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The Kitsune Masters

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When Six Foxes are forced to join a school unlike any other, their lives are soon turned upside down, and now It'll take everything they have to survive. -Part One: The Beginning- As Rexie walked along the streets of Kit'sune City, the young fox was thinking about the day that would change her life forever. Rexie was quite unique, a fox born with an abnormality of nine tails. She was nearly thirteen years of age. Every three years, foxes like herself would travel to attend school at the age of thirteen, and Rexie just so happened to be one such fox fortunate enough to participate in the amazing event. She looked ahead to see her friend, Hunnie, approach her with a smile. "Hey, Rex!" Hunnie greeted enthusiastically. "Hey, Hunnie," Rex said with a smile as her best friend walked up to her. The two foxes had been friends for as long as they could remember, and both were fortunate enough to attend school together.

Fantasy / Thriller
Kristin Kula
Age Rating:

The Kitsune Masters Chapter One

-Part One: The Beginning-

As Rexie walked along the streets of Kit’sune City, the young fox was thinking about the day that would change her life forever. Rexie was quite unique, a fox born with an abnormality of nine tails. She was nearly thirteen years of age. Every three years, foxes like herself would travel to attend school at the age of thirteen, and Rexie just so happened to be one such fox fortunate enough to participate in the amazing event. She looked ahead to see her friend, Hunnie, approach her with a smile.

“Hey, Rex!” Hunnie greeted enthusiastically.

“Hey, Hunnie,” Rex said with a smile as her best friend walked up to her. The two foxes had been friends for as long as they could remember, and both were fortunate enough to attend school together.

“Well,” Hunnie sighed apprehensively. “Tomorrow’s the day we get sent out!”

“Yeah, it is,” Rex said sullenly. The two had mixed feelings about the ordeal, knowing that the school would bring both good and bad things in life. They were apprehensive of it, though excited at the same time. The two began to walk ahead, continuing their conversation.

“So, how is Wind taking it?” Hunnie asked.

“Not too good,” Rexie replied sadly. “I told her we’ll be okay but she just keeps worrying ”

“I don’t blame her,” Hunnie pointed out. “After all, when we were forced to go to that meeting about the students that were going be going to Master High, they did say a lot of bad stuff about the place.” Rexie nodded, remembering the ordeal vividly. It wasn’t exactly the most morally encouraging talk they’d been through in their lives, but at least they were told the truth.

“Yeah, I know, and I must admit that I’m scared, too. But I tell her we’ll be okay because I want her to feel better,” Rex replied.

“I understand; after all, you’re her big sister that’s your job,” Hunnie responded with a smile.

“Yeah, it is,” Rex agreed.

“So do you know who else besides you, me, and Wind are getting sent out?” Hunnie asked.

“I’m not sure,” Rex replied uncertainly.

“Well there’s supposed to be six of us right?”


“That means we will meet three other foxes that we don’t know about,” Hunnie proclaimed. Rexie nodded as they continued padding along the trails. It was a beautiful day; the sky was uncovered, allowing the golden sunlight to illuminate the gorgeous blue sky.

It was a shame that their day was plagued with such matters as this. The two foxes loved to enjoy themselves, and this left an inability for them to do so. Rex cursed the school, for a while wanting nothing to do with it.

“I wonder if they are nice,” Hunnie wondered wistfully aloud.

“Who knows?” Rex asked with a shrug. “As long as they’re on our side,” Hunnie nodded as they rounded a light bend. Rex squinted her eyes momentarily as the sun blinded her.

“Well, I better get home; I need to rest up for tomorrow!” Hunnie said cheerfully, beginning to depart. “Bye, Rex!”

“Yeah, I need to get home too and see how Wind’s doing,” the nine-tailed fox replied.

Rex gave a disgruntled goodbye and walked in the opposite direction towards her home; for better or worse, she knew that the next day would change her life would change forever.

Once the fox got back to her den, she walked inside to see her sister sleeping. Rex sighed as she lied down beside Wind and fell asleep wondering what the next day would bring. She found herself having much trouble achieving sleep despite her sister’s presence next to her in the cool den. Finally, the sun rose, bringing the greeting pale light of dawn. Today was the day!

