Rejoicing the Rejection

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I vaguely recall pack life, my mother is a "lowly" Omega, and my father is a Beta; I was born into the Silver Wolf Pack and banished as a rogue because of my mom's choice. I was 5 when my mother left, and my father was cruel and unrelenting towards her. Now that I'm seventeen, the cycle of abusive mates repeats itself, not exactly; I will be the one to break the cycle and be free to live as I please, as a rogue, no less. "I, Everette Kye Benton, Alpha of the Silver Wolf Pack, reject you, Emery Jensen Cole, as my Mate and Luna!" Everett snarls. His wolf, Ira's eyes flash, dejected with Everette’s decision. I feel as if I was brutally kicked and lost my breath, completely winded. My heartaches, and I thought I was physically dying inside, except I hid my excruciating pain. I won't give them the satisfaction. "I, Emery Jensen Cole, daughter to Beta Jensen Emerson Wilson of the Silver Wolf Pack, accept your rejection as your Mate and Luna," I say with conviction, rejoicing the rejection. After accepting my rejection, I self-heal, and in the process, I find my second chance mate in a Rogue; Theia already knew my second mate is no better. As Everette gets word of my second chance mate, he comes back with a vengeance and tries to kill my mate. But he’s already too late. My ex-mate is aware that Theia is an Alpha female; she's as big as every alpha male and has a gift.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One: Emery - "Thank you, Janice!"


Let’s go for a run.” Theia’s apprehension radiates through our bond; it’s making me feel restless. “Adira wants us to find mom. She woke up this morning in a panic; I think he’s nearby again. She can feel his wolf.”

Laying on my side, I am nuzzling into my pillow’s sense of comfort. And I try to chase the sleep I’m seeking for it to evade me. I’m so sleep-deprived. I am huffing out a loud breath. Kicking the blanket off that seals in the warmth only to shiver. The window is still open, and I meant to close it before I fell asleep.

Propping myself up onto my elbow, I look at the alarm clock on the desk that’s in the corner of my room. I keep it far from the bed because that way, I’m forced to leave the bed. Otherwise, I’ll want to sleep in or chuck it across the room, breaking it. What can I say? I love my sleep.

The last time he was near us was three years ago; I don’t know why he doesn’t just give up stalking my mom from afar,” I call out for her, knowing she’s not here, but I call out; for her anyway.“Mom!”

(Ping) My phone lights up, and it illuminates the room. The vibration on the desk near the alarm clock in the corner of my room; lets me know Tucker will be there to help me open the bakery even though I know it’s supposed to be Livy. He’s the only one with his very own customized text tone vibration—the Terminator theme. We had a good laugh while I let him play around with it at work that one day.

Sighing in frustration, I kick my legs up, and I sit at the edge of the bed; I am standing up to stretch my arms and legs. I was stiff after my workout in the gym before I went to bed. I only make it to the door to turn around when I finish because my phone vibrates again. I ignore it. I need to wash up and brush my teeth before I start my day.

Emery Jensen Cole, you better be awake and on your way to work.” My mom speaks through the mind-link. “I am awake, but I’m not on my way to work. I’m in the washroom now; I want to wash up and head out for a run, Theia’s anxious, and it’s making me restless as well. Where are you?” Sighing out as I finish brushing my teeth. I see the spit on the mirror and laugh. “I’m on my way home now. You don’t have time to go for a run; we can go after work. I’ll finish packing your bag for you and leave it by the door; Janice will be here in half an hour to pick it up.” The mink-link cuts out.

The front door opens and closes.

Leaving the washroom, I go back to my room and put on my leggings and a favourite heather gray hoodie. Janice’s little brother, Graydon (17 at the time), gave it to me when I was 14, and I can still smell his scent on the sweater he gave me like it was the day before–I miss him. Walking to the bed, I pull the blanket back and pick up my ankle socks I disregarded yesterday. I meant to put the clean pair away before my workout.

“Emmy-J, I hope your dressed because I’ll drop you off at work before I go gas up.” Mom shouts my nickname that Janice always calls me by.

“I am!” I slip on my vans and gather my hair at the top of my head, tying it up into a messy bun. Messy buns are a great timesaver, and besides, I like the way my hair frames my face. One of my favourite quotes comes to mind by Emily Gilbert: “Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” I feel lonely for some reason. “Geez,” I whisper to myself.

