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100 year's ago a dangerous war broke out between vampire and human. A war that lefted many soldiers injured or killed, Leaving there family behinds to fight for there lives The outcome of the war made the vampire go into hiding. It's a cold Monday morning in the city of Magnet, the birds were up with the sound of music filling the air . A cold breeze passes through each part of the cities boards. First through the west were all the unwanted children and adults lived on farms providing crops ,livestock and milk for the rest of Magnet. The young children and adults forced to live here for over a centuries were most commonly know as the expendable and unwanted people by the king. Their Only purpose in life is to provide.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Un wanted

It's a cold Monday morning in the city of Magnet, the birds were up with the sound of music filling the air . A cold breeze passes through each part of the cities boards. First through the west were all the unwanted children and adults of socila were living on farms providing crops ,livestock and milk for the rest of Magnet. The young children and adults forced to live here for over a centuries were most commonly know as the expendable and unwanted people by the king. Their only purpose in life is to provide.

The cold breeze pass through the main town of the west where civilians roamed the streets in old run down clothes and worn down shoes. Girls in grey dresses and men in brown pants. The expendables were up at the crack of dawn preparing for the day a head some even opening shops like mr Smith an old meaty guy who is know as the towns best baker unwrapping the dough for the day .

Everything is going all well just a normal day on the west side of the boader children filling the air with joy and laughter as they ran around the grass field playing a friendly game of tips . But there was one child that stayed far away from the rest. A small boy that sat on the top of the hill surrounded by lilly under an old oak tree, his legs were spread out in front of him. He had a big red book in his hand .

The boy finding it difficult to read with the wind constantly blowing his long dark hair into his golden eyes with every sentence he tried to read making him grow more annoyed.

" What are you doing? "a girls voice suddenly came from above his head. The boy jumped startled by the voice . He smiled knowing exactly who that voice belong to and it made him happy every time he hears it . "Reading" he replied with a soft smile not looking away from the book. The boy wasn't very observed his head was mostly always up in the cloud daydreaming of a better life . A life where he wasn't born as a expendable human but a desirable one by The king. He dreamed he was a boy with money lots and lots of money that he can spend like crazy on anything he wanted. Different types of food instead plain old bread with butter or a better house for his parents, but the first thing he will spend the money on is a new set of clothes. Ones without patches or rips.

"I can see that" the girl rolled her eyes sarcastically, pulling him out of his daydream . She jumped down from the old oak tree landing right in front of the boy.

Slowly he looked up from the book . He was enjoying breaking his investment in it to meet the girl standing right in front of him in a dirty grey dress "hi Maya" the boy said with the biggerst smile . "Hi Damian" she replied sweetly "now about the book " her tone suddenly changed to a serious one with her arm folds across her chest. She crouched down sliding in next to Damian against the tree with her leg straight out in front of her which were slightly longer then his.

Maya was quite tall ,taller then an average female let alone ten year olds .

She is a beautiful young girl with dark skin that shines every time she enters the sun. She had black puppy dog eyes that could get her out of any lie she told. She also had big curly hair that had been tied up into two buns.

Maya was also Damian's one and only friend. They have known each other since they were in diapers. They did everything together, took their first step together, go on adventures together. Even work on the farm together. Wherever he was she was and where every she was he was .

Maya tilted her head a little so she could read the front cover of the book. "Wher-er ha _ha - ve they go-ne". She tried to sound out each letter in an attempt to read the page.

Damian face lit up, his eyes sparkled in surprise. Maya was able to sound each letter out. Being a chid born as an expendable they didn't have an education since once they turned seven they where put straight to work providing food for the rest of they family .

The only children that were allowed any education by the king were children born into reliably or desirable family. They were taught how to read, write, the countries history and how to count. But there was an exception to this even year across all three boards no matter where a chid is born into an expendable ,reliably or disarably 10 children would be chosen for a higher education by the king but it was extremely rare for an expendable children to be chosen. The last time an expendable was chosen was 12 years ago were nearly all the expandable children were age 15 were chose and disaped

"Your reading has improved " he said excited, almost yelling .

"Yeah I know " Maya said sarcastically rolling her eyes like he just asked a stupid question . She quickly stood up arms crossed on her chest

"Stop dodging the question" she said looking down at him while Damian tried to avoid eye contact.

"You know they all have been killed off and you're still trying to finding proof?"

"But I have found proof this time here take a look " Damian said and quickly stood up excited to show her his new information shoving the red book closed and so close to her face almost smacking her with it.