“Wind wake up,” Rex whispered in her sisters ear, nudging her softly. Wind groaned and looked away, Rex smiling in amusement.

“Rexie, ten more minutes, please,” Wind pleaded tiredly.

“Wind, you have to get up todays the day were being sent out,” Rex informed her. Wind groaned as she sat up and yawned, displaying her array of sharp, glistening teeth. “Come on, we have to be at the train station in an hour,” Rex told her, trying to force her sister to her paws. Wind lazily pulled herself upward, though she was reluctant to do so.

“Alright, alright,” Wind sighed as she followed her sister out of the den. The two sisters walked down to the lake to get a drink and clean up, grooming their fur pelts to make themselves more presentable. Wind walked up to the water and bent down to get a drink, lapping at the cool water. Rexie stretched her tired limbs and waited for her sister to finish.

“So is Hunnie meeting us at the station?” Wind asked.

“Yeah, she is,” Rex answered curtly. Wind grumbled to herself.

“I wonder if she’ll be able to find us,” Wind pointed dully, receiving a disapproving frown from her sister.

“She’ll find us if we find her,” Rex laughed. Wind smirked as her sister’s nonsensical comment and got up.

“Alright, ready to get cleaned up?” Rex asked.

“Ready,” Wind replied with a grin. With that, Rex jumped into the lake and swam about, enjoying the frigid touch of the water to her fur and the skin underneath. She splashed Wind and laughed, beckoning her out to join her.

“Come on, Wind!” Rex cried playfully. Wind smiled as she jumped into the lake after her sister. Despite their task to clean up, they couldn’t resist having some fun in the lake while they had the chance. After a few minutes of swimming, the two sisters got out of the water and shook themselves dry. Then, Wind and Rex groomed their fur and began their walk to the train station. When they arrived at the crowed platform, they looked about in an attempt to find their friend.

“Do you see Hunnie?” Wind asked, trying to look over the mass of bodies to find her.

“Not yet,” Rex admitted calmly.

“Oh look,” Wind said, pointing to Hunnie who was looking about the station. “There she is!”

“Hunnie, we’re over here!” Rex yelled out to her. Hunnie smiled as she ran to the sisters.

“I was starting to think I’d never find you two!” Hunnie exclaimed, obviously distressed.

“Well you did so now that were all together, how do we find out what train were going to take?” Wind asked.

“They’ll announce it over the intercom,” Rex answered. Wind nodded and they waited, but they did not hear any kind of voice over the speaker. They waited for a while, sitting down as foxes and humans walked about. Rex looked around, interested in the appearances of the humans; she was perplexed as to the humans’ understanding of their language, as well as their peaceful friendship between the two species’.

Humans were odd creatures; they were completely furless save for a random patch of it atop their heads. They wore odd, multicolored pelts that they called ‘clothe’s’ that they could remove from their bodies. They walked on their hind legs and had a tendency for building things from the smallest of trinkets to the largest and most intricate structures. Perhaps the strangest aspect of the humans-aside from their physical deformations that varied between the two-was the fact that humans lacked one part of their bodies that almost every other animal in existence had: a tail.

Tails represented a lot; it showed dominance in family groups and portrayed many emotions such as fear, sadness, happiness, and anger. To not have a tail was to not have a crucial part of oneself, and Rexie pitied humans for their lack of tails.

“We’re a little early,” Hunnie pointed out. “They’ll probably announce it soon.” As if on cue, a few minutes later, there was an announcement on the intercom as Hunnie had accurately predicted.

“Students going to Master High need to board train five immediately,” The announcer spoke, the voice booming throughout the station.

“Come on you two,” Rex said with a smile. Wind and Hunnie followed Rex to their train. Once they boarded one of the train cars, they waited in line behind three unfamiliar foxes. Once the unfamiliar foxes boarded the train and Rex led Hunnie and Wind on board after them.

The three foxes took a seat across the room from the other three in the car. Then the train door closed as the train started to move, some foxes waving at them as they departed the station. Little did the foxes know, this trip would change their lives in ways they couldn’t imagine ways that would change them all forever.

A few hours later, the train came to a stop and Wind sighed.