I heard that,” Mom says through the mind-link. She sounds exhausted. Mom’s on-call, and she’s been on the night shift for a few months now. She loves her job and the people she works with, especially her patients. Everyone’s always been drawn to her naturally. She has this warmth and serenity about her. I chuckle. “I’m sorry, momma.” Cutting the mind-link. I run out of my room and down the stairs and make my way to the kitchen.

The aroma of bacon hits my nose, and my stomach grumbles, letting mom know I’m hungry. She laughs at me and puts the plate on the table. The food is piled high on the dish in front of me, and it’s full of bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, french toast, with fresh milk and orange juice on the side.

Wolves have a high metabolism that helps them store fat and energy for long periods. Male wolves have a larger BMR than she-wolves and pups, which is obvious. It’s about three times higher because of the energy consumption of running wolves during their training and pack border patrol–so I’m told.

Growing up, I noticed I ate more than my momma, and I was so energetic; Janice began my training early at age five, a month after we met her. She started with warm-ups with at least 15–25 minutes of aerobic activity and dynamic stretching. Then began with one set of 8–15 repetitions of 6–8 exercises that focus on the major muscle groups of the upper and lower body and core. Then started with bodyweight exercises (such as sit-ups and push-ups) and worked on technique without using weights. It wasn’t long before she had to increase my training, and I excelled relatively fast.

“I spoke with Mrs. Brook yesterday after my shift at the hospital; she wanted me to let you know that you’re supposed to open the bakery this morning.” Mom sits down and sips on her scalding hot coffee.

I work at Hooper’s Bakery Shop, and it’s a short 8min walking distance from the house. The driving distance is 2 minutes away. The slight incline home makes the forest at the end of the street look farther away than it is. She’s always been overprotective and doesn’t like me walking around when she knows he’s nearby.

“Oh, so you’re not working the night shift anymore?” Mom glares at me. “I thought Livy was supposed to open up this morning; that’s what Mr. Brook said before he closed the bakery yesterday.” Huffing out a deep breath.

“Don’t pout. You’ll be missing everyone that you met so far and regret ever feeling this way about Livy.” Mom chastises me, mistakenly thinking Livy’s my friend. She always put on an act for my mom.

“Maybe not Livy. She’s always given me a hard time at school and then having to work with her,” I scoff. Theia growls. “I never liked that human. Her jealousy for you is problematic. She uses it to her advantage, well, tries to anyway. Who knows, maybe we’ll leave her with an everlasting memory of….” I block out Theia and her drive for the hunt and cause Livy bodily harm.

The door opens, and Janice’s heels clink against the floor. Mom smiles, and Janice’s squeals are so loud. “There’s my girl, Emmy-J; I can’t believe how grown-up you are.” She kisses the top of my head. “And you, love, you’re just as beautiful as the day I met you….” Janice hugs mom affectionately.

We crossed paths with Janice the night we left our old pack. Janice is a witch, and she’s from the Siren Coven. If it weren’t for my mom to tell me to run to the road, Janice wouldn’t have come to our rescue. She took my mother in and kept her safely hidden for almost a year. Then she felt confident enough to go on her own.

She chuckles, “It’s been a while.” Mom releases her from the bone-crushing hug.

While they’re chitchatting about her recent travels and the people she met along the way. I sit here and block them out. I savour the last bite of my French toast sandwich, and the bacon is crunchy. Mom and Janice are laughing, and I remember they’re in the kitchen as well.

“My little pup sure does love her food.” Janice smiles fondly. “If you finished eating, I could drop you off at work, and I’ll come back to pick up your luggage.” She is playing with a napkin.

“I have to go over to the hospital and pick up my last cheque. Then gather the rest of my stuff over there and bring them back here. I’ll come by the bakery and take you out to lunch.” Mom stands up and puts the empty coffee mug in the sink.

We live in a small town in Rossland; it’s in the West Kootenay region of south-central British Columbia, Canada. The population is over 3,700+. She works at Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital. It’s a 15min drive to work for my mom, but when she used to walk to work, it was over an hour away, or the transit bus was a 45min ride to work.

“So, what do you plan on doing with this house? Are you going to keep it?” Janice was the one who helped my mom buy this house. She bought it for her, but my mom is almost done paying her back. She had some savings set aside from when she worked at our old pack. Luna Winifred loved my mother and always gave her extra cash on the side.

