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The Katana Project

By Aria Reddington All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Fantasy


Calidae. A beautiful city on the planet Essere. A prosperous city, run by a king and queen madly in love. The two monarchs have been blessed with eight beautiful daughters. The city is quiet and peaceful until one day strange, terrifying creatures arrive from a distant land. They ravage the city with their weapons and take the kingdom as their own. This is a VERY rough first draft, so please excuse its.. well.. roughness. I plan to come back later and edit it HEAVILY. Also, the title is not final. Thanks for reading! :) (Cover image credit:

A Calidian Primer

Wildlife found in Calidae:

1.Felvon(fell-vin) creatures that are reminiscent of large cats, mainly servals and ocelots

2.Nari(nar-ee) Types of foxes that are always flaming, though their flames are not harmful unless they feel threatened

3.Kottur drekkin (cutter drek-kin) an animal with the body of a small cat, but with wings, scales, tails and fangs similar to those of a dragon

4.Elang(eh-lahng) large birds that look like red tailed hawks. They are very aggressive and territorial.

5.Leijonakai(lay-john-uh-kai) an animal that is the size of a medium dog, but looks like a lion cub and sports a large pair of moth wings

6.Niosvansar(nee-ohs-van-sar) animals similar to wolves, usually a tan or red color. They have nine long, bushy tails and an almost lion mane-like amount of fur behind their heads

7.Rahlvarken(rahl-var-ken) an interesting creature with the speed and dexterity of a panther, but the protection and jaw strength of an alligator. It possesses the body and face of a panther, but is covered in alligator scales and has a long alligator-like tail. These are very deadly creatures when caught in a fight.

8.Rogatzaba(row-gat-zaba) strange, tiny creatures covered in bumps and spikes, similar to the skin of a toad. It has enormous eyes and tall spikes down its back to the end of its tail.

9.Ankusu(ann-koo-soo) a beautiful but rare bird with enormous feathered wings and a long tail, similar to that of a phoenix. There are two main types, a Pirlanta (peer-lon-tuh) Ankusu, which tends to be pure white with some subtle hints of light blue, and is almost always found in icy climates. There is also a Heyecan (hey-eh-san) Ankusu, which tends to be varying shades of red and orange, and is always found in warmer climates, sometimes near extreme heat, especially fire.

10. Sova(sow-vuh) a small, almost pocket-sized bird with a sharp beak and piercing golden eyes. Very similar in coloring and shape to a great horned owl.

11.Mayura (mai-ura) a breathtakingly beautiful creature with the body of a housecat but the tail of a peacock. The animal’s front half is a rich sapphire color, and the back half, covered in feathers, is a vibrant emerald.

12.Lumalta(loom-ahlta) tiny bugs that light up in the dark, similar to fireflies but the light of the lumalta is constant

Aquatic wildlife found on the shores and in the streams of Calidae:

1.Iruka(eer-ooka) a type of marine mammal with a long, slender body in varying shades of gray, black and white. The males and females have slightly different coloring. They often travel together in pods. They are comparable to dusky and hourglass dolphins.

2.Lamantino(la-mahn-teen-oh) literally the Italian word for manatee, these creatures are incredibly docile and have no natural predators.

3.Catask (cah-task) essentially a spotted eagle ray, but with no barbs on its tail so as not to injure anyone

4.Piscora(pihs-coruh) fish of all different colors, shapes and sizes

5.Quallea(qual-ay-uh) rainbow colored jellyfish, but larger with long skinny tentacles

6.Hevonenkala(heaven-en-kal-uh) an interesting creature with the body of a horse, but with large fins where the legs would be, and a long tail with fins at the end. Its body shimmers an infinite number of colors, never quite settling on one specific color.

A few pronunciations that may be helpful:

1.CalidaeCal-ih-die -- The kingdom in which our story takes place and our protagonist resides.

2.Essere - Ess-air-ay -- The planet on which Alura, Vicroya and many more countries can be found.

3. Strasan - Strah-shan -- The creatures that come to take over Calidae. They are from Vicroya.

4. Erezark - Air-eh-zark -- The leader of the Strasan, and ruler of Vicroya.

5. Riomhaire - Ree-ohm-hair -- The almost mechanical-looking creatures that guard all of Calidae.

6. Unealta - Oona-ay-alt-uh -- The creatures that live underwater on the shores of Calidae. They are similar to mermaids.

7. Alura - Uh-lure-uh -- The country in which Calidae is found.

8. Vicroya - Vick-roy-uh -- The country from which the Strasan hail.

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