“Well looks like we’re finally here,” Wind stated. Rexie and Hunnie nodded.

“It sure does,” Rex said sullenly. Then, the train door opened and a human girl with black hair stepped into the train.

“All students need to come with me,” The girl instructed curtly. “I’m going to lead all of you to the school.”

The six foxes jumped off of their seats and followed the girl. The foxes followed the girl to the school and walked inside, enjoying the view around them until they walked inside of the massive school. The girl led the students into the school’s auditorium, girl taking her place on the podium stage up front.

“Alright, students take a seat please,” The girl ordered. The foxes nodded as they each jumped onto a seat, then the black haired girl walked up on sage with the rest of the masters. A human man with black hair walked up on the stage and grabbed a microphone and started to speak.

“Students, welcome to Master High. My name is Lord Heavens and I’m one of the new masters here at the school,” Lord announced. “These new few years will change your life in more ways than you can imagine and so before everyone is assigned to their masters I will explain to all of you how everything works at this school,” Lord stated. The foxes leaned forward in attentiveness. “First of all, I want to say that master training is very hard you all turned thirteen today and you will be training until your sixteen,” Lord added.

“So you won’t be going home anytime soon because unlike normal school we don’t give you holiday breaks, summer breaks, or weekends,” Lord explained. “And because of you staying at the school so long there are rooms you will be sleeping it pet beds. These beds will be provided for you as well as pet doors so you can get in and out without our help,” Lord added.

“So now we are going to assign everyone to their masters. When your name is called please come up to the stage,” Lord announced. “Hunnie Bees assigned to Elwood Branch.” Hunnie jumped off of her seat and walked up onto the stage. Elwood smiled at Hunnie as he walked up to her and led her to the back of the stage. Lord continued.

“Wind Pie assigned too Namine Twin,” Lord said. Wind walked up to the stage where Namine was waiting for her. Namine took Wind to the back of the stage and stood with Elwood and Hunnie. “Rexie Pie assigned too Kairi Overdrive.” Rex walked up to the stage where Kairi was waiting. Kairi led Rex to the back of the stage and stood by the others.

“Blood Stained Black Fox assigned to Streets Death,” Lord added. Black jumped off of her seat and walked up on stage to where Streets was waiting for her. She led Black to the back of the stage and stood with everyone else. “Snow Balls assigned to Rinoa Heartly,” Lord announced. The white fox jumped off of her seat and walked up on stage and Rinoa led her to the back.

“Alright now last but not least Rawr claw assigned to me,” Lord smirked. Rawr jumped off of her seat and walked to the stage and met Lord. Lord smiled as he led Rawr to the back of the stage. “Now that we have everyone together, we are going to let the masters show their pet around the school.” Lord stated.

“Come on Rexie,” Kairi beckoned cheerfully.

“Okay,” Rex replied as she followed the redheaded girl. Everyone walked off in different directions as they walked into the hallways, each fox ‘pet’ following their human master, touring through the large school. “So we really don’t get any time off?” Rex asked anxiously.

“Well,” Kairi explained. “There are days where we take the students on field trips to have fun but we don’t give them weekends.”

“Oh, I see. Well is Lord like the leader or something?” Rex asked.

“No but he does most of the announcements,” Kairi answered.

“So there’s no principal here?” Rex questioned, surprised.

“No, there isn’t. You see, Rex, all of the masters are in charge of the school. We make decisions together and in time you will learn more about the school in it’s entirety.” Kairi informed her.

“Oh, I see,” Rex said thoughtfully.

“Yeah; so anyway I’m going to show you around,” Kairi pointed out. Rex nodded as she followed Kairi. Kairi led Rex to one of the classrooms for the beginning of their tour. “This is my classroom. I teach here and since there are six masters, there are six different classes.” Kairi explained.

“This is kind of cool,” Rex admitted, looking around the room.

“Yeah, this place is like home to me. I actually love it here.” Kairi smiled.

“Really?” Rex inquired.

“Well, I mean you’re with the same group of people for a long time and I know some say it’s bad that it’s the law and that in the city you come from you’re forced to home here, but you learn in time that it’s not all that bad.” Kairi explained.