Janice watched me while my mom worked at Hopper’s Bakery for two years, and she struggled financially; she then decided to become a nurse. At the same, she still worked at the bakery shop full time. Janice encouraged her to look for College Programs – that offer Online Courses. She finally received her nursing degree in the mail when I was 10. It was a long, gruelling process, and she had to make a lot of sacrifices. Being an omega she-wolf helped her, and Adira gave her the strength and encouragement to accomplish her goals. Deep down inside, I knew my mom was so much more than an omega; I could sense in her aura and especially her wolf’s. I always felt she was keeping something from me, I guess it’s for a good reason, and I’m going to respect her privacy because we’re all entitled to it.

“I’m going to keep it. I’ll leave the keys with Mrs. Brook and have her put an ad in the new paper for potential renters.” She smiles at Janice. “I want to keep this house for Emery, just in case she needs a place of her own.”

“Mom?” I study her. “Why are we leaving? And why does he keep stalking you? Does he want you back, or is it just his wolf that won’t let you go?” It makes me think about everything my mom has been through in her life at our old pack. I’ll wait for her to open up to me about her past; I won’t pry into her life.

“We need a little vacation before you start looking at Colleges next year.” Her smile is sad. “Yes, it’s because his wolf has been reaching out to Adira, but it’s Adira who thinks it’s good that we leave for a few months.” She rubs her chest above her left breast as she says this.

“What does he want?” I feel frustrated. I’m tired of leaving and dropping everything in my life.

“Emery Jensen Cole, let’s go now. Leave your mother alone. You have 30mins before you open the bakery shop.” Janice stands up. “Let’s go, little wolf.” Theia jumps around excitedly in my mind. She’s always loved Janice.

“I’m sorry, momma.” Pushing the chair back, I stand up and walk over to my mom by the sink—Theia whimpers in the back of my mind.

“Emery, I am not ready to let you go just yet. I can’t imagine what it would be like for you to go on your own or the day you meet your mate.” Theia growls; her anxiety spirals at the thought of our mate we haven’t met yet. “Have patience with me.” I see Adira’s golden eyes shining through.

I hug her. I am embracing both my mom and her wolf. “I’ll see you at lunch, momma.” I kiss her cheek.

Janice walks out of the dining room and into the living room. She stops by the foyer and waits for me. Only for her to come walking back to hug my mom into her side.

We live in a three-level Townhouse (Condominium/Strata). The house’s first level is a partially finished basement/laundry room/garage; the second level entry/living room, the kitchen/dining room/sitting area, and the stairs to the second floor are near the entrance. The third level is the master bedroom/walk-in closet and an en-suite. My bedroom is next to the bathroom, across from is the third bedroom (Janice’s room or for a guest).

“Come on, pup. We don’t have all day. You’ll be with your mom in a few hours.” Janice chuckles at us. Theia doesn’t get offended when Janice calls us a pup or her little wolf.

“She’s right, and you have to leave now if you’re going to make it in time. You still have prep work to do before opening up. And whatever else you do at work.” Mom laughs, wiping her tears away.

“Fine. I’ll see you at lunch. I want to go eat at the food court.” She rolls her eyes at me. “Please?” She never liked being in a crowded place. Even though we’re wolves and social beings, she always shied away from people—mostly men. All these years, she never dated anyone. I am my mother’s number one priority. I noticed a change in her scent the day we left our pack. I never gave it much thought before until now, that is.

“Yes, we’ll go. I want to pick that dress up you liked for your birthday; Janice wants to take us out for your 18th birthday.” Janice scoffs, causing Mom to laugh at her.

Turning around, I skip over to Janice, hooking my arm around hers. “Where are you taking us for my 18th birthday? Are we going to go clubbing?” I jump around excitedly, shaking my hips.

“We’ll see….” She tugs on my arm and waves bye to mom.

After leaving the kitchen, she walks through the living room to the foyer, letting me walk ahead, and follows in step. Once we’re outside, I make my way to her 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

“Can I drive?” I pout. I always LOVED her car. Maybe she’ll gift it to me later. I mentally roll my eyes at the thought of Janice giving me her precious car.

Janice is looking at her phone with a frown. It’s like she didn’t hear a word I said to her. Whatever’s going on with her now, it can’t be good. It probably has something to do with her coven. She moved away from her cover to live with us for a couple of years when momma felt she was ready. Janice became attached to us and couldn’t part ways with us at the time. She felt worried about him finding us.

“How about I let you take my car to work, and I’ll have my driver come to pick up your bags here.” She walks over to me and kisses my forehead. “There’s an important call I must take in the next couple of minutes. I’ll see you tomorrow, pup.” She tosses her keys into the air, then turns around and makes her way inside.

“Thank you, Janice!” I excitedly slide into the driver’s seat, and I’m on my way to work.

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