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Wolf under an oak tree.

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Chapter 2

Iris Hendrix

I drove around town for almost an hour trying to calm my nerves, and by the time I was ready to go home, the sky has turned into a pinky-orange color, with the sun setting in the distance and all the street lights coming to life. My mom has always told me that what I have is a gift, and as a naive little girl, I believed her.

“Mommy, daddy, will I make friends in this school?” I asked with a huge grin plastered on my face.

“You will make more than one friend, sweetheart. Now, have a great day at school, alright?” mom said, and I nodded my head before she placed a chaste kiss on my forehead, and my dad did the same too before they dropped me off at my new class.

There were a lot of kids running around, making new friends, and some coloring on their new coloring books, but the first person that caught my eye was a blonde girl around my age, wrestling with a guy on the floor.

“You little rat! Give me my color pencil!” she yelled, which started a commotion in class, and within no time, a teacher came in and separated the two.

“Since this is your first day, I will excuse you two, but I will be informing your parents.” the teacher said, and before I knew it, she told us to take a seat, and I went over and took a seat next to the girl who fought.

“Alright, class, now why don't we start by introducing ourselves.” the teacher said in a cheery voice, and then the class began, and within no time, it was my turn.

“Good morning everyone, my name is Iris Hendrix, and I am six years old,” I said with a proud smile on my face.

“Good morning Iris. You have got a pretty name.”

“Thank you,” I replied before I took a seat, and the girl next to me stood up.

“Good morning, my name is Ada Tanner,” Ada spoke, and the teacher nodded her head before continuing. My first day of school went exceptionally well, and before long, it was lunchtime.

“Hey, I am Ada, and would you like to be my friend?” Ada asked me while I was eating my lunch and when I saw her, she had this huge smile on her face and a lollipop in her hand.

“Sure,” I said, and I took the lollipop she gave me, and then we got into talking.

“Hey Iris, I am Lilly.” a girl wearing a pink dress greeted us, and I smiled at her before excepting her handshake. The moment our skin came in contact, I felt the familiar electricity, and then I saw Lilly walking to a store with her mother, and just then, she tripped over a rock and scraped her knee.

“Wait, I felt a ticklish feeling. Did you feel it too, Iris?” Lilly asked me as soon as she took her hand away from mine, and since this was something that occurs regularly in my life, I just shuddered and told her what I saw, and for the first few seconds, she was looking skeptical, and then her face morphed into disgust.

“You are a freaky person.” she spat out, and that was the first time my tiny heart constricted with pain, and simultaneously I saw Ada swing her fist at the girl’s face.

“Ouch!” Lilly started wailing in pain while I stood there, startled at what happened.

“You don't talk to my friend that way,” Ada yelled, and from that moment on, I knew that she will always be by my side, as my savior, friend, and above all my blood sister.

From that day on, Ada has always been by my side as a friend and sister, and my parents were no different too after than incident, they changed me to another school, but I never lost touch with Ada, and a few years later, Ada joined me in that school, and since then we were inseparable. And I guess life has a funny way of keeping us together because a few years later Ada met my brother, and they fell in love, and long story short, now they are married with a cute daughter who adores me.

“Mom is calling.” the automated voice in my phone said.

“Hey, mom.”

“Hi, sweetie, so haven't you reached home yet?”

“I am almost there, mom, I got stuck in traffic.”

“Alright then, once you are there, give me a call, alright?”

“Sure mom, love you, bye.” after exchanging our greeting, I disconnected the call before getting down from my car, and I made my way to the front door and rang the bell.

“Cole, I think the special guest that your mom said has arrived.” I heard Ada’s voice, and a few minutes later, the locks clicked, and the door swung open.

“Oh my God! Did we get teleported to Egypt?” Ada exclaimed before she stepped out and embraced me in a tight hug. “How did you come here?”

“I took a flight and then drove here by car.”

“I didn't mean it that way, silly,” Ada said and shook her head.

“I am on a three-months leave, so I thought of spending it with you guys,” I said, and just then, I saw Cole come near the front door with Beatrice on his hip.

“Auntie Ilis!” Beatrice yelled before she wriggled from her father and ran towards me. And I caught her, before turning us around a few times.

“How are you, cupcake?”

“I am fine,” she said before getting down from me and running into the living room.

“How are you, Iris?” Cole came and hugged me, and I returned it.

“I am doing great. But I am starving at the same time.” I said, and just then my stomach grumbled, and all of us laughed before heading towards the dining room for a great hearty meal. Even though I had a rough start, after seeing my best friend, brother, and niece, everything was forgotten, and I prayed that I would not see Walter again till I leave this place, but I also feel sorry, that he must have already got slapped by a woman.

Hmm, now that should have been comical to see.

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