“Wait a minute,” Rex said, a question drifting into her mind. “Are you from Kit’sune City?” Kairi grinned and looked down at the young pet.

“Yes, I am,” Kairi smirked a bit.

“But I don’t understand,” Rex said, confused. “If everyone’s a fox there and later becomes a student, then how did you become human?”

“That’s something Lord will explain to everyone tonight,” Kairi explained. Rex was slightly disappointed that she had to wait, but was content with learning sooner rather than later.

“So, want to see your room?” Kairi asked.

“Yes, please,” Rex smiled. Kairi led Rex out of the hallway where the classes were and brought her to the other side of the school.

“This side of the school is where the bedrooms are,” Kairi told her. “Each door has one of the student’s names. The one with your name is the room you’ll be in.” Rex nodded as she walked down the hall and looked for her name.

“I see my name!” Rex cheered happily as she ran up to the door.

“Yeah, this is yours and we have pet doors built into the doors so that you can get in and out without our help. If I needed to, I could as well, obviously.”

“Can I go in?” Rex asked tentatively.

“Of course,” Kairi replied promptly. Rex smiled as she pushed through the pet door and walked into the room. It was a quite dazzling room, Rex admiring the scenery and layout of the room it’self. The young fox walked over to the pet bed as Kairi opened the door. “So, you like the room?” Kairi asked.

“Yes!” Rex answered gleefully.

“Good,” Kairi smiled.

“The pet bed is really soft,” Rex smirked slightly, wondering if Kairi was at all envious of the luxury that the pets were allowed.

“Yeah, we make sure the pets feel at home while they’re here,” Kairi informed her.

“I’m glad,” Rex said with a smile. “It feels homey.”

“So, ready to see the rest of the school?” Kairi asked.

“Yeah,” Rex replied. Kairi lead Rex back to the other side of the school where the classrooms were.

“Okay, so remember how I told you there are six classes?” Kairi asked.

“Yeah,” Rex answered.

“Okay, well since I’m your master, I’m also your homeroom teacher,” Kairi explained.

“So what you’re saying is since Namine is like Wind’s master, she’d be her homeroom teacher as well?” Rex asked.

“You got it,” Kairi said with a grin.

“Wow, this school is actually really cool,” Rex smiled, her preconceived assumptions of a negative experience beginning to fade.

“Yeah, and every nine weeks when you get report cards, your homeroom teacher or master gives it too you,” Kairi added.

“We get report cards?” Rex asked.

“Yeah, you do,” Kairi answered. “And it’s in your best interest that you do well in your classes. It’s never fun to receive a bad report card, and I know that from experience.”

“So the classes here,” Rex affirmed. “Are they subjects you’d be taught in regular school or are they different?” Rex asked.

“Well, all of the subjects we teach here are pet and master related,” Kairi answered.

“I don’t really understand,” Rex sighed, confused. Kairi smiled kindly and kneeled in front of Rex, intent on better explaining the situation to her pet.

“It’s hard to explain, but what I mean is in every class you learn about how to care for your pet, not go against the schools pledge, teaching a class when you’re a master, and a lot of other things.” Kairi explained. It was a slightly vague response, but it did, in a way, make slightly more sense.

“Ok, I think I get it now,” Rex stated.

“Okay, good,” Kairi said with a cheerful smile. “And I’m sorry if I didn’t explain something too well, but you’ll understand the more you’re here.” Rex nodded as they walked down the hallway. Another question pestered her conscience and she looked up at Kairi.

“So what exactly are the subjects called here?” Rex asked.

“That is something Lord is also going to explain to everyone tonight,” Kairi replied. Rex nodded, wishing that Kairi would simply tell her what she wanted to know rather than make her wait for Lord to do so.

“Why does he get too tell everyone everything?” Rex asked.

“He doesn’t tell the students everything that I told you, the others will know about tonight. However, there are things we want to explain to everyone at the same time.” Kairi told her. That made sense to Rex and she nodded.

“So, is there anything else going on tonight that you haven’t told me about?” Rex asked.

“Yeah, there is, but I was hoping you wouldn’t ask so that it would be a surprise,” Kairi admitted.

