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The Elements Game

By Stephanie Louise Foote All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Fantasy


Thousands of years ago, there lived a race of Godlike beings called Elementa naturae. They created the earth and lived on it with the Humans that soon inhabited the land. Everything was once as peaceful as could be ...   However, all 12 of these elemental-bound Clans were accepted as good except the Fire Clan. Angered and insulted, they got revenge and destroyed the lives of thousands of Elementa naturae and reformed their own into an army of high social power--Cruentus Infernos. Their goal: to rule the world.   It is now present day. Three stray Elementa naturae managed to escape the attack and flee to America: Myra Walters of the Water Clan, Troy Polk of the Wind Clan, and Dalton Morey of the Earth Clan. Banded together, they must survive not only the stress of Cruentus Infernos tracking their every move, but also the stress of life. Can these three survive it all? Or will their trust and willpower get to them first?


IN THE BEGINNING, there was only chaos. Soon, the God Erebus arrived, and no later, Night. As time went on, Love had begun to bloom, and soon after, Light and Day were among the Spectrum. And soon after, Gaia was formed.

Gaia bore a son, whom she called Uranus. Uranus, who had no father and only a mother, created and lived in a cloud castle and watched over Gaia, who continued forming the vast Earth that is known today. Uranus would help by making rain fall, and where it fell, Gaia would grow a harvest and fill up craters which are known today as the oceans. Very soon, the living embodiments of winged birds and scaled fish came about, feeding off the land that Uranus and his mother Gaia grew.

Before long, Uranus took a liking to his mother and became her mate since she had no husband. Within the years, they had created all of 24 new beings, twelve of which were the Titans, a broad race of divine power and reign. The youngest of the Titans, Cronus, attacked Uranus out of jealousy and became the new ruler of the Earth.

He marveled at how beautiful the Earth was his mother had created and shared it with his wife Rhea. They bore many kids and shared it with them as well, and their kids continued to live on with their own children. Cronus’s fate took a nasty turn as his son Zeus was believed to have murdered his father.

Rhea lived on with her children, vowing to never let a fate like Cronus’s befall any of her children or children to come. She watched over them and later generations, ready to help in a situation when needed. With her watch, she gave a promise to each of her children: “Make it so, through each generation you might pass on, that you live out what your Godly mother Gaia intended for the land to bear,” she’d say. “Make it be that the Gods’ Disciples live out on Mother Earth’s creation for all of mankind to come. Speak of it with great honor and pride that which you have witnessed, and treat it with the greatest of care. And never let a fate like Cronus’s befall you.”

And thus, the Clans of 12 were born. Those titled Titans eloped with those not born with great powers and fine-tuned Gaia’s gifts to the Earth: water, rock, thunder, lightning, wood, fire, metal, magic, wind, darkness, poison, and sound. Harnessing the gifts of Gaia, they protected the land and cultivated it with new life, passing their techniques down to their children and their grandchildren. The Titans grew for many years into a powerful race, and the families soon migrated to a small island off Greece called Kaal, where they built homes and thrived there for thousands of years.

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