"Damian " she said trying to move the book away from her face which Damian didn't hear over his own mumbling

"Damian " she repeated his name still trying to move the book out of her face

"Damian!" she yelled frustrated that he didn't listen to the first two times she had said his name "drop it they don't exist" she finally got his attention .

slowly he looked down hiding his embarrassment about his mumbling "Sorry " he said quietly

"Honestly I always wonder what goes on in that big brain of yours" Maya pet his head

"A lot of things" he replied giggling nervously still looking down at the grass where a Lilly had started to spirit

"Whats so funny? " a cold voice came from behind Damian. He froze his body shivered scared of the person behind the voice. He knew exactly who it was and it sent shivers down his spine every time he heard even a whisper from the snaky voice . Damian stood quietly refusing to turn around to face him . He didnt want to face him, he didnt what to face the boy that pushed him in the river for his own amusement or the boy that loved to made his life a living hell.

"What do you what Dimitri?" Maya said aggressively quickly turning to look straight at the boy with a deadly glare that would kill anything in its path. The bully stood there head held high, black hair tied in a pony tail in his very expensive navy blue coat and very pointy shiny shoes . He had his two friends behind him a pale girl in a sunflower dress long hair flowing in the wind and his second friend a big blond boy with bright blue eyes who had a finger up his nose looking like he was going to put its somewhere else if you were not looking at him .

"Oh nothing in particular Dimitri stared to sing " Just want to see how my two favourite expendable are doing" Dimitri said with a cheeky smile.

A giggle is heard from Ara, dark hair still flowing in the wind . Samuel on the other hand still had his finger up his nose trying to pick something out .

Maya took a deep breath trying to stay calm "if you're just here to make fun of us you can turn your ass back towards the board and leave us alone" Maya said in a calm tone, stepping closer to him. Her finger stabbing his chest hard . He looked down at her finger grossed out that she even touch him " Get your gross finger away" he said in disgust,

slapping her hand away hard which caused it to go red.

Maya looked down at her stinging hand eyes widen and mouth open in surprised about his action . Without a second thought Maya swung her hand into a fist landing a hard punch right to Dimitri chest making him stumble down falling onto a patch of lilies .

Everyone froze for a minute shocked with what just happened . Dimitri and Maya didn't really like each other since there were seven when the first thing he had every said to her were disgusting mean insults while walking with his father the city's Clift inspector who was on parole at the time . Both Maya and Dimitri loved to contribute there hatred for each other by shouting, arguing and cursing. At one stage rocks were thrown at each other.

Sure Dimitri and Damian would get into physical fights which always led to Damian being bruised or injured in some way but Dimitri and Maya would never get violent . Quickly Ara and Samuel rushed to his aid helping Dimitra off the grass.

"What is wrong with you " Ara yelled angrily stepping in front of Dimitri while Maya didnt answers her eyes still staring at the boy behind her.

Damien finally built up the courage to allow him self to turn around not wanting to say a word his glazed stayed down at the lilies .

"Ohh look who decided to turn around " Dimitri snarked still, behind Ara.

"Please stop" Damian said so quietly that he is the only one out of the four children that could hear his voice.

"What"? Dimitri snapped

"Please stop "Damian said even quieter scared if he heard him things would escalate.

"Can you speak up " Dimitri stepped away from behind Ara "I can never hear a word you say " Demitri started to walk closer and closer until he is right in front of Damian, looking at him with a nasty glare with Samuel behind him " and I better the reason is that you scared of me " he smirked

Damian rose his head up from the lilies to now look right in to Dimitri's golden eyes ,eyes that seem way to familiar like he had seen them before but he doesn't t know were from.

"I'm right aren't I?"

Damian turned his head. The fact of the matter is that Dimitri is right he is scared of him. Terrified actually he had been since they first meet at the desirable side of the border while Damian tried to sneak in but he wasn't only scared of the boy he was also jealous that the boy standing in front of him had a better life a life with no demand.

Damian stood still trying to avoiding his eyes

"I - " before Damian finished his sentence he had been push to the ground crushing the patch of lilly under him.

Maya ran toward Damian as soon as she see him on the grass worries that if she dosent get there in time Dimitri is going to cause more pain . However she wasn't able to get there in time before Dimitra kicked him on side his point shoes stabbing Damian in his rips making him close his eyes groaning in pain.

"Come on Samuel lets go" Dimitri said in his usual cold tone staring at the boy on the grass no care about what he has done .

"Damian!" Maya yelled with a worried expression crouched down to his level.

He slowly opened his eyes barely about to make out Dimitris frame as he walked away crushing every lilly in his way with Ara and Samuels following behind laughing.

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