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The life of August. A broken werewolf boy who tires to make a normal life for himself in this chaotic world his mind and body is in, waiting to find his mate. Will it happen sooner or later?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

August' Pov.

I was rudely woken up by the most annoying thing ever created by man. An alarm clock. A loud groan escapes my lips as I roll over to end this evil thing once and for all. Finally, I can have some peace. However, that peace quickly came to an end by the sound of banging on my door. " Get the hell up you lazy piece of shit " my stepfather, Rick, spat. I sighed and shoved myself out of bed. Great start to my day am I right? I grabbed some clothes and headed off to the bathroom for a nice hot shower. A loud hiss left my mouth as I stepped into the cold water. Another day without warm water for me. Great, I am denied some quiet, now this? Fan fucking tastic. Hastily I finish up with my shower and dry off. I gaze at my sad reflection in the mirror. The bags under my violet eyes are darker than usual.Of course, due to the lack of sleep. My body is covered in scars and old bruises. My hair is in desperate need of a haircut and touches upon the purple dye that covers the tips of my white hair. I'm nearly 18 and I stand tall at 5'4. Kinda sad. I sigh as I quickly get dressed in my clothes for the day.

I slip my phone into the pocket of my ripped jeans and throw my bag over my shoulder heading down to the kitchen. " Oh look who finally decided to move their lazy ass," my stepfather said in irritation. My mother turned around and gave me an apologetic look. Finally being able to see her face now I could tell that there were fresh bruises. My anger flared up seeing that. But I had to bite my tongue and not act on that anger or that would make things worse for both of us. I said good morning to my mom and kissed her on the cheek before heading out the door. I ultimately arrive at school. I look at the building hesitant to head in. That place was my hell away from hell. My worst nightmare- well I should say second worst. After I take a deep breath I finally drag myself into the school. I regret that right away. I come face to face with Lucian, our Alfa, and the most popular student in the school. " Oh look here the freak decided to show up," Lucian said as he gave me the look. A look I knew too well. I knew what it meant and what was coming. I braced myself as he grabbed me by the hoodie and threw me into the lockers. He began to use me as his punching bag until I fell to the floor. After that, he left his buddies to do whatever they pleased to my already abused body. After they were done kicking me around like some rag on the floor they finally left me. I sat myself up against the lockers trying to regain enough strength to get me to my next class. Luckily for me, my two best friends came to my rescue. Both Harlow and Gray hoisted me off the ground. " This will be the tenth time this month man," Gray said irritated." Do you still keep track? Why? "I groaned. " So I can report it every time, " Gray said. " Well, it's not going to stop. He is our Alfa " I said but Gray just grunted in response. They drag me off to the nurse's office to get patched up once again. Both my friends quickly head off to their first-period class. After getting up enough strength the nurse sends me off to my next class. I silently slide into my seat in the back of the room. I start to drift off into my thoughts while tuning out the teacher. The whys and what-if questions start to break free from the back of my mind. Why does this happen to me? What if I ran away? Would it be better for everyone?What did I do to deserve this treatment? I continue to question and get lost in those questions. I'm quickly brought back to reality by someone smacking my desk. " Hellooooo? Freak are you there? I'm talking to you bitch! " Someone said. I look up to see who the owner of the voice is only to wish I didn't. It was Lucian's girlfriend, Brittany. She was your typical high school cheerleader.

You know like in every movie or show ever. She has long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, and to top it off the bitch personality. I sighed and got up " I'm not in the mood
for your bullshit today Brittany " I muttered instantly regretting it. " Oh I'm gonna make you pay for talking to me like that " she cried out. I just ignored her and numbly continued through my day.

Once the bell rang allowing us students to know school was over I quickly left. I wanted to get out and as far away from the building as I could. I needed to be gone before Lucian and his whore went looking for me. As soon as I was far enough away I stowed my things in a bush before shifting and letting Nashoba, my wolf, take over. He took us to our secret spot. There is only one other person that knew about this spot, my father. He's the one who showed it to me. I sit under the willow tree. This place is so peaceful. It's a small clearing in the middle of the woods. It has a small stream going through it with a large willow tree. After a moment of taking in everything, I close my eyes. Two more days and I'll be 18. I'll finally be able to find my mate. Everything will hopefully get better. It needs to get better. I don't know how much longer I can continue living this life. Finally, I fall asleep under that willow.

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