“A surprise?” Rex asked, her interest suddenly caught.

“Yeah, tonight all of the pets and masters are having what we call a pet and master ceremony,” Kairi explained.

“What’s a pet and master ceremony?” Rex questioned.

“Okay, well you see, we’re not exactly pet and master yet. No one in the school is yet; instead, we hold a ceremony where everyone becomes pet and master to who they were assigned to,” Kairi explained.

“So how does the ceremony work?” The nine tailed fox asked.

“That’s, once again, something Lord will also share,” Kairi laughed. Rexie grumbled under her breath, hating not being able to know things until later. She was too impatient to do that!

“He tells us everything, doesn’t he?” Rex asked flatly.

“Not everything, but he tells about ninety eight percent of everything,” Kairi smirked. Rex laughed at Kairi’s comment as they walked through the hallways.

“You’re funny,” Rex smiled, enjoying the company of her master.

“Thanks,” Kairi said, seeming to swell with pride at the compliment.

“I have to say, I actually am looking forward to being your pet,” Rex admitted with a small smile.

“I’m looking to being your master as well,” Kairi laughed. “You seem like a very nice fox, Rex. Rex smiled at the compliment and thanked her.

Kairi proceeded to show her more of the school and she showed Rex where her room was. She was surprised that Kairi was sleeping separately from her pet in the thing called a ‘master bedroom.’ She explained that those were simply regulations with the school and that when Rex and her friends became masters, they, too, would move into These master bedrooms and take the place of their current masters. Kairi checked the time and said that they needed to move to the auditorium, Rex nodding and following her master through the halls.

The two walked back to the auditorium and waited for the others arrive. Rex asked when they’d be there, but Kairi informed her that they we slightly early. The announcements did not begin for another ten minutes, so the other pets and masters were most likely walking around the school, trying to see as much as possible before the announcements from Lord were given.

Rex nodded as she jumped onto one of the auditorium seats. Soon enough, the rest of the pets and their masters walked into the auditorium and took their seats. Wind and Hunnie sat beside Rex while the other three foxes sat together away from them. Then, all of the masters walked onto the stage as Lord picked up a microphone.

“Students of Master High,” he said. “There are more things I need to explain to everyone, so I require your immediate attention.” The six foxes looked expectantly at him. “As your masters should have already told you, we were foxes when we came to the school for the first time. The way we change is from a machine that is called The Transformation. At the end of your last year of being trained, we use the machine at your graduation ceremonies.” Lord explained.

“The machine turns you into a human based on the looks of your fox form meaning that the color of your fur, eyes, and your tails will all have an effect on your human form after the Transformation is completed. Now, does everyone understand?” Lord asked them. All of the foxes nodded and waited for Lord to speak once again.

“Okay, now I’m going to explain about the subjects we teach at this school,” Lord stated. “There are six classes and in each class we teach something we call pet and master related the subjects. I teach the course of Standard Classroom Teaching; there, I teach all of the students how to run a classroom so that you are all ready when you take over after you graduate from this school.

“The rest of the classes will be listed on the schedules we will give all of you later tonight,” Lord stated. “Now tonight, we will be having what we call a pet and master ceremony where all of the masters will collar the fox they were assigned too and after that, the two are officially pet and master. Each of the masters will now call their pet up; when your name is called, come up to the stage.” Lord stated. Lord gave the microphone to Namine.

“Wind,” Namine called. Rex smiled as her sister padded up to the stage to stand beside her new master. Her eyes glimmered with glee, apprehension, and determination. Then, Namine leaned over and placed a purple collar with a bell on it around Wind’s neck. Rinoa took the microphone from Namine and started to speak.

“Snow,” Rinoa called. The white furred fox jumped off of her seat and walked up to the stage where Rinoa was. Rinoa put a green collar with a bell on it around Snow’s neck. Then, Rinoa gave Streets the microphone.

“Blood Stained Black Fox,” Streets called. The black fox with a red patch on her black fur walked up to the stage. Streets put a black collar with a little bell around the foxes neck then gave the microphone too Kairi.

