call upon them as demons. Children of the darkness and spawn of his hatred. Covered with darkness, smell of foul, and with their hearts removed. One demon named Amon was ordered by Sataniel to build a home for them. Starting with only one rock, the land grew in the days to come. And spread to cover the entire lower portion of his father’s kingdom. The Ultimate One created the first deity. From that deity, came the birth of the gods. With them, they saw fit to separate the now two kingdoms and name them Heaven and Hell. The kingdoms were separated by the vast universe in between and each were locked away by their own orders. Only of death could one get to either.

That is where my story starts. Sort of. A shy and somewhat timid girl. I have always been the outcast of everything. From family, associates, the little friends I have acquired, and especially at school. My name is Kyra Kylie Lazaron. My mum has always told me how special that I am. And that I must accept who I am for everything I am. Never knew what she meant by that. But one day I would. That day would approach quickly as of this writing.

I have a habit of writing everything in my life in my journal. Feeling as if I have no one to share my thoughts to. Especially not my two best friends and my family. I am fifth teen and my sixteen birthday is coming up. Ironically at the beginning of my junior year at school. Something I have been dreading for some time. My mum made a big deal about it. Causing my entire family and my two best friends to come to my house. Then the next day I was to start school. Not the most exciting story. But it was something that I would never forget. Stepping into the room dressed in a silk white gown. Her hair flowing down to her waist with jewels decorating her neck. My mum has been admired by almost anyone who laid eyes on her. Someday hoping to be just like her. As she glides across the floor so proud and elegant. In her arms she carried a book that sparkled in sequence with her jewels. She pulls up a chair from the corner to the side of my bed. I turned to her and asked with joy in my heart.

“Mum are going to read me a story?.” Always one to enjoy a good story. My mum’s stories have always fascinated me. But it was always something different in each one she told. If I did not know any better. One could believe that she was trying to tell me something.

“Yes I am, a fascinating story. A story about someone you know very well” I sit up in my bed and respond

“Who is this girl mummy?”

“After I read the story. It all will be clear to you.” She says to me as she opens the first page of the story.

She told me the story of war in Heaven and the battle with Sataniel and his betrayal. As she read, the room appeared to be glowing. The ceiling sparkled with small angels and the windows opened as if by magic alone. Silent wind dances throughout the room and the stars decorate the night sky. The moon smiles down through the window.

“Adventure, magic, power, royalty, love, and the issues with being a hero. Is what you will learn from this story my darling.” She says to me.

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