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Chapter Two

August's pov.

I slowly wake up to only discover that it's pitch black. With the exception of the moon and a few stars. Shit, what time is it? Fuccck I need to get back home now. I run back to that bush where I stashed my belongings. " I'm so fucking stupid " I yell out in frustration as I frantically search for my phone. I call my mother as I start to sprint my ass home. " August where are you?!? " My mother says panicked. " I'm on my way home. I fell asleep under a tree. " I said while panting. " You better hurry home fast. You know how your stepfather gets.. " she said with a hint of fear in her voice. " I know mom. I love you. I'll be home soon I promise " I say before hanging up.

I stumble to my front door out of breath and drenched in sweat. The lights are off, hopefully, that bastard went to bed. After I take a few seconds to catch my breath I slowly open the door. I slip into the house quietly and turn my back to close the door. First mistake. My body is roughly slammed into the door. " Who the hell do you think you are walking into my house at this hour?! " The man practically screamed. " Sorry, sir it won't happen again " I grit out of my clenched teeth. I will make this man pay for everything he has done to me one day. " Don't talk to me like that boy " he boomed as he threw me onto the floor. I grunt in response. " Don't let me catch you coming in this late again or I promise I won't be nice next time" he said and with that, he kicked me in the stomach and left.

I waited till I heard the door of his room shut. Finally, I stood up and quietly stumbled to my room. I slowly strip off my clothes careful not to agitate any of the injuries I sustained. I should probably shower to alleviate some of the soreness but fuck that. I carefully crawl into bed hoping to fall asleep quickly. However, that was not the case. After several hours of tossing and turning unable to fall asleep, I pull out a photo from under my pillow. It's a picture of my father and me when I was 10. He passed not too long after that photo. I feel anger start to rise. Why the fuck did you leave us, dad. Why was it you that had to die? I can feel my hands start to ball into fists. Just then I hear a knock at my door freezing me in place.

" August " a soft quiet voice called. " Come in," I said barely loud enough for them to hear. My mother slowly came in and sat down next to me. After a moment of silence, she spoke. " I miss him so much ". I look up at my mother and see the pain in her eyes. I pull my mother into my arms hugging her close. I feel her body start to shake. She has been through so much, losing her mate, remarrying to an abusive husband, and so much more she won't tell me. We sit in silence before my mother kisses me on the head. " I love you, my baby boy. I'm so sorry I gave you a horrible stepfather " she says sniffling. I wipe away her tears. " It's okay mom you didn't know" I smile. She perks up a bit. " Stay home from school tomorrow. Rick is going away for a few days. We can celebrate your birthday early. " She says with excitement in her voice. " Okay awesome " I grin. She heads back to bed while I finally drift off to sleep for the night.

I wake up early and shoot my two best friends a text before they have the chance to even think about school. " Yo losers skip school today and come over to my place " I quickly send. " Uh, why? Is something wrong? " Gray says. " More like something is right. Rick is gone for a few days and mom wants to celebrate my birthday early! " I send with my excitement growing. " Awesome count me in, " Harlow says. Gray following with " cool I'm down. But if that's the case give me like an hour or 3 it's only 6 am. Bitch I gonna go back to sleep. " I chuckle at my friend's response. He loves his sleep. I should probably head back to sleep though. Like he said it was only 6. And with that, I fell back to sleep.

I awake to my two idiot best friends flopping on top of me. I squirm under them. " Get your fat asses off of me you whores " I grunt in annoyance. I hate being woken up by these two bitches. They laugh as Harlow is the first to get up. However gray stays put. " Nah I think ima just stay here. You're very comfy " Hey says with a grin plastered to his face. " Well seems like I do a great job at being a bed " I roll my eyes. " Yep, you do. " He says laughing while Harlow is tugging him off of me. I chuckle and smile as I see my two friends playfully throw punches at each other. What would I do without these two idiots? We head downstairs to the kitchen where mom was making food. My mouth started to water at the sight of the sausage gravy. Oh hell yeah best damn breakfast food ever. If you disagree fight me on it. We all grab a plate of food and sit on the couch. I stare at the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on, food. " So what do you wanna do today birthday boy " asks Harlow. I look at them dumbfounded. " Uhhhh I haven't thought that far, " I say with stuffed cheeks. " Of course you haven't " Gray chuckled. " Uh, what about a movie? " I suggested. With Harlow perked up. " Can we go see the new IT movie? I've been dying to see it but I don't wanna go alone " they said. Gray and I looked at each other then back at Harlow. " You trying to kill us, " We say in unison." Fucking hate clowns with a passion and you know this. " Gray says. Harlow gives us their famous puppy dog eyes. " Look away Gray, We must resist, " I say looking away from them. Harlow knows we always cave in when they give us that look. " ahhhhh she got me brother. Sorry I have failed you " He says in defeat. I look back to Harlow. " Fine " I mutter. Harlow then runs out to the car ready to go. Gray and I quickly finish our food. " Harlow is going to be the death of us " Gray mutters. " Yeah but we love them. " I retort. " Some days they make me question that " gray mumbles and I chuckled. We then head out to the car.

Both Gray and I walk out of the theater pouting. " Oh come on guys it wasn't that bad," Harlow says. We both look at them while putting our arms around each other. " I think I'm scarred for life," Gray says wide-eyed. Harlow just laughs. " It made me hate clowns even more, " I say. " I'm staying with you tonight," Gray says. " Yeahhh good idea," I say. We make our way back to my house. Once we arrive Harlow says their goodbyes and heads off back home. " Well looks like it's just you and me buddy, " Gray says. " Yuppers " I respond. We finish the day up by playing some video games and movies. We both end up falling asleep in my bed.

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