“Rexie,” Kairi called. Rex jumped off of her seat and walked up to the stage in apprehension. Kairi put a red collar with a sliver bell around Rex’s neck and then gave the microphone to Elwood, Rex proudly taking a place beside her master.

“Hunnie,” Elwood called. Hunnie jumped off of her seat and walked up to the stage. Elwood placed a blue collar with a bell around Hunnie’s neck and gave the microphone to Lord.

“Rawr,” Lord called. Rawr jumped off of her seat and walked up to the stage. Lord put a yellow collar with a bell around Rawr’s neck. “Okay, now that everyone is officially pet and master, we will give you your schedules,” Lord added. Lord picked up the schedules and handed them out to the other masters, the masters giving the schedules to their pets. “Now foxes, be careful not to rip them when you carry them in your mouth.” Lord smirked as he said that.

All of the masters gave their pets the schedules and let the foxes read them over carefully. Rex looked at her schedule and read over the subjects diligently.

The Pet And Master Pledge: 8:00am too 9:00am Teacher: Kairi Overdrive.

Classroom Teaching: 9:05am too 10:05am Teacher: Lord Heavens.

Pet Care: 10:10am too 11:10am Teacher: Rinoa Heartilly.

Ability: 11:10am too 12:15pm Teacher: Namine Twin.

Lunch: 12:15pm too 12:30pm.

Fighting: 12:35pm too 1:30pm Teacher: Elwood Branch.

Music and Archery: 1:35pm too 2:35pm Teacher: Streets Death.

“These subjects seem like they’ll be fun,” Wind commented with a smile.

“You’re kidding, right?” Hunnie asked.

“No I’m not,” Wind answered with a grin.

“Well we have to take a class where we learn to fight,” Hunnie sighed. “I don’t know about you, Wind, but that’s not fun.”

“I think we will benefit from it,” Rex pointed out to her friend.

“Yeah,” Wind added with a smile. Hunnie didn’t look too convinced though, unhappy that the next three years of their lives included a class dedicated to fighting.

“Alright, pets; we’re going to have all of you go to your rooms now. Tomorrow, your classes will begin.” Lord said as he walked over to the students. The foxes nodded as they took their schedules and walked out of the auditorium, careful not to accidentally tear the papers in their jaws. Once Wind, Hunnie, and Rex got to their rooms, they said goodnight and went into their bedrooms and lied down in their pet beds. The six foxes fell asleep wondering what the first day of master training would be like. Rexie, of the six, slept the most peacefully.

The next morning Rex was woken up by the sound of someone yelling.

“REXIE GET UP!” Wind yelled. The nine tailed fox jumped up, startled by the noise, and then looked at her sister.

“Why did you yell?” Rex groaned in exhaustion.

“It seemed like it would be fun!” Wind cheered with a large grin. Rexie flashed her sister a wry smile.

Rex rolled her eyes, and then she spoke once more.

“Wind what time is it?” Rex asked.

“Six o’clock,” Wind answered.

“Why are you getting me up this early?” Rex demanded.

“Because Namine told me to wake everyone else up so that way everyone will have time to get ready for classes,” Wind stated.

“Did you wake Hunnie up yet?” Rex asked.

“Yeah, she went to the washroom with her master to get ready,” Wind replied.

“Well we better go wake up the other three then,” Rex added.

“I don’t know,” Wind sighed, shuffling her paws nervously. “They didn’t seem too friendly yesterday.”

“I’m sure they will be nice and besides everyone has their own room,” Rex reassured her.

“That’s true,” Wind smiled.

“Come on, let’s get them up,” Rex replied.

Wind nodded as she followed her sister into the hallway towards the rooms of the other three foxes.

“So who should we wake up first?” Wind asked.

“How about Snow?” Rex suggested.

“Okay,” Wind agreed.

The two sisters walked through the pet door and into the other fox’s room. Rex walked up to the pet bed and looked at the white fox.

“How are we going to wake her up?” Wind whispered.

“Well let’s not yell; that will only cause trouble,” Rex replied.

“Snow wake up,” Rex spoke quietly, lightly nudging her face with her nose. The white fox opened her eyes and yawned.

“What’s going on?” Snow asked tiredly.

“Well my master wanted me to wake everyone else up to get ready for classes,” Wind answered.

