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I Love My Life

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Gee has so many fantasies. She lives with a her boyfriend Rico, but is in love with her side nigga Luke, she a also enjoys lesbians. Its conplicated, lets see how she figures her little life out

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Gee's Pov

A monday morning, very wet 💦 and raining. Turn to my right and Mr, is fast asleep.

Look to my phone and it is 4:46am. Its soon time for me to wake up for school.
I try to rest, but my mind wonders of. I think of my side nigga, Luke. I think of his dark skin, from his brown eyes, nice jaw, down that six packed chest. Then i remember that big long black dick.

The dick the fits perfectly in my tight wet pussy. Its an immagination i cannot get my mind from. The way he holds my boobs, and licks all over my nipples.

My hands move directly on my clit. I dont wear any underwears to sleep. I like to be naked. Danm...!! Im wet as fuck thinking of Lukes dick, in and out of my pussy, the way he uses his thumb to rub on my clit. I get hot and wet as the rain outside.

I cannot control it, he fucks me really good. He always says I have the best pussy.

I continue to rub on my clit while thinking of him doing it. I rub two fingers up and down my pussy, hold the lips open and using my other hands I insert a finger. It feels so good 😏

I remove the finger and lick it, just the way i would have licked Lukes dick. I then rub my clit in circles coming to my orgasm, i keep quiet so Rico wouldn't hear me.

What a releif..! I feel good now
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