“Oh I see,” Snow groaned.

“Well thanks for getting me up, I’ll go get my friends up while you two get ready,” Snow said, arching her back and stretching her tired limbs.

“Okay,” Wind replied. The white fox smiled as she walked out of her room.

“See, I told you she wouldn’t be mean,” Rex teased her.

“Yeah whatever,” Wind said. Then the two sisters walked out into the hallway and made their way to the washroom. The two sisters walked into the washroom and saw Elwood giving Hunnie a bath. Needless to say, they were shocked that their masters gave baths to them.

“Hey, you two!” Hunnie greeted cheerfully.

“Hey,” Wind replied.

“I’ll wash you two next,” Elwood told them “I’m almost done with Hunnie,” Rex and Wind nodded in response as they sat down and waited. Elwood poured some water over Hunnie after washing her fur with soap.

“Okay, Hunnie, step out of the tub carefully and I’ll dry you off with a towel,” Elwood instructed the pet. Hunnie jumped out of the tub and let Elwood dry her off. “Alright, Wind, your turn,” Elwood smiled. Wind jumped into the tub, splashing them with water. Elwood glared at her and began to wash her fur with soap and rinsed her off with water. Once Wind was dried off, Rex jumped into the tub and got her bath. Soon enough, all three foxes were clean.

“Go to the cafeteria there’s a table where you all eat lunch at. You will also receive breakfast; Lord and Namine have food ready for all of you,” Elwood explained.

The three foxes walked out into the hallway and headed for the cafeteria. Once they got too the cafeteria the three foxes saw Namine talking to Lord.

“Hey Namine,” Wind greeted.

“Hey there, my little puppy,” Namine smirked happily.

“So, where’s the food? I’m starving!” Wind complained.

Namine smirked at her pet’s comment.

“Right there on the lunch table,” Namine answered as she pointed to the table. Wind ran to the lunch table and saw bowls of kibble and water. The blue furred fox sat down and started to eat one bowl of kibble as Rex and Hunnie sat down.

As the three foxes started to eat and drink the other three Kit’sunes entered the lunch room. The three foxes took a seat on the other side of the lunch table and started to eat.

“Hi Snow,” Wind greeted.

“Hey Wind,” Snow replied.

Then the other two foxes looked up from their food.

“I have to admit your name is cute,” Rawr smirked.

“Thanks,” Wind smiled shyly.

“You’re welcome,” Rawr said with a grin.

Wind smiled at Rawr and continued eating. Once all six foxes were done with their meals they went back to their rooms to get their schedules.

“Okay let’s go,” Wind barked.

“Hold on a minute Wind let me see your schedule we might have a class together,” Rex added.

“Okay,” Wind replied as she put the schedule down for Rex to look at. Rex was shocked to find out that Wind had all of the classes the same time she did. Shocked, and incredibly pleased.

“Wind, we have every class together!” Rex said happily. Wind grinned at this.

Then Hunnie walked into the room.

“Hunnie let me see your schedule,“Rex stated.

Hunnie nodded as she showed the two sisters the shcedule.

“How did all three of us get every class together?“Wind asked as she looked at Hunnie’s shcedule.

“I bet we’ll find out soon enough,“Hunnie pointed out.

“Yeah come on let’s get to class,“Rex stated.

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Kattaleena: This little gem caught me by surprise. I really enjoyed it. It had just the right amount of sass, sadness, sex and humor. Thanks for a fun read.

Momo: I like the style and the way the author relate the story.

C. Qualls: I was immediately drawn in and read it within an afternoon. The characters are likeable and easy to imagine. I was disappointed that Cass kind of disappeared and that the climax was kind of short-lived. no battle, not much action... otherwise pretty good read

More Recommendations

Iwona: Tolles Buch! Gefällt mir sehr gut!!

PandaMonium: I really liked the whole plot and storyline of the book. Great mix of drama, suspense and love. Very well written. Would recommend to any romantic like me. Thank you!

rlittle418: I absolutely love this story. I’m almost done with this and see there is a book 3 🎉🎉🎉

Kaari: I'm currently fighting a cold so laying in bed with all these characters to keep me company